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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Where Does it End?

Texas has some new laws. These laws, like all laws, will eventually have unintended consequences. The worst consequence is that all laws create another layer of bureaucracy, a need for more tax money, and further avoidance of the fact all government entities are filled with incompetent people. Regardless of the initial intent, private citizens are harmed in some way.

Where does this end? If I had to guess, it's when a government entity either goes bankrupt, or steals private property from the citizens it'a supposed to serve. Neither is acceptable, but the majority of people don't realize their wealth, and well-being, is under constant threat by those they allow to consume their wealth. The power to stop an unchecked government is always within the grasp of its citizens, but they only become involved when their concerted efforts are too late to prevent disaster. The lone individuals that try to change things things suffer from tyrannical people in authority.

Why is it always this way? Humans are basically selfish, willing to allow others to suffer, and foolishly lured into comfort, instead of liberty. It's a huge fault, and tyrants prey on this with impunity. They make the laws, exclude themselves from these laws, and crush those that stand in their way.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Another Christmas

I've been introspective this season. Time dwindled my family down to me, and one sibling. Memories of the past have been many, and like important  papers scattered by the wind, some are lost, and some are treasured.

Merry Christmas to all that visit. Christmas is the time where even great wars were stopped to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Slippery Slope

This impeachment effort could have some terrible effects; especially for the Democrats. Making the process a frivolous effort to change the results of an election could mean a Republican house majority deciding to impeach all federal judges appointed by a Democrat simply because they don't think Democrats have the capability of making such important choices. That, and anyone - including a President - they think is unqualified.

I think McConnell should throw the articles of impeachment out, since their is no proof of a criminal act. He has the power, and should make an effort to save taxpayer's money.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Now What Happens?

The House decided to vote on articles of impeachment, which was voted in by the Democrats. Now it's supposed to go to the Senate, although the articles of impeachment are only opinions, and no treason, high crimes, or misdemeanors are included in the articles.

Now what happens? Will the Senate continue with the impeachment process; or will the Senate proclaim the articles as unconstitutional, and refuse to even consider a trial?

I don't know how much money has been wasted on trying to get Trump out of office, but it's sure to be substantial, and all those involved with this waste should be horse-whipped.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

The I.G. Report and Thoughts

I've been thinking of downloading the Inspector General's report on the crooked bureaucrats at the top of the government food chain that seemingly escaped from prosecution. I might, but have a feeling there will be so much discussion about the juicy sections, I'll not have to take the time to read the report. So, I'll wait for the indictments, if there are any. I'd rather read them, watch the proceedings, and cheer when one of those traitors is frog-walked into prison.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Guinea Fowl Madness

My next door neighbor has three guineas. My brother-in-law down the road has five. They meet most mornings in the front yard, and forage for a few hours. After their morning meeting, the three will return home next door, and the five will work their way down the road....until this morning.

My brother-in-law acquired nine more adult guineas, penned them to acclimate them to their new surroundings, and his five are spending their time with the new arrivals. It's probably a guinea social thing, except the three next door are upset. They are calling to their friends, who are ignoring their plea, and the call that sounds like a wheel bearing failing is constant.

I don't know how long this will last, but I'm forcing myself to ignore what is becoming increasingly annoying. Hopefully, the day brings the five down the road for a visit, and the three next door will shut up.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

For Some, Thanksgiving Will Be Different

Locally, a chemical plant, that manufactures Butadiene, had an explosion at approximately 1:00 am Friday morning. Houses within miles had shattered windows, doors blown open, and structural damage. The explosion was caught on multiple security cameras, and the videos appeared on the internet within minutes.

As I traveled to the project site over a local bridge, I could see the fire was much more than normally seen in a refinery incident. As opposed to a single fire, the fire was spread over a large area, and was roaring hours after the explosion. The rising sun revealed a huge plume of black smoke, which drifted across the sky to the horizon.

Since I was about seven miles from the facility, I could see the smoke as we worked. Over the morning, it appeared to be subsiding, until about lunchtime. At that time - which I later learned was the time of smaller explosions - the smoke increased.

At about 2:30 in the afternoon, I was leaving a lumber yard, when I heard the dull thump of an explosion. A production tower had exploded, and launched like a rocket a few hundred feet into the air. Things were now getting more than serious, and local emergency officials soon called for an evacuation in a 4 mile radius.

The video above is of the second major explosion. It's something to see, and if you notice the spherical tanks in some of the video, know how these can be huge bombs, the fact they're so close to the flames is more than a concern. If one explodes, the rest will go, and the damage will be flattened homes for miles, the involvement of other close refineries, and the possibility of an event rivaling the Texas City disaster.

Some will have a different Thanksgiving, since they were forced to leave their homes. Many can't do emergency repairs on their homes, and I'm sure their anxiety levels are at the top.

This morning, there are reports the fire is better controlled, will burn down over the next 24 hours, and the spherical tanks are staying cooled with water being pumped by fire fighting crews to the fire monitors. I don't relish their job, and wonder how they can even consider being so close to what could be a certain death. Still they're working, and everyone is praying the event will soon be over.

Update: As of this morning, Friday November 29, the evacuation order was lifted, and it's reported all fires are out. Now, the damage assessment begins, people will have time to survey their damaged homes, and personal injury attorneys will be swamped with telephone calls.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Waiting for the Ninth

The I.G. report is supposed to be released December 9, 2019. It's supposed to have all sorts of damning evidence of an attempted coup that is still in progress. Why do I have the feeling it will be another document that demands action, but results in nothing?

Saturday, November 9, 2019

As Things Change

This is the time of year I most enjoy. The temperature, and the drier air, make most clear days as pleasurable as they can be. The one thing missing is spending some of these days with my oldest brother. He loved these days like I do. His death left a huge hole in my life, and I'll miss him as long as I remain on this earth.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Watching the Ducks

The mist on the pond this morning was higher than the trees. With the temperature hovering around 38, the warm water allowed plenty of the mist, which barely stirred in the almost still air. The sky was clear, except for a few cirrus to the east; pastel orange wisps above the almost quiet surroundings.

I watched the ducks slowly start their morning. All are butterball fat, spend very little time foraging, and keep their eyes peeled for someone to come feed them. They are patient, and will become excited when the can is opened, and the feed spread on the ground. That, or some bread is brought, which is thrown into the air, or right into their opened mouths. Like circus animals, they've been trained to catch the bread before it hits the ground.

As I watched, I was thinking how we turned them into Democrats. They expect food without any effort on their part, they stopped foraging for their own food, and those that once flew are now too fat, or lazy. They waddle, or swim to the food, instead of swooping from the sky to be first in line.

These ducks are lucky, because nobody here is interested in harvesting them for a tasty Sunday dinner. Of course, that could change. I like baked duck, and duck gumbo. They don't know this, and if they did, they would have left long ago.

