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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'm Betting Somebody is Passing Bricks

The gunman that had a field day at the Navy Yard was ex-Navy, had twice shot at people out of anger, and he still had secret security clearance.

Meanwhile, Feinstein is demanding more private citizen firearm restrictions and the media is remarkably silent on the skin color of the shooter, which makes no difference, except when they can use it to their advantage to promote fascism.

Somebody in Naval Security is being dragged across the carpet. While it's probably not the person that's really responsible, there is someone having a miserable week. May the incompetence be exposed, the right people taken to task for their inability to protect people on the bases and may those on bases be allowed to carry firearms. While the reports state officers responded within minutes, those taking the rounds only had seconds to respond. Their response would have been better if they were armed. The shooter would have had a terrible time aiming with a few dozen rounds coming his way.

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