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Monday, September 23, 2013

Sooner or Later...

...everyone that's alive at this time, will find they know someone that was denied treatment for a medical condition because some government bureaucrat made the decision.

I know some are thinking: "But insurance companies deny treatment all the time. What's the difference?"

Insurance companies aren't exempt from litigation. That, and their coverage limits are spelled out by a contract. The government doesn't have this distinction. With a broad stroke of a pen, the government can change your coverage, increase costs, deny anything they want and you have to ask permission to sue for damages.

How will this play out? First to suffer most are the older folks. They're the easiest target and will die in startling numbers, since they usually have the most health problems, limited resources and little strength to fight a system that is run by people that are isolated from those they manage. With a monetary cap on medical procedures, or an arbitrary decision by administrative personnel, death is a certainty and those suffering can do nothing about it. If they don't like it, they can write their Congressional representative, who has all their medical costs paid by the taxpayers. If you think they care, look at who voted Obamacare into law, without even reading the legislation.

Next will be those that the government decides are high risks. Diabetes? A little overweight? The government will decide you aren't eligible for some treatments, due to your lifestyle. After you die, they have more money for whatever they decide to spend it on. They don't have to allow it to be spent for medical coverage, since they'll control the insurance companies that are on board, will dictate how the coverage is allocated and decide on their cut of the revenues.

Children with risky congenital problems will be considered a liability. I don't think they'll let them suffer, but they damn sure won't let them live - if they're even allowed to be born. High risk pregnancies will be considered unfeasible, and abortion the option.

Insurance companies, since the premiums will now be well beyond what people can afford, will go out of business and the government will get all the money now paid in health insurance. The result will be a single payer system, which means government officials have complete access to your health records, complete control of your healthcare and will regulate your treatments by administrative mandates, without considering the invasion of privacy.

This entire pile of crap legislation is something that never should have happened. I blame Congress, the President and the dumbasses that voted for the reprobates that voted the Affordable Healthcare Act into law. May their days in Hell be excruciatingly painful and long.


  1. I wish I was covered for flat out panic attacks, because that's what I suffered today when my insurance notified me they will no longer cover my oncologist, or ANY oncologist in Florida!

  2. I'm beginning to think it's a good thing they don't sell c-4 at Walmart. There's a lot of old folks that will take the quick way out, instead of the long and painful way...and bring some bureaucrats along for the ride.