Friday, November 1, 2019


I used to click on Drudge every time I started my computer. Over the last few months, I noticed the reports he links were slanted toward the liberal narrative. This led to refusing to go to the site, since it appeared Drudge was just another shill for the Progressive reprobates.

So, has Drudge sold out, or has the media barrage removed any balance to the news? I don't know, but I do know I don't visit the site very often. Regardless of the reason, further attempts to nullify my vote only indicate either collusion, or ignorance; and when more of these tabloid sites disappear, the better the country will be.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Watching "Dirty Jobs"

I've been watching Mike Rowe, and his crew, on the television this morning. His show: "Dirty Jobs" was, and still is, popular to many. I've seen some episodes more than once, but always  enjoy seeing them again. Why? The show reveals the tremendous amount of manual labor required to keep what we call "modern society" on the rails.

While the lure of higher education keeps many thinking it will bring wealth, and success, both may not be what people want, or need. Wealth doesn't buy happiness, and success isn't always measured in the accumulation of things. Neither guarantees health, and neither always endears a person to others.

I've observed the caliber of young new hires for the last few decades. At one time, they were more acclimated to working, and taking on responsibility. That, and they weren't thin skinned like those found today.

I'm finding I have less patience with dealing with youngsters given too many things in life, and never forced to understand their feelings sometimes need to be placed on hold. I don't have to cater to their emotions. There's work to be done, and they're expected to do the work without reacting like an emotional third grader.

There are many opportunities for young folks willing to get their hands dirty. For too many, dirty hands will be a first time experience; even though they're in their early twenties. All they have to do is pay attention, do the menial tasks first, and learn a trade that may allow them more wages than many professionals. Whether enough take this path is to be seen. If they don't, there are many Mexicans standing in line for the opportunity.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Some Things You Can't Buy

Around the time of Hurricane Harvey, my wife started a quilt for me. It involved cutting multiple pieces of fabric into 2 inch square, pinning the squares into a pattern, sewing the squares together, placing batten, sewing the backing fabric, sewing the border, and finally the part she likes: sewing the quilting pattern to hold it all together.

This was when she had it all the pieces pinned together:

This is the final quilt:

She spent many hours on this project. She'd be inspired, put it away for awhile, and for some months, she didn't even want to keep quilting. The bug hit her again, so she finished, and is starting another project.

I think she's an artist, but she can pick out every tiny detail she doesn't like. That's the artist in her, and doesn't lessen the fantastic thing she made out of love.

I'm blessed.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Where's the Rabbit?

Magicians will pull a rabbit out their hat. It's an old trick, but satisfies the audience, when they see something that confirms the magician is not a fake. That's what should be happening today with the current administration. The audience of concerned citizens watches the show, knows there needs to be something to address the criminals of the past administration, and wait for the prosecutions of known crimes.

There's an article about this in the American Thinker. It's a good article, and mirrors my thoughts. The great republic is falling due to the actions of rogue politicians, and the public is becoming restless. Regardless of political affiliation, corruption is frowned upon, and the corruption of the last administration is a glaring example of the need for enforcing laws.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

You Can't Trust Polls

Why? Because you can't trust pollsters, the media, and those that use corrupted data in the attempt to control people.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Learning New Things

I use a total station occasionally. It's a wonderful device, and amazes me with how easy it is to establish points on a project that are more accurate than anything I can measure any other way. That's a good thing; especially since I have a computer program that allows me to create points, transfer them to the total station, and then stake the points out on a project.

I've had a problem the last few days. My computer, and total station, are not communicating as they did in the past. I suspected many things, and was frustrated, when I had to load points into the total station manually with the onerous keypad. To make things worse, when I thought my problems were over, and I managed to upload field points into my computer, I was not happy with what I saw.

Nothing was fitting as it was supposed to fit, and checking the raw data to what was transferred didn't show the same coordinates. Entering the data manually into the program in my PC led to plots that reflected what was envisioned.

So, after some research, I found my Radio Shack USB to serial converter may have a problem. It appears the chips can have problems, data can be corrupted, and communication between the devices is flaky, if non-existent.

Now, I'll have to find a dependable adapter - I guess. It's the starting point in determining the actual problem. How this plays out is yet to be seen, but it's another one of those problems that make me want to pull out what little hair I have left.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

How Far Can This Go?

It's obvious, the House is willing to do anything to circumvent law, cause national problems, and expose the United States to conditions that can be described as an emergency. I don't think they realize an emergency of this type allows the President to declare martial law, which would effectively allow the seditionists to be rounded up and imprisoned.

I think it's time for Barr to either join the seditionists, or start the criminal proceedings against the known high-ranking officials. The results will lead to some interesting times, but I think it's necessary. I don't like martial law, but I like criminals running the country even less.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

It's the Little Things

My wife, and I, were sitting on the porch this morning, enjoying the cooler air, and beautiful clear skies. The mist on the pond was dancing along the surface, and the rays of the rising sun glistened on the almost still water.

We were looking at a new arrival; a red-shouldered hawk perched on the top a neighbor's power pole. It would swoop down to the ground, and return with a small morsel, which we guessed was one of the numerous small frogs that appeared after the last flood.

As we sat, a young doe left the woods, eased up to the road, and stood for a few seconds before returning to the safety of the woods. It looked lost, or attempting to find a companion. Its ears were in constant motion, and skittish is too bland of a word to describe its behavior.

So, it's the little things that make the day. With a pleasant start, a good cup of coffee, and the smell of bacon frying, the day started on a grand note. How it progresses is yet to be seen, but my attitude demands I'll make the best of what it brings.

Friday, October 4, 2019

I Couldn't Be President

Why? Because I would have had a few dozen bureaucrats waterboarded, until I found their handlers. Some might find this harsh, but we're effectively at war with seditionists attempting to overthrow the United States. Harsh times require harsh measures.

Monday, September 30, 2019

The Worm Turns

Universities discriminate against Christians, and regardless of the law, some employed by the universities discriminate with impunity.....until this ruling. Considering millions are given to universities with the hope they will continue a quality education, those employed that create liabilities should be accountable for their actions. Maybe this is the start of a needed push-back.

If the link doesn't work, copy and paste the following.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Destructive Politics

After watching for the last three years, the only thing to take from politics is that destruction of opponents is the outcome. Ideas aren't discussed. The good of the U.S. is not considered, and regardless of who is destroyed in the process is not considered. Even those acting with honor become basically cannon fodder in the quest for unbridled power.

I'm watching to see how the latest coup attempt will turn out. The last one was a long dog and pony show, and those that broke the law appear to have escaped any prosecution. To those in the capitol, it's business as usual. To those at my level, it's obvious we are subject to laws, while those that swore to uphold the same laws break them with impunity.

