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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Their Comfortable Lives Explain Their Actions

High ranking elected, or public, officials live a life more comfortable than those that generate the taxes they consume and waste. They'll never muddy the water and jeopardize their positions by their own actions. It's the nature of humans and all experiments in government ever tried. The United States Constitution was written to control the damages of these people, but the slow degeneration of the laws demanded have eroded the authority to where it hardly exists.

Monday, February 26, 2024

Handwriting on the Wall

Nikki Haley has lost the backing of the Kochs. Otherwise, what has been an abysmal, long term waste of money is ending. Why they backed her is beyond me. She's all smoke and mirrors and a career politician that will do anything (including changing her name for political gain) for another chance to stand at a podium to try to convince people she's on their side. 

Sunday, February 25, 2024

First of Spring

 I noticed some trees covered with some small clusters of red flowers interspersed with the trees in the local woods. I didn't know what they were, and had never really noticed them before. My niece told me they're maples, and they were native to the area. I'd seen redbuds, which are just now starting to bloom. They're the harbinger of Spring, and appear when the first of the buds appear on the oaks. If we don't receive another hard freeze, the woods will soon be full of the bright, early green leaves, which bring a sharp contrast to the azure skies that appear after a mild cold front. 

Spring is arriving, and in this area, this is one of the most pleasant times of year. Early mornings bring temperatures in the low fifties, and afternoons are usually breezy days with temperatures in the mid-seventies. I'll enjoy the days and mentally prepare for the hot, humid days of Summer. They're not far away. 

Friday, February 23, 2024

The Reality

 In 2021, the 30 year fixed rate mortgage interest rate was 3.15% to those with good credit. Today, the fixed interest on a 30 year mortgage is 6.9%.  Here is the difference for a $350,000 home:

3.15% interest loan - $191,468.47 total interest with a $1504.08 monthly note.

6.9% interest loan - $479,836.17 total interest with a $2305.10 monthly note. 

That's the reality of the current difference facing home buyers just now being exposed to the home market. Even those that can afford the cost will hesitate before buying, and those in real estate may find their annual revenue will decrease dramatically this year. For those that are willing to finance, and are not beholding to large banking interests, offering a lower rate can yield a long term profit for their long as it all doesn't hit the fan.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

I Doubt It Has Anything Do Do With Morals

I've read that some Democrats are voicing their disagreement with the actions of the judge that used his kangaroo court to cause Trump a financial burden. My opinion is they know the tide can turn, and revenge will be served. They have no morals and their only motivation is fear of reprisal. May their fears be realized and their punishments long lasting.