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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Corruption of Decency

Decency is behavior that is respectful, and dignified. At least, that's what it once meant. It appears it's being corrupted.

At one time, the use of vulgar language wasn't accepted in public. Now? It's not uncommon to hear some of the foulest language possible, while in a restaurant, or walking down the street. I'm not offended by the language, since I hear such language on a construction project, but I know most people I know would never say such things around their family, a member of the clergy, and definitely not in public. Saying something to those that use such language may end up in violence, which is another thing that seems to be accepted more than it was in the past.

Our politicians are appearing less decent daily. The foul language, lack of ethics, lying, character assassination, and criminal behavior is ignored by the leadership of the government. Such things demand censure at best, and expulsion at worst.

Government isn't effective when decency is ignored, but it seems that's how many think it should work. False accusations, and loud diatribes, instead of a logical premise, are replacing the demands of civil debate. Even former President Obama called for getting in someone's face, instead of having a civil conversation.

These are interesting times. Vulgarity, bullying, violence, and ignoring personal liberty are accepted by too many, and the media is complicit in these actions. The solution is to demand more from those that represent us, or provide us with news, but it seems too many would rather ignore the erosion of decency. This isn't good for a healthy society, and the final result will never be good if it continues.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

So, It Starts

Another rape accusation is in the news  It's convenient, since no proof is needed, and the character assassination is complete. What will finally happen? Men will be hesitant to even talk to women, dating will be a farce, and every woman will be suspected of dishonesty. After all, if a former date becomes angry, or wanting to capitalize on the fortune of someone they once knew, it's easy to throw decency aside. Anger can be satisfied, money can be made, and the only thing required is the ability to be convincing to those that are hungry for a good news story.

I can't begin to know what women think, but I have a feeling those with integrity know the perils of what is now beginning. Nobody likes being suspected of dishonesty, and knows how that type of perception destroys a healthy society. Social interaction demands honesty, and the raising of children demands a society that doesn't punish only because of gender. A mother with boys will find it hard to explain how society failed to demand only character. A mother with girls will find it hard to explain how society perceives them as suspects of dishonesty simply because of their gender.

A good media would do more to condemn this change, but with juicy stories for revenue, the craving for ratings overcomes any decency. This will only get worse, before it gets better.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Where It Might Go

There's not much about Dr. Ford's family, or her high school classmates. That makes me wonder if she really wants an FBI investigation. What might they find? How did her classmates perceive her? What will be discovered about her over the last 36 years? Will it show her in a favorable light? Or, will it show her as someone with problems that can't be trusted? Has her family deliberately avoided public comment because there's nothing good to say about Dr. Ford?

The Democrats don't care about her. She should know this, especially after her wish to remain out of the spotlight was ignored for political gain. After they're through with her, she'll be discarded, and maybe vilified, if it's favorable toward the narrative.

My opinion is that the cost of an FBI investigation should come out of the salaries of the members of Congress supporting the investigation. They created this event, and they should pay for it.


I only caught snippets of the Kavanaugh side show yesterday, but what I saw was disappointing.

The questioning of Ford was softball. When her selective memory was revealed, they should have asked for an immediate adjournment, removed her, and chastised the members of Congress that were backers of the farce. If she can't produce tangible evidence, there is no crime or impropriety. Any first year attorney would have noticed this, and cringed, when the hearing continued.

Kavanaugh was too nice. He's going to be in the big league, so he needs to play hardball. Instead of focusing his anger on the group of Congress members, he should have gone for Feinstein's throat. She is the reason for the letter, the letter was never produced, and her actions demand Senate punishment. That, and an investigation into her acts that can be described as criminal by the language of U.S. Code. Those also involved would have quickly moved away from supporting Feinstein, and been relieved they had an out to save their political career.

The media was the typical Coliseum crowd hoping for spilled blood. They should have never been allowed to keep their biased editing, and opinions, from being broadcast. The media has no intention of fairness, and allowing them to taint a formal hearing is ridiculous.