I don't think there's any government created by humans can survive unscathed, when the leaders are criminals. Morals disappear, and the citizens either accept subjugation, or are murdered until any hope of relief disappears. We're at that point, and there are really only two paths for the U.S. to follow. One leads to the punishment of those wanting to remove liberty. The other does the same, but the rules of law are replaced by outright armed rebellion.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Too Open-Minded

There's a saying: "Don't be so open-minded your brain falls out.", which should be the mantra for those stricken with the disorder. Being in that state can lead to ignoring logic, or becoming a pawn for those willing to do just about anything for power. Neither has healthy outcomes, and leads to dismissing facts that influence survival. 

I've met people that were raised in households with severely limited resources, where meal times were dictated by the parents. The father ate first, then the mother, and then the children. It was necessary, since the father was the only source of the limited money available for the family. He was in charge, and the family deferred to the arrangement.

This, for all practical purposes, is Socialism in action. Resources are determined by a central power, and all of the underlings are forced to accept decisions that may hamper their ability to survive. Regardless of the outcome, the arrangement allows selfish actions, and many people are guaranteed to put their selfish wants ahead of basic needs for others. It's a barbaric structure, and sacrificing others is demanded, since resources are not only limited, there is no way to increase the resources. The opportunity to increase the resources is squelched by those enamored with their power.

So, why would anyone want to embrace Socialism? Isn't it inherently evil? My suspicion is that too many have become so open minded, they ignore the past, think the free stuff solution will work, and are true believers of those that corrupt politics with ridiculous solutions that endanger the entire United States. It looks like it will work, because there's a supposed belief resources are unlimited, and if you don't believe it, look at all the rich people that have more than they need.

From my vantage point, the  education system has been corrupted to the point entire generations are not only uneducated, they're now hard core minions for those that want the same power as the Soviet elite during the times of the Soviet Union. The evil of this former government led to the murder of millions, yet children today are not even being taught that the core of the system was Socialism. This is a terrible tragedy, and the outcome could be reliving the past. Children are being told they need to be open minded, and their brains will soon fall out.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Twenty in Six

Right south of my location, twenty inches of rain fell in the hours between midnight and six am. I don't know how much we've had, but the rain gauge overflowed twice since the night before last, and it's still raining. That's over 12 inches, and there's more heavy rain on the way.

Reports are already coming in of local flooding worse than from Harvey. People that escaped the flood of Harvey are now finding water in their homes, and with the rapidly rising water, are finding they require boats for rescue. Considering the sun hasn't risen, some people are awakening to a horrifying situation.

Tropical storm Imelda is proving that even smaller systems can generate enough rainfall to dwarf the amounts of a fast moving hurricane. They damage will be great, and those just now finding themselves settled after Harvey will find the long ordeal of dealing with damages are starting again.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Rain, and More Rain

Depending on the locality, the rain accumulation is varying between 2 to around 8 inches. I dumped 6 inches out of the rain gauge this morning, and it's filling rapidly. The forecasters are calling for this to continue through tomorrow, which probably means I'll be stranded, until the water goes down in the road.

Saturday, September 14, 2019


Yesterday, I noticed the wind was from the east, and the few thunderstorms building were moving faster than normal. I knew the weather folks were not forecasting rain, and the long range showed the lack of precipitation over the next week. This didn't fit what I observed, and the NHC is now showing something in the Gulf of Mexico.

There is an upper level low over the eastern Gulf, which is moving to the northwest. Whether it develops into something more than a rain maker is to be seen, but I'll keep a close watch on this system. We're at that time of the year when the front don't quite make it to the coast, and tropical systems can wreak havoc.

The system slowly developed into a tropical storm, which came ashore in Freeport, Texas this afternoon, September 17.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Hummingbird Morning

I started this post yesterday morning. I was up early, sitting on the porch, and drinking coffee in the pre-dawn light of what promised to be a beautiful day.

Off to the south, an early morning anvil head peeked above the trees. The orange top of the thunderstorm was a brilliant contrast against the deep blue sky. Other than that, the sky was clear.

There really wasn't any wind. It was more of a slow movement of cool night air as it pushed south to the coast. The temperature was a perfect seventy degrees, and the dry air was a wonderful relief from the heavy, humid air we tolerated for the last few months.

The hummingbirds appeared as the sun rose. Unlike before, with only two or three to fight over the feeders, dozens were jockeying for a place to find some energy for the day. The low drone of their wings was an accent to their tiny chirps. Their darting around was the same as bees hunting for nectar in blooming ligustrums.

I sat for a moment, relished the time, but my thoughts returned to what started Wednesday afternoon. I was troubled, and saddened, by an approaching event I anticipated, but really didn't think I would face without notice.

I was at work , received a call, and for a moment thought of not answering a number I didn't recognize. Something told me it was important, so I answered.

The call was from a nurse practitioner at M.D. Anderson, and they wanted me to know it was best I come to see my brother. They had tried reaching his daughters, but were unsuccessful, and thought it was best family was close.

I told the nurse I would try to reach my nieces, told my boss where I was going, and was soon off to pick up my wife for the two hour trip to Houston.

As we traveled, I told my wife how my brother was admitted to the hospital ten days before, refused to contact family, and was finally convinced the day before my call to contact his family. He told them he would, but was unable to figure out his phone. The staff realized his problem, and started calling the next day.

We arrived before anyone else. I was shocked, and my wife's first meeting of my brother was seeing  the shell of the man he was. He was cognizant, but had a hard time speaking, and his weak voice was only a whisper. His mouth wouldn't close completely, so his efforts to speak can only be described as the beginning efforts of a ventriloquist.

We sat for about an hour before my niece arrived. She too was shocked at his appearance, but her previous efforts to see her father were sternly refused. He didn't want her to see him in his debilitated state. She had come to stay until the end.

We stayed for a few hours, but returned home so we could go to my wife's appointment with a hand surgeon the next morning. After the visit the next day, we returned to the hospital to see my brother.

Both nieces were now there, my oldest niece's father in law, and their mother. In a way, it was a strange congregation, but in another, it was a gathering of those closest to my brother. We all knew of his eccentricities, loved him regardless of his ways, and relished the time he allowed us into his life.

My brother had deteriorated over the last 24 hours. He now couldn't speak, and my niece told me he had told her over the night before there were people in the room that shouldn't be there. He couldn't close his eyes, or mouth, and showed no awareness of his surroundings.

My wife, and I, stayed until late afternoon. I had to get some rest for work on Friday, which required me to be there.

We returned yesterday. My brother was further along toward his final moment. His breathing was slow, and long periods would elapse between breaths. As I sat, I thought of the last year.

My brother was diagnosed with colorectal cancer about a year ago. Due to the location, the only known way of treatment - according to his doctors - was to shrink the tumor before any attempt of surgery. That was what happened for the last year. Chemo, radiation, chemo, and more chemo were his treatment. We kept in contact on the phone, so I knew what he was enduring. We talked about two months ago, and he had hope the new treatment would work. His employer was more than accommodating, so he was allowed breaks from work for his treatments.

