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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Sandy left substantial devastation, which is horrible for those that were involved and terrible for those of us that are already tremendously tired of the hype. To make matters worse, many in the media were affected, so the constant reporting will become a daily reminder of how they so easily forget those that were basically ignored along the Gulf Coast after the hurricanes that weren't Katrina, or didn't live in New Orleans.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

For those of you dealing with the aftermath, you have my sympathy. I know what you face and I know how frustrating the entire mess will eventually become.

May your tasks become easy and may you find peace in knowing your experience made you stronger.

Monday, October 29, 2012


That's how much is spent by federal and state governments for each household below the poverty level. Of course, a huge amount of that money was wasted or spent on bureaucracy, but what the hell, it's for the good of the country. Right?

Now, if we can only figure out how to pay the loans off to the Chinese for these "wonderful" efforts to help the downtrodden. My share is a six figure number.

Bots and What They Do

I wrote a post about the difference between natural gas and gasoline as an automobile fuel. For some reason, the bots latched on to the post over the last few weeks, which made the post appear in the "most read" part of my web page. I can only wonder why they found the page so interesting.

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Personal Opinion

If you want to have a good idea of what Obama thinks of you, then follow this link and see how he spent $4700 dollars per person of your tax dollars for one dinner. The total cost was damn near  million dollars, which I'm sure means nothing to the President.

If you're not infuriated, then you're a complete idiot.

Strategy and Deception

Panetta reported his Generals felt it was too risky to send troops to rescue those under attack in Libya. Maybe, so let's examine everything to this point:

The initial, and subsequent statements from the White House and the State Department said it was a "mob" pissed about a video trailer.

Mobs don't have a chance against even a small platoon of trained soldiers. The firepower alone is enough to disperse the mob within seconds. So, there must be more.

The generals, who I can only assume were also watching the real time video from the drone, surmised the attack was organized by some military force and placing troops on the ground would lead to more troop losses than those already there. Giving the generals the benefit of the doubt, I'll assume they're qualified to make this assessment and did what was necessary to protect more soldiers from harm.

So, within the 7 hour time period of the attack, the ground action was too dangerous for U.S. troops, which prevented more losses and those that were there were collateral damage.

Now, we have an organized military action against a U.S Ambassador on foreign soil, who only had hired security on an anniversary of the worst terrorist attack against the United States. This makes me ask: Who was in charge of protection? Why was the military watching this area with a drone? What was the ambassador doing in an area he knew was dangerous? Why did the President continue to say it was a mob reaction to a video; he even made this part of a U.N. speech. Why hasn't the Pentagon done the right thing and remove these generals from their post pending an investigation?

Most of all, since this area was so dangerous, how did CNN reporters manage to safely enter the consulate and retrieve the ambassador's diary?

This all stinks. Nobody makes this much of an effort to hide facts unless there's a political motivation or illegal actions were underway before the attack. From what I can surmise, in a 7 hour time period, a well organized foreign military group attacked United States positions in a successful effort to retrieve something they felt was important. Time will tell if we ever find out what it was, but I have a feeling those involved were very high in the food chain; maybe all the way to the top of the White House.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Know they Felt Lonely Before the End

The newest of the new is the revelation of emails that show the State Department and the White House either ignored critical information, or were too wrapped up in electioneering and whatever else they happen to do when they're saying they're doing their job; and not.

I've described a brush with a mob during my own life. In my experience, there were no armed assailants, rockets or cowardly "guards" to help worsen the violence. Also, there were no supposed friendly forces to watch and do nothing while we were attacked.

The Obama Administration, some military officers and anyone else that's been quiet about what happened in Libya are cowards, traitors and downright low life pieces of shit for not doing anything to help during the seven hours of the attack. When it's all said and done, no punishment is severe enough for those involved. May God have mercy on their souls because I would have none to offer.

I can only imagine how lonely they felt during the last minutes when they knew the greatest nation on the planet had ignored their plight. May they rest in peace and may their families see justice served on those that left them to die.

Earthquake Scientists Get Six Years

The story is all over the internet about Italian scientists convicted of manslaughter for failing to predict a deadly earthquake. The general consensus is that the verdict is ridiculous, which is may be, but without all the information, I'm not going to agree.

