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Monday, September 23, 2013

This Is Why...

...I couldn't be Pope.

After those comments I'd have to hang up my tolerance. I'd be loud, tell the bishops to get a squad to find her and have her excommunicated before sundown. There'd be press, television spots, radio announcements, and the guarantee she'd be thrown in jail for trespassing is she so much as walked across the curb in front of a Catholic church.

That's why I couldn't be Pope. That, and I'm not Catholic.


  1. I know how he feels...that kinda crap happens to me all the time. And, I'm sure she has gender issues.

  2. I'm not sure about gender, but I'm positive about mental issues. She's either as clueless as a box of rocks or a pathological liar.

  3. She's as much a Catholic as McCain is a Republican.

  4. What rhymes with hunt, punt, runt, shunt. That's what I think of her.

    1. I've heard her described as calculating and incredibly ignorant. To me, that doesn't matter. She's evil and should be punished.