Three weeks ago, my brother texted me to ask for my address. I texted back to ask if he was okay. He returned a text to say things weren't good, but he would get back to me.

My brother and I have always been close. Maybe it's because I respected his privacy, which he guarded with ferocity. When we were together, it was the best of visits, but he liked to be the one to contact me. I knew visits were always on his terms. I didn't mind, since when he wasn't interested in a visit, he was a pain in the ass to be around.

I had a feeling something was going on, but waited for my brother to contact me. From what I now know, I have the feeling he went to the hospital for a problem, wanted everyone to not hover over him, and his health faded faster than he could cope. When it was finally apparent he was far from being able to become better, it was too late.

Over the hours, nothing changed. Some moments he appeared in pain, but the doctor said the short moments of distress were from him trying to adjust his body, which caused some momentary pain. Long periods would indicate a bowel movement, but since it was days since he ate, or drank, those moments were probably over. My niece constantly stayed at his side, and it was apparent she would guarantee the best of care for his last moments.

My wife and I left yesterday evening, and both of us expected the phone call my brother was gone. It never came, and today my niece tells us he's the same as yesterday. I didn't go back to Houston. Mostly because my brother is gone, and I have no desire to be there for his last breath. Call it a selfish desire to not collapse at that moment. It's hard enough to endure the thought of never having the opportunity for one of those golden visits where everything is great, and future visits will be just as grand.

So I'm waiting for that call. It's hard, because the weather has been the transitional weather my brother loved. We'd discuss the cool mornings, anticipate the first cold front, and relish the first days of autumn. This will never happen again, and I can already feel the emptiness I felt after the loss of my other brothers. I guess it's part of life, and someone has to be the last, but it's a sobering realization of my mortality.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Wrapping My Thoughts Around Current Observations

Sometimes, it's hard to wrap my thoughts around what I observe today. From my perspective, it's becoming more acceptable for people to be dishonest, unwilling to accept responsibility, and doing so without repercussions. Moral terpitude is prevalent, and where it was once was shunned, people seem to embrace those that are so inclined, and even elected officials are allowed to continue their degenerate behavior. 

A healthy society demands integrity. It's the glue that holds evil at bay, and allows honest discourse on important matters. Without it, politics are based completely on lies, character assassination is acceptable, and the destruction of the economy for personal gain becomes the goal of those with opportunities. Thievery with the backing of ill-conceived laws is prevalent, devalued money allows the entire nation to be robbed, and those that complain are ridiculed by the press that stays in the back pocket of evil opportunists. 

If this downward spiral continues, the grossly ignorant will eventually find they are nothing more than slaves to those wish to control them. Those drunk on power become completely isolated, and numb to the plight of those they turn into pawns for their evil goals. Life becomes hard for those that want their freedom, and liberty becomes only a dream. 

Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Slide to Autumn

It's hot and muggy this morning. The cumulus clouds are small, but hold the promise the afternoon heat will make them grow into thunderstorms. How many is the bane of the weather forecasters. Yesterday they guessed at a 50 percent coverage. This morning they're predicting 30 percent. The afternoon will settle the forecast, and I'm sure the forecasters have a bet on who was right.

The birds know what's coming. The fledglings that made it look like their parents, and many have been chased away to find their own territory. All are feasting on what they can, and their plumage is starting to change.

This is the first year I paid attention to the hummingbirds. I was curious about the first one to come to the feeder, so I looked at my books, had a hard time finding the bird, and finally realized it was a female black-chinned hummingbird. We're a few hundred miles past it's typical eastern range, so I was looking in the wrong sections.

What I thought was a rare visitor soon turned into two or three females and at least two males. Their range has expanded, or a weather event pushed them into my area. How long they stay is yet to be known, but they're interesting to watch, and hear, since they are constantly chirping as they hover to feed.

This morning, I saw a ruby-throated hummingbird, so the great migration must have started. More will come, the constant bickering over the feeder will be an all day occurrence, and withing a month, they'll start to disappear.

The slide to autumn has begun. The trees are starting to lose their brilliant green, and the leaves will start to change within weeks.  We'll get a cold front in a few weeks, and the oppressive heat of summer will be broken. I'm ready. This summer has been brutal, and I welcome the cooler weather.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Expert Solution

Epstein is gone, and the reported suicide is under investigation. It's all a dog and pony show. Epstein knew too much about people with enough money to put anyone out of commission forever, and any investigation will only be a waste of time money.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Kinder and Gentler

I've found kinder and gentler approaches are a waste of time with vermin. Cockroaches, rats, mice and snakes don't respond to anything but terminal solutions. With that in mind, the approach should work for many of the reprobates constantly in the news.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Just Watching and Thinking

I didn't watch Muellor's testimony, but the snippets in the news indicate he was basically a wall hanger. Regardless of the hype, he appeared as clueless, and an obvious figurehead to use for wrong doing.

Barr wants to reinstate the death penalty. That bring a few things to mind, but mostly the thought that a man that is willing to kill someone for a heinous crime will be willing to prosecute a traitor. I doubt I'm the only one thinking this, and wonder if a few former politicians are looking for real estate in a foreign country.

The economy appears as good, but the government is still spending more than it takes in. For an individual, the borrowing ends long before a lending institution is placed in a compromising position. For government entities, the borrowing ends when the citizens have a few lynchings.

Stress is one of those things that leads to only four options:

Handle the problem

Run from the problem.

Hide from the problem.

Jump from a bridge.

That's all I have time for today.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Absurdity at Its Finest

The four members of the "Squad", are given some sort of credibility by a media that's as ignorant as a box of rocks. The four are seditionists, criminals, and generally trashy reprobates that manged to get elected by constituents with the brain power of garden vegetable. The media - of course - doesn't care, but continues with their disregard for decency. After all, they can continue as long as anyone links to them, or the idiot outlets like the AP.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Bandwidth and Thievery

Bandwidth can be expensive. I know this because I've always paid for that I use. That's why I detest pop-ups, programs that decide to download crap I don't need, and the constant pestering of ads.

I'm sure an attorney would tell me there is something hidden in the fine print of some program I use that allows such things, but my answer to them is there are too many attorneys, and a good purge might lead to the elimination of such thievery.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Politics of Ignorance

I don't know if it has something to do with perception, or people are generally becoming ignorant to the point of no return, but it's apparent a substantial amount of people that are involved with government are as dumb as a bag of hammers. To make things worse, those that elect the lawmakers are even dumber. I don't know who to blame for this, but I have a feeling those that are supposed to teach are increasingly only portraying the narrative; and the narrative has no basis in fact.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

One Hundred and One...

...degrees Fahrenheit on the shaded porch this evening.....that's too hot, and tomorrow it's supposed to be hotter. 

Sunday, July 7, 2019


My wife, and I, went for a short trip to see where I worked before. She was game to the trip, and I was curious about a place where I worked over twenty years ago.

