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Monday, September 2, 2013

So What's The Deal?

Back in 2009, John Kerry broke bread with Assad.  This was after almost a decade of a very unhealthy relationship with Syria; including military clashes along the Syrian/Iraq border and their continuing help to terrorists.

So, why was then Senator Kerry sitting down and eating with an enemy? Was he hoping to slip him some poison? I doubt it. We'll never know the entire conversation, but I have a strong feeling it had ties to a political agenda and the quest by the Democratic Party to get foreign powers on board; even soliciting some money if necessary.

I'm guessing the current effort to destroy Syria with U.S. forces is backed by a guarantee Assad is given sanctuary in some villa away from the worries of the world. Whatever he was up to is complete, or he's refusing to play any longer. Either way, if he doesn't keep his mouth shut, his next step is a silenced bullet in the temple one autumn morning.

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