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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Have You Ever Seen Such a Mess?

If you read the news reports, the push for the U.S. military to intervene in the Syrian civil war is founded on a theoretical red line drawn by President Obama, which he now says he didn't draw.

Secretary of State, Kerry, says there's a backing by allies to pursue this warfare, although he must be hiding some in his back pocket, because our usual allies are sitting this one out.

He's also saying the Arabs will finance the entire cost of the invasion. Of course, "Arabs" live on a big chunk of real estate, have more than one form of government and Kerry could be more specific. Also, what do they want in return? Don't try the "humanitarian" line of bullshit. Look at how they treat their own citizens and you'll see it's all crap.

A Senate committee has given the green light to pursue legislation to start the conflict, which doesn't say much. Committees generally only hold up legislation, or fart out useless legislation like the flatulence from a constipated pig. To add insult to injury, this committee threw all the Senate rules in the toilet and don't seem to give a damn about what their colleagues think of the mess.

Even the most liberal slanted polls show an overwhelming "no" to question of whether we should intervene in Syria. In reference to government duties, that means "no", which should end the discussion immediately.

Meanwhile, we're still being spied upon, Obamacare is destroying jobs, the value of money is decreasing, Eric Holder is suing states because he doesn't like their politics, Hillary Clinton is still not being taken to task for Benghazi and her husband has been proven to not be a Vegan, which means he's a liar.

Yep, it's a mess and the media is reporting only what they're told to report, when they're not waving pom-poms and doing cheers for their chosen hero.


  1. Good stuff. I reblogged this.

  2. The last time the world saw a mess like this was in June of 1914, in Sarajevo, when the Austro-Hungarian Arch-Duke was murdered with his wife by a Serbian nationalist.

    1. ...and it was all downhill from there.