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Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Not a Mercedes...

...but it can pick up a few dozen Mercedes and place them on the roof.

...and you thought cranes had nothing but a few levers and a throttle.


  1. OK. I am impressed. I thought I was hot stuff because I drove a big truck back when I was young and foolish. Your crane trumps my truck, hands down. I have nothing but respect for someone who can operate machinery that massive and complicated.

    1. The crane part is really pretty simple, especially with computers. It's hard to make a serious mistake, if you take your time and pay attention.

      Determining the rigging, the proper crane placement, what's required to support the crane and having good people on site is where it's complicated. One weak link can make the entire operation a disaster.

  2. Can you say Mantowok? Even if I can't spell it?

  3. Manitowoc. I've never run one, although I have run a Grove, which is a hydraulic crane they manufacture.

    Manitowoc makes the big crawler and ringers, which are lattice boom cranes. I've never even crawled into the seat of one, although I'd like the opportunity.

    1. *smiling all the way* My brother-in-law actually gave me a show and tell inside his MANITOWOC. Although most of his are Groves, he lurves the big one.