When I worked there, I was without my own vehicle, so I only saw the hotel, the restaurant next door, and the sights in between work and home. I missed much, and things that caught my eye soon disappeared behind. 

It was interesting, and brought back memories. The old store in the middle of nowhere, where we would keep things for out lunch, was long closed. When opened, it was the only place for miles, and had anything you wanted; including pipe, fittings, and any hardware desired. I'm sure the old man that ran the store is long gone, and it's obvious nobody stepped up to take it over.

As we wandered, I thought of things today. In between our stops to examine historical places, I realized how much is lost forever. Entire towns are gone, or shrunk to empty buildings that will never have a business again. Either bypassed by a highway, or discontinued by train service, commerce lost its grip, and those still behind can only remember a past that will have no new memories.

I think few people grasp the dynamics of society. It's too easy to wander aimlessly, and not try to understand how there is always an evil intent by those that seek power. Not only do these people acquire power in devious ways, they buy the media to guarantee their actions are hidden from decent people. For anyone that wants to seek answers, the effort requires a strong willingness to understand how easy it is to forget the lessons history teaches.

Nothing that happens is new, and liberty will always be tenuous. Keeping it requires harsh penalties for those that attempt to remove liberty, and waiting too long to punish these people always leads to armed conflict, which usually leads to the subjugating of citizens. The past disappears and history is rewritten to match the narrative.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Misuse of Language

The euphemism "illegal immigrant" is thrown out daily as a description of the thousands entering the United States without permission. The media likes it. So do those that hope to influence these people with tax dollars to garner a vote. It's a misuse of language, and a dangerous path for the nation.

The correct term for these people is "invader". While some only perceive the word as describing armed soldiers crossing borders, it's only a partial interpretation of the word. It also means encroaching, or infringing. Both are good description of what is happening, and reinforce the use of the word invader.

For those that are so willing to allow the invaders to enter the country, they should be where those caught are brought. Force the supporters to pay for all their needs, and punish them for any illegal activities by those they were so willing to support. Bring these invaders to the sanctuary cities, and wait for the repercussions.

In the past, all invaders were considered enemies. It was understandable, since the invaders were there to plunder, or kill those that they encountered. It's no different today. The invaders are not coming here to observe our laws, or be productive. They're here to take what they can get, and the final result will be a lawless country like the countries they abandoned. 

Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Humidity is Terrible

For about two weeks, the humidity has been in the intolerable level. When the temperatures in the nineties is added, the days outdoors are miserable. That's why the thought of working the next week in this steam bath is not a welcome thought. It's too early in the summer to dread the summer this much.


I Doubt This Works

Democratic presidential hopefuls had a fish fry.  I'm guessing they think it will help those that attend will remember at least one of their names when election time rolls around.

I think they're expecting way too much from anyone that would vote for any of them. At this time tomorrow, half will probably not remember if they had a bowel movement yesterday. The other half will probably partake in their daily sabbatical behind a dumpster.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

A Snapshot

I've been working in my hometown. The best way I can describe it is that it's a crap hole. Far from the growing, thriving city of my youth, the abandoned houses, failing streets, obvious signs of poverty, and neglect show a failing city. There isn't enough money, too many city officials are incompetent, and the shrinking tax base indicates it will only become worse.

My hometown isn't an isolated occurrence. Traveling in other cities reveals the same problems. In spite of the booming economy, failed bureaucratic measures only mean doom for these cities. EEO policies turned competent city governments into bureaucratic nightmares, and those elected by those that didn't flee are mostly opportunists looking for a way to receive the most milk from the public cow.

At this point, there isn't anything to attract new business in my hometown. Rampant disregard for the law led to thousands of illegal aliens, who created a sub-society with shops that speak mostly foreign languages. Outsiders are not welcome, and those attempting to broaden their experience may find they're the easy victim of crime. Newcomers will feel threatened, and businesses hoping to expand will find better places for their workers.

So, my hometown will slowly deteriorate, and either become annexed by a larger city, or be absorbed by the growing petrochemical industry. It's a great opportunity for either, since the property values are at rock bottom.  Much can be appropriated by paying back taxes, and anyone surrounded by these abandoned properties will sell at the first opportunity.

I'm sure many others see the same thing in their hometowns. It's sad to see, but it's a hard necessary lesson to be learned by communities. Civil ignorance leads to civil degradation, and the only solution requires an education that public schools are failing to provide.

Sunday, June 9, 2019


When I was 18 years old, I could buy alcohol legally. Of course, this legal option had all the legal consequences for any error I made while  consuming alcohol. At that time, I was considered an adult, and was expected to assume the responsibilities of adulthood.

At that time, which was at the end of the Vietnam War, everyone had a friend, or a family member, that was part of the conflict. While the amount of troops was far from that of previous wars, enough served to make an impression on society. Just about every city had someone either wounded, or killed, while fighting in Vietnam. It was sobering to those not involved; especially when the war became reviled by the media, and the clamor to leave Vietnam was constantly in the news. A feeling of betrayal was born. It wasn't without merit.

We were the first generation not drastically affected by the blight of the Great Depression, and the rationing required for a world war. We knew the effects, since our parents demanded frugal habits, and they would elaborate on the suffering. It led to their strong effort to prevent us from enduring the same events.

Over the next few decades, my generation became older, supposedly wiser, and promoted the goal the children of our generation wouldn't face the same problems our parents faced. It had noble roots, but the consequences are evident today.

Somewhere over the last few decades, the demand for responsibility faded away. With the demand for an easier life, the children raised over these decades did indeed have an easier life, but with this came a belief things should be easy. An entitlement attitude formed, and this became rooted in the basic mindset of too many generations. The sense of entitlement so pervades basic thinking, too many now think we should share this with anyone that wishes to come to the United States; whatever the method. After all, there's free stuff everywhere, and it's the government's responsibility to insure everyone has everything they want....isn't it?

Meanwhile, the media only promotes Progressive ideology. Regardless of the national debt, invasion on the southern border, corruption in the capitol, uneven trade balance, a failing infrastructure, oppressive regulations, and how more citizens are concerned, it's more important to destroy the current administration, kill unborn babies, and protect what can only be called foreign invaders. It's what the current journalists were taught at the universities paid for by their parents, or taxpayers that now are demanded be placed on the hook for the unpaid student loans.

So, we now have a huge mess that can only be cleaned up by the most drastic of actions. Unfortunately, those in charge are as useful as tits on a boar. Too many gained their position by the demand for diversity, and the competent are expected to pay for this incompetence with confiscatory taxes.

Another blogger has written many times this will never be fixed by voting. They're more than right. This will never be fixed by voting, since the too many voters are so ignorant, they have no clue who is the Vice President of the United States. They think we have a Democracy, while never realizing Democracy is a fancy word "mob rule".