We'll see what happens next, but the Senators needs to be focusing on reestablishing their integrity. There are Senators that swore to uphold the Constitution that obviously never read the document. They're a cancer to effective legislation and need to be removed.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Circus Politics

The Kavanaugh/Ford hearing is on, and from what little I heard, it's a circus. This never should have reached this point, and Grassley should have played hard ball, when Feinstein pulled her stunt.

I don''t know if Kavenaugh will be on the Supreme Court, but I do know the riff between the liberals, and the conservatives will open wider. The stakes are high enough now to where there will only be one winner in all of this, and the winner will be the one that's most ruthless. Right, or wrong, that's how it's been since the beginning of time.

Tipping Point

I have some relatives that I consider bat-shit crazy, because they vote for liberals. Trying to have a logical conversation with them is fruitless. They arrive at their opinions without logic, or any understanding of the cost of their belief in something that always fails. I avoid them, since I really don't have anything I want to say to them that even hints at being polite.

I guess we've reached a tipping point. Those that believe taxing people to death, and allowing the government to remove all vestiges of liberty are in complete disagreement with those that don't. While they have a right to their belief, they don't have a right to demand confiscatory taxes, and unbridled bureaucracy.

What's the answer? There are many, but I'm to that point where time doesn't allow long periods for unraveling the Gordian Knot created by a those as ignorant as a bag of hammers. Many want to take the time to untie the knot. I don't. It costs too much, and the ultimate result is the same as just cutting the knot.

The midterms will determine much of how the country evolves. Make sure you vote, and remember: if you're willing to sacrifice liberty for security, you really shouldn't vote.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

I Doubt They Have a Clue

I wonder if those so willing to defame Kavanaugh realize he's not someone they should take lightly. While they may prevent his nomination, they can't prevent his vindictiveness, when he uses the courts to destroy their fortunes, the fortunes of their attorneys, and becomes a warrior against the Democrats. That, and easily assume a Supreme Court seat in the future.

There's absolutely no way Ford can acquire evidence against Kavanaugh. She only has "witnesses" that state she told them about the supposed incident, which is hearsay, inadmissible as evidence, and leaves her entire story as slander. Slandering a powerful federal judge only makes the repercussions worse, and regardless of who supports her now, she'll find those so willing to stand behind her will run, when she's dragged into a personal injury trial.

The Democrats need to reconsider their effort. While drawing Ford into the court of public approval, they've become accomplices in slander. They may think they can worm their way out of any financial penalties, but they need to think again. Perpetuating slanderous accusations, and using their office to remove the rights of a citizen is a crime. Conspiring to do so is a crime also.  Not only are they exposed to the costs of defending themselves for a crime, they might find the more expensive cost of a personal injury suit soon to follow.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

And People Actually Watch

Joy Behar thinks Kavanaugh is guilty, and will be confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice.  Then she predicts he will be impeached. How? By what charges? And, does she actually think the Senate will have enough votes to vote for impeachment, even if the articles of impeachment make it through the House?

People actually watch her show. That's what really amazes me. She constantly talks out of her rear end, and her viewers applaud, while shaking their heads in approval. Of course, the majority of her panel is just as "talented".

They should join a circus. They'd make an entertaining side show.

Monday, September 24, 2018


It would take a special idiot to not know the Democrats are panicked, and doing everything they can to stall the Kavanaugh vote. Their only hope is a turnover of Congress, and they'll do anything to stop a conservative Supreme Court justice from taking the bench; even criminal fraud.

We don''t have leaders left in Washington. We have weak, cowardly people that are paid way too much for their feckless and wasteful actions. They can't even tell someone that is obviously a liar to pound sand, and keep the timetable for a vote.

Screw them. If they don't want to fix the country, they'll one day face those that do. Going home may be a reminder of how lonely it can be, when a substantial amount of your neighbors think you're a worthless, lying piss-ant.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Every Year is Different

This summer is ending with rain. The fronts that usually push through are slowly approaching, stalling, and we receive rain. This is second period this year, and I woke to steady rain, with occasional heavy showers. The sky is heavy with dark gray clouds, and there's no sign of any breaks to come.

It's now officially Fall. The season is my favorite, and instead of bringing the dread of a brutal Winter, it signifies relief from the months of brutal heat. It's definitely cooler, but we're still having morning lows in the 70's and forecasts with temperatures in the upper 80's and low 90's.

