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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Motorcycles Are Too Big to Count

I've spent a few moments today to see if there was an estimate of the number of motorcyclists in D.C. today. There was little to find.

I'm guessing motorcycles are too big to count. That should explain everything.


  1. Last count I heard was in excess of 880,000 motorcycles.....

  2. Some of my guys are there...btw....they say it was just stunning....

  3. Maybe the media will report a fairly accurate count later, or tomorrow. I can only hope they will, instead of continuing to be cowardly rat bastards

  4. I'm quite sure the MSM will find a way to minimize the event.

    1. From what I've read around the net, the bikers were all over town, even if they didn't participate in the ride, which was fubared from the beginning without a permit.

      Meanwhile, Putin is pissing on Obama's leg and the media is trying to figure out how to make Obama look like something more than a "girlie man".