We've had scientists warning of terrible destruction and hardship due to anthropogenic global warming. The costs due to this warning and the hardships due to new regulations are tremendous, yet the newest data suggest the earth hasn't warmed any in the last 16 years.

So, I have no idea what the scientist proclaimed or guaranteed, so their sentence may fit for fraud or misuse of public funds. Time will tell, but with the AGW proclamations, many scientists have joined the ranks of snake oil salesmen and their preying on the ignorance of the general public is unconscionable. Personally, there are a few I think should be discredited and not allowed any public funds for their salaries or research.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Debate Last Night

I watched some of the debate, but found I was so disgusted with the President, I couldn't watch any longer.

The truth:

-The economy is not better.
-The military is shrinking.
-Health Care is more expensive than ever and the new regulation are driving costs higher.
-The Middle East is in a constant state of turmoil. Religious terrorists and ruthless dictator killed thousands. To add to this constant erosion of freedom, Iran is in the final stages of having enough high grade fissionable material for a nuclear bomb.
-Due to "quantitative easing", which is the increase of money, without any real backing, the dollar has devalued tremendously over the last three years. To put it in perspective, the amount of gold required to purchase oil has changed only slightly. The amount of dollars required has increased substantially. Otherwise, the value of anything, including labor, has been reduced. Workers make the same money, yet it only buys a portion of what it once purchased.
- The Senate has reached a point where it does little and only contributes to the problems by stopping legislation from proceeding.
- Federal agencies are dictating policy with administrative rules. Congress is being bypassed and the effect is a reduction of freedom and increase in costs to do business.

Obama failed as a President and the United States is suffering due to his failures. The debate only reinforced my belief he would say anything, regardless of whether it's the truth and with disregard to the consequences.

Are you better off than four years ago? I'm not and I don't personally know anyone that is.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Austerity and Ice Cream

I read a story a few years ago (I don't know if it's true) about two elementary children running for class President. The winner announced they would give everyone free ice cream, which led to their victory.

That's politics at the simplest level; promises that can't be kept and the failure of the politicians to be honest. Tell people what you think they want to know, whether it's realistic, or not.

In Europe, riots are almost a constant occurrence over austerity. The lack of money, wasteful spending and promises to people that could never be met have created an economic situation that has only a few outcomes. All end in the same way: no money, no free stuff and survival might be a little tough over the next few years. Fiscal irresponsibility has ended at the only place it can end.

So, pensions may not be paid; free public funds will end; economies are in turmoil; private business is leaving; people that have only made half-hearted efforts to work are without skills; and there is no clear end in sight.

Oh yeah. There's no free ice cream. Never was; never will be.

Crystal Clear

Years ago, when I was working offshore, there was an evening that was so unique, I never saw another.

It was after the day crew completed their work. Everyone was settling in and I was the only person outside the living quarters. It was early winter, so the passage of a front would start with the rough seas from the southeast caused by the approaching storm, the eventual frontal passage, and the choppy seas from the north, which would eventually subside. The progression would repeat, until the season ended and summer returned.

I stood at the rail at the east end of the platform. The sky was a solid deck of high cirrus clouds that obscured the setting sun. With absolutely no wind, the gulf was still without so much as a ripple. The only sound was the low rumble of the generators on the production platform and the occasional fog horn from the numerous satellite wells scattered for miles around.

The air was perfectly clear. Without the summer haze, or mist that hugged the water when the weather was rough, the horizon was a distinct line. The platforms, and a ship on the horizon,  that were usually hazy blobs in the distance stood out distinctly. Even through binoculars, the usual wavy appearance caused by the atmosphere in turmoil was not to be found.

The sunset was a gradual darkening. There were no brilliant colors, or distinct moment when the sun finally slipped below the horizon. As the darkness progressed, clear points of light appeared from the platforms and the ship that eventually disappeared over the horizon.

Over the night, an approaching front brought winds from the east, which slowly shifted southward and caused the Gulf to start the slow churn that would eventually bring large swells from the southeast. The event was over, and so special, it was imprinted on my memory forever.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Irony is Strong

The First Lady, in a speech, said that "every single child in this country is worthy" after talking of the importance of birth control.

I wonder if she knows it's hard to have a worthy child if you abort them before they're born? (I'm being facetious. Of course she knows. She also knows she can't raise any money, unless she says ridiculous things to her fellow democrats.)