So far, we've had no threat of a tropical system, and the window is closing for that possibility. That leads to the relief of knowing another hurricane season passed without incident. We've had too many over the last decade, and even the most pessimistic now avoid using the phrase: "We're overdue for a hurricane". That's a good thing, I can't fathom how anyone would even think of a hurricane as something you are expected to receive. Sure, they can happen, but my optimism keeps me from anticipating the dread that some seem to want to embrace. 

Friday, September 21, 2018

Why Do You Think They're Turning on Him?

If true, Rosenstein has reached the very, very thin ice. The smoking gun points to Rosenstein being right in the middle of the Russian collusion hoax, and this further reinforces any necessity for removing him from office. Considering how the New York Times is reporting this, instead of trying to hide it, makes me wonder why they're turning on Rosenstein.

Time will reveal many things, but the things already revealed indicate there's a strong need to purge many in the highest levels of the Department of Justice, and Federal Bureau of Investigation. An attempt was made to overthrow the President, and those involved are traitors.

This Is How You Handle Rumors

This new reports states President Trump made this tweet:

...“I have no doubt that, if the attack on Dr. Ford was as bad as she says, charges would have been immediately filed with local Law Enforcement Authorities by either her or her loving parents. I ask that she bring those filings forward so that we can learn date, time, and place!”...

How about that? That's what most people have been thinking, and it's how such things should be handled. Deliberately attempting to tarnish a reputation without proof is a form of fraud that demand accountability. Between Feinstein, and Ford, the insult to U.S. law, Congress, and those that are paying for their circus, is unconscionable. They both need exposing as frauds, and Feinstein needs to be censured.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Just Like Toilet Paper

When the Democrats are through with Dr. Ford, she'll be discarded like toilet paper. Her testimony will be without evidence, the Democrats will find they have made a mistake, and if she had any credibility, it too will be flushed.

According to reports, Dr. Ford didn't want any of this public, which is a strange request, when the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice is influenced by her letter. I doubt she's that ignorant, except of her naivety. The Democrat attempted to crucify all of the accusers of Bill Clinton's sexual predation. Thinking she's not just as unimportant, when their efforts fail, is naive, and now dangerous.

Now we wait. Her attorney's are hoping for their day in the sun to promote their careers, the Democrats involved will start distancing themselves from Ford, the media circus will have a new sideshow, and there's probably some reporter looking for a juicy story to write.

Regardless of what happened, there's no way to prove, or disprove, the allegations. All information to be gleaned will only be conjecture, and the interest in the entire event will fade quickly.

Personally, I believe the doctor either fabricated the allegation, or has created a memory from some other event. We'll never know, but we will know the attempted character assassination of Kavanaugh will be brutal. That, and Senator Feinstein's career is tarnished beyond repair.

Maybe He Should Ask First

Michael Moore may move to Canada.  I don't know if Canada knows anything about him, but his past history of embellishing for movie sales may be something they don't want to deal with. That, and his future neighbors may find him repulsive.

Anyway, I hope he does. I haven't felt he was supportive of liberty, or the United States for years. It would prove he has some integrity, and give him another government to criticize....and the opportunity to dine at some of Canada's finest restaurants.

How It's Supposed to Work

This crap with the Kavanaugh confirmation is a circus. It wouldn't be the way it is, if there was real leadership. Maybe it will appear, but I don't have much confidence.

What should be done? First, Feinstein should be taken to task for her obvious effort to prolong the hearings and vote for replacement of a Supreme Court Justice. A letter of condemnation needs to be written for the record, and if needed, a formal motion for censuring. She's out of control, and needs reigning in. The integrity of the Senate is compromised as long as she's allowed on any committee.

The woman that made the claim against Kavanaugh needs to be investigated.  She's had 36 years to file a former complaint, and the timing of her allegation is more than suspicious. False claims can be a crime, and are always a civil liability.

The vote should taken as originally planned. The detractors, and the media, can foam at the mouth all they want. If Kavanaugh is confirmed, the Supreme Court will again have the uneven number of justices to ensure a determination that doesn't end in a tie.

