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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pro Bono?

Some of the I.R.S. officials under investigation hired some high dollar attorneys I wonder if these firms are doing this pro bono? I doubt it. Huge firms like that need lots of money to pay the overhead and the extremely long time for a possible criminal prosecution is far from inexpensive.

I wonder who's footing the bill? I have a feeling they don't want anyone to know.


  1. Kind of revealing isn't it? The government has more attorneys on its payroll than any private sector business and yet when in a lurch government employees reach out to private sector attorneys to defend themselves when they follow the orders handed down from their bosses.

    If I were the manager giving those orders and knew that if trouble arose I couldn't trust the resident lawyers to defend me I'd be questioning every order before passing it down the ranks. If I were the employee seeking the aid of outside council because my boss put me in that situation I'd be the loudest whistle blower to have hit DC to date.

    1. The longer they keep them tied up in court, the longer they can get away with corruption and determine the best way to get rid of the spare baggage.

      I'm thinking they're either really naive, or scared. Either way, they've already lost and it's all downhill to the bottom.