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Monday, June 30, 2014

Five to Four Decisions

I don't know about you, but the fact that either of the two cases with the five to four rulings made it to the Supreme Court indicates a severe problem with too many people in this country, and a Supreme Court that's corrupted by politics.

The government is not your friend, shouldn't be meddling in your life and anyone that thinks this is okay has lost the ability to reason. If the government dictates your life, you have no freedom and you have no liberty without freedom.

I'll Complain About The Heat

Why? Because that's all I can do. Ninety something with seventy something humidity is stifling.

When I grow up, I'm not going to do this anymore.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Boogie Woogie and Marcia Ball

Many haven't heard of Marcia Ball. She can make the house shake and is from my part of the world. 

Look her up on the interwiz and find her music. I'm betting many of you'll like it and want some more. 

Let's Call It Was It Is

It's purging. There are too many humans, too little resources and they're sending their diseased, homeless children to the United States.

We're supposed to feel compassion, yet these people are not arriving to become assimilated in our society. They have nothing left, so they have one last hope and we're supposed to accept the governments to the south of the border are something more than tyrannies with heartless thugs in power.

I'm angry and the anger is focused on the likes of Nancy Pelosi using this for political posturing. Since she's there, they need to load her up with a few hundred of the diseased children, so she can take them to her home. That would be a true test of compassion. How come I feel this will never happen?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Let's Have a Ballad

Ronnie Van Zant sang this song years ago. His brother does a fine job; so does the band.

It's What They Want Us To Believe

Supposedly, they caught the ringleader of the attack in Benghazi, which wasn't an attack, according to the talking points right after the event - and right before the election.

The news is reporting he's on U.S. soil and will face trial, media hype and all the other things that really don't mean anything, except to politicians trying to cover their ass. This guy has been wandering around for a long time and they knew where he was long before they made their capture.

Personally, I don't believe he's more than a second rate minion and the best attention needed would have been to shoot him on sight. The message to the others would be obvious and they would know their days are numbered.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Emails and Lies

Emails are never lost. Someone received every email and someone answered, or has the email stored on their computer, or server.

Government agencies are "losing" emails, and the billions to preserve this information must now be considered money thrown out the window.

It's all lies and efforts to hide intentions. With the amount of cover-up, intentional avoidance of Congressional demands and obvious lack of intent by the Department of Justice to pursue the possibility of criminal acts, it's not a stretch of the imagination to know the problem of rogue government agencies reaches to the White House; maybe with the involvement of the President.

While the media is being quiet, there is a growing demand to know why government agencies are allowed to thumb their nose at the law and the Constitutional restrictions imposed to keep them from endangering liberty.

This won't go away, and if allowed to go unchecked, a change in political party control of Congress, and the Presidency, will lead to illegal activities without parallel. Democrats, and the media,  will find they're the recipient of government thuggery and they will only suffer, since they placed the policy in motion.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mixed Time Signatures and Syncopation

A classic.

Nancy Pelosi Will Visit the Border

If there's any justice in the world, she'll contract one of the diseases her party allowed to be brought into this country for political gain and to the detriment of thousands of children.

Leprosy is my choice.

Recess Appointment Madness

Obama was spanked, but Scalia points out the subversion of the Constitution, due to allowing the courts to decide on the definition of recess and the failure of Congress to perform their job. Ultimately, the effect is another effort to chip away the protection of citizens from the government.

In my opinion, Congress has the power to stop rogue actions of the Executive branch by withholding funds and ultimately impeaching member of the Executive that overstep their legal bounds. By failing to do so, and deferring the power to the courts, they're derelict in protecting U.S. citizens and dishonor the offices they hold. Politics are dominant over rights and the result is always more hardship on those that pay their salaries..

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ignorance - The Illness and the Media

I started this post a few days ago. I wrote a half dozen long paragraphs, detailing my thoughts and explaining the dereliction of purpose adopted by the media, which now turns its head in silence, while laws are broken, basic rights are violated and government thugs use their power to tyrannize the people that pay their salaries.

It was a lot of wasted effort. The simple truth is too many people are ignorant, wish to remain in this state of bliss and the media allows the government to pillage like a conquering hordes of brutal criminals.

This is disappointing and unconscionable. For those in the media unwilling to stray beyond what your overlords allow, may your days in Hell be long. The suffering you refuse to report has branded you as traitors and reprobates.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Some Acoustic Yes


Let's Go To The Beach...

...or not.