What will happen? I see a continuation of the feckless muddling. It's part of the process of answering to the crooks in the media, instead of the citizens, and the demand for duty.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I wonder if They Realize They've Been Played?

Trump instructed the declassification of certain documents requested by some Senators. The Senators, sworn to secrecy, can't release the unredacted documents to the public, but are certain the information revealed will reveal an intentional effort the defy the rules of law, and to change the United States in violation of the methods outlined in the Constitution.

Apparently, there's some in the DOJ, the FBI and in Congress that are willing to break some serious laws in defiance of the instructions. That's their prerogative, but after Trump fires those he can, they are only a short step from being charged with a felony. As far as members of Congress, they will take a different stance, if they suddenly realize they can't hold public office as felons.

Trump set a huge trap. Even within the short time he set the trap, it's obvious he might need to tell Sessions to have his U.S. Attorneys to be ready, or to empty his desk. Either way, what's called the "Deep Sate" is in serious trouble, they know this, and I'm betting there will be plenty of people willing to spill the beans to avoid prosecution.

Let the games begin. This will be interesting to watch.

It's Time For Them To Vote

The weenies calling themselves Senators need to suck it up, vote, and either confirm Kavenaugh, or continue their feckless adventure in "leadership". The supposed attempted rape victim is either a rube to hold the confirmation past the mid-terms, or seriously disturbed. Either way, there's no reason to avoid the responsibilities demanded by the Constitution.

As far as the media: They'll continue to lie, create fiction, and do their best to destroy the Trump presidency. Otherwise, business as usual with the seditionists, and their masters.

Monday, September 17, 2018

What Will We Find Out?

Trump orders the feds to declassify documents that might show what the Democrats don't want anyone to see. That, and expose faults in the FISA court system, criminal actions by government officials, and how the Muellor investigation was founded completely on hearsay from a dubious source.

So, we shall see what happens. Will Sessions demand a criminal investigation? Will FISA courts issue writs to officials involved with the subterfuge? Will Muellor's investigation end due to a lack of evidence and a specific charge? I hope so. This needs to end, people need to go to jail, and the United States needs to be placed back into the hands of the citizens.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Still Morning

We had a short shower yesterday evening. It left mostly clear skies, but off to the East were towering clouds that turned deep orange in the setting sun. As the sun faded, the dying thunderstorms filled the distant sky with lightning to add to the pale light of the lightning bugs.

This morning, as I sat on the porch, it was still. Only a few of the night insects were still singing. I watched as the light slowly revealed the pasture across the road. The distant trees were silhouettes and a thin ground fog hid the short grass. The lightest of leaves hung completely still.

The sky turned from a dim gray, to a dull blue, and the orange horizon soon promised the start of the day would be clear.

The mocking birds sang their morning song, and off in the distance, the dull thud of shotguns announced the start of the hunting day for those taking advantage of dove season.

The coffee was good, and the peaceful setting allowed me time to just sit and think. Not about anything important, but about how these simple moments are when worries can be pushed away, and the enjoyment of simple things clears away the things that can overwhelm, when allowed.

I don't know what the day will reveal, but it had a good start. Sunday doesn't demand getting ready for work, or the early trip to the office. That's what Sundays are for. After all, even God took a break on this day, and that's a good enough reason for me.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Do You Want to Bet?

John Kerry broke the law by illegal meeting with Iran officials.  I'm betting nothing happens to him, although a less polite society would have his execution scheduled for tomorrow morning.

My Idea

With so many ignorant souls wanting Socialism, I'm willing to turn Yellowstone into their Nirvana.

First, close the park, and ship in about a million tents. Dig enough pits for 50,000 outhouses, and provide MRE's for food. Agricultural tools will be provided, and seed for crops. Areas will be fenced for the production of animals for meat. Building materials will be provided for homes, but all homes will be less than 800 square feet.

Next, for all those wanting to try this new government, they have to furnish their total net worth, and give it to the government. After that, they have to move to Yellowstone and start their new life. 

Medical care will be provided, but those that are older will be refused medical care, if supplies dictate rationing.

Working will be mandatory. To have anything furnished by the collective, you have to be productive. A committee will determine who is being productive. Anyone found by the committee to not be working to full potential will have their food rationed.

