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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Where's the Integrity?

 According to this news report, Hunter Biden committed criminal fraud on an official document to purchase a handgun. Also, the Secret Service attempted to circumvent state laws to hide the action. Otherwise, breaking the law to hide the illegal activities of the son of Biden. 

Where's the integrity with this supposed elite section of law enforcement? My guess? It retired, quit, or is not chosen because criminals don't like honesty or honor to uphold the law. It stinks, but that's our federal government. Crooks hiring crooks and ignoring the law. It's organized crime that shouldn't remain unpunished. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

If It Quacks Like a Duck

 The shooter in Colorado is a Muslim, with a social media account that was deleted. What we'll learn about him will be censored by those that don't quite understand censorship only makes people more suspicious, more angry, and unwilling to believe the narrative they're pushing. 

If I had to guess, the shooter was practicing the violence his religion preaches as acceptable. 

Why Aren't They Working?

At one time, we had comedians. With a natural ability to make people laugh, they could turn obvious absurdities into moments of intense laughter. This would reduce politicians, pundits, and other self-important buffoons to what they are: common people that need to have humility. They need to get back to work and show the humor in having a doddering old President, and a Vice-President that climbed to the top by sucking golf-balls through garden hoses. 

Friday, March 19, 2021

If You Weren't Already Upset...

...think of how Biden appears after Putin calls him out.   Biden has shown the world he's not smart enough to show what a cowardly bully he is, when he can draw a crowd to his rantings. In a more perfect society, he would be keeping his running mate company while they await trial for treason.

I have to add how a weak, feeble Biden only gives all enemies more economic power.  Putin knows this, hopes Biden continues the downhill slide of the U.S. economy, and laughs all the way to the bank.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Laying the Blame Where it Belongs

 The news is stating Cuomo forced the nursing homes to take Covid patients, and the result was deadly. Added to the stories is how the directors of these facilities were horrified of the action. So who is to blame for this event?

The blame lies with those that run the nursing homes. They could have said no, refused the patients, and fought New York in court. Instead they rolled over, and allowed helpless people to die from their lack of courage. 

Equally to blame is the media. With such a terrible event unfolding, they could have spent hours condemning the actions, and saved the lives of elderly people that were removed from contact with their families. They turned their back, while the elderly suffered from the criminal actions of a public entity. 

Cuomo needs to be punished. So do the directors, the media editors, and those in the homes that allowed the carnage. This is no different than the horrors committed by the Communists, Nazis, and Muslims that kill indiscriminately to advance a goal of tyranny. Blaming others for turning your back on murder is as horrific as the act of murder.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Untangling a Mess

It appears a judge in Georgia has ruled 30,000 votes should be audited for authenticity.  That may reveal a different candidate won the election. Also, a judge in Michigan ruled the Secretary of State broke election laws with and absentee ballot executive order.  As time goes by, more of these rulings may show the last national election left some supposed winners in office. That leads to me thinking: "What will they do to correct this illegal problem?"

What can they do? Will the election be nullified? Will those that were illegal elected kicked out of office?  The proper action is that all activities, or laws, accomplished during their time in office should be suspended and nullified. Time will tell, but this will be something they can't sweep under the rug. 

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Lack of Leadership

 It appears the military has lost their leaders. Nobody has the cojones to tell the pogues to pound sand and stay out of the way. You can see this lack of leadership with the current banter between Tucker Carlson and those that supposedly represent the brass. How this turns out will be seen, but in the past, someone would be busted back to a low enlisted rate, and find their future in the military shorter than they expected.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Lack of Attention

 It appears most of the country is aware of the lack of reporting, corrupt politics, and lawlessness. In some countries, it might make everyone just accept these things, but this is the United States, and even entire states are preparing to tell the rogue feds to shove it. That's good, because the U.S. is a nation of individuals, and laws that prevent the privileged from special favors, or powers. Where some think this is a divided nation, it's not. There's a strong will to correct the problems, and continue the great experiment unknown in the past. 

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Second Budding

 Before the deep freeze, trees were starting to bud, and it appeared Spring had arrived. The low temperatures, far below freezing, destroyed the buds, and some trees seem slow to recover. That, and the tropical palms, such as the Sego Palm, appear to be gone. Time will tell, but the date palms seem unaffected. 

Last year, my wife, and I, stored our bird feeders, since the Muscovy ducks found they could dump the feeders. That really disappointed my wife, since she loves the wild birds more than I do. We never wanted the ducks. A sister-in-law brought them to place them in the pond, and they bred a dozen more of what I consider pests. Instead of staying in the pond, they wandered and became a nuisance.

The Muscovy ducks left, except for one, and the one doesn't seem interested in the bird feeder. This allowed us to fill them again, and watch the birds arrive. I've been surprised. 

The Cedar Waxwings have arrived in dozens. I was ignorant of what they eat, but my wife discovered they flocked to the small terracotta feeder we keep full of sugar water for bees. They emptied it in a few hours, and my research found they can strip trees of berries during their migration back to the cooler climate of the northern states. 

I bought some blueberries, and some raisins, my wife but up a flat feeder, and I filled it to see if the birds would accept my offering. They did, and their voracious appetites emptied the feeder in less than an hour. So, realizing they could bankrupt me in days, I only half fill the feeder twice a day. This, I think, will force them to forage for insects, wild berries, and help fatten them up for their trip north. Heaven knows what they've been eating, because even insects are scarce at this point. The lack of them led to our bluebirds leaving, or their demise. 

So, the trees are budding again, the drab browns are being replaced by the brilliant greens of early Spring, and the temperature is increasing every day.  It's been more than nice, and the long range forecast has no freezing temperatures in store. Things are good, and I am blessed.