I guess we could demand our schools educate children, but since all education is now completely controlled by the federal bureaucracy, it's foolish to think there can be any solution found by this method. Those that teach are so consumed by their erroneous beliefs, they don't have a clue of how they contribute to the problems.

Over the last week, I noticed even those in the forties have been corrupted by the failures of our society. Those I expect to most balanced, thoughtful, and with a strong work effort, are just more whining, spoiled children trying operate in an adult world as children. Their lives have been too easy, and they've grown to depend on others to carry their load. It's saddening to observe, but eventually they will be the "elders" in my trade, and they're woefully unprepared. They'll depend on foreign workers, keep on expecting more than they're worth, and eventually find automation removes their bad attitudes from productive results. I'd write "they deserve it", but they're only the result of decades of ignorance. May God have mercy on them. They'll need it.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Early June Doldrums

It's early in the season, so we're experiencing days little wind, high humidity, and heat. With temperatures in the low nineties, dew points in the mid seventies, and nothing to stir the air, it's miserable to stay outside, unless there's a fan to help dry the sweat. This isn't supposed to last long, which is encouraging. It's miserable outside, and this weather will make work tomorrow unpleasant.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Panic Begins

After observing the news, and reading between the lines, it's beginning to look like panic is setting in with the those that took part in the attempted coup. Muellor retired, Comey is scrambling for face time, Brennan is appearing more insane, and Clapper knows his efforts to dismiss Barr's efforts are futile. When the numerous underlings begin to realize they are now cannon fodder, they'll be willing to trade jail time for information. Those they once feared are now feckless, and soon to be facing things they probably don't want to face.

I'm usually not severely vindictive, but these traitors don't deserve any punishment less harsh than death. It doesn't have to be painful, but it is necessary.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Setting the Bar

A former CIA officer was sentenced for selling state secrets for $25,000. The link describes the sentence, which is harsh, which it should be. It was a crime that deserves such punishment, and should set the bar for the results of Hillary's shenanigans. In my opinion, her punishment should be life in prison, or a harsher punishment.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Probably a Stupid Thing to Do

The mayor of London, who I personally feel is nothing but an ISIS sympathizer, doesn't think the President deserves a state visit.  That's he personal opinion, and since he's the mayor, it can only be determined that the city shares the same feeling.

I don't know how this will affect tourism, but there will be some repercussions. That, and more feelings of disgust for the United Kingdom. 

Friday, May 10, 2019

Newspaper Lightning

It all started around 10:30 last night. The power went off, which woke me, so I went outside to observe the weather.

I call it "newspaper lightning". The flashes are so often, you can read a newspaper. It happens rarely here, but it always signifies a weather event with strong thunderstorms.

There were storms all around, but we weren't having any rain. Radar showed a severe storm to the west, which was moving to the northeast. This meant it would miss us, so I went back to bed.

Thunder, heavy rain, and strong winds woke me at 12:30. Looking out the window only revealed heavy rain between the flashes of lightning. I rose, and started pacing the floor, while my wife did the same.

My wife used her flashlight to see out on the front porch. She commented about the roll up shade being in tatters, and soon exclaimed: "It's all over the yard." The wind picked at the shade ( which was rolled up and tied) and spread it like confetti into the yard.

It took about an hour for the storms to move on. With the end of the strong wind, I ventured onto the porch.

The rain gauge was at the top, so I knew at least five inches fell in the brief heavy rain. That meant the road to my house might be flooded, and going to work might be a problem.

I eventually went back to bed, only to be wakened at 5:00 am by the power returning. Looking out the window revealed a steady rain, so I prepared to leave for work.

I drove to the point where the road floods, and decided to return home. The half mile stretch was like a lake, and I couldn't see the depth.

So, now I'll wait until daylight to see how bad the road is flooded, and start reading the local news about storm damage. Hopefully, the weather forecasters are wrong about this all happening again this evening. I think we've had enough.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Enough of the Kid Gloves

You'd think the seditionists that attempted a coup had only jaywalked. Mainstream media avoids the crimes, those that can prosecute haven't frog-walked one of them to the nearest jail, and those most involved are allowed all the publicity they want for nothing.

It's time for this to end. Laws were broken, criminals with government authority went rogue, and many in the media used disinformation to aid in  the coup attempt.

What should happen? Start with Comey. He's admitted breaking the law, and should be prosecuted immediately. Then go after Nellie Orr. She'll sing like a canary - even it means giving up her husband. Those two will spill the beans on others, and the media will be forced to report - even if they try to spin it as something else.

Sedition is back-door treason in this situation. Those involved were part of the criminal activities of the last administration, and there was no honorable effort to remove tyranny. They were part of the tyranny, trying to cover up their activities, and making an effort to remove the will of citizens.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Theory and Realism

Theoretically, the attempted coup of the President could yield terrible punishments - even a firing squad. Realistically, those most involved will probably skate. It shouldn't be that way, but things could change....we can only hope.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Watching the Birds

It's a banner Spring morning. The temperature is in the upper sixties, the azure sky is tarnished by a few wispy cirrus, and the quiet is only shattered by the occasional bird song or call.

The starlings have appeared. The bluebirds, and purple martins, are not happy about their appearance. They chase them away, when they get to close to their nests. Both are probably far along with raising their young, and don't welcome the intrusion.

The ducks have changed their behavior. The four Mallard drakes were constantly with the pair of Pekings, but now roam separately. They can fly, which makes me wonder if they'll leave. The two Muscovy hens are still usually together, but will spend times alone as they constantly hunt for more morsels to eat.

We have woodpeckers. A mated pair of red belly woodpeckers are frequent visitors to the bird feeder. They'll do this, until their young are on their own. Eventually, when the young start becoming a threat to their parents territory, they'll chase them away to start their own life. The parents will return to their foraging, and avoid the feeder until next year.

I'll occasionally see a pileated woodpecker fly over. I think they like the heavier woods, as do the red-headed woodpeckers.

A murder of three crows are always present. They'll sneak to the feeder, but not when anyone is present. They usually stay within sight during the day, as they look for opportunities, and steal the eggs of other birds.

The brown headed cow birds are a constant drain on the feeder. The school is small, but they're voracious eaters. I don't care for them, and will chase them away from the feeder. They're like the squirrels; nuisances that I'd rather go elsewhere.

The red-tailed hawks have moved on. There is a cooper's hawk that seems to have settled on a territory here. I've only seen the bald eagles fly over at a distance. I'm guessing they have a nest locally, but it's not close.

We have more. Blue Jays, chipping sparrows, pine buntings (they've moved on for the season), vultures, snipe, kildeers (their eggs don't last a week in their ground nests) mourning doves, Inca doves, great herons, green herons, hummingbirds, and some that don't light long enough for me to identify.

The birds are like a fish tank for me. I can spend long periods of time just watching them, and the peace it offers takes away the edge of dealing with the modern world. It's my catharsis.

