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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Slow Simmer

I stopped for some coffee early this morning at one of my usual spots. While fixing my coffee, I listened to the conversation between the clerk, and a few customers at the counter.

The conversation was heated, and the determination was accented by the frustration. The topic? Illegals, immigration, and the obvious attempt by some to continue the ridiculous process of allowing people into the United States without careful vetting.

While the media, and many liberal pockets in the U.S. continue to promote their agenda, they're failing to notice the huge amount of real estate, the people that live there, their increasing anger, and how those they thumb their nose at can - and will - respond to threats against their prosperity, or safety. These people produce the raw products required for those that produce nothing but paper, bureaucracy, and public debt. Ignoring their wishes can have unwanted effects for those that think their population density demands they have more control of the United States.

Time will tell how this turns out; but self-sufficient, determined, and very strong people - that want the deluge of people coming to the U.S. to slow to a trickle - have had enough. Protesting won't change their mind, complaining only makes them more angry, and demanding they accept the madness Obama started is a waste of time. Obama, and his liberal sycophants,  don't have to deal with the crime, or live by those that are only here to abuse the system.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Ignorance, But Not Bliss

I know I'm ignorant of many immigration laws, but have the feeling my ignorance is much less than most people; especially those most vocal about Trump's executive order. The final impact is yet to be seen, but I have the feeling those most upset will find protesting, or threatening, will only lead to more resolve by most in the United States, and even legal immigrants will find a citizenry tired of being forced to embrace those of which they are most wary.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Not Where I Want to Be

NASA has a live feed at the International Space Station. Every now and then, something appears, and the UFO hunters become very vocal.

No matter what the objects are, or if they're evidence of alien life, I wouldn't want to be up there, in a high tech beer can, without an exit door and a return craft. Call me a sissy. I don't care.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Paradox

For years, I've watched the constant battle to guarantee an honest election, without fraud. On one side there's the demand for identification, and on the other is the demand to stop the effort for identification, with the statement voter fraud either doesn't exist, or is so minimal it's not important to consider.

You can't really determine if there is voter fraud, unless there's a form of identifying voters. You can't state there is little, or no fraud, if there is no method of determining if a voter has the legal right. So, the paradox, at this time, lies with those that think voter identification is not necessary, while using the excuse there is little, or no voter fraud.

Trump stated he wants an investigation into voter fraud, which is getting negative responses. I can understand a concern for spending money on such an investigation, but think it's important. If the investigation finds nothing, then I'll feel assured an effort was made to guarantee my vote is not negated by someone that doesn't have that right. If it does find fraud at the level Trump believes was reached, then the effort to state voter fraud is inconsequential becomes either ridiculous, or criminal culpability.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Underwear in a Knot

Many in the media are starting to whine about being the focus of Trumps irritation.  I'm thinking they'll need some Xanax; especially after more of their lies are exposed, and some reporters are banned from briefings.

It's a good start. The dishonest, goal oriented media is probably the biggest problem the United States needs to address.


I noticed many of the protesters on Saturday were wearing hats that looked like someone skinned "Hello Kitty", or were full face masks shaped like a vagina, with the generally unattractive woman's face in the middle. While I'm sure they found the hats had some significance, they made me wonder.

What do you think would be the response if men decided they needed to flaunt their solidarity by wearing penis hats? Would the media be so willing to show them on television? Would people automatically accept what some consider insulting? Would there be a world wide show of solidarity with millions donning caps with penises and marching in the streets, or standing around cheering, while some trash cans burn.

Personally, I wonder about the mind set that finds being described as a pussy as desirable. I know how I'd feel if someone called me a dickhead.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Never Try This at Home

After removing the cancer cells, and making sure they were all gone by microscopic analysis, the following is the final trimming before stitching.

When it was being stitched closed, it felt like the skin was being pulled from down to my neck.

So far, the pain is minimal, although the stretched skin feeling is still noticeable.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Don't Do This

Tomorrow, I'm having Mohs surgery on my scalp for basil cell cancer. It's the second time I've dealt with this type of cancer, but the first time for Mohs surgery, since my scalp is involved, and there's not much meat to trim away.

The last surgery for the cancer was on my cheek. Since there was plenty to carve, the dermatologist cut out a chunk around a quarter inch wide by an inch long. How deep they went I don't know, but it required several stitches.

