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Monday, September 26, 2022

I Call It Madness

A local county, with the help of some citizens, while ignoring the advice of good engineers, decided to rebuild two swing bridges, due to their historic nature. Regardless of the inconvenience, traffic problems, maintenance problems, and probably most citizens, the bridges were rebuilt as they were originally. 

So what kind of problems have already developed? Control problems, burned out motors, and the fact a hurricane storm surge will cover many of the electrical components of the bridges. One is closed too often due to problems, and the other is on a state highway, which if the bridge malfunction during a rare opening, will create a traffic problems that will involve tens of thousands of vehicles. 

I call this madness. To make things worse, I doubt there will be funds to correct these mistakes in the near future. The problems will continue, age will cause damage, and in the end: they will have to replaced with fixed span bridges higher than the infrequent river traffic requiring access. 

Dumbasses! Tax dollars being pissed away.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Still Around

I haven't been writing much. I've dealt with a persistent sinus infection/cold/creeping crud and conjunctivitis in my left eye for about a week. I blame it on getting  down by doing to much in our local oppressive heat and the ravages of age. I'm better, but resting is more important at this time. That, and avoiding getting totally pissed at the group of imbeciles in all facets of government. How so many pieces of human excrement ever survived childhood is beyond my comprehension.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Bandwidth and Cost

I've deliberately avoided the internet for the last week. Bandwidth on my plan is 50 gigs per month, and exceeding that amount is pricey. I usually don't use all my data, but since updates, and bloated software, are using more data, I'm beginning to wonder if I need to change plans to keep costs down. Unfortunately, since I'm in the boonies, I have no access to DSL, or fiber. The options are undependable, squirrel ravaged cable, satellite (Been there. It sucks) and mobile. I have mobile data, which is a cell phone that isn't a cell phone. I do have a cell phone, but it's the lowest plan, and it only has 4 gigs of data. If I don't use the data, it accumulates.

Trying to figure out how my wife has unlimited data on her phone, for a lower price, and doesn't gouge  for large amounts of data, is something that doesn't seem to have an answer. What little research I've done leads to contracts, carrier greed, excessive taxes and a lot of opinions. I'll do some more research, but if someone has a site, or the time, that elaborates on how this all works, I'll sure appreciate the help.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

I Have the Answer

 I was reading an article on how quiet this hurricane season has been. To summarize the article, the weather wizards are scratching their heads and don't have an answer. I do. It's because they foolishly don't realize all their computers, historical data, education, and experience mean nothing if the Sun doesn't cooperate with their predictions. That, and throwing in a few volcano eruptions makes their predictions become basically garbage.