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Saturday, January 27, 2024

What Are Your Experiences?

I've seen doctors, and I've seen nurse practitioners over the years. I have a guarded opinion about both. Some doctors are woefully uninformed of the nature of their patients, and some nurse practitioners don't seem to have a grasp of the responsibility of their autonomy. I can see why undesirable aspects of both happen, but can't see any cut and dried method to prevent conditions unfavorable to a patient. Reviews of either can be misleading during internet searches, and opinions of other patients may not have any bearing on your own condition. Both are limited by regulations, lack of quality time to spend with patients, and due to shortages, some culls shouldn't be in the medical profession. 

Personally, I've been blessed with primary doctors. Whether it was by sheer luck, or careful consideration, isn't really important without a sure-fire method of determining their qualifications. All have taken time for my questions and concerns. That, and willing to send me to specialists for things such as skin cancer and internal medicine concerns. 

I've had some bad experiences with nurse-practitioners. Their qualifications weren't the problem. The problem was their "jumping ship" where they were working, not leaving specific instructions for future doctor visits, and basically having me slip through the cracks. To the office personnel, I didn't exist, until I called to ask why prescription weren't refilled, or when my next appointment was scheduled.  Even that led to some frustrating attempts to play the "listen to the following list" menu and finding the correct person to handle my problem. 

I wish I had a good answer, but from my research, doctors have a tougher role to fill when it comes to accountability. Nurse practitioners will leave for multiple reasons, go to another doctor, or clinic, and their concern for patients seems to only be transitory. I can't fault them for wanting a better environment, or more money, but somewhere is a balance that demands more obligation to their patients. 

I have no solutions, but I do have questions. My experience is mine alone, may be totally irrelevant to most other situations, and not reflect the experiences of anyone else. That's why I'm asking for other opinions. 

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Drainage and Ignorance

 We've now had more than enough rain. It's as usual. The demand for rain usually leads to more than enough, and the drainage issues reappear. Some are easily solved, since they only involve removing some debris from drains, or digging a small swale to eliminate a low spot. Others can't be solved, unless you can accept the solution of bulldozing large areas of developed land that impedes drainage from areas that were developed later in unfavorable areas. It's part of development, and regardless of opinions, no taxing entity can bear the cost of building the needed drainage structures for a 100 year flood; if that's even possible. To make things worse, the cleaning of drainage structures, profiling of ditches, and other drainage maintenance requirements are never considered that important, until there is an unusual amount of rain. Even then, the taxing entities act surprised, look for a federal handout, and make promises they know they can't keep.

So, here we go again. The taxing entities will hope the water goes down soon, those that live in areas that have poor drainage will deal with water, the sun will shine again, and it will all be pushed onto the back burner...until we get another rain event. 

So, I went out to check the rain gauge. Last night, before I went to bed, it had about 2 inches of water. It overflowed, so we had over four inches of rain overnight. Weather folks say it's mostly over, which is good. It will take days for the water to recede in the worst of areas.

Sunday, January 21, 2024


 According to the experts, we're still in a drought. "Abnormally dry" is the description, and looking at the local ponds, it's an accurate description. The feet of water lost during the long dry spell is still apparent, and only a few inches has been added over the last few month. That's supposed to change over the next few days. 

We're forecast to have between four and ten inches of rain, with higher amounts in certain areas. With the ground finally reaching a point of near saturation, that much water will overwhelm outfalls. How much depends on how often the heaviest of rain falls. If there is sufficient time between the heaviest of showers, the runoff might have time to subside. If not, the water will inundate the surrounding areas and flooding will occur. Due to the timing, much of that may impact rush hour, and certain schools may find they need to close early to keep students from being stranded. 

We'll see how this turns out, but it's necessary to make a Sunday trip to the grocery store. Too much rain will flood the road to my house, and it can take days for it to subside. That, and it's looking like we'll have rain for at least five days. Shopping in the rain sucks, and just going to the store is guaranteed to expose the most ignorant of drivers. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Criminals May Think Twice

Most people don't like criminals. I'm the same, since I like my things, despise deceit, don't care for feeling threatened during my daily activities, and carrying a gun is uncomfortable. Criminals should probably stop and think about their actions. With law enforcement finding their hands increasingly tied, people finding their resources are more precious due to the economy, and the frustration of people in watching the courts let too many dangerous criminals go back on the street, even petty crime become more threatening. Capital punishment by citizens becomes more common, and the officers that have been watching the crap show become less willing to bother with those that make their job seem to have a point. That, and people that feel justice will not be served have memory problems, or are unwilling to wait for a criminal investigation to reach a dead end. 

