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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


That's probably too many acronyms for a post title, but it works.

Dr. Roy Spencer has a good page about climate models. If every student was offered this information as part of their education, they'd have a chance of using their minds for something besides soaking up liberal propaganda.

He sums up the misuse of data to support the AGW cult.

"...There is no question that great progress has been made in climate modeling. I consider computer modeling to be an absolutely essential part of climate research. After all, without running numbers through physical equations in a theoretically-based model, you really can not claim that you understand very much about how climate works.

But given all of the remaining uncertainties, I do not believe we can determine — with any objective level of confidence — whether any of the current model projections of future warming can be believed. Any scientist who claims otherwise either has political or other non-scientific motivations, or they are simply being sloppy..."

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