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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Loss of Confidence and Betrayal

Nancy Pelosi had an interesting remark about President Obama: when she was asked about Hillary Clinton running for President:

"...I don't know, but I know that if she does she will win, and when she becomes president she will be one of the best-equipped, best-prepared people to enter the White House in a very long time," Pelosi said. After serving eight years as first lady to President Bill Clinton, Mrs. Clinton was elected senator from New York, then lost the 2008 presidential nomination to Obama, who appointed her secretary of State.

"...With all due respect to our president – and I think he's magnificent and wonderful and a blessing to us – but certainly more prepared than President Obama, certainly more prepared than President [George W.] Bush, certainly more prepared than President Clinton," Pelosi said..."

She's distancing herself from the current President. That's typical with many politicians, if there's a struggle for power inside the party, but it's really early on to make a statement that directly questions the ability of the sitting President. 

I'm sure the reaction will bring more apologies, false praise and maybe even photo ops with Obama, but the die is cast. Considering she's praising the person responsible for the butchery in Benghazi, anyone with tiniest bit of sense should seriously question the Democratic Party leadership, if that's their political leaning. If they can allow one of their closest officials to be murdered for political gain, the everyday citizen has no meaning at all. 


  1. I would be willing to run on the platform of: I'm not Obama.

    Can I get an AMEN?

  2. You have my vote. I want to be secretary of Homeland Security.