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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kerry is Getting Tough

John Kerry is rejecting the Syrian plan for their chemical weapons. That's what he's saying today and he'll probably stick to his words, until tomorrow, or this evening, when he'll tell the press he wasn't trying to issue any ultimatum and he really thinks we should be diplomatic, and if they don't want to play, he'll take his football and go home.  there will be even harsher words, as long as they don't insult anyone and he doesn't look too silly. After all, this isn't a game.


  1. I'm thinking that those who are in charge now really need to just take their toys and go home. It would be nice if there were some grown-ups with common sense making decisions that will affect me and mine.

    1. When I read about the brutality in Syria, I realize the solution is to take the country over and killing everyone that even thinks of causing trouble, or just leaving it alone. People that barbaric are eventually destroyed by their violence.

    2. But they often take so many bystanders (I did not say innocents) with them.

    3. We threaten, send troops and then the troops are forbidden to do their job, which is to hunt and destroy the bad guys.

      To add insult to injury, the eventual reaction of citizens in third world countries is to be more afraid of the thugs/terrorists/whatever because they're brutal and methodical with their horror.