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Sunday, September 22, 2013

So, I Decided to Trim Some Limbs

The limbs were becoming a nuisance, so it was time to trim them back, which will probably be the precursor to the final removal of the trees.

Anyway, one large limb was fairly easy to handle. I cut it by the trunk with my chainsaw and it fell just as I wanted. I cut it into smaller sections and hauled it to the burning pile.

The next set of limbs were the same; even smaller. A few minutes with the chainsaw was all it took to add some more sky to my yard.

The last limb was higher than I could reach. In fact, it was higher than my extension ladder, so I pulled out the old extendable limb saw and went to work.

It wasn't really that hot, but I soon worked up a sweat. Sawing a larger limb with a puny limb saw is a lot of work.

I worked on it for about fifteen minutes, when it started to sag. I was thinking: "I'll just grab the end, and it will snap."

It did and hit me right in the head.

After a few moments of summarizing the damage, I realized it was light. Only a small cut on my forehead and a nice slice on my ear lobe, which bled like I'd cut it in two.

So, I won, but the tree put up a good fight.

Now, all I need is a cold, still, damp day to light up my burning pile. With the drought, I haven't dared to light the pile. When it goes, I'll have a good bonfire and some healthy coals. I just might wait for night, sit by the hot coals, sip some scotch and listen to the coyotes.


  1. BTDT. Great minds think alike.
    Then there's you and me.

    1. After my bath last night, my comb found another ding. It looks worse than the others and I didn't even know it was there.