Not is it only ugly, it stinks and the stench is noticeable for miles inland.

I'm thinking some tourists are wishing they didn't go to Galveston this year.

As I was taking these photos, a Houston news station was setting up for a remote broadcast.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

While My Thoughts Are Busy

I had an idea for a short story. This can mean a short distraction, or an obsession to write. This one is looking like an obsession, so it will bother me, until I complete it.

While my thoughts are distracted, here's a song that is timeless, as far as I'm concerned.

So, You Thought You Could Play the Guitar?

Think again.

Carpal Tunnel Madness

I took some tests a few years ago, after the constant numbness and pain in my right arm led to lack of sleep. The tests were conclusive for carpal tunnel syndrome. My doctor didn't recommend surgery, until I lost strength and started dropping things.

 I bought a wrist brace and it's usually all I need, although I'm constantly shaking my arm to stop the numbness. This leads to the "pins and needles", which is annoying. Since my left hand has the same - although less severe - symptoms, I feel like a laboratory experiment, when I wear the braces, while sleeping.

I don't know why, but even with my wrist brace, I awoke this morning with pain; and it's more than just an annoyance. As the day progresses, I'm hoping it alleviates and turns out to just be "one of those things". If not, and find I'm turning into a zombies again, due to lack of sleep, it's on to Plan B.

What's Plan B.? Telling the doctor I don't share his opinion anymore and they need to do something about this. It's to the point I write for a few minutes, shake my hand out for a few minutes, and go at it again. If he doesn't want to help, I'll find someone that will.

Bleh! I have lots of things to do today and this is pissing me off.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Something I Use...

...and now you can, too.

I've added a gadget to my blog. It's a converter, which will help you when you're lost, find a sign that states you're only 5 kilometers from civilization, know each step you take is exactly 27 inches, and you're wondering how many steps are required to find the nearest bar.

You're welcome...and don't click on the top; it looks like ads and those lead to anger.

Once Upon A Time

I went to a concert in Houston, Texas. It was loud, damn near pure energy and they opened with the following song.

I'll never forget the concert, or the wonderful lady that accompanied me to the show. This one's for her and the tug that still pulls at my heart strings.

Take a Straight and Stronger Course... the corner of your life.

There Will Not Be a Poll

I could probably figure one out, but polls are numbers, generated by people, that can be a little dishonest on the internet. That's why I'm only asking for comments; by real people or extremely talented bots.

So, I have a question:

During all this hoopla about the name "Washington Redskins", do you actually know anyone that's offended by the name? If so, did you ask for a reason? If you're offended, explain to me why.

I'm holding my breath; don't make me pass out.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Had Numerous Answers Cross My Mind

Once, I had a boss that would ultimately say about this time of the year: "What are you going to do when it gets hot in August?"

The answers would appear instantly:

"Oh, you mean when the temperature is three degrees hotter, and the fact we're splitting hairs escapes your limited reasoning power?"

"It's never hot in your $60,000 dollar pickup. Why does it matter to you?

"Before, or after I choke you until your face turns blue?"

"Of the thousands of idiotic questions you could ask, that is probably the winner."

"Obviously, you've mistaken me for someone sane, and have no idea how close you are to serious injury."

Of course, I bit my tongue and would just usually ignore the question, or say something simple like: "Suffer; as usual."

The difference between 97 and 101 is something humans can't determine. Sane people avoid such temperatures, which pretty well answers anyone's question of my sanity.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's Time For A Cute Baby and Some Dachshunds.

You're welcome.

Weather and Crap

I've heard the official temperature for an area is from a shaded thermometer,five feet off the ground, out of the wind, with a northern exposure. Whether this is true, or not, isn't nearly as important that it's crap.

Where I work, there is no shade, the wind comes and goes, everything around absorbs heat from the sun, radiates it on the surroundings, and the temperature never matches what the weather wizards report.

Today, the official high was around 88 degrees, but my thermometer was around 96 at five feet above the ground and a little over one hundred at two feet above the ground.

So, what's the solution to this discrepancy? There is none.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

After 40 Years

Last night was my high school reunion. There were lots of faces, names and even a tug on my heart that is still pulling.

The music leaned toward what I didn't listen to back then, and was too loud to hold a conversation, so I spent time outside; visiting with those too escaping and gathering memories like fallen fruit.

All in all, it was meant to be. I was pulled to the event and know I couldn't have avoided from attending if I wanted.

Still, I wish they would have played what caught my soul, gave me moments of silent appreciation, and were imprinted forever.