Wildlife will not be harvested for food, under penalty of death. Anyone that protests conditions will be arrested, and sent to re-education areas. Anyone that commits a crime will be prosecuted, if the government provided law enforcement thinks it's necessary.

The media will not be allowed. All information will be provided from approved sources in Yellowstone. Anyone that furnishes unapproved information will be prosecuted, and either sent to the re-education area, or executed.

One stipulation will be nobody leaves. All that enter will stay for a mandatory two years. Those trying to leave will be shot.

How many do you think will jump at this opportunity? I think many would, but doubt any would relish the full two year period. They would fully understand Socialism, and be the best propagandist for the abolishing the blight many ignorant, foolish people think is good.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Let's Return to Civility

Representative Steve Scalise wants leaders on both sides to call out those promoting violence. It's a good thought, but what he fails to detail is that the violence is paid for by rich Progressives like Soros. The Democrats are in his back pocket, and because they are politicians, anything they say in agreement to stop the violence is only more stale rhetoric.

We have an important election coming up. The outcome will determine who runs Congress, and a Congress willing to push back without caring about votes is necessary. That can make a difference on perceptions. The foaming at the mouth, ignorant members of Congress will only appear more foolish, when they're basically neutered.  With strong leaders of each house, the changes for the good will become remarkable.

There is violence, but from what I've seen, those involved are either loner kooks, or rent-a-mob lackeys, who won't show if the money is cut off. Their participation will dwindle, if those involved are prosecuted, or they find they're at the wrong end of the gun held by an armed citizen.

Yes, there is violence, but it's all part of the plan by foreign, and domestic, enemies hoping to stir up enough problems to cause outright armed insurrection.  They know this allows them the opportunity to further corrupt the government, and the hope they can complete their planned destruction of the United States.

Something to Consider

I evacuated from hurricane Rita. I evacuated over two hundred miles inland, only to have the remnants follow. Areas near my location were hit with torrential rains, high winds, and many thinking they'd left the danger of the landfall found they were in dangerous places. I know of people that were trapped by downed trees, even though they went to a place the past showed as a good evacuation area.

If I had to caution anyone about evacuating, I'd caution them to be certain about their evacuation location. Find out where flood areas are, stay away from trees that might drop limbs, and have a contingency plan for emergency supplies in the event your evacuation location loses power. There's no guarantee you've reached a safe place, and being prepared can prevent a lot of problems.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Snakes Being Snakes

Ken Starr has confidence in Muellor. After reading the article, I can't fathom how anyone could make such a statement after detailing all the reasons to not have any confidence in Muellor. I chalk it all  up to snakes being snakes. They're like that, and so are too many attorneys.

It's All So Easy

Much of the media madness, and corruption of politics, would end if people would do and easy thing: Switch the channel, or turn off the television. Unfortunately, most people don't, and will continue to fund those trying to destroy the United States.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Criminal Aliens

First, I have to write there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant. They aren't immigrating, so they're criminal aliens. Whatever their reason for coming, just crossing the border is a crime, and it's now apparent 39 million are victims of further crimes by these invaders. 

I'm tired of the effort to portray invaders as having some noble purpose. There's nothing noble about breaking and entering, theft, fraud, murder and sedition. All are crimes for U.S. citizens, and shouldn't be accepted by anyone from another country.

Build the wall; and if the someone in Congress doesn't like it, throw them over the wall after it's built.

It Was a Beautiful Morning (Annual Repost)

With all the clamoring for changing the United States by Democrats/Communists, there is still a constant reminder of how trying to appease an enemy that refuses to be appeased is a wasted effort. 

After the attack, enemy citizens celebrated in the streets, and they still celebrate today. They're the epitome of evil, and make the world a dangerous place.  


It was an early Fall. The temperature was in the mid 50's and the skies were crystal clear. I had just finished breakfast and we were driving to the job site in the twilight of dawn. The motel was close to our project site, so the trip was short.

Traffic was light as we placed the advance warning signs and started closing down the inside lane of U.S. 59 in Cleveland, Texas. We had five sections of concrete to pull. We sawed the concrete the day before, drilled lifting holes and now needed to pull the sections of failed pavement and start preparing for the new concrete. The pour was set for 10:00 am.

