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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

PHD in Workology

I haz one. I created the degree and now have a doctorate in Workology; the study of work.

You're laughing? It's as good as her credentials, although I look terrible in a skirt and the only information I'd give the current administration is that the time goes faster, when you behave in prison.

Can you say dumbass? Good, I knew you could.


  1. I have heard of post hole diggers degrees. I have even attended classes at the school of hard knocks. Congrats on your advanced degree. See, I read you every time you post. I just don't comment often. I am not worthy. ha ha ha ha ha

    1. It's a good degree, although the local university won't allow me to join their alumni association. That's their mistake; I'm a real hoot, when I drink scotch.

  2. You've also got a minor in Common Sense, which she'll never have.

    1. I need to put that in my resume. It will give me credibility, when I'm invited on the news for my expert opinion.