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Monday, September 2, 2013

So, If We Go to War With Syria, Who Do We Send?

For starters, we need to send John Kerry. Of course, he'll need some training, since he won't be on a boat; he'll get an infantry platoon, filled with Congress folks. He should do well - for the first 12 hours in country. After that, I have the feeling he'll have a grenade for his morning sabbatical and I'm betting Nancy Pelosi will pull the pin.

Next is the President. He'll need a lot of training. A typical time in basic, with a little advanced training, should prepare him for the front lines. He needs that experience to learn how it feels to be sent to a place where everybody is the enemy and your only friends are watching your back.

Lindsay Graham can go, also. He doesn't appear to be very physical, so he needs to be taught some Arabic, after basic training. He can act as interpreter as the troops wander between houses and hope their asses aren't blown off by some kid with a few pounds of C-4 strapped to his ass.

Hillary needs to go. She doesn't need any training. We just parachute her into the middle of the fray. I have the feeling she'll scare them so bad, they'll run. I know I would.

So, there's a good start. There's plenty more to send, although I have the feeling they'll be hard to find when they realize they can't say no to being sent.  Harry Reid will be the best. Vegas will be betting on the day he's found and sent. I'd put a few hundred on that bet. It would be money well spent.