It didn't take long for the lifting machine to pull the first section of paving. As soon as the broken slab was moved to the shoulder, the crew started drilling holes for the anchors. When the anchors were placed, the crew placed a mat of rebar and moved to the next patch.

The procedure was moving as planned, so all five patches were well on the way to being prepared by 8:00 am. We would be ready for the concrete. I checked the work and started documenting the sizes on a daily report.

Around 30 minutes later, my boss called my cell phone. I assumed he was checking our progress, but he wanted to tell me that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Towers. He didn't have any details. I wondered what failure had led a pilot to fly their small plane into the tower. Bad weather? An error in judgement? I thought about it for a few minutes and then went back to work.

It didn't seem very long after that when my boss called me again, which I thought would be a progress check. It wasn't. He explained that it was a passenger jet that hit the first tower and another had flown into the second tower. He described the preliminary news feeds he was watching on television. I could only stare while my mind raced.

We continued working. My boss kept me informed. It was now clear it was a planned terror attack. He was in contact with the area engineer office for the Texas Department of Transportation. We were working for them and their decisions would decide whether we would pour concrete, which required hours of time to set, or place a temporary material to be removed in the future. The decision was to proceed as we always did, so we prepared for the concrete pour.

Before the concrete arrived, my wife called. She was terrified and wanted me to come home. I told her I couldn't leave until the concrete was poured and we were off the highway. Even then, I couldn't leave if we were to continue with our project. I told her I would come home immediately if the project was shut down, and to go to her mother's if she became too worried.

More information was now available, so I knew there was an immediate call for all air traffic to land. I noticed the absence of air traffic immediately. We were close enough to Bush International in Houston to see the constant flow of air transports, which dwindled and eventually ended.

We poured the concrete and started the process of preparing for the next day. I went to the motel to catch what I could on television. The loops of the impacts, the falling towers and the smoking section of the Pentagon was almost unbelievable. My mind was having a hard time wrapping around the fact we had been attacked and the result was the death of thousands of innocent people.

We finished the day as usual. We were prepared for the next day when we started opening the lane in the early afternoon. I had spent long minutes as we were finishing staring at the empty skies, It was bizarre to not see the heavy air traffic. Contrails from military jets stretched across the skies. I wondered if they were ours, or the jets of an enemy that was in the process of invading.

I had kept in contact with my wife during the day. After I reached the motel, we had a long conversation. She was calmer. I knew she still wanted me to come home, but she understood that it probably wouldn't happen until the week was over. Since I was only about two hours from home, I reassured it wouldn't take long to reach home if anything changed.

Watching television was like watching a fictional disaster movie. I was still having a hard time wrapping my head around the events of the day, but it was becoming clearer that it was a middle eastern terror group. My anger was rising and all I could think of  was how cowardly it was to attack innocents. I wanted our military to bomb half the Middle East to Hell. Kill them all and let God sort them out.

I'll never forget that day. Time stopped and it became apparent that the cruelty in the world is always only moments away. Barbarians had tested our defenses and managed to find a weak spot for their advantage. It wasn't a pleasant thought then and still isn't. I feel no compassion for such people and can only offer their death be swift, although many days I'd prefer they would suffer the agony of those trapped on the upper floors of the World Trade Center Towers.  Even after years, I'm still angry. I'm not ready to forgive, or forget.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Ignorance With a Microphone

David Hogg was ratcheting up an anti-gun crowd of protesters. The problem is: he was in Canada, and his rhetoric was pointed toward changing America. According to the report, Michael Moore had a moment of lucidity and took his microphone away.

David Hogg is a young, ignorant, aggressive Fascist, that doesn't realize the sedition he practices can lead to time in jail. While some might think charging him with a crime will only lead to more publicity, the publicity is much less of a problem than his actions. Sedition is a serious crime, and Hogg is a serious criminal, who's actions border on treason. 

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Twenty Five Percent?

This article reports 25 percent of college students have an emotional, or mental disorder. That's a substantial percentage, but is the report accurate?

