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Thursday, July 31, 2014


The spammers were busy last night. Usually, I'll go through them to see if somebody posted anonymously, but had good intentions. Not so this morning. There were so many, they were all deleted.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Every Summer is Different

Rain prevented yard work two weekends ago. It happens and I anticipate it every summer; however, I didn't expect the spider invasion.

My agreement with the orb spiders is I will leave them alone; as long as they don't build a web I can walk through, think I might walk through, is too close to where I might walk through, or hidden in a place I could venture without looking. They didn't follow the rules, so it was a spider massacre.

I sprayed at least thirty. How they managed to get out of hand in such a short period of time is beyond me. I know there will be more this weekend. Those higher in the trees will venture down lower and it will be on again.

I'm ready. I have a full sprayer and plenty of insecticide.

Somebody 'Splain This

I looked at my stats, where visitors were from and found my own blog was the source of most of the visits over the night. What the heck?

Sunday, July 27, 2014


So, I'm trying to format a short story. The guidelines for submitting are specific and the magazine pretty well tells you it goes in the round file if not in the correct format.

Meanwhile, Word is being Word. Want to change something? It can do that, but not like you want. Word is the final arbitrator, so my frustration level is high.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Powerful Moment in Church

The preacher was inspired and determined
His sermon was powerful and long
A parishioner was also determined
To wish for the end and be gone

His bowels tortured his composure
The gas having all but escaped
He prayed for the end of the speaking
So he could leave with the utmost of haste

But fate was not be fortunate
When the preacher soon took a long pause
The man reached the end of his containment
The blast was shocking to all

Like a foghorn on a foggy night
A deep tone; echoing from the walls
Fading into a low rumble
One small blast; a peep; and that was all

One woman up front soon fainted
Another almost had a stroke
One man even started laughing
But was soon silenced by his wife’s stern poke

The preacher resumed his sermon
But it was soon determined by all
An odor was filling the chamber
Only missed by those that were tall

The preacher realized his powerful words
Could never overpower the evil aroma
He ended his sermon without a prayer
Wishing he’d never left Oklahoma

So the lesson learned on that day
And should always be passed on to friends
Is that boiled eggs and pickled okra
Create farts more evil than sin.

Friday, July 25, 2014

It's Getting Pathetic

I read the news, watch some commentary and listen to the radio. It's reached the point where it's so obvious a substantial amount of the media can only be pitied. With some, it's an obvious denial of how the political structure of the U.S. is removed from actual help to the constituents, but with others, it's obvious they're clueless to the plight of U.S. citizens.

I'm guessing those with an agenda are probably reaching the point where they are worried about their reputation and legacy. The others will probably find one day they've been a dumbass for so long, their only hope of survival will be in admitting their ignorance and hoping for the best. Those I doubt will find much sympathy. They're supposed to be the best in analyzing and presenting facts without politics or ignorance as guidelines for the presentation. People with less tolerance will be spiteful and vengeful.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Observation and a Question

 Why is it that things you have you don't need;  and things you need you don't have?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Where It All Started

Blogging starts, when the mind is too full. At least that's what caused me to start.

Someone told me - at total stranger at that - I should start blogging. So, I tested the water, placed a foot in to test the temperature, and promptly fell in; I came close to drowning.

Anyway,. that person has a blog. She used to post more, but even with less posts, I push aside all projects, when Lee Ann posts to go see what she has written.

Go see and take a gander. Read the archives and make sure you comment. Be careful; her razor wit, well structured thought (maybe a little demented...or not) and willingness to injure detractors can disembowel a troll from a few hundred feet.

One warning: Some might find her language a little salty, or the subject offensive. I don't, but then my job doesn't involve coordinating social gatherings at the local churches.

Of course, I regret writing this post, but it's better than having a honey badger gnaw my genitals for breakfast......yes, that was the threat.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Evil of Expectations

Life has taught me a few things. Some good; some bad, but one lesson that I learned - and too many people refuse to believe - is that a huge government hurts the poor.

How so? The larger the government, the more access to those willing to use the government to promote their personal agenda. It's all about numbers; the more people you can subvert, the more you can use for personal gain. The poor become pawns and they're rewarded for their ignorance with supposed efforts to help with their plight. Meanwhile, people make a living on useless programs, taxes are raised to cover the costs and those that are in the most need of every dollar they can muster, find everything they purchase is more expensive.

