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Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Little Analysis

Sarin is some bad stuff. The good thing about it is it's unstable and doesn't last very long, which means it requires special efforts to purify and contain it.....or it's use could be accidental, such as a group of fanatical rebels that acquired the recipe, mixed some haphazardly, spilled it on their clothes, ran into the surrounding crowded streets, and caused the deaths of thousands.

Wait! Am I suggesting that might have happened in Syria?

Well, I can't fool you, can I? Of course that's what I'm suggesting.

Meanwhile, while politicians are rattling their swords, spouting copious amounts of horseshit and trying on their big-boy pants, Iran is purifying uranium at an accelerated rate and some international banker is salivating at the possibility of another world conflict. After all, the last one was long ago and these younger bankers want their chance at the money making opportunity.

If the politicians want to practice at being humanitarian, they should start by lowering the taxes on working stiffs, trimming from the obese ass of the government, allowing our economy to grow and letting the world know our system works and they can follow our example.

It's not that I don't have any compassion for foreign citizens. I think we could help, but a few rounds at a U.N. get-together would be cheaper and yield much better results.


  1. The Rebel forces do indeed possess Sarin gas given to them by some Saudi bigshot. They were caught with some in May.

    Further, the Rebels are the ones who most benefit from a false flag event like this.

    Turkey finds sarin gas in homes of suspected Syrian Islamists – reports

    1. There you go. Both sides are competing to be the biggest dumbass and our government is foolish enough to try to get involved.

  2. In the dumb ass stakes, they aren't even in the same league as the dumb asses we have in charge over here.