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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weather and Crap

I've heard the official temperature for an area is from a shaded thermometer,five feet off the ground, out of the wind, with a northern exposure. Whether this is true, or not, isn't nearly as important that it's crap.

Where I work, there is no shade, the wind comes and goes, everything around absorbs heat from the sun, radiates it on the surroundings, and the temperature never matches what the weather wizards report.

Today, the official high was around 88 degrees, but my thermometer was around 96 at five feet above the ground and a little over one hundred at two feet above the ground.

So, what's the solution to this discrepancy? There is none.



  1. And I thought that I missed those days. Not so much nw. Thanks. To think we looked cool like that. Schees.

    1. At my high school reunion, I watched some double-takes, when people realized who I was.