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Friday, September 20, 2013

The Root of the Problem

You only have to read this article to understand why the entire country is struggling.

Few in Washington D.C. understand the economic problems of the rest of the United States. Those that do, are either capitalizing from the unbalanced economy, orchestrating more restrictions to liberty or really don't care.  They have a growing economy, steady increases in pay, new opportunities and an optimism founded on increasing wealth. It's a financial boom caused by government waste, increased spending and a lack of fiscal responsibility.

Washington isn't alone. You find the same thing in state capitols, where the legislators, their staff, the support sector of the private sector and availability of jobs increases incomes - all thanks to unwarranted confiscatory taxes, which harm those that produce.

Personally, I despise politicians and bureaucrats. They assumed the role that royalty once held, and acquired the same unfounded self-importance. Their arrogance leads them to believe they're indispensable, which only causes more anger from those they abuse.

How this all plays out will be documented by future historians. Hopefully, they write of a great awakening, the demand for the liberties envisioned by the founders of the United States, a purging of corrupt politicians and the prosecution of those that betrayed their oath to the Constitution.

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  1. Assuming that history is written by someone other that fat cat politician yes men.