The middle class (I hate that phrase. Everyone in the United States is sovereign and any class system is only more politispeak.) face higher costs and they can only do everything they can to survive without the indignity of government help. The government doesn't care this happens. In fact, it's a windfall for bureaucrats and government employees. With the removal of personal liberties by the acceptance of public help, another minion is created to continue the subterfuge.

A smaller government means less intrusion, lower taxes, more opportunities and a return of power to the individual. The poor have an escape, the government stays as a public servant to those they represent and those with wealth are allowed to increase their wealth without the dishonest intervention of government. This wealth is shared by offering jobs, increasing compensation for those already working and a playing field where opportunities are for all; instead of only those with the resources to pay for the huge amounts of paperwork involved with regulations.

A government is a necessary evil to keep a large society safe, informed and regulated by necessary laws to allow justice; both for crime and equity. Allowing it to be anything else only leads to the problems the United States now faces. We are a nation of laws, but the laws should be simple, never intrude on personal liberty and kept to the minimum amount. When there are too many, and complicated by unrealistic goals, personal responsibility is removed. Bureaucrats acquire power, interpret complicated laws and mandate through administrative regulations, which create unnecessary jobs that only suck the wealth from the private citizen. This removal of wealth affects those with the least amount of money the most. While an increase in living cost is only an insignificant amount to those with resources, those in the most need of relief from dire financial conditions are faced with a cost they can't afford and their ability to escape from poverty is further removed.

A bloated government needs the poor. They use them as pawns to acquire power, manipulate resources and continue the bureaucracy. Their only hope to continue this trampling of liberty is to keep the poor ignorant, forever beholding to the scraps they allow, and successful obfuscation of their true purpose. They've been successful with this endeavor. This will never change as long as those most afflicted by their efforts continue to relish their ignorance and refuse to demand a smaller government.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

They'll Just Pick

The name of the song? "I'll Just Pick" and the band is the Dixie Dregs. If you've never heard of them you might know Steve Morse.

Enjoy and look them up on the interwiz. There's fine music to be found.

Bodies Falling From the Sky

News reports state that bodies fell from the sky, after a window rattling boom. They landed in yards, fields and one even went through the roof of a house, where it still remain; a naked woman waiting for authorities to retrieve the body.

I don't know about you, but the horrific event is revealing more horror. Not only is the actual occurrence disquieting and chilling, the aftermath, rhetorical squabbling and finger pointing brings an uncomfortable feeling. The reaction by those involved is not that of reasoned, responsible people. The raw emotional actions remind me of primitive societies; not modern nations of law, with the demand of accountability and the lack of political motivations for justice.

It takes exceptional world leaders at times such as these. Unfortunately, one key player - the United States of America - is selfishly absorbed in nonsense and it's reflected in the current President.

Friday, July 18, 2014

I Had a Few Beers That Evening.

I was using a backhoe/loader to move some cold mix asphalt in the temporary yard for a project. We needed more room, so I was moving it to one side of the yard.

You’ve seen backhoe/loaders. They resemble scorpions, with a front bucket as the pincers; the excavator attachment on the rear can be described as the stinger.

After running such a machine for a long period of time, using the controls is without thought. You just know what you want to do and it happens. I was busy, lost in thought and moving material.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement. At that time, I had full bucket, was moving forward and in the process of dumping the bucket. Within seconds, one of the hands climbed on the moving machine to tell me something.

All I heard was a scream; a yowling scream that ended in a high pitch of fear and agony.

Although it probably only lasted for a second or two, it seemed to take forever for me to analyze what happened, look down at his foot and raise the bucket.

As he climbed on the machine, he placed one foot on the step and the other in a pinch point between two control arms. The ton of material, plus the weight of the assembly concentrated on the one object impeding the progress.

As soon as the bucket was raised, he fell from the machine, started rolling on the ground and cried as he held his leg. I stopped, jumped from the machine, and went to help.  

I had to get his boot off his foot. If I left it on, his foot would swell, cut off circulation, and the damage would only be greater. We soon had the boot and sock removed; my stomach turned.

Have you ever seen a crushed foot? I never had and never want to again. It was disfigured, blue and it was obvious this was way beyond something I could handle. All I could do was talk to him and tell him help would be there shortly.

Someone in the field office called the ambulance. They arrived shortly, made a quick assessment and then were gone.

That happened in 1984. I still think about it now and then. The thoughts always lead to what I could have done differently and the guilt remains.