Personally, I feel there's a strong effort to determine mental problems because of the amount of money to be made on these problems. Prescribing medications, scheduling more office visits, and continuing treatment pays many salaries. Future income is guaranteed for those that can keep the patient involved with treatments that may not be necessary.

Everyone has to deal with stress, problems, unexpected events and the knowledge things might not work out as anticipated. Dealing with these things doesn't always demand professional help, and many times the correct response is accepting events as they come. Maturity demands making the transition to being a productive member of society by quiet determination, and adapting to circumstances.

The report might be accurate. If so, there's a decay in society that needs addressing. The strength of a nation is the strength of the individual. With 25 percent of future citizens that are supposed to be the leaders of society showing signs of a possible debilitating disorder, there needs to be a strong effort to correct the problem; and prescribing another medication isn't the start of the solution.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Once Bitten

The first hurricane I remember was Carla. The Southeast Texas Coast evacuated, and even without a direct hit, many low areas flooded, and there was wind damage. We evacuated, and as a child, the experience was a strange adventure. I could see the expression on my parents faces as we returned. They didn't know what to expect, and their relief was apparent, when no damage was found.

Over the years, we had more close calls. One was Alicia, which hit Houston. I was an adult, so my brother, and I, went toward the coast to see the effects.

The tide was about four feet higher than normal. Where there were once bluffs on the ship channel, the waves lapped over the banks, and some of the roads were  closed to the coastal areas. Since I didn't own a home, the desperation felt from an approaching hurricane wasn't felt.

Hurricane Bonnie was my first experience as a homeowner. Bonnie was a category 1, the storm quickly formed in the Gulf, and there wasn't a call for an evacuation. We stayed, watched large sections of roof shingles blow away, and felt the fury of the storm. Repairs took weeks, and the week without electricity wasn't pleasant.

Over the next few years, we had a few smaller hurricanes that were close. Some killed the power for days, and one was nearly dry. The winds blew millions of salt water mosquitoes from the coastal marshes, and they stayed for weeks. A journey outside at dusk was terrible. I literally would rake mosquitoes from my arms.

Rita was next. We evacuated, which was a horrible experience. The nearly stopped traffic led to hours of waiting, hoping to not run out of gas, and the apprehension of not knowing where we would go. Adding the knowledge of predatory, and panicked people, only made it worse. The return trip took three hours, and being turned away from certain roads due to damage.

Rita caused some roof damage. That, and some tree limbs to be cut, but three weeks without power was the real problem. With working all daylight hours on cleanup, the trip to work was a dark journey filled with thoughts of things to be done.

We stayed for Ike. That was an experience. With a landfall only about fifty miles away, the 80 mph sustained winds were something to behold. I kept thinking we could leave, if things were to become too bad. That was a thought without experience for reference. The horizontal winds would have been impossible to endure, and any one of the tornadoes that rumbled through the night could have led to certain death. Our damage was minimal, but many lost everything to the storm surge that exceeded 19 feet in some areas.

So, I've had my experience with hurricanes, and Harvey last year yielded a terrible flood, even though landfall was hundreds of mile away. That's why I know how many on the East Coast are feeling. I wish them the best, and hope Florence doesn't make a U.S. landfall. Nobody deserves such an event, and the results interrupt the lives of people for a long, long time.

Playing Hardball

Obama ignored accepted procedures, thumbed his nose at Congress, and did damage with executive orders that are still tying up the courts. He wanted to keep to his agenda, regardless of the method, and did so with impunity.

I think the Democrats know Trump has the same avenue for keeping  his promises, and this knowledge is making them desperate. They know they can do little to stop Trump, and without a majority in Congress, they can't even use impeachment to keep Trump from finally unraveling the mess created by Obama.

I expect the Democrats will become more unruly, and the likes of Soros will cause more problems. They can't win with rhetoric, the ballot box, or with fake news, so violence is the next step. People need to be aware of this and be wise in their travels.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Waiting to See What Happens

Andrew McCabe may find a criminal indictment in his near future. It might be deserved, since information of his actions point toward crimes, and possible criminal conspiracy with others.

