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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It Warmed My Heart

Back in July, I wrote about a new neighbor. After a few days, I didn't see him around and started worrying. Although I wasn't there to see him during the day, I figured I'd at least see him.

I was at my mother's house early one Saturday morning, out in front and not paying attention, when I spotted Tripod next door. I squatted, held out my hand and called to him. He looked at me for a few moments, and then to my surprise, he warily worked his way over to me and eventually came to within arms reach.

I cautiously reached and gently scratched the top of his head. Becoming bolder, I not only scratched his head, but he allowed me to scratch his side too. He stayed for a few moments, then bounded away, bounded back, allowed me to scratch him again, then ran about for a few seconds; obviously playing.

He came back for one more scratch and then was off to next door. I left him alone and went into my mother's house; pleased and honored.

Since then, I've seen him a few times. Watching how he interacts with neighbors, I've determined they've all befriended him, give him food and a little scratch when he lets them.

Yesterday, as I passed one of the neighbor's houses, I noticed the woman was vigorously scratching a little dog that was laying on his side. The dog was stretched out, wagging his tail and obviously enjoying the attention. It was Tripod, enjoying the scratch and content.

Tripod, as far as I can tell, is now the neighborhood's dog. Nobody is the owner, yet everybody takes responsibility in keeping him fed and with water.

Tripod, probably from his time being abused, doesn't wander far from the few houses he calls home, keeps a low profile and is hardly noticeable, unless you really look for him

From my encounter, I'm thinking his eyesight is impaired, which only makes his loss of one leg sadder. Hopefully, his trust will eventually lead to allowing the next door neighbor to take him to the vet, which is his plan. Until then, he's a free spirit and the dog of the neighborhood.


  1. Good, very good. I hate to see any animal abused or neglected. You're a fine man, Jess.

  2. Tripod is very fortunate to be in such a caring neighborhood. All the best to him and those who help.

  3. Learning about humans and animals, keeps my heart constantly breaking. It's SO RARE that people show kindness to these pitiful souls, and to live next to them is refreshing. Tripod is one thing, but losing eyesight is another. Our boy lost his dignity and spirit when he lost his eyesight. I would too. Well.....I lost my dignity a long time ago, but still.

  4. On some days, my faith in the human race almost doesn't exist. The cruelty, selfishness and unwillingness to realize we're all in this together is almost overwhelming.

    On others, I find solace in knowing there are those that can find a gentle, patient and caring part of their soul.