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Monday, September 23, 2013

A Typical Political Solution

New Jersey property tax rates are up 13%. This is during a supposed conservative governor's term, which really doesn't mean anything when you look at the problem, which is the tax burden is excessive.

Now, the governor's opponent offered the following:

"... His Democratic opponent, Barbara Buono, says families are stuck with higher bills. She says she would raise taxes on high-income earners to pump up the rebate program..."

This is the typical response of a politician. Ignore the big problem, which is lowering costs - even if it causes distress for those employed by the public sector. The political solution is to find some other way to confiscate private wealth and avoid taking responsibility for the damage wrought by politicians. 

I don't know about you, but the idea of raising taxes on the supposed rich always ends up costing me more money. Those with a lot of money can pass the costs on to those that have little relief from the effects of higher taxes. Those that don't pay any taxes, really don't care and think they're doing the right thing. Me? I'm stuck, if I want to keep on doing everything I can to avoid being another mouth on the government tit. I either grin and bear it, or complain to politicians that don't really care how hard it is to stay afloat these days.

That sucks, and it can only be called thievery. 

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