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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's Time to Get Busy

Yesterday, I appeared before a judge, verified my mother's will, took an oath and received an official piece of paper that gives me authority to complete my mother's wishes. While I knew this moment would arrive, yesterday was the final requirement before completing my task.

I'll gather all her worth, take care of any debts, file all important pieces of paper, sell all that's not accepted as part of an inheritance and eventually disperse all that's left to the listed heirs in her will.

It's time to get busy. How this effects my blog will remain to be seen. Hopefully, the effect will be less than I expect, which is most of my time will be consumed by many things.

We'll see. If I'm not here much, you know where I am.


  1. I remember doing the same thing. Mom died owing no one, so that part was easy. But she had gone to H & R Block to do her taxes, and Uncle Sam came after me. H & R had scribbled some numbers in the margins, and the IRS likes to think those doodles are THEIRS. I even had to pay a penalty and didn't have mom to ask about it.

  2. It's a pain in the ass. So much of it's legal and anything legal requires lawyers, which requires a patience that demands you don't kill someone when the frustration reaches an intolerable level.