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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Trying To Figure It Out

My stats suck this month. Some of this I attribute to the amount of posts, but some of it makes no sense at all.

The bots are visiting, but the hits aren't reflecting the usual amount, which makes me think there is something else keeping people away.

Anyway, I'll keep on slugging along. I even thought about writing a post about anal bleaching, but hesitate, since I'm really ignorant of today's society - with all the obsessive shaving by men and women - and I wouldn't want to offend a reader that finds anal bleaching a miracle of modern cosmetology.

So, I'll wait for some inspiration and hope a story appears.


  1. Heh. Thank you for not giving in to the anal bleaching urge. What little I do know is more than enough for me!

  2. Is that some kind of code for something dirty I don't know about or are you talking about honest to goodness asshole bleaching? You disturb me a little by just knowing about that shit. Damn Jess, email me if you need to talk bro. My numbers are down too! but aw, damn Jess. I'm here for ya man. the rat

  3. Oh no. Is this how it starts? Anal bleaching just to get ratings?

  4. I saw a news story about anal bleaching, which I originally thought was a joke. After I realized it was true, I had to look it up on the internet. Now I know more about it than I wanted.

  5. My anal bleaching post was actually the peak of my creativity. In retrospect, I should have closed the blog down then and gone out in a blaze of glory.

    1. Would that be the same as a "bleach burn-out"?

    2. After I read the Wikopedia article, realized that "do it yourself" efforts had tragic results, and stopped to think of what type of person would be so obsessed with the shade of their ass meat, I had to have some scotch.

  6. Jeebus Pete Tam- you owe me a new keyboard and the ER bills on my RC-Cola burned sinuses...
    I missed the word 'post' in your comment and almost went into vapor lock! My immediate thought was whether it was an office procedure or a DIY kit, then I succumbed to apoplexy.

    Man, I gotta take more care in reading this stuff...
    Skimming comments can kill ya.