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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bicyclist Breaks His Leg

The following photo is of an important political person that broke their leg while riding a bicycle. If you look closely, you can see his helmet right before it short circuited, and caused the wreck that broke his leg.

I'm thinking his handlers should reconsider the size of their control module, and lower the voltage. Such errors in design can lead to strange thinking and bizarre behavior.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

I Suppose I Should Write Something

I won't write about the weather. With all the rain, there isn't much to write, except it wasn't a good time to be in a flood plain, or traveling one of the local roads that have a tendency to flood. Some wrecker drivers had a good week, that and I imagine some car salesmen are salivating like a pit bull about to steal a steak from the pit. I doubt mechanics were really that excited. Submerged cars have only one repair, and it only involves large machines, with hydraulic presses.

I won't write about politics; other than it's apparent all the efforts to crunch economic data in favor of the current administration failed. I know they worked real hard to subvert the data, but sometimes even deceptive number crunching doesn't change the facts.

I won't write about the muckity mucks with the national soccer sport. It has a name, which I can't can't remember, but the acronym sounds like something you'd name a mutt you adopted at the pound.

I won't write about Baltimore. Enough are writing about what has turned into a shining example of corrupt politics, ignorant administrators, and the media frenzy that destroyed a city.

I will write about the blue jay family in the yard. What started out as two is now five, although I've only seen four together during the last few days. I need a system for determining which is which. I thought of paint, but I can't make the blue jays stay still long enough to paint a number. Maybe I should just enjoy them as they are, and keep the peanuts coming.

For some reason, the following song popped into my head as I was making coffee this morning. I wonder why? I never cared much for the song.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Maybe, Not Important

I've witnessed some injuries on projects. One involved a mangled hand, with the realization the pink stuff in the exposed inner flesh of the fingers was live bone. It was terrible to behold, and the helplessness to offer much relief was unpleasant.

That's mild, compared to those that watched friends succumb to injury during battle. I can only imagine trying to help hold intestines in, while waiting for a medivac, or listening to the wails of someone with nerves reacting to a wound that will eventually end their life.

We honor those that fell during their service this weekend, but I like to honor those that survived, wondered about their luck, felt some guilt for surviving, and went on to live their lives in a society that rarely contemplates the horror of combat.

We're all in this together, and we're all responsible for all that transpires during the tribulations of our nation. Never forget those that sacrificed their life, and never discount the importance of all that are part of our national defense.

Super Glue Stitch

I didn't receive stitches after the surgeon was finished. Instead, a surgical "super glue" was used. The result fascinates me, since it looks like a dollop of glue was squeezed into the wound, and it held it all together after it dried.

A small section already is gone, but most is still there. From what I've read, it will all finally come off over a few weeks.

Never, since the surgery, has the wound shown any signs of infection. That's the best part. Being sealed, and with a surgery team practicing the best sterilization practices, the wound is never exposed to bacteria.

I'm impressed.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Disjointed Thoughts

I guess I'm still recovering from carpal tunnel release surgery. I don't have much energy, and the evening brings a weariness that demands taking it easy. I wouldn't have thought it would be as such, but I have no other explanation.

Still, I've had a few thoughts, so I'll list them as they return to my memory:

- Cumulonimbus clouds: When close, they tower over you, and the bottom becomes increasingly more dark, and foreboding. When they're at a distance, they're more orange; tall, the tops just above the horizon, and you can only imagine the fury of the weather underneath,

- Hillary Clinton: Yes, she's a liar. A well informed media would have researched her activities all the way back to the Watergate days, Even then, she was unethical, and unwilling to follow the law. Expecting her to change over time is foolish, yet the media seems to relish ignorance and deception. I'm thinking it has something to do with the fact they're damn near useless, when it comes to changing a flat tire. Being so useless carries over into professional activities.

- Feral House Cats: I can't really blame the cats from becoming cats, but I have no use for feral house cats. They're a nuisance, and I really have no compassion for the critters.

-Peanut Butter Cookies: I've found a brand that has Reese's Pieces in the ingredients. They're very good, and I just pulled a dozen from the oven. No, I won't save you any. They're already half gone.

- Politicians: You can't trust any politician. Some are more willing to not fleece the public, but I think those are a very small minority.

I really can't remember any other profound thoughts of today, so I'll end this post, and go watch the blue jays enjoy their peanuts.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Honor and Sorrow Again

I've been honored during my life. It's an honor that too many ignore, yet every moment of freedom they are graced with was hard won by those that may have silently bled to death; alone, in pain, fighting for their last moments and thinking of those they'd never see again.

Never forget those that honored you with the greatest sacrifice. Remember them, and those that fought with them in the unending war against tyranny. It's a war never to be won, if we ever forget.

Four and a Half Days Later

The healing is progressing. Although I have a little numbness with part of my hand, there is no surgical pain, unless I push a little too hard.

What is most interesting is the lack of stitches. All that was done to close the wound was a dollop of what looks like super glue. It's holding well, and I'm thinking it's probably grown back together by now.

From what I've read, the final result would make a Vegas bookie lose sleep. The numbness could last forever; or not. My hand strength could return; or not. That's not much to book on, but I can testify that hand, and arm, do not have pain at night any longer. The left is next, although I'll wait for at least four weeks before surgery. After that, I'm hoping all the problems with carpal tunnel syndrome will be gone forever.

Monday, May 18, 2015

One Handed Typing

Surgery is over. Typing sucks, because the surgeon numbed my hand to last about twelve hours. I have no idea why, but my hand feels like a balloon.