So, this morning offered some good moments; just like the cinnamon rolls I can smell are about ready. They'll be a tasty treat with the fried bacon. Life is good, and this morning proves it is.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Guessing the Goat

With the current perceived push by the Trump Administration to go after the criminals who attempted an overthrow of power, those with the most to lose are probably scrambling for a goat. From my perspective, it's looking like the first sacrificial goat will be Nellie Ohr. Of course, this will probably involve her husband too, unless he finds a way to weasel out a deal. Both are dirty, directly linked to the last administration, and probably to the Clinton machine. Both are just the right level in the food chain to maybe insulate bigger players from criminal indictments.

Both need to make sure their life insurance is up to date. The evil bastards of the last administration proved they will stop at nothing.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Playing With Fire

It appears Barr is losing patience. To the Democrats, they think they may be backing him into a corner, and they'll either force his impeachment, or he'll resign. Both may be the actual outcome, but they might not have considered Barr knows way more than they think, he's working hard on criminal charges for some of their favored people, and the final outcome may reveal a huge seditious effort to change the government outside the rules of law. If the entire effort to destroy Trump is as illegal as it appears, the final outcome may be the dismantling of the main structure of the Democratic Party.

Personally, I hope Barr comes out with both guns blazing, and payback on his mind.

Sunday, April 28, 2019


The news cycle is never ending. What once waited for the morning paper, or the evening broadcast, is a constant barrage of inane conjecture, with commercials, and public service announcements paid for by tax dollars. Journalists promote their agenda, the senior management promotes what tickles their fancy, and the public becomes increasingly bored, or jaded.

Social media was the great hope for fact presentation, but it too is guided by opinion, if not outright lies. To make things worse, people don't realize they're being manipulated. Sifting for facts is too much work, or requires understanding the processes that make a society healthy. Neither is arrived at instantly, so rumor becomes news, and news becomes suspect.

I don't know any journalists personally, but think there are many horrified by the public perception of their craft. I like to think there is a goal of excellence, but that goal is being replaced by the glitter of professional news reading. Those with integrity are being forced out by those enamored with power, or an unwillingness to admit ignorance. 

None of this is new. The libelous efforts of journalists are peppered through the history of the nation. What is new is either an avoidance, or refusal to accept the increase of news doesn't also mean the increase of crappy journalism.  Bucking the system, or the powerful, takes a gumption most journalists don't have The result is a constant onslaught of filling spaces with whatever comes along by those with the whitest teeth, the best stage presence, and a willingness to forget any moral lessons taught in their upbringing.

Friday, April 26, 2019

We'll See What Happens

It's apparent the Muellor investigation was created to investigate allegations presented by a fake document. In theory, the investigation had no reason to begin, and in reality, it continues an obvious effort to remove a President elected by the method demanded by the Constitution.

In my opinion, there are a few dozen people in the Capitol needing to be arrested, and charged with crimes. This isn't happening, so there's either a fix in for the criminals, or the slow wheels of justice are turning to finally reach the point of ridding the streets of some dangerous people.

We'll see what happens, but I have a really strong cynical opinions about how this will turn out.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

jeff beck : free jam (hollywood bowl 2017)

Years ago, I was driving in Houston rush hour traffic. It was moving fast, the weather was crappy, and the following song came on the radio. It was a rush, for rush hour traffic.

It's a Beautiful Morning

We had a front on Thursday, which brought a band of heavy showers. We missed the severe weather, which is good. Others weren't so lucky, and after dealing with hurricanes, I know how the effects are long lasting.

Friday brought high winds, which pulled the storm door from my wife's hands, bent the closure, and demanded a trip to the box store for a replacement. It was a thirty minute task, and gave me some satisfaction of knowing the door will have a stronger closure for future occasions.

Friday night, while sitting on the porch, the glow in the east soon revealed a full moon rising behind the trees. I sat for a few minutes watching the event, but the chilly air soon chased me into the house.

Yesterday, the roll up shades for the porch was my project. The sun floods the porch with almost blinding light in the evenings, and hot days remove the willingness to visit by family. The shades are a success, and allow the breeze to cool those taking in the evening.

Today, the wind is shifting to the south, but the air is still cool from the front. The sky is cloudless, and the deep blue Spring days can bring. The purple martins are visiting the martin house, and some type of hawk is migrating. They appear on the horizon a few dozen at a time, fly over in a lazy circle, and disappear to the north. The woodpeckers must be raising a brood, since they visit the feeder in the morning, gorge on seed, and soon fly away with a morsel in their beaks. 

Tomorrow, it's work again. I'm not looking forward to it, but I still have a few years before I can put my work clothes away for personal projects only. That will be a good time to stop,  relish the release from the daily grind, and spend more time with my wife.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Final Acts

When Jesus knew he was betrayed by Judas, and his time was near, he didn't lament his fate, but washed the feet of his disciples. When you think of this, and realize the implications, you can only be humbled by such strength, and love. Regardless of your belief, such things show an example of what it takes to destroy evil. 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Reaping and Sowing

According to news reports, the current administration is contemplating sending the illegal aliens to the sanctuary cities. This is not getting a good response from these cities, but they decided sedition was better than the legal process, so they're complaining.

The best solution for stopping the influx is finding those financing the aliens, and removing their ability to provide support. This, of course, will require some brutal solutions, but such people can best be described as enemies of the United States, and treated as such.

As far as those already here? It's cheaper to send them back. The expense is far less than allowing them to be parasites on the U.S. economy. Round them up, prosecute anyone aiding their illegal entry, and stop the problem before it becomes worse.

I know some federal judges will attempt to stop any efforts to rid the country of the aliens, but they can be ignored. They have no standing in matters of national security, and their power doesn't include ignoring laws they don't agree with.

Friday, March 29, 2019

The Best Method

Battle strategy demands a strong offense, when possible, after an enemy attack. This allows additional attrition, possibly removes the ability to regroup, and acquires more real estate for occupation. When effective, the ultimate goal of removing the ability of the enemy to fight is moved further forward.

This is now the best strategy for the current administration. It's obvious enemies of the United States tried to circumvent the methods allowed by law to overthrow the government. Otherwise, they declared war on the citizens, and should be punished.

From what I've read, there are numerous criminal activities not only described, but demand prosecution by government officials that are supposed to operate outside the political posturing of politicians. These officials need to perform their job and bring these criminals to justice. If they don't, they too become criminal accomplices in a failed coup.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Tipping Point?

It's too expensive for many people to live in New York. For something as large as a state, that's the start of the plunge toward death. For someone like me, that lives in Texas, all those moving here usually create problems.

When they move, they usually move to the cities, which don't have the housing to accommodate, property values go up, which causes higher taxes, which also increases the cost of insurance, and to make it all worse: they bring their whipped attitude toward authority and excessive regulation. They've been whipped for so many generations, they accept what we call Fascism.

