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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Peanut Hoarders and Thieves

 We usually have  at least one pair of red belly woodpeckers every year. They rob the feeder for food, fly away, and over time, they will bring their hatchlings to the feeder for food. Eventually, they chase the young ones away, and the cycle starts again next year. 

We had an occasional redheaded woodpecker last year. The eventually brought their two youngsters for food, chased them away when they were ready, and they disappeared. 

About a month ago, a redheaded woodpecker decided the feeder was in his territory and would chase away the other woodpeckers. As we watched, we realized he would take peanuts, go to the power pole, and push them into crevasses in the wood. The amount was amazing, and if I had to guess, there were over two dozen to be seen. 

The day before yesterday, when the redheaded woodpecker was away, the red belly male robbed his peanuts from the pole. He succeeded in taking them all during the day, and the redheaded woodpecker could only chase it away, when he discovered the trespasser in its territory. 

Yesterday, the redheaded woodpecker started its hoarding again. There aren't any peanuts to be seen in the crevasses this morning, although I watched it place them during the day. I have the feeling the effort is fruitless, and it's labor will be in vain.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Spring and What Is Probably Normal

 It's rained for the last five days. Some have only had a brief shower. Others were torrential downpours that left some areas reeling from as much as 18 inches in  a few hours. I've seen times like this in the past, so only the true climate cult members can blame it on weed whackers and lawnmowers. 

We've only had about 8 inches, but that's been spread out over days. It keeps us from flooding, but those that live where outfalls are located are experiencing the rise of water that cuts off roads and floods homes. Our road can flood, but so far it's not impassable. 

According to the weather wizards, we have a few more days of rain, with a chance of heavy rainfall in isolated areas. That can mean little, or for those already flooded, their efforts to clean up the mess may be futile. I feel for them, but many are on their fourth flood. According to news reports, many will call this the last straw and try to sell their home, after they have repaired the damage.

So, it's been an exceptional, but not completely abnormal, Spring. Even a month ago I was wondering if we would have a drought. We've had those too: Dry Springs, with hot, dry Summers. The damage can be as great, since the undergrowth in the woods becomes tinder for unaccompanied fires. The result can lead to thousands of acres, and homes, reduced to ash.

Summer is close, and for the first time in almost fifty years, my work won't demand I suffer in the heat. That's going to be a new experience. I'm looking forward to having the option of staying indoors during the worst of the oppressive heat. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Accepting Incompetence

 In my view, much of the failure of all aspects of government is accepting incompetence. Failures are often awarded with promotions. In government entities, lawyers run policy, and policy dictates way too many hurdles to terminate the employment of a problem employee. It's much easier to promote such employees and end the problem. 

I've watched local larger communities slowly sliding into blight over the last four decades. Money is squandered through unreasonable salaries; pensions are destined for bankruptcy, and the caliber of employee doesn't match the pay. To make things worse, too many of those that failed in the private sector thrive in the public sector. 

How does this end? More urban blight, unwillingness for businesses to be created, the fleeing of those concerned with their children, and the unacceptable condition of increasing crime. People don't like to see their money wasted, and larger cities are exceptional at wasting the limited resources of taxes. 

As the infrastructure deteriorates, the businesses close, the population of taxpayers decreases, and incompetence becomes rampant, many cities become wastelands filled with those that can't leave, or thrive in the criminal underground society. It's unhealthy, and ultimately leads to large cancerous areas surrounded by younger communities filled with those that only work in the city because that's were their job is. With time, and more jobs not requiring commuting, the cancer eventually completely destroys what at one time was a city with proud citizens willing to be proactive.

Friday, May 7, 2021


 I think we've thrown honesty away. Nobody trusts anyone, and it's a well founded lack of trust. The best of contracts can lead to bankrupting litigation. The lying of those in politics leaves only the most ignorant believing there's honor in the decisions of politicians. Public officials lie to cover their incompetence. Scientists lie to promote their theories. The list goes on forever, and it makes me wonder why we've reached a point where the glue of a healthy society is not being demanded any longer. 

Will this end? I wonder, since it's easy to accept ignorance. Ignorance allows unfounded opinion, and the ability to deny that too much of our society is wallowing in distrust. It's a type of anarchy, since the prey is easy pickings and the predators are allowed to hunt with little interference.