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Friday, September 13, 2013

Five Years Ago

Ike was ashore, but it was still really, really windy.

Curious, I used Google Earth to check the miles I was from the center. Around forty miles, as a crow flies.  Twelve hours before Ike hit, I was still thinking it would go ashore around Freeport.

Rita, and Ike were "hundred year" hurricanes. I hope so. I don't ever want to see one like either again.


  1. My stepmother was living in NW Houston during Ike. Fortunately she suffered nothing more than an uprooted bush, but she was without power for the better part of a week, along with the associated headaches.

    1. Rita was more devastating where I live, due to the tremendous amount of wind damage. Power was off for much longer than with Ike. If it wasn't for the storm surge, the damage to much of the area around my house would have been more of a nuisance.

      My brother lives in Houston. His description of the damage was like ours after Rita. With them, Rita was a nightmare because of the evacuation. After that debacle, Houston was designated a "shelter in place" area, except for areas affected by a storm surge.