Curious about the procedure, I looked it up and learned it requires removing small sections of skin, until microscopic examination shows there are no cancerous cells. Since it only requires deadening the area for the surgery, I'll be awake for the procedure, which lasts until it's done. How long will that be? Until it's done, and I'm hoping it won't take long.

Now for the reason for the title: Don't go looking for photos of the aftermath of the procedure on the internet, if you're to have this procedure. Not only are some of the photos ghastly, the amount of skin removed indicates some people had to have major reconstructive surgery to not look like something from a horror movie.

So, now I'm sufficiently concerned, and will be nervous when they start. Without any feeling, they might literally scalp me before it's finished....maybe they'll give me a sedative. I think I'll ask.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Globalization and Small Towns

After years of observation, I've found small town elected officials can be just as incompetent, and corrupt, as those in large cities. Also, bureaucracy rears its ugly head in the smallest of administrations. When you add confiscatory taxing, things only get worse, but at least in small towns, those willing to cross the citizens have more of chance of finding those citizens waiting for them after work. Their power is limited to who they're willing to meet in the street.

What does this have to do with Globalization? If small towns, large towns, state and the Federal government are rife with incompetence, bureaucracy and corruption, it's insane to believe a global community will be better.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Hoarding And The Government

During my life, I had to deal with a hoarder. It was interesting to say the least. Cleaning up the mess took months, and what was found was sometimes amazing, but mostly disheartening.

I found things still in unopened boxes. Also, I found important things, but many were ruined due to being buried in junk for a long time. Very little was salvageable, so most everything was sent to the dump. Finding the bottom revealed damaged floor, and walls, that required replacing, or paint. Luckily, the damage didn't lead to removal of the sub-floor, or affect the floor joists.

Our government has turned into a cooperative hoarding operation. Important things are buried in junk, and the junk is constantly added to by bureaucrats. Finding the useful items is not only a waste of time, most are damaged by years of accumulated bureaucracy. The junk has accumulated to the point there is no method to the dysfunction, and the actual damage of this mess is hidden somewhere under the piles.

Cleaning up this mess requires an effort by those in D.C. to admit their problem, an intervention by taxpayers to demand an end to the hoarding, and a strong effort to remove the junk that is not only costly, it prevents any effort to repair the basic structure of our government.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Absurdity is the New Norm

According to sources, (which once meant credibility; not so much these days) the Russians deliberately made an effort to influence the U.S. Presidential election. The media, since it's the media (which once was staffed by people with integrity) is reporting on speculation, theory, and whatever they can dig up on Facebook.

This may come as a surprise, but Russia has never been a close friend to the United States. We've allied with them, went to war with them, influenced their economy, and never trusted their various forms of government. We've never given them keys to the ballot box, or allowed them to vote, so unless somebody comes up with proof of that type of tampering, the release of hacked emails, whatever the source, which show corruption of government officials, is just news reporting.

Monday, January 2, 2017

I Need Some Information

My understanding of basic electricity is limited, which leads to the following.

I have a squirrel cage blower on my furnace. The motor won't start the blower, but a little push will allow it to start and run. Since I know a little about electricity, and can look things up on the internet, I've determined the capacitor is not working.

When I removed the capacitor, I found no indication of any polarity, or special marking to indicate the correct connection of the wiring. Since the capacitor doesn't have any markings, and I had to remove the capacitor to find a replacement, I've reached a quandary.

What is the next step, when I find the replacement capacitor. The capacitor is removed, and if the new one has special markings, how do I determine the correct connection, which involves only two wires. Do I check to see which lead has voltage present, when the breaker is on? Do I avoid this, and check for which lead is grounded? I'm confused and need some help.

update: Further research shows an alternating current capacitor in the application doesn't have polarity. 

Cranking Up a New Year

One of my biggest problems in starting a new year is remembering the correct year for dating material. I know that sounds trivial, but other than that, there is very little difference between the last day of December and the first day of January.

I have much hope for this year. While I know changes will not happen instantly, the fact many important requirements for a healthy society are at least being considered is a good thing. The pushing back against ridiculous regulations, political correctness, agenda driven new agencies, and the sloppy behemoth called government is starting; and I'm liking watching the scrambling of the bottom feeders as they realize someone doesn't have their back anymore.

So it's the start of the new year. The battery is charged, I've checked the fluids, and the tank is full.