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Sunday, January 31, 2021

A Problem Not Handled

Biden's connection with the Chinese is a problem he should have handled before the election. Regardless of guilt, or of his family's connections, the seed is planted of the suspicion of treason. That can lead to any legislation, or executive order, signed by Biden to be suspect. 

Biden, at this point, doesn't have to be guilty of any corruption. The problem he didn't handle has now forced him to prove his innocence, instead of a prosecutor proving his guilt. If he was honest, he would have demanded to be exonerated, but he allowed the media to cover for him, while he hid in the basement. The same can be said for his Vice President, and the members of Congress that ignored a possible security threat to the United States. Honest members of the military can suspect any orders that are counterproductive to the security of the nation, and those in command may be forced to act upon any orders that they perceive as a danger to the United States.

Only the foolish, and corrupt, believe the current administration is in power by honest means. That presents a problem they will ultimately be unable to handle. A huge amount of the general public is outraged by the corruption, the cheerleading media is finding they've lost control, the tech savvy have been injured by the actions of the administration, and the military is finding they are not respected by those they swore to protect. At best, the current administration will last to the mid terms. At worst, enough information will be become public, and those at the highest position will find they have to defend themselves from one of the worst crimes to commit. 

The greatest of problems can usually be handled by the simplest of solutions. With the United States, the grave problem of an election suspected of being illegal could have been handled by stepping back, taking more time, and having the states with problems demand identification, a well vetted count, and proving the results were as accurate as possible. Those with integrity would have had no problem with this method, since they would feel they compromised their morals for gain. Instead, those involved attempted to hide anything they felt would make them appear incompetent, or corrupt; and the media hid everything they could.

So now we are here. A country divided by the most basic of beliefs. One side not the least bit concerned about their culpability in criminal activities, and the other concerned the tethers of a free society are being cut by those willing to trade money for liberty, and safety. It's an unhealthy condition, and different from any event in the near past. While, in the past, freedom was taken from millions by the confiscation of what kept their antagonist at bay, an aware society today knows the folly of this action, and will not give up their ability to have liberty. The results may be terrible for a problem that could have been handled honestly, and with the demand for liberty as a guide for a healthy society.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

The Society of Dogs

 Retirement has brought some changes to my life, and my sleep schedule is one of them. I sometimes wake in the middle of the night, and find I have no sleep left to use. This leads to my mind waking, thoughts abounding, and the necessity of getting out of bed. 

I brewed a hot cup of tea, and went out on the porch to observe the night. It was as still as night can be, and the air was just above being crisp. The steam from my tea went straight up, and dissipated without the tiniest breath of wind to disturb the event. The moon, and stars, were hazy from the high stratus starting to form from a front forecast to arrive tomorrow night.

As I sat, I heard in the distance the faint sound of a siren. From how faint it was, I determined it was on a highway about five miles away. When it's quiet, sound carries a long way in the woods. I've heard the rumble of a train passing on a track even further away than the highway.

Soon, the dogs way in the distance started howling. The nearer dogs soon followed, and in short period of time, all the dogs within hearing distance were howling. I'd guess there were hundreds howling, which made me think there must be a dog society. We don't notice it, but it's there; a primeval pack that is always aware of the calls of the others. A network to announce unknown possible dangers, and all that can join in to advance the warning.

After the siren faded, the howling stopped. The quiet returned, and the night air started stirring from a light wind from the East. I finished my tea, went back into the kitchen, thought about things for a moment, and decided to throw a batch of cookies in the oven. 

The cookies are cooling, and it's time to brew another cup of tea.

Games and Computers

 I haven't quite wrapped my head completely around the GameStop stock debacle, but it appears those with the most to lose by pissing off those with computer proficiency way beyond what can be considered average, have shot themselves in the foot. These are people that can, and will, dick with everything they can from the keyboard they use for hours daily. How this turn out will be interesting, but I doubt it will be pleasant.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Drunk With Power

 The current administration is drunk with power. When you include the incompetence of the clowns in charge, it's apparent it won't be long before they find they've puked on their shoes. 

Monday, January 18, 2021

Useful Fools

 The Fascists the Democrats used to help cause problems, and help steal the election, have served their usefulness. Now, they will first be villainized, then they will be eliminated with a crackdown on their organizations. It's the way of the Marxists, and the useful fools will find they have no place to hide.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

One Man; One Reponsibility

 The President is in charge of national security. With that responsibility is the preservation of the Constitution, protection from enemies (both foreign and domestic) and the task of guaranteeing the citizens have their voting rights protected from from fraud or interference. At this time, the Constitution is under attack, widespread voter fraud has occurred, politicians have traded wealth for the nation, and the President's duty is to prevent those willing to destroy the country from having the power to do so. 

President Trump, you have 70 million backing you. Do your job. 

Simple Solutions

 The simple solutions for voter fraud are identification, the removal of electronic voting, slower demands for the outcome, vetting by third parties, severe penalties for fraud, and not allowing one party to orchestrate the counting. None of these things requires huge amounts of money, disfranchises any voter, and the outcome will be an honest count of the voters. 

So, with the solutions so obvious, why are they not demanded by the citizens? Mostly because citizens are ignorant, unwilling to accept their party is dishonest, and greed. None of these items are part of a healthy society, and honest people can make the changes if they become more involved. 

A good start is admitting your social media network is part of the problem, and deleting your account. That, and refusing to watch the networks that promote the things that destroy liberty. Both are part of the problem, and will never be part of the solution.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Tired of the Deep Piles

 I'm tired of the B.S. that's piled up by the media every day. Outright treasonous rags - with large media outlets - print lies, stir crap, attempt to destroy those that don't subscribe to their agenda, and want people to believe they are actually reporting the news. They're run by evil asses, and their employees are the scourge of society. That's the small thing.

