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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

It's Convenient

 So, Hunter Biden is convicted, and his father says he won't pardon him. Of course he won't, until it's necessary, which is probably somewhere after the next election. During the time leading to the election, Trump will be hounded by those that want him out of the picture, few will realize the law that Hunter was prosecuted for is another chink from the armor of the second amendment, and most will just follow the squirrel. It's all convenient, since the media is doing its best job of ignoring the crimes of the entire Biden family, the subterfuge of Pelosi, and the fact a tremendous amount of law enforcement officials lied about the authenticity of the laptop Hunter dropped off for repair. 

Friday, June 7, 2024

Watching the Purple Martins

 About two years ago, when the martin house pole broke in a strong wind, it was completely cleaned, and relocated to a new location. I wasn't expecting any purple, since the starlings, and sparrows, had taken it for their own, but there was always the chance they would come. They did.

The martins are something watch. They eat insects, and the height they fly determines where the insects are found. Some days they fly at around 100 feet. On others, they skim right above the grass. Either way, they can fly for hours in large lazy circles, avoiding each other, and gorging on insects. 

I like them best when they are skimming right above the ground, and pass by at eye level as they feed. With the pond available, they skim the surface for water, and go back to their search for food. Mosquitoes are one of their favorites, and regardless of how many they eat, it never seems to make a dent in the swarms. It's their buffet, and their pleasant chirps fill the air in the quiet before sundown.

The martins arrive in early Spring, and leave in the early Fall for their trip to South America. Their arrival, like their departure, is abrupt. One day there are many, in a few days the number drastically decreases, and they're soon gone. I miss them. Their beautiful plumage is brilliant in the setting sun, and watching them is a pleasant way to spend the evening on the porch.


Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Here I Go Again

About two months ago, I noticed a spot on my hairline that seemed to be either a bite, or a pimple. It didn't go away, and grew quickly. My wife noticed it last month. It was time to go see my dermatologist. They made a quick appointment, a biopsy was completed, and a week later, I was notified it was a fast growing squamous cell cancer. They also told me the surgeon to do the Mohs procedure would call for an appointment in about two weeks. Due to a cancellation, they had an opening, which is today. So, I go for another surgery, which usually means a long incision, stitches and a new scar, although my surgeon is good, and the scars are hardly noticeable. 

Leaving after the appointment always make me wonder what people think of the huge bandage that obviously shows something invasive was done. I wear it for 48 hours, and change to a regular large adhesive bandage until the stitches are removed. I don't like it, but it's better than the cancer. 

This time, the surgeon was adamant about not waiting longer than six weeks for the surgery. I don't know if that's normal or something else prompted the statement. I'll soon know. 

Monday, June 3, 2024

Cesspools of Society

 My opinion of all large cities is they are cesspools of society. Outlaying communities try to prevent the stench, but with the corruption, lack of accountability, and huge tax revenues provided by owners of large pieces of expensive real estate (who don't live there), the greed, and bureaucracy flourish. The cities turn into money pits for taxpayers, and the general public has no control of how money is spent. Ignorance abounds, since the long periods of corruption invited poverty, crime and organizations that prey on the ignorance for gain. 

Is there a cure? Nope, unless enough people push the state to step in to stop the corruption. That doesn't happen because state officials are generously compensated for their complacency. In the end, the rot destroys everything, and society is forced again to start over. That takes time, and that time is controlled by judges that really don't care about much of anything but keeping their place on the bench, regardless of the outcome.

Saturday, June 1, 2024

It's All There

I doubt many were surprised the Trump trial would turn out like it did. New York has been considered dishonest, with New York City perceived as a criminal enterprise for decades. It's a problem for the citizens, and with Trump owning so much in the state, he was ripe for the plucking by the thugs that run the state. He, however, used his skills to collect a huge amount of money due to the trial, and amassed followers that know if he can be railroaded, anyone with less power doesn't have a chance. 

Will the citizens do something? That's a big question, since they've done little to curb the criminal courts for a long time. I doubt they do anything legally, but in the background, the little retributions will appear. Small politicians will have a hard time in their daily lives, organizers may find the crowds they gather are not friendly, and vandalism will take become more than just a few words painted on a sidewalk. Of course, the police will turn their heads, since they have to live with those abused by the authorities. It's how New York has been shaped for a long time, and how it turns out is yet to be seen. I do know many will flee, and other states will be dealing with the mindset that created the politics of New York. May they be successful in stopping any advancement of the ideals that created such a fetid attempt at politics, and turn those evacuees into good citizens.