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Monday, September 16, 2013

Off Hand Remark

Neil Young made a remark about a town in Canada, which caused some people to get mad.

I grew up surrounded by the petrochemical industry. It's what paid the bills, gave people a slice of the American Dream and the entire world uses the products produced in the area. There's everything from the gasoline used in your cars, to the Kevlar in bullet-proof vests made locally.

I watched a documentary a few years ago, with a group of determined "environmentalists" pursuing involvement in their current "crises". There were the usual folks, including college students and other people that probably had no idea their Gore-Tex winter clothing was manufactured from polymers that wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the discovery of oil . They even had snowmobiles, which take a lot of oil products to become the machines they were zipping around in.

So, do I have point? Not really, except some people have pointed heads. That's okay, as long as they don't say anything.

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