Would You Know My Name?

You Only Have Now

My father passed in 1989. Since then, every Father's Day, I only have memories and sorrow.

If you're father is still here, call, text or visit. You only have now and tomorrow may only bring memories.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Some Joe Walsh for Saturday Morning

Another Saturday; making circles in the lawn; spraying for bugs and withering in the gathering heat.

Summarized World Events


It explains just about everything wrong with the world; and most people are so eat up with the dumbass, they don't even have a clue.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

No Comment

Stupidity; Political Posturing; or Both?

Iraq is being taken over by fanatics. They're brutal, determined and the Iraqi military is retreating.

How did this happen? First, it was announced the U.S. was leaving on every news outlet worldwide. Second, competent combat troops were removed, leaving mostly administrative personnel. Finally, the only protection for the partially favored government are not fully trained; have no air support and the constant guerrilla harassment of seasoned terrorists.  Their retreat gives the fanatics U.S. weapons and technology.

Who do we blame? The Commander in Chief and the politicians so foolish to get involved in the first place. That blame goes back through a half dozen Presidents, Congresses and those that manipulate the entire lot of greedy bastards with graft.

Iraq, and most of the Middle East, has seen constant civil war since the beginning of recorded history. The blood feuds, religious differences and outright hate of the different factions guarantee the civil unrest will never end. When you add the constant corruption of political figures, there is no hope for peace.

Now what? Will the current administration increase U.S. military pressure and kill more of our soldiers? Will they just walk away and allow the massacre of thousands by the brutal conquerors?

I'm betting they screw things up, like everything else touched by those that couldn't operate a lemonade stand with instructions and an example. They'll talk, posture, say silly things on the news and the entire world will watch in horror.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, the export of Opium derivatives is a booming business. Corruption rules and the Taliban operates freely, since they can just slip across the border to Pakistan, when the need arises. They're making tons of money with the illegal crops and the demand is high.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This Might Get Interesting

Chuck Hagel is now the official fish in the barrel for the Bergdahl fiasco. Whether this is true, or not is not nearly as important as how he handles the accusation.

He's scheduled to appear before a congressional committee, which gives him the opportunity to do the honorable thing, or not.

If he was responsible, then the fact the President allowed him to circumvent the law, embarrass him and place U.S. citizen's lives in danger demands he's fired and charged with a crime. It would be in his best interest to resign and face the consequences.

If not, and he was only following instructions from the President, then the obvious lie will weaken the administration further; it might even lead to some really, really bad things for the President.

We'll see. I'm hoping Hagel's time in combat, in Vietnam, will bring out the honor for fellow soldiers he might have once had. The Bergdahl deal was not honorable, insulted all armed forces, and betrayed every citizen of the United States.

If he's a vindictive type of fellow, he has the opportunity to get even for being played like a cheap guitar. I kinda hope he does this. I have no compassion for anyone that's part of this administration. They've shown they're liars, thieves and murderers. A few thrown under the jail would make my day.

Just like a fish in a barrel. Slimy, hard to get a grip on and a bad smell. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Bad Smell

The beach smells terrible. The odor is somewhere between rotten vegetables and a sewer treatment plant. It's probably the large rafts of seaweed, full of seaweed critters, laying in the hot sun and decaying into one big noxious, unpleasant mass of disgusting goo.

Still, people are swimming at the beach of Galveston. By golly, they spent the money, and they're going to swim - no matter what.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Oh! So You Want Me To Get Up?

I don't think so.

Bee Business

I stopped at a coin car wash on the way to the office this morning and cleaned my pickup. After doing some paperwork, and finishing my weekly report, I went and found hundreds of little brown specs on my truck.

I know what they are, since we had the same problem last year, until a local property owner took up a petition to have a local farmer move some hives on his land.

The hives are back, which means a few hundred supers and the thousands of bees they house.

They fly over, as they work and crap all over everything. It's on cars, buildings, fences....everything - including into the coffee of the local property owner, as he greets the day.

So, my truck needs washing again. The little turds will turn into brown concrete if I don't wash them off.

And people wonder why I stay pissed off.

Good Deal?

Retired Air Force Colonel Morris Davis, a former Gitmo prosecutor, thinks the swap of Bergdahl for five enemy combatants is a good deal. 

"...We prosecuted Osama bin Laden's driver, and we couldn't even bring charges against these guys..."