If he's indicted, the complaint will have the information many of those opposing Trump don't want in the headlines. This may derail the aspirations of the Democrats seeking office, and I'm betting they'll change their campaign strategies if McCabe is indicted.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

What If It's Part of the Plan?

Nike seems to have shot itself in the foot. People are mad, and some even burning their shoes. It appears as if the company lost its mind; or did it?

What if Nike is either part of a plan to bankrupt the company, or an insider is involved? With Nike manufacturing facilities overseas, the scrutiny of the operations is minimal at best. An unusual drop in production could be overlooked. That cuts costs to prepare for bankruptcy, and insiders could sell stock at the higher price.

With the failing Kaepernick ads in motion, the drastic drop in sales, and investors fleeing in numbers, the company could file for bankruptcy, have debts reduced to pennies on the dollars, and buying into the lower stock yield a profit.

Meanwhile, a new company, or revised company could be born. The manufacturing facilities exist, the yearning for an overpriced sneaker is still prevalent, and the public would be ignorant of most everything, since nobody really pays that much attention to stock prices, or major investors.

Time will tell how this turns out, but I wouldn't automatically think Nike is stupid, or honest. 


According to a New York Times anonymous editorial, there are members of the Trump administration intent on destroying the President's ability to perform his job. Regardless of opinion, or supposed good intents, if these people are not just fabricated sources for headlines, they're criminally involved with sedition.

Personally, I think the "source" is either a former member of the administration, or a composite fabrication of some former members of the administration. Who wrote the editorial is yet to be known, but they've admitted to a crime, and the FBI should pursue those involved.

The New York Times, by being involved with this, is also criminally conspiring in a crime of sedition. There is no good that can come from this article, and at best, it only causes discord. At worst, it is a deliberate effort to circumvent all rules of law to remove a sitting President. If foreign individuals are involved, the crime becomes treason.

I think this will cause an interesting turn of events. There are multiple agencies of the government involved in the safety of the President, and the nation. Included with these agencies is the military. I don't think the military will sit on its hands in a situation like this. When it becomes involved, agencies such as FBI will find they've lost the initiative. That may be a good thing, since the FBI has a dirty house, and refuses to clean it up.

Tine will tell how this turns out, but the blatant effort to destroy the President can't be ignored.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

He Looks Like a Pawn

Bob Woodward is releasing a book on the "dirt" on Trump. With certain members of the Trump administration stating some of the book is false, Woodward's newest effort is appearing more like tabloid trash. If so, Woodward has abandoned his ethics, and turned into a pawn for the Democrats/Communists.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

War and Civil Rights

In war, there are no civil rights. It's choreographed anarchy, with combatants and innocents. In the end, there are only winners and losers.

The founders realized the danger of invasion, the peril of unarmed citizens, and the Second Amendment was place in the Bill of Rights. Even with the inability of the government to protect, or in a situation were the rules of law were not followed by the government, the citizens were still able to protect the United States from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

With the intended effort to allow unbridled immigration, what some might consider a paradox was created. What happens to civil rights? Surely, we can't ignore civil rights? After all, that's what protects us from rogue government officials.

I don't consider it a paradox. I see it as some politicians forgetting the citizens are more important than any foreigner. The citizens come first, and anyone that ignores our borders is an invader, has not civil rights, and is dangerous to the United States. Invaders have no civil rights, and must be considered an enemy of the United States.

To some, my opinion may seem harsh, but where is the line between the sovereignty of the nation, and the hoards of those that only want the security of the United States, without following the laws created by the citizens? It should be the borders, but now it's the courts. That isn't where the deliberate efforts to destroy the United States should be fought.

So, without borders, how is a citizen to know if they're in danger from the invaders? The answer is always, which is a poor condition for US citizens. We've been infiltrated, the government ignores the danger, and it will eventually be up to the citizens to protect the country.

How does this all end? Will enough citizens vote to change the current laws? Will the effort to repel the invaders become a national directive? I don't know, but I do know every citizen should consider how they will protect there family. There is danger in the streets, and it's becoming worse.

We have invaders walking our streets with impunity, politicians that condone the invasion, and a tremendous amount of citizens refusing to recognize the perilous times. It's a war of ideas at this time. Only the foolish will ignore the possibility it may one day become a war of violence.