Criminals that only receive a severe beat-down may be the lucky ones. It won't take many bleeding-heart-do-gooders to shift criminal victims into embracing the creed of "dead men don't tell tales". Even if someone is turned loose, retribution will be more common and the witnesses increasingly harder to find. It's the way of anarchy. When the government doesn't allow peace, peace will be reached by other methods. Power will be achieved by brutal violence, and the small minority of law enforcement officials will not intervene if the sidewalk justice ends the career of criminals that they've arrested more times than they can remember. 

Another thing: Regardless of how many illegals they allow in, many will want to return home where it's safer and the "crazy" gringos are not mad all the time. They came as criminals, they threaten the survival of citizens, and are unwelcome by the majority. They group together, but never realize they are outsiders and all are considered the same. Apathy soon fades for those that feel threatened, and even the most peaceful will find it's easier to ignore the plights of the invaders than to ignore their shrinking resources.

Monday, January 15, 2024

A Little Bit of Ice

 The Arctic front was slower than anticipated, and the freezing rain was very light after the heavier rain fell before most bridges were below freezing.  Icicles are about a quarter-inch long, and the freezing rain has moved on eastward. According to the experts, the clouds will hang, and tonight will bring temperatures in the mid-twenties. That's cold enough for me to catnap, run some water around the house, and keep and eye out for anything unusual. 

Tomorrow will bring clear skies, a high in the thirties and a low tomorrow night around 20 degrees. Without much wind, and everything insulated, I doubt any pipes will freeze, although I'll still probably be catnapping during the night. 

We'll have light freezes over the night during the next week, but highs will be well above freezing. I haven't checked next week's forecast, but it's Winter and just about anything can happen. I've seen it extremely wet this time of the year and watched dust blow during late January and early February. 

Friday, January 12, 2024

What's Next?

Texas closed a park in Eagle Pass to everyone, except those authorized and the authorized doesn't include Federal agents. Google Earth shows the park, how close it is to the border, and a street view of the entrance shows a SUV and a checkpoint. Otherwise, this park has been a problem for more than the current situation. According to reports, razor wire was cut by Border Patrol agents to allow illegal invaders to enter. 

Now, we'll see how the Feds react to having their toes stepped on. I'm sure the agents are jumping with joy, but their handlers will probably write a check their asses can't cover. 

We'll see.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Remembering Cold Days

I stepped out this morning to a temperature of 40 degrees and the wind howling. The front came through yesterday, but the severe weather forecast didn't happen at my house. It was a strong front, and the wind did take down my porch curtains, but that was due to my neglect of securing them before taking a nap. 

In the past, on days like this, we'd work. Some tasks would drive us away (such as roof work) but most everything else required huddling from the cold, getting used to the cold wind blowing up the back of your coat, chapped skin, and the supreme fatigue after spending the entire day in the elements. Nothing compares to working in cold weather. 

I don't miss days like this at work. My instinct was to tell everyone to go home until better weather, but I knew we could accomplish something, and I was obligated to continue the quest for a profit, and the need of the hands for income during the winter months, which led to many days without work. It was what it was, and I'm glad those days are over.

Friday, January 5, 2024

I'm The Last

 Up to this evening, I had one sibling left. That ended when she was struck by a car while crossing a busy street. I'm the last of five siblings, and it sure feels lonely.

This Is Really Not News

 According to this article , Democrats using insider trading to fill their pockets is a concern. Really? A Concern? This has been going on for decades, and not a one of them has even had their wrist slapped for their actions. Real news would have a report they rounded them all up, horse whipped them, and covered them with salt. 

Monday, January 1, 2024

Here We Go Again

In theory, the new year starts something new, bright and fruitful. In reality, it's only changing the last few numbers when writing down a date. Hopefully, this year will be remembered as one of the best in recorded history.