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Thursday, September 5, 2013

When You Add It All Up

Putin called John Kerry a liar; so have a lot of other people. I guess I should be outraged, but I believe they're right.

Now, with this Syrian mess, and all the conflicting information, you'd think the President would realize his predicament, replace John Kerry, and try to save face by making some drastic changes in his handling of foreign policy.

This doesn't seen to be happening. When you add it all up, it doesn't add up.


  1. Actually, if you consider the turmoil his foreign policies have resulted in in the southern Mediterranean you'd think that if he's capable of learning from failures he would have kept his distance from Syria.

    1. His ego is too big to admit errors. It will eventually lead to his political downfall; like Jimmy Carter.

  2. This President doesn't understand simple math. Spend way more than you have? No problem.

    So the rest doesn't shock me much.