He said the surgery went well, which is expected. I doubt he'd tell me he hiccuped, slipped, and cut a nerve. I know I wouldn't.

 I have no pain in my arm, and all my fingers wiggle as commanded. That's good; I might need to flip someone the bird.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Coffee Thoughts

When dirt was new, and I worked offshore, I started drinking coffee. Why at that point in my life? I have no idea, but it influenced my taste for coffee.

We had two pots of coffee: one was a large percolator with the light roast, and the other was a small percolator with the dark roast. The large pot always seemed to be empty, when I had time for coffee, and the small always seemed full.

Only one man on the platform liked the dark roast, which was the reason for the small pot. I soon joined him, since there was always coffee, and I became accustomed to the dark, strong coffee.

I remember visiting my grandparents one afternoon, and was offered some coffee. I jumped at the opportunity, but was disappointed. I knew they didn't drink strong coffee, but seeing the bottom of the cup was a sign there would be some flavor, but not very much. It was as though my grandmother made an effort to see how weak she could make coffee, and still call it coffee.

So, my taste in coffee is the darker roasts, strong and with plenty of sugar and cream. It's how I roll, and while some have given me flack over how I fix my coffee, I really don't care. I like it that way, and they can kiss my butt, if it's so disturbing to them, as they flex their muscles and act like they enjoy their black coffee.

My favorite is Community Coffee. I know many can't buy it at the store, since it's a local product found mostly in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast. Still, it's one to try, if you really like coffee. To me, it's up there with any gourmet coffee, and makes for some enjoyable moments in the early morning.

One word of caution: If you see Community Coffee in a convenience store, or doughnut shop, don't assume it will be a good cup of coffee. They mostly use the prepackaged filter bags, which makes the coffee taste as though it was filtered through an old sock. Avoid such things; they can ruin your first experience with Community Coffee.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Carpal Tunnel

I've had the symptoms of a problem with my carpal tunnel for years. I really don't remember when they started, but do remember the "shaking out my hand" for years, to remove the numbness. Over time, some areas of my fingers remained numb. At night, I wake with a pain I can only describe as the throbbing like a toothache in my arms.

A few years ago, I had some tests performed, which revealed I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. My family doctor didn't think it was necessary to do anything at that time, except to wear wrist braces at night. They helped, but even braces didn't remove the symptoms.

Last week, after too long of sleep loss due to pain at night, I had some tests run. After they were over, the doctor said: "You have very, very bad carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands.

The tests involved placing probes at various places, and electric shocks. The best description is a series of three, with the first as a tiny jolt, and the final similar to grabbing a spark plug. The doctor even warned me of the worse, which resulted in nearly jumping from the chair. The jolts were severe.

Long story short, some nerves returned no signal, so some of the numbness may be permanent. Surgery is a week Monday for the right hand. After it heals, the left will follow.

After it's over, maybe sleep won't be disturbed any longer, and I can use my hands, without shaking them out ever few minutes to return the feeling.

Time will tell.

Greg Allman Will the Circle be Unbroken

For those that can still hug your mother, do so today; and tell her how much you love her. The time you share may be short.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Genius of Elton John Take me to the Pilot Live London Royal Opera Ho...

If you liked the previous version, you'll like this one too.I


Elton John - Take Me to the Pilot - Live at the Greek Theatre (1994)

Body Mass Index

Mine is a shade under 23. That's supposed to be a good number, but considering the crap some scientist call science, who really knows? I think I'll go eat some cookies. I deserve it for having the right amount of mass.

A Group of Thoughts

This will not be a fluid masterpiece of writing skill. I have much on my mind, am busy, generally pissed off, and glad I don't suffer from chronic constipation.

 - The Government: In a perfect world, most elected, and hired, government individuals would be slow roasted over an open fire. Not that I'm cruel, but sometimes, it seems to be the best solution. Maybe we could use the meat to feed a few starving, disadvantaged, minority cannibals.

- The NFL: If you can't play with deflated balls, maybe you should stop, take a look at your situation, and realize your importance in the grand scheme of things is at the same level as mouse farts.

- Illegal Aliens: No, I'm not politically correct. You are criminal pieces of crap, and I really don't care about your reasons for coming to the United States.....GET OUT!!!!

- Hillary Clinton: In a society, without a compulsion to be polite, only a few individuals, with distorted thinking, would consider her anything more than a lying criminal. If that's all the Democrats can come up with, my suggestion is they jump from the nearest high bridge.

- Global Warming: Anyone that believes humans are changing the climate should be horse whipped at dawn tomorrow morning.

- Bad Drivers: There are too many. To solve this problem, I recommend bulldozers at congested intersections.

- Social Media: It's like drinking alcohol. Some sip wine; others drink gallons of cheap whisky and lose all trappings of civility.

- The Alphabet Networks: As strange as this may seem, most that work at any of these networks are not human. We should find, and isolate theses folks. An island in the Pacific seems to be the best place. Give them plenty of teeth whitener and mirrors.

- City Governments:- If they represent most of the population, it's fair to assume the vast majority of urban areas are populated by dumbasses.

- Fast Food:  It is fast, but it's also not very tasty, is too expensive, and the possibility of those preparing your food have failed to wash their hands after a trip to the restroom is something to always consider.

- Squirrels: I don't think God has squirrels in his neighborhood. If he did, I don't think there would be so many.

- Meteorologists: I think it's a scam, linked to Vegas, and it's the largest gambling operation ever created. I wonder how I can place some bets?

I have more to write, but don't have the time. Maybe later.