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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

High Level Stupidity

Supposedly, those worried about Covid are vaccinated to prevent them becoming ill from the virus. That, and those that have supposedly had the disease won't get it again....but...those that had the disease are still becoming ill from a supposed new variant. That, and in supposed areas of high disease rates, everyone is now being recommended to wear a mask. To make things worse, people that refuse to be injected with what any rational scientist would call an experimental medication, are now being vilified, or are being forced to take the injection to keep their job. It's really amazing, but what is more amazing is the high level of stupidity being exposed by the entire response to Covid. 

Meanwhile, for those paying attention, all other illnesses are becoming more scarce, although there is no rational explanation for the lowered rates. Logic says the only reason for this is a misdiagnosis, a falsification of death reports, financial gain for those that figured out how to game the system for some quick cash, or all of the above.

I think logical thinking took the last train out,  and dumbassery will certainly take over.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Don't Look There For the Solution

It's glaringly apparent the last Presidential election was corrupted by illegal methods. It's just as apparent that the current President wasn't elected as prescribed by law, and shouldn't be in office. That, according to those that like to obfuscate with B.S., is an event that is not described in the Constitution, and we should spend billions litigating, while the current madness continues. 

What should be done? Ignore the fact the Constitution doesn't have a remedy for this unique situation, and do what is right. Kick the scumbags out of office, prosecute those involved with the chicanery of corrupting the last election, and hang all necessary traitors as soon as possible. It's an easy solution, and the majority of the good people in the country agree. Today is a good day to start the process.  

So, who will be President? That's another easy solution. Trump won legally, and all B.S. litigation won't change that fact. 

Saturday, July 24, 2021


 I wonder how scientists allowed their profession to become the way it now is perceived. Instead of respecting the effort to provide accurate data, people are becoming skeptical to the point that is unhealthy. That, and to make things worse, too many people are not willing to do even a little research to determine what's reported has actual science to back up claims. Anthropogenic climate change is one glaring example of this. Those skeptical have good reason for their belief, and those unwilling to weed through the information embrace the cult with enthusiasm.

Time will tell how this all works out, but with the current Covid hysteria, things appear to becoming worse.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The Bankruptcies to Come

 I've watched cities, both big and small, spend beyond their means for decades. Most are suffering from their foolishness, and the results terrible. Infrastructure fails, crime increases, taxes increase, the inept hire their inept families in created positions, and the schools are high dollar failed efforts to teach children that have horribly ignorant parents. 

Can they go bankrupt? Sure, and I doubt the final results are contemplated by those affected. Funds are allocated by a judge, and the creditors with the most money involved can vote for a plan that substantially reduces the amount owed, but allows some recovery of their lost revenue. Bond holders, that loaned money, when there was not enough available to pay for the rainbow bubbly, have a large amount of money involved, and will get their money. Those that supply city basic necessities also will receive their money. Pensioners? They may find they're last in line, since their payment has always only been a promise on an underfunded account. 

Regardless of the smoke and mirrors involved, bankruptcies are Federal litigation, and citizens of cities involved may find they're just collateral damage, since they are ultimately responsible for their city officials. Their ignorance becomes their sentence, and the financial punishment is severe. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

What Always Happens Next

 Some Cubans - and there are many - are protesting the treatment from their government. Their Communist leaders, who live a life of luxury on their backs, can't allow the protest, so they will use terror, murder, torture, and long confinement to punish those that dare to not allow them to forever keep their slaves. It always happens, and the world will watch in silence. The world watched in silence as the same people were starved, denied medical care, and subjugated to tyranny.