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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Just Thinking

We have us a Supreme Court justice nominee. There's a promise of a fight, which can be avoided if McConnell thumbs his nose at the Dems, calls for a vote, and laughs his way to a better legacy.

I've been watching some shows about living off the grid. They're interesting, since many have houses made with a lot of mud, stoves made from lightweight steel, no running water, and a tree for a restroom. I'm thinking they should have a show in the future highlighting these efforts of isolation. I don't think they'll find much to film, but I may be wrong. Regardless, the foundations, building materials, and lack of sewage system usually lead to a lifestyle not only uncomfortable, but unsanitary; if not dangerous.

The protesters are still active, although the media isn't showing them nearly as often. Maybe one of the brighter members of the media realized they were not only defeating their purpose, voters were deciding whether they wanted peace, or riots. 

It appears the wearing of a mask is not only unnecessary, the demand is an infringement on civil rights. Of course, the nervous Nellies think otherwise, and many politicians think the same. Time will reveal much about this "pandemic", but never truly relate the terrible consequences of the reaction Hopefully, this all leads to a citizenry that never falls for such foolishness again. 

Those pre-cooked meals they're advertising look delicious, but when you look up the prices, they damn well better be. You can feed a family for the cost of one. Of course someone actually has to cook to save that much. 

Dewayne Johnson is endorsing the Biden Harris debacle. I thought he was smarter than that. I guess I'm wrong, and will be determined to not watch any of his movies. I can't support anyone that supports enemies of the United States.

The NFL is rocking along, although the organization is surely starting to feel the crunch. I know many former NFL watchers than now harass anyone they know watching a game. It's a good thing, since the NFL pays what I call traitors. The amount of revenue can't be anywhere near what it was before. The players may have to renegotiate their contracts when that's the only option other than bankruptcy.

That's all for now. It's Sunday, and tomorrow is another work day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Kick Them When They're Down

 After all the years of Democrats playing dirty, ignoring rules, refusing to demand integrity, and pushing through legislation harmful to the United States, it's time to kick them while they're down. Push the new Justice through, watch them react, and squash them like bugs, if the decide to push for violence. 

Monday, September 21, 2020

They Can Leave

 There are quite a few people that are doing everything they can to destroy the United States. They think the founders were terrible, the system should be changed, and government allowed to tyrannize at will. My recommendation is they leave. Leave now, or forever shut up.

Btw: Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

What's Good for the Republic?

 It's apparent the Democratic Party isn't a party for the United States. The constant attempt to destroy the Constitution, and promote the destructive systems embraced by Marxists, will continue, until they either succeed in destroying the United States, or they're prevented from their quest by citizens that are not willing to lose their liberty. 

The attempt at unseating the President with a fabricated investigation, a clownish impeachment, a fake virus, and violence failed. They will push for a legal decision by the Supreme Court in the hope they can delegitimize the election to create a constitutional crises. Without a nine justice court, the decision could be split, and the result a disaster. Remedy for such a situation is not detailed in the Constitution, and their hope is appointing someone to be President. 

It's President Trump's immediate duty to appoint a new justice, and the Senate's responsibility to place that justice on the Supreme Court. With this, the Constitution will survive, the Democrats will fail, and the republic will be safe. 

Here We Go Again

 Over the last three years, we've had hurricanes, or tropical storms, that slowly moved up the coast and drenched us with rain. Two of the events led to total rainfall in the dozens. Homes were flooded, business came to a screeching halt, and the flood plain elevations changed. 

We have another one on the way. I'm watching it, and hope most of the rain stays in the Gulf.