"...The president has made it clear, this conflict is coming to an end by December," said Davis of the war in Afghanistan. The United States has been holding the inmates under the justification of their being enemy combatants, he said, but with the war about to end, "our legal justification to hold them is, in the eyes of many, about to expire...."

The war isn't over Colonel Davis. Terrorists are continuing to fight and the fact they held a U.S. soldier - regardless of how he was captured - is clearly proof the war on terror is still well underway.
"...About a quarter of those released have returned to do bad things, so playing the odds, it is probably one or more of them could do something bad," Davis said. "But if we wait until the risk returns to zero, they could be doing life sentences..."

So, the odds say that at least on of these dangerous men will return to war against the United States.

One soldier - that not one single former unit member will stand behind - was traded for five of those that were dangerous enough to place in Gitmo, and we're supposed to think this was a good deal?

That's crap. It's just another piece of the puzzle made up of lies, deceit and incompetence. I'm surprised he wasn't sharp enough to avoid making such an ignorant statement.

I'm going to add Colonel Davis was never a combat soldier or officer in a war zone. In my mind, that makes a big difference in how an officer should act towards those that face the bullets, so they can operate in an administrative position.

The process of facing death forges an honor among those that fight that can't be understood by those that didn't. Failing to respect this honor, and making statements that discount the efforts of those that gave their lives is disrespectful.

The simple fact remains: Bergdahl left his post in combat, without permission. That's not away without leave; that's desertion. At best, his effort was for a good reason. At worst, it was to change sides and aid an enemy. Either way, his capture - and possible torture - could have endangered the lives of U.S. troops. He knew this; everybody knew this. When he left his post, his citizenship ended and he became a casualty of war.

Cutting To The Chase

I've been thinking about the Bergdahl trade The problems with the trade are numerous; even speculation about outright aid to enemies of the United States, which led to the execution of those convicted of such crimes in the past.

Proving culpability in the crime of sedition, or treason can be tough, since it requires proof of intent. However, proving incompetence doesn't require anything, except the presentation of the facts, which are documented on every news outlet all over the world.

Congress can make this simple, although I have my doubts they will. They're frightened of Harry Reid, who could be removed from office with a demand for mental soundness, which a psychiatrist, with only year of practice, could determine in about five minutes.

The incompetence is from the top, to the bottom. If they're hoping the citizens will fix this problem, they might not like the method.. They have a choice, I hope it's the smart one.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Out Here In The Fields

I don't remember the exact time I first heard the following song, but I do remember I had to stop and listen.


It's Getting Close.... time for some new work boots.

As I was slipping them on, I thought of how many hours I spend wearing what is required, if I want to continue working where I work.

For those that never wore them, they weigh around five pounds. The toes have steel cups and there is a shank of steel that runs along the bottom to protect from penetrations. Most are semi waterproof, and mink oil is usually necessary, when the weather is damp.

They're hot, and there's little to be done to make them otherwise. You can't have durable footwear, impervious to moisture, or chemicals, and have anything that's cool.

I've worn them for weeks, up to 16 hours each day. Since I've become wiser, I spend the money on better boots, which can run well over $100 a pair. Buying less expensive boots can lead to pain at best, and foot problems at worst.

So, why am I writing about my boots? I have outside work to do today, and have enough experience to know they're the best protection for my feet.

Still, I don't relish the idea. I'd rather be wearing my Crocs and sitting in a lawn chair; sipping tea.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Gathering My Thoughts

I've been reading some blogs, news reports and pondering on D-Day. There is something profound to be written, but one nagging thought has bounced around my head all day: Seventy years since D-Day.

It's been 70 years since the Normandy Invasion. For those that don't know what that was, it was the huge Allied Forces push to start dismantling the Nazi hold on Europe. Thousands were involved and the accumulated forces were described as shocking by the German defenders that found the ocean lined with ships when the sun rose on June 6, 1944.

I won't go into detail about the outcome. The event is well recorded and the horror is something you can't imagine, until you read the recollections of those that survived the landings on the beaches of Normandy, France. Look it up and read all you can.

I was born a little over twelve years after the invasion. My father's peers were part of the invasion and most, at that time, were young, just getting settled into their careers and probably like most young adults today: Retirement was a passing thought and life was still to be lived as full as possible.

Those soldiers were the fathers and uncles of my friends. They were just ordinary people and the realities of what they faced never crossed my mind. They, like many that fought in WW 2, went on with their life; most just placing their experiences in the hidden nook, where uncomfortable thoughts are placed.