I don’t know what happened to him; I don’t even remember his name, but I remember that day. I had a few beers that evening. Too many and they didn’t help. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I Never Met Johnny Winter...

...but I know someone that did.

I went to school with a girl that married a former roadie of Johnny Winter. They were friends, so she got to see him, when he came to town.

She adored him, although she didn't have the same affection for Edgar. She liked Johnny's down-to-earth attitude and once commented on his long fingers, which she described as "kinda freaked her out".

Anyway, Johnny passed away. He hasn't been in good health for years and one of the newer videos I saw of him revealed time, and his former lifestyle, had taken almost all he had left.

The man was one of the best guitarists, if not the best blues guitarists.

I'm Pissed at Mexico

I'll start this post with the warning I'll do everything I can control my vocabulary, but I'm not making any guarantee. Sometimes, shocking language expresses better than anything else.

Why am I pissed? Tens of thousands of diseased, emaciated, unaccompanied children pass thousands of miles through a country and what's offered? Nothing, except con men, thieves, rapists, murderers and thugs.

As far as I'm concerned, Mexico is nothing but a shit-hole, run by criminals and we should not just close the border, we should send a battalion down there and let them go neanderthal on the government.  While there, they can single out the drug cartels and turn their mansions into burning piles of rubble.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm Curious

I've been watching the dispersing of illegal aliens for the last few days. Rumor has the border centers are too full, have plenty of problems and moving these aliens is to prevent the problems of overcrowding.

Why am I curious? I'm not seeing any "reporter" asking the Social Security offices if there's been an abnormal influx of applications. Have there? If so, what could be the reason for the oddity in applications?

It's easier to hide things, if you have lots of places to them. I might be wrong, but I have the feeling some government employees are hiding illegal activities and contributing to a problem created for political gain.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weeping Guitar

The Beatles made a huge mark on music; together and as separate artists. George Harrison probably was more low key than the rest, but wrote some songs that lasted and are the favorites of many, many people.

The following is a video of Eric Clapton and other musicians honoring their lost friend with a song that you will probably know.

Some Words of Advice

I was driving down the highway, when I spotted a young man walking on the opposite shoulder.

He wasn't wearing a shirt, which is not unknown, but my words of advice to the young man are:

 "If your physique immediately brings to mind the phrase "meth head", it's probably best you keep your shirt on."

At best, people are only amused, or insulted. At worst, the police might find a reason to stop you for questioning and discover that warrant for not reporting to your probation officer.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Respect Fades Even Farther Away

I used to like Bill Cosby. He seemed to be rational and thoughtful.

Apparently, he doesn't support a natural gas pipeline, which will help supply natural gas to parts of the Northeast.

As far as I'm concerned, he's another dumbass that lost the ability to reason and they should cut off his electricity, natural gas and cable. If he can't support what makes those things happen, he doesn't deserve to have the luxury of what they allow.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Wishes For A Friday Evening

Some really fine acoustic guitar work.

We'll Just Cut Off The Aid and Send Them an Invoice

Mexico has received hundreds of millions in U.S. aid. It's time to cut them off and send them a bill for the mess they're making.

Another thing: If they want to stop the mass migration of scofflaws, the solution is simple: Make it illegal to rent, sell or board anyone without identification. We won't have to send anyone home, when that happens. They'll leave because they'll have no place to stay.

Before anyone chimes in on this as "inhumane", think about the lack of humanity, when a government refuses to protect its citizens, forces those that work to contribute to funding they object to and ignores the laws officials swore to enforce, only a fool would not think of such things as inhumane.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Quagmires and Tort

I guess I have absolutely no respect for the abysmal congregation of egotistical buffoons we call Congress. In all of them, there's not a one with enough gumption to belly up to the bar, resign from being part of what any rational person would call organized crime, expose those they all know are the greatest contributors to the problem, and live the rest of their life with a tiny shred of honor.

Sue the President? Yeah, okay. What are they hoping to get? A judgement? Some money? A restraining order?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Something To Stick In Your Mind

You'll be thinking about this tomorrow and practicing, so you can sing it while driving.

It's by Todd Snyder, and this is from the Bob and Tom radio show.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day Two of the Series - Heat 10, Me Zip

It was 96 in the shade. Near anything that collects heat, it was over 100. The humidity was 70%. Using the handy dandy heat index calculator on the interwiz, the feel to a human body, or heat index, was around 142 degrees.

