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Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Soup Time

I need to make some vegetable beef soup. It's been too long and I need my "fix". The only problem will be finding the right cut of meat at the right price. With the price of beef, that might be a problem


  1. Indeed. What time is dinner. Post pictures....I love a good one pot meal.

    1. I'll probably wait for the weekend, although that can change if my withdrawal symptoms get the best of me.

  2. What was a $6 shoulder roast is now $13, and it makes cooking a trip through hell, hoping it will be tender, and hoping you don't do anything to screw it up.

    1. That's what pisses me off. Any cut of beef is too expensive and some of the major grocery chains have sorry meat.

      I never screw up my soup. I have the God-given touch for this and people bless me for satisfying their appetites. ;-)

  3. Squirrel makes an excellent stew...

  4. It does.

    A few years ago (Okay. A few decades ago.) a friends wife made a squirrel stew and they invited me over for supper.

    I was allowed to taste the stew right before serving, to see if it had enough salt. It was perfect. I was really anticipating a fine supper.

    My friend volunteered to add just a few tiny peppers to add a tiny amount of zing to the stew, with the assurance it would only make it better.

    Wrong. I don't know what kind of peppers they were, but the stew went from a savory meal, to an effective paint remover. I couldn't eat it.

    I left after finishing my beer; right when his wife proceeded to discuss the pedigree of his mother.

  5. You can go cheaper using the crock pot. And I want pics too.