I'm trying to grasp the reality that even the youngest that fought are now in their eighties. It seems like yesterday they were young, vibrant and and found most everywhere. Everyone knew a WW 2 vet and, if they felt comfortable, they might even tell you a story about their experiences.

We can't forget them. When the entire world was torn with war, they fought for an almost intangible thing, which is slowly being removed. They understood liberty and they understood losing it only makes the removal of tyranny a more brutal endeavor.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Now For Something Different

Many haven't even heard of this band, but they're still around and still good.


Impeachment, or Not?

Impeachment is a dead-end street, without a willing Senate to try. The current Senate will never try Barrack Obama, so that's an unproductive path to follow.

What is to be done? When a machine is broken, you dismantle the piece, find what doesn't work, and make the necessary repairs.

That's the best way to handle the current problems. Dismantle the Administration, replace the broken pieces and reassemble to a working machine.

Where do we start? Eric Holder. Too many egregious violations of laws point to an unwillingness by Holder to  do his job. Congress needs to demand he appoint a special counsel to investigate. If he refuses, then they start impeachment proceeding against him. While Democrats may balk, they will ultimately understand without protection from a rogue Attorney General, in a future Republican administration, they too could find themselves in an untenable position.

Will this work? I think so, but it requires a constant demand for action by not only those in Congress, but with citizens constantly pushing for answers and avoiding media outlets that refuse to participate in justice.

The mid-term elections are forecast to be a bloodbath for some members of Congress. Those wishing to appear favorable will recognize the necessity, even if they don't like becoming involved. Those that already know the U.S. government doesn't work, without checks and balances, will only have to continue with what they already started.

Barrack Obama is either terribly incompetent, or on a mission to make vast changes, without following the guidelines specified in the Constitution. No matter the reason, he can't do it on his own and, when it becomes a liability to be involved, the number of willing participants dwindles rapidly.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Too Tired To Write

I was up at 4:00 am and I haven't been home but fifteen minutes.

Tomorrow promises to be more of the same.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Now They Really Stepped In It

The Obama Administration has shown it's not made up of the sharpest knives in the drawer. Their errors are numerous and many have broken laws, which I think is probably due to ignorance in most cases. They rectify these transgressions by hype, outright lying and just ignoring the consequences, with the hope the media will continue to wave the pom-poms and cheer at the right moments.

I think they made the fatal mistake with the trade of Taliban senior officials for one U.S. soldier, who's motives for abandoning his post in a war theater are questionable. To make matter worse, their attempt to put some feathers in the President's cap has now been shown to be outside the law and possibly treasonous.

The tap dancing will be furious, but I have the feeling this one will lead to some serious charges, which even the military yes-men can't ignore. They have to deal with the troops, and they're dealing with people that learned a long time ago to take care of their own problems. Not only that, they're fairly dangerous people and all the polished brass won't stop the wrath of those that suffered, watched friends die and spent so many long years away from their families.

Adding insult to injury, the media is now placed in a very uncomfortable position. They operate overseas under the protection of our troops. Piss them off, and the protection might become only a pretended effort. That's dangerous stuff, when you're in Injun country, which is now most anywhere other than the United States.

I'm sitting with my feet hanging down on this one. The price for this dog and pony show is too high for those that made the presentation.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Time For a Fanfare

"Fanfare For The Common Man" by Keith Emerson

It Starts With Ostracism

It's apparent a majority of U.S. citizens are not represented. Their needs are ignored. Wants are constantly under under attack as unhealthy or selfish. Efforts to rectify injustices are hampered or outright subdued by using government employees to harass, or vilify those that dare make a stand against those that demand their wages at the point of a gun.

So, there's not a whole lot people can do, since they've been turned into part of the collective and their individual liberties are eroded daily.

What's to be done? Ostracism. Everyone knows someone that works for a government entity. Since they won't police their own, then they can stay with their own. Avoid social gatherings and refuse to even smile, when you happen to meet.

Will this work? I don't know, but it works for me. I've had it with the hand shaking, "glad to see you" attitude, when I know they're really only bureaucrats and willing to sacrifice their morals for a paycheck.

Screw 'em. They're warts on the ass of progress.

And It Will Only Become Worse

This article should make you wonder what will happen when Obamacare completely takes over the health of all citizens of the United States. 

The corruption, lies and outright murder under the hands of bureaucrats against our veterans is horrible, yet the same promoters of government intervention in our lives are still in power, continuing the deception and people are suffering, due to their actions.