Undecided Voters

I really don't think there are any undecided voters. Even if there were, they would be so dense, they'd never find their way to the their voting precinct, or forget to mail their ballot.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Simple Decision

The President has a simple decision to make: fire those instrumental in the debacle in Libya and the public statements after the event. So, this means he needs to fire Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice.

Of course, the President won't fire the two people that know he was fully aware of what could, and did happen in Libya. He can't and he's now in a position without any escape. While he may wriggle, squirm and hope this will go away, it never will. Millions of U.S. citizens are outraged and demanding to see some heads roll. I have a feeling the intelligence community will supply the information required to make this happen. They've been blamed for too many things and I doubt they have any loyalties to those in power. In the end, this entire administration will be held accountable, and should be.


Michelle Obama states we're in the middle of a "huge recovery". Meanwhile, in the real world, the Senate Budget Committee has statistics form the Bureau of Labor Statistics that show for every job that was created, ten jobs were lost. 

I don't about you, but the lying, misrepresentation and obvious effort of deceit is beginning to wear thin.  The Obama Administration has pissed off trillions of dollars and should be accountable.

I'm Not Buying It

Hillary says the lack of security in Libya was her responsibility.

"...This was a many-hour ordeal that we were all involved in, and I was deeply concerned as you would obviously assume, to hear about an attack," she said. Not only was the picture coming out of Libya murky, but also, "Then we couldn't find Ambassador Stevens, and we were trying desperately to figure out what happened to him and to Sean Smith and to the others who were there..."

Deeply concerned? Yes she was. She was, and is, concerned about her legacy. If she was so concerned, why was there almost no security in Benghazi? Why did the State Department ignore the requests for more security? Why did she make the ridiculous statement a riot caused by a video escalated and led to the murders? Why did she continue to allow this explanation to be accepted for a week after the attack?

Responsible? You damn right Hillary Clinton is responsible. Why is she still operating in an official capacity when it's obvious she isn't qualified to run a Tupperware party? If she thinks this will somehow vindicate her actions, she's wrong. This only confirms every citizen of the United States is in danger due to the ass-clowns in this President's administration.

Monday, October 15, 2012

This Makes Me Wonder

In my corner of the world, they have a hallucinogenic mushroom that grows in old cow manure. I think somebody put some in the First Lady's salad.  That would explain a lot of things.

When All Else Fails, Tap Dance

Hillary stated on Friday, during a speech, that the "Libyans and Arabs have firmly rejected the extremist argument". This, I suppose, will be proven, or not, over the next few years. However, my question is: What about the poor security problem that led to the murder of four U.S. citizens? Who was in charge? Why did you, and other government officials claim it was a riot due to a video? When are you going to answer these question?

There's a huge group of the mainstream media I now place as co-conspirators of this cover up. Otherwise, they're criminals and there's nothing too horrendous for their punishment. They're just as guilty as the terrorists.

So, Who Wins This Disagreement?

The Catholic Church, more or less, stated that Biden is full of crap, which caused a response from the Obama Campaign. 

While I don't know what the Catholic Bishops can do, I'd think they'd at least excommunicate Biden and the rest of the progressive politicians. I know I would. That, and a restraining order for any of the Catholic properties. Now, that would get their attention. When you piss off God, you don't have anywhere to hide.

Shovel Ready

Nobody realized that "shovel ready" meant shoveling cash into the money pit. ...well maybe not "nobody". I knew it was a waste, but nobody pays attention to what I know.

Of course, there is ONLY eleven million dollars of fraud to this point, but with 1,900 open investigations, I'm betting more illegal waste will be found.

Never mind the entire waste the stimulus actually represents. It's only borrowed money and your kids can pay the note.  Don't worry about them; they have your Social Security obligation to play with. Do the math: if you're dead, there is no obligation and they have your estate to liquidate.

Hope and change - it's what turns your children into fascists.

An Inconvenient News Report

From this report, it can only be determined that much of the anthropogenic global warming believers were traipsing to the sanctuary of Al Gore to worship a false god. So, now the scientist will disagree again on the date, which when unmanipulated, points to the fact the aggregate temperature of Earth hasn't risen in 16 years.

