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Thursday, February 2, 2023

More of the Same

Today was may biannual trip to my dermatologist. As usual, the "barnacles" (seborrheic keratosis) required cryogenic treatment. He removed about a dozen, which means freezing them with liquid nitrogen, which is applied with a device similar to a pen. For those that have never had this done, it's not pleasant. One or two is bad enough, but when it gets to the dozens, thinking about the next visit isn't a pleasant thought. 

One area required a biopsy, which I'm thinking will probably come back as basil cell; and require another trip to the surgeon for a Moh's Procedure. My original dermatologist (who I basically fired) made a stab at removing the area years ago without the microscopic examination of the area to verify the cancer was removed. Otherwise, he left some cells around the perimeter of the area he removed, and they will continue to slowly spread. 

Other than that, it's been a quiet, dreary day. That required a short nap, which led to me awakening to the wonderful aroma of my wife cooking a spaghetti. It was beyond good, and there's plenty to enjoy tomorrow. Any left after that will be frozen for a future day. 

The news sucks as usual. It could be better if they announced John Kerry, after being convicted of treason, was executed at dawn. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

We'll Dodge The Worst of It

Just a few hundred miles away, the temperature is just right for the rain to freeze, and the forecast accumulations are up to a third of an inch. That's the amount to break huge limbs off pines, destroy live oaks, and bring much of the electric lines to the ground. I feel for those getting the weather, since we've had the same in the past, and it took weeks for things to be repaired. 

We've had temperatures in the low forties, plenty of light rain, or drizzle, and generally miserable weather. It's supposed to last until tomorrow afternoon after a band of heavier showers pass through. If it doesn't last long, our road won't flood, and we won't have to wait for the water to recede. 

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Mistakes Were Made

 At least he takes responsibility for being unaware. We've known that for years. Now we get to find out who they'll crucify for his mistake. A less influential piece of flotsam in politics would be under the jail at this point.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

How Things Change

At one time, a visit to your doctor (now called a primary care physician) led to an exam, some discussion, and any recommendations they felt was required. It was a one-on-one experience, which, in my opinion, was necessary for the best in healthcare. 

Today, you're more than likely to visit with a nurse practitioner. Many are more than competent, and can offer excellent advise. There is a problem: they may not have any responsibility for the office they use, and if they leave, your prescriptions may require trying to contact the office for refills. That, and you may find no efforts were made to have your healthcare placed into the care of another nurse practitioner. Otherwise, you fall through the cracks, and the doctor that supervises their practice may not even know you exist. 

I've had two nurse practitioners leave the clinic where my doctor practices over the last 8 years. Both left without passing on my information to another practitioner, and during the pandemic, one prescribed antibiotics for Bell's Palsy instead of an antiviral medication that is required. That, and that last visit with the last one that left was a teleconference, since actually visiting the doctor was too far into the future. 

With the current push to inject a dangerous medication for a virus that is only dangerous to a small percentage of people there is more of a danger when going to the doctor. Where in the past risks were not taken lightly, today medical professionals blindly follow procedures created by those that really don't care about your health. Pharmaceutical companies lie about their medications, bureaucrats create hardships for those that are cautious about procedures, and people suffer from what can only be described as evil or ignorance. 

I have no idea where this will all end up, but know being cautious, diligent, and refusing to blindly accept a diagnosis is more than necessary.  Treatments can be deadly, and many of the medications prescribed may create more problems than they cure.

Friday, January 20, 2023

Real Explanation

How do you explain the actions of Joe Biden and his cabinet? It's easy. They are traitors. Treat them as such, and hang those that are convicted.