According to what I've found (after pulling out kernels of truth from the piles of manure) is that the capitols of states, an the nation, are full of National Guard troops to keep the peace. This makes me think of the ramifications of this action, and those that used their power to accomplish this task. Calling in the Guard is serious business, and according to news reports, it's a reaction to an FBI warning.

So, here we are with a substantial amount of the state capitols shutting down, and D.C. being basically under martial law. Since the only known order for the guard is to keep the peace, and reports are that some will be armed, who are they expecting to be so organized they need to the extra help?

Reports state that numerous people are being arrested for the event at the nation's capitol. The media is basically silent on who these people are, which makes me think they aren't conservatives. If they were, the media would be dancing with their long knives and slashing away at who they despise. That leads me to more thought.

At this time, Trump is still President, and the military of the United States is totally under his power. Where is all this going, and is there more about this calling of the Guard than appears? Has the FBI used its power to complete the coup? Is the President readying the nation for a return to justice? We won't know today, but will soon.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Censorship and Free Enterprise

 Facebook blocked Ron Paul from his page. I won't link, since there are links all over the internet. It's amazing, but not surprising. Facebook is run by Fascists, and regardless of opinions, is a private company and operating within it's right. That leads to more amazement. People who supposedly are upset by the turn of politics in this country continue to keep their Facebook page, watch their football on the alphabet Nazi networks, and if my suspicions are correct, have no idea they're supporting those that are willing to destroy the United States. 

People who are not willing to give up their guilty pleasures for liberty surely don't deserve it, and should not be surprised if they lose it completely.

I have to add that I had a brief conversation with Dr. Paul years ago. He's a thoughtful, gentle, well-spoken man, and can only be considered a "threat", if you're so settled in your thoughts, you're scared of ideas that demand you take the responsibilities of liberty.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Communicating Thoughts

The Federalists Papers were published under the name Publius in various newspapers. The essays were the thoughts of some of the founders of the United States, which eventually solidified into what we know as the Constitution of the United States. They were important to an experiment into a nation where individual liberty was more important than any government official, or agency. Even the President has no special consideration in our system, and if you've paid attention over the last few days, you know that's true. 

The most important thing about the Federalist Papers was that they were available. They could be read; unlike the censorship appearing by social media over the last few days. If the reason for this isn't apparent then understand without communication, all important ideas are as fruitful as a tree in the desert. That's why it's more than important to understand the local television station, radio, newspaper, national networks, social media platforms, and all other forms of communication taking part in censorship need to be taken to task. There are other ways to find information, and it's best to avoid the outlets that are part of censorship by intention, or outright ignorance. They are not there to help, and they are as dangerous as the propaganda outlets of the Communist nations.  

Thursday, January 7, 2021

What Happens When... piss off over 50 million people? I don't know, but we'll see. One thing, nothing will change as long as a President that did nothing wrong is censored by social media. That's were it begins, and ends. Without the ability to communicate, a message of importance is useless.

So, are you still on Facebook? Twitter? Some other site that censors free speech? If so, you're are part of the problem, and not the solution.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

What's Real?

 The mainstream media can't be trusted to report without embellishing their agenda. Facts are hidden, dismissed, or twisted to subvert reality. Critical thinking is absent from the commentators, and most of the reporting is by vapid, empty headed news readers that think they are important. So, what's real?

There are far more many people that don't believe the news than do. That, and government - from local to national - is not only distrusted, there's an anger towards those that not only abuse their power, they waste precious tax dollars stolen by fiat decrees. Property taxes are raised by revaluing real estate, regulations destroy small business, and the typical approach for reducing spending is for elected officials to raise their salaries. 

What about voting? There's widespread fraud, and I don't know a single person that feels that voting leads to the will of citizens. How can this be tolerated, and how can the mainstream media ignore the fact a vote is useless, if the voter is not legally able to cast a vote? How can officials not be dragged to the square and hung for their treason of allowing people to vote without identification?

The one thing I see that is different about current events, when compared to the past failures of Socialism is the sanctity of the second amendment has not been completely subverted. That is the only thing left to prevent total tyranny. Hopefully, it will never resort to outright violent rebellion, but unless our elected officials stand their ground, the repercussion of the election fraud may be rough.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Maybe the Flu?

 With the deceit so rampant these days, and the fear mongering to boot, people that weren't afraid of Covid become fearful, when a family member is "diagnosed" with Covid, has severe complications, and dies. The death is a terrible thing, but so is the fact that even coroners are boiler-housing death reports with erroneous information about the cause of death. When you add the money-making efforts of medical professionals to us the Covid diagnoses for personal gain, it appears the flu disappeared this year. 

So, why are people not paying attention, realizing that the flu has always been deadly, and not continuing their lives without the constant fear? I wish I knew, and had a solution for their anxiety. Humans have always been exposed to deadly illnesses, and never let them defeat their spirit to achieve liberty. 

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Who's First

 If Biden is sworn in, he'll issue a mask order, which will be ignored by most of the "fly over country", which will be his reason for declaring martial law, which will mean U.S. soldiers forcing citizens to ignore the Constitution, and the final result will be some "help" by foreign "friends", who will step in with their military, when the U.S. soldiers refuse to harm their fellow citizens. It's that, or the citizens will lay down, and accept their masters, or Trump can declare martial law first and have the majority of the citizens behind him.

So, who's first?

Friday, January 1, 2021

New Year Thought

 My wife asked me how I was doing mentally, since I retired, and retirement has some complications for some. My answer was: "I feel good, since I felt like I finished a project" (my working years). It's like a long construction project, when you complete your punch list, double check one last time, and you drive away. Everything is done, any maintenance requirements are for the owner, and whatever was built is now functional. It's a good feeling, and satisfying.