So, the next time you see a Prious, piss on the tires. That, and do the same for any politician that's caused terrible harm to the economy with this global warming horse crap. It's only fair. They've been doing that to us for years.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Legacy of Deceit

The blame for the Libya murders has bounced around; it's even stretched out so far as to blame the Romney-Ryan campaign for making it a political issue.

The terrorists are the murderers, but the current administration allowed, if not orchestrated, the situation where U.S. citizens were left unprotected and placed in harm's way. The big question is who made the decisions?

If a subordinate made the decisions, it's tragic, but I think they would have already been exposed. Why protect the faulty decisions? Why keep this person and allow the possibility of more mistakes? Allowing this person, or persons, to stay in a capacity that endangers the safety of U.S. citizens is not acceptable. Even the most incompetent of managers would realize this and immediately terminate the position.

This hasn't happened, so the decisions that led to murders were of someone that is politically sensitive; maybe even the Secretary of State, or President. Even if they were only in charge of the decision makers, they've decided to protect, instead of being honest and admitting their failure to supervise.

We'll know before it's over. The facts will be gathered, the reports will detail the event and someone will become responsible. Even if it's a culmination of errors, some official will be revealed as having the final decision, which led to four deaths.

There's a legacy of deceit being written for this administration and it will involve the entire administration, instead of only one department. I compare it to the legacy of deceit by Nixon and his administration, except the activities resulted in death, instead of just criminal activity and dishonor. It's a terrible legacy, but it's the legacy they created. May they suffer for their actions and may history damn those involved.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's the Spending

That's the biggest problem The United States Government spends too much money. If it didn't, we wouldn't have high taxes, welfare bums, a poor business environment, unemployed workers, incompetent federal workers, excessive regulations, waste or any of the other financial problems that plague the nation.

The solution is simple, but there's a bunch of people that would have to be removed from the government body like ticks from a dog. I say it's time to start.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Now It Gets Interesting

The White House says it was never informed of the security problem in Libya, which means they shove the responsibility back towards the State Department. This now points a finger at the person that is over this department, which is Hillary Clinton. The net is being drawn in and somebody will be thrown to the wolves.

Hillary won't take this criticism. Somebody will feel her wrath and it's going to get uglier. I doubt she makes the same mistake Biden did and place responsibility on the intelligence community; I think she's smarter than that, but I may be wrong. That's not a good path to follow. I doubt anyone in the current administration is insulated from clandestine investigations by intelligence agencies and could be embarrassed, or worse.

I have to add a thought:

As the campaign draws to a close, there are indications that the Obama administration is losing daily, which will mean a substantial change in Washington. Hillary won't accept being drawn in with the losing team and will do everything to prevent being considered a failure - even if it means throwing Obama under the bus. 

We'll know in a few weeks, or sooner.

Telepathy and Turn Signals

I'm not telepathic, which is why I don't know someone is turning, if their turn signal isn't on. I know this may surprise some drivers, but it's true. It's also true the same drivers would be wondering what happened if I was telekinetic.

Carbon is Eating Our Planet

At least that's what Obama thinks. 

I'm guessing Obama slept through his science classes.

"...By the way, yes, my plan will reduce the carbon pollution that is eating our planet because climate change is not a hoax,” Obama said at a campaign rally at the Bank United Arena at the University of Miami. “More droughts and hurricanes and wildfires, that’s not a joke. That’s a threat to our children’s future, and we can do something about it...."

If he's worried about children, how come he's saddled them with so much debt?

The Vice Presidential Debate

I tried to watch, but was distracted. My thoughts were full of "what ifs", such as Ryan pulling out an air horn and giving a blast every time Biden interrupted or lied. That, and a glass of ice water to throw on the moderator when she let Biden get out of hand, or attempted to help her party of choice.

I don't know how others perceived the debate, but it wasn't a debate. If they wanted to be uncivil, they should have let the two square off in the parking lot. I think I know who would have won.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why We Win

This will warm your heart and boost your faith in those that make the United States great. 

New Bots on the Loose

I found a new watcher perusing my blog. It's a company out of India, which according to what I can find, is a marketing research firm that scans the internet for information. It's that, or some secret government agency looking for a new place to send their jack-booted thugs.