Oh well. We'll accept them, force them to accept liberty, and try to remove their inbred attitude of government dependence. It's hard work, but necessary. Maybe we can convince them to move south and displace all the illegal aliens by the border.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Almost Forgotten

I went on a weekend trip with my wife last weekend. We started to go to Athens, Texas, where my wife went years ago, but ended up in Palestine, Texas. We like what we saw, so we did a little sightseeing, and ended up staying the night.

The trip home was remarkable. The East Texas woods are beautiful this time of the year. With the rolling hills, trees budding, and greening pastures, the view was awe inspiring.

While travelling through the Sam Houston National Forest, we saw a historical marker on the left that caught our attention. We stopped, read the sign, and begin to wonder about what we were seeing. The sign explained a cemetery, but none was to be seen. My wife decided to get out, and go up the small embankment to see if there was one behind the barbed wire fence.

I soon followed, and found the barbed wire was covered with a split garden hose. It was obvious this was to allow climbing through the fence. A few yards in we discovered the cemetery.

The old wrought iron fence was bent, and damaged, but still marked the perimeter. It was obvious it was suffering from years of neglect, but the grass between the headstones was beaten down by people walking among the graves.

One large headstone caught my eye, so I took a photo.

 Among the other headstones were six in a row that simply had "Infant" scribed into the stone. According to the marker, they were the six children of the thirteen children that didn't survive.

As we looked, I was struck by how it was obvious there was nobody left to take care of the cemetery. If there were living relatives, they were probably scattered, didn't have any ties to the area, and if there were, they didn't care.

So, a piece of history is slowly becoming part of the land that someone once worked to survive. It's a sobering thing to realize, and is probably the final outcome of most everyone we know.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Same Old Thing

There's a college admission scandal going on. Apparently, some wealthy parents paid big bucks to get their children in college. Included in this corruption is paying others to take tests, bribery to officials, and even photo shopping their little darling into photos to make them appear as athletes.

Some are acting shocked, which is really stupid. This has been going on for a long, long time. If you don't believe this, how do you think some of the idiot politicians received their college degree?

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Think About This

It's known that many of the highest officials in law enforcement are not only crooks, they're seditionists. These people backed a political party that wants all citizens to not have firearms. If you follow logic, it's not a great leap to realize the good of the citizens is not on their mind. They want the citizens to be helpless, so they can steal, murder, and subjugate.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Media Honesty

If the majority of the media was honest, the illegal activities of the last administration would be headlines demanding justice, the mob mentality of Democrats would be portrayed as a terrible affront to society, and the attack on the Constitution described as sedition. Unfortunately, that's not what the media wants to report, even though it will eventually lead to their destruction.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Down and Out

I was speaking to a relative yesterday, when she asked if I'd heard anything about a commercial airplane that crashed in a local tidal bay. The "commercial" aspect caught my attention, since that usually is something rarely heard about. 

A few more remarks, and questions, revealed the commercial aircraft was a Boeing 767, which is a commercial aircraft, but also used to transport hundreds of passengers. This large beast is something that rarely falls from the sky, and when one crashes, it's a huge tragedy.

This is a link to one of the numerous local reports. The bay the plane crashed into is at the far north end of Galveston Bay, and is very shallow, except where the local streams, and rivers, cut deeper channels. The crash site is easily accessible, so the black boxes will probably be recovered.

Two things that caught my attention was the location of the jet and the weather. The jet was bound for George Bush Intercontinental, but seems to have been too far south for the typical approach. That, and there was a mostly dry frontal passage ongoing at the time. If I had to guess, there were many things that contributed to the crash, but time will be required for the investigation. Many are thinking mechanical failure, but such things are sometimes the result of human actions. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Time and Disappointment

After listening to the news, absorbing the information, I realized there is a huge disconnect between honesty and the government. Too many are allowed to ignore laws for long periods of time, and those trusted with protecting law abiding citizens ignore the terrible affront to the decency required to keep a society healthy.

Who knows where this will finally end up, but it's obvious the atrocities of the past are becoming realities of today. History is full of similar occurrences, which never ended well for those that made a mistake that is all too obvious. The mistake? Trusting humans to follow a creed that demands integrity.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Lack Of Posts

I've been busy. We've moved, are spending time doing some touch up remodeling, and the paying job is taking mental resources I'm getting tired of expending. I guess it has something to do with age, since I have lost much of the stamina I once had at my fingertips.

We decided months ago to downsize, in preparation of retirement, and the plan of spending more time taking weekend excursions in the great state we live in. My wife, and I, find such excursions as the highlight of our marriage. We both are infatuated with the discovery of new places. Each has a different story to tell, and new people to meet.

So, I'll write when I'm able. Maybe a lot, and maybe little, but I'll write. I have much to write about, and if I don't, I have a compulsion that won't allow me peace until I do.

Friday, January 4, 2019

They Probably Don't Have a Clue

The Democrats are running amuck, their leaders are incompetent, and they think they're winning. That, and they don't have a clue of how they dance on the edge of the pit of Hell.

With all the out of control politics, activist judges, a concerted effort to destroy the Constitution, and ignoring the will of the majority of people, who is actually in charge? If you answered "the President", then you're right. If the President believes there is a danger to the public, which many believe there is, he has tremendous power to prevent the danger.

If the Democrats don't reel in their party, return to decency, condemn the media, and back off their Communist efforts, they may find their out control base becomes too unruly for polite society. At that time, the good people will have had enough, and the following repercussions severe. Not only will the citizens have had enough, they'll be backed by law enforcement and the military. I don't think anyone wants that, but I also don't think the Democratic Party has a clue of how they are becoming the party of disruptive mobs, and destructive individuals. People fear that those types of people, and people will not cower in fear for very long.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

No Predictions

There are many predictions about this year on multiple sites. Some are fun, some are serious, and all are pure speculation. I'm not making any because not only will I forget what I predicted, but if they're right, there is no prize, and such things demand really, really good prizes.

The new year started good, with clearing weather, and the promise of more rain. The rain is starting this morning, and is forecast to continue until tomorrow. Theoretically, we don't need any more rain, but if we have a long dry spell ahead, we'll with for it.

I played cards with the in-laws on New Years Eve. It was fun, although the games were new to me. I'm used to poker in the multiple games usually played, so the game of "Hoodwink Brother in Law" (or something with a different name, but with the same result.) was new to me. It's like Bourre, except more expensive. It's a good thing my wife only had $15 in quarters, and I was shrewd enough to keep $3 out of play. If I hadn't, I would have lost $15.

So, Happy New Year. I've resolved to not get fat this year. That, and not spend money at theaters. The later resolve has been in effect since the year "Star Trek -The Wrath of Khan" was released, and easy to keep. Theaters never really appealed to me, and I've heard the distraction are now worse than ever. This surprises me, since tasers have been on the market for years.