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Monday, September 16, 2013

They Can't Even Balance Their Checkbook... there's no way in the world they're qualified to decide on Constitutional rights.

Journalism is not a club, organization or a special designation by the lying, thieving pieces of crap that inhabit the Senate and the House of Representative. They can pound sand, jump in the lake, jump off a bridge or just jump their asses and disappear.

I've had enough of this crap. If our so called professional journalist were doing their job, I'm betting you'd find money from publishers, owners of news outlets and those wishing to stay under the radar behind this farce.

The journalists that make the most difference today are bloggers. They're not under the control of the government and that's the problem: Congress wants to continue to operate without scrutiny.The electronic age has exposed their actions at the speed of light and it's exposing enough to make many realize the depth of the corruption and incompetence.

 Drudge calls their efforts "fascism" I agree and think some of these fascists need to be allowed the same fate as one of the most famous fascist of history - Mussolini


  1. Made the mistake of flipping on TV this morning for the local news. First watched a discussion about a Miss America contestant's opinion of the situation in Syria that parroted the president's speech on the subject. Followed by 5 minutes of rehashing the Viking football team's loss yesterday. Yep - professional journalism at its finest. I will stick to Drudge and the other blogs that I regularly read. The ones that are not funded by those with secrets to hide.

    1. If the Senate has their way, only those with their permission can be journalists.

      At least half of the Senate needs to be sent to another country. I prefer Ethiopia, although I doubt they'd want them.