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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Heat Buster

The weather wizards are forecasting rain over the next three days, followed by the first strong cold front of the season.

For those that live in colder climes, the forecast temperatures in the low 70's (maybe even in the high 60's) and highs right below 90 might not seem like and indication of a cold front. For us, it's what finally breaks the brutal heat and signals the start of Fall.

I'm looking forward to the change. I've had enough of the heat and high humidity.


  1. Here in the north we are enjoying temperatures in the 68 to 75 degree range with 50s at night. Our heat and humidity doesn't compare to what I remember of Texas summers when I lived near Dallas, but even so, it is a welcome change here. Apple picking time is right around the corner.

    1. For years, my grandparents would make a trip to visit family in Illinois. They would always return with fresh picked apples, which put the supermarket apples to shame. The only problem was they would spoil much faster.

  2. Me too, especially since my new job isn't under a climate controlled roof.

    1. We'll soon have days with the most pleasant weather available in our area. A typical morning will be in the 50's and the afternoon high will be in the lower 70's.