Of course, the NWS official temperature was 89 degrees, with a heat index of 102. I'm sure it it, wherever that may be, but it must be somewhere I'm not.

It's the usual: heat cramps, heat chills and lethargy. Don't you love summertime?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Won - Ten to Zip

One of those days. Shorthanded, no word on why they weren't at work and a heat index three degrees above the melting point of lead. My ass is dragging....look, there it is coming down the road.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Reading Between the Lines

A Marine command general reports the huge influx of illegals is a national security issue. What does this mean? What will happen?

 If the military acts within the bounds of their oath, the problem will be solved, even if Obama fails further with his task to protect the United States from foreign invaders. For the General Kelly to be bold enough to make such a statement shows a concern that goes beyond the demand to stand down by superior commanders.

We'll see how this continues. I have a feeling Obama has crossed the line and is now treading on very thin ice. Some things go beyond the petty incompetence of ideological fools. This may be one.

I Finished Chapter Ten

I'm hoping the block is gone and the rest will flow. How many more chapters is the question, and how many more I post is the other. At some point, the only revenue from a book will be possible if those curious enough to pay for the information are willing to part with some money.

Of course, there are a few I'll gladly give a copy. I think you know who you are and I really appreciate your comments and patience.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Oil Boom, Increased Supply and High Costs for Fuel

Normal economics dictate an increase in supply leads to a decrease in prices. So, why are fuel prices increasing?

I'm not an expert, so don't expound my opinions, but from my vantage point, there are a few things that contribute to high prices:

Excessive regulations stifle the refining of oil in the United States. Refineries that exist can expand; after jumping through hoops to accommodate bureaucracies. Beside the permits, an equal amount of land is required to be developed into a wetland. Developing multiple acres of land into a biological system is expensive. The costs are passed on to the consumer.

Transportation of oil is expensive. Until pipelines are built, oil is transported to trucks, which take it to collection points, where it's placed on trains, barges, or ships. With some far locations, all three methods are required to get the oil to the refinery. Another expense and it's passed on to the consumer.

Inflation is the hidden cost. Devaluation of the dollar leads to an increase in the quantity to satisfy the worth of what's purchased. It's an insidious method of dealing with debt by the Fed and the result is higher fuel prices, even if every other part of the puzzle didn't cause any increase in costs.

Last, but not least: Taxes. While supposed "environmentalists" gnash their teeth and the government takes their side with new regulations, government entities lap up the gravy with abandon. Their share of the money for oil products is more than the profit of those that do all the work, yet they never seem to want to help by reducing taxes to help the consumer.

We have a boom, oil is plentiful and normal economics were thrown away for ideology and government greed. It's typical and unconscionable. The United States should be in a economic boom, but it never will be as long as current politics are allowed.

Who do we blame for high fuel prices? Look in the mirror. You might have voted for those that are causing you the most harm.

Friday, July 4, 2014

A Busy Bunch of Songs

ELP "Tarkus"

Fear and Denial

Liberals fear something. What? I don't know, but their fear leads to the ridiculous belief that the cooperative effort of government can somehow make them safer. Even worse, they deny - even to themselves - that liberty offers more security than any government.

I think this makes liberalism an emotional disorder. How this can be treated is beyond me, but something sure needs to be done.

Independence Day

Years ago, somebody took a bullet, succumbed to disease, lost everything they owned, or watched friends and family killed, in the hope they could gain liberty. Today is the day we celebrate their victory, but I'll start this day with a prayer our nation never completely degrades to where the only way we keep that liberty is in circumstances as brutal as those that led to the greatest nation ever created.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Friday Evening Fleetwood Mac

Lindsey Buckingham is a fine guitarist and the following is probably one of his best works.

I Don't Think They'll Like The Outcome

Realistically, moving the illegal aliens around the country is one of the worst things to be done. If they harbor deadly diseases, the chances of transmittal increase exponentially.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

They're Missing The Most Important Point

After you wade through the hoopla, hype and outright lies, you can find the point ignored by those that think they're in power. That point? Respect, or lack of the same.

The majority of the people in the United States don't believe in AGW, don't want illegal immigrants in the country, think Obamacare is crap, despise the arrogance of Federal Agencies and are insulted by the lack of respect they're afforded daily.

Respect is a two way street. When the government stops respecting the citizens, the citizens stop respecting the government, and the citizens have them outnumbered.