Rotten Promoters of Voter Fraud

This link is just the start of what will become viral on the internet over the next 24 hours. A Houston regional director for Organizing for America, and also a salaried employee of the DNC, is shown on video contributing to voter fraud, which supposedly a minor problem, if you ask the Democrats.

Houston talk radio is already buzzing with the story. Whether it makes it to the alphabet network is unknown, but I have the feeling they'll report the story, or find they're perceived as promoters of criminals and their activities.

Hat's off to James O'Keefe, who threw down the gauntlet to other reporters:

"...For any journalist who would like to dismiss this report from Project Veritas as a fluke or isolated incident, James O'Keefe has a simple message: "Put your reputation on the line...."

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More on the Libyan Murders

The State Department denies it ever concluded the murders of four U.S. citizens was due to a video. Yet:

"...The Obama administration used that explanation for more than a week after assailants killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans. Most notably, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, said in several TV interviews five days after the attack that it appeared to be "spontaneous" violence spinning out of protests of the film.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland backed up Rice's statements in a press briefing a day later: "I would simply say that ... the comments that Ambassador Rice made accurately reflect our government's initial assessment....."

This is where it gets really interesting. With denials, retractions, outright lies and the mad scrambling to cover their butts, somebody is going to make a mistake. The truth will be revealed and those involved with covering up the truth will find their careers are ending. The next big question is where does it end? Who is the highest ranking official involved with this exposed cover up?

Personally, I think it will end up in the White House and involve the President. While he may deny any knowledge, there will be enough of his immediate advisers involved where it will be hard to sell his lack of involvement. 

Nixon pulled this same type of stunt. In an effort to protect his legacy, he weaved a web of deceit that allowed only one escape: Resignation from the Presidency and a pardon from Gerald Ford. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Buffalo Meat and the First Lady

If I was Native American, I think I might be a little irritated by this article. Supposedly, the First Lady is worried about the health of children in the United States. I'm thinking she should be worried about the depth of her ignorance.

An Analysis of the Contest

The debate last week tells much about the contest to see who shall be President. Obama failed in his attempt to debate Romney, which happens, but his reaction tells more: He's apologizing, personally attacking his opponent and allowing his campaign staff to turn his run into a circus. That's not the reaction of a champion; that's the reaction of somebody that's already beaten.

Time will tell, but Obama doesn't look like he's going to heal from this ass whipping before the next debate. If so, he's not going to look very good and his last significant act before the election might be to prove to his admiring followers he's never been the candidate they thought he was.

Price of Fuel

I think it's safe to write that most people are pissed about the price of fuel. Thanks to the wobbly dollar, increased restrictive regulations and the big push by progressives for green energy, we're finding just getting to and from work is a substantial drain on income.

The media isn't constantly reminding us of this economic hit, with conjecture and finger pointing, since their contender had a huge roll in causing this problem. I think they're hoping it will not be a big factor for the choice of the next President, but they're living on false hope. The people that have to survive won't forget on election day. 

Another thing: While the fuel prices are bad enough, most people don't realize their higher food costs can be attributed to the demand for ethanol in gasoline. Besides the loss in our food, feed prices are out of control due to shortages, thanks to ethanol requirements. Meanwhile, we pay subsidies, which is the only reason ethanol manufacturing hasn't gone bust. Ethanol cannot survive in the free market, so we're forced to pay for the production with tax dollars.

I see a lot of Obama, or other progressive election signs in yards. I don't know about you, but I have to control my reactions and wonder how people can be so stupid. Then again, Obama wasn't elected by the sharpest knives in the drawer. I can only hope the worst of them will realize their error, make amends and jump off the nearest bridge.

Monday, October 8, 2012

I Wonder What Happens Next?

It's apparent that the big television blitz by Susan Rice after the murder of 4 U.S. citizens in Libya was full of statements that can only be described as crap.

This report confirms there was knowledge by Washington powers to be right after the murders that terrorism was involved. In fact, one Hillary's staff member gave the briefing.  Meanwhile, Hillary gives statements it was the result of a unplanned reaction to a video nobody saw. This makes me wonder if she knew, or was just plodding along with her usual amount of incompetence.

So, what happens next? My thinking is that they'll back peddle until after the election, with the hope they can be vindicated by lies if Obama is elected for a second term. This may work for the short term, but someone will pay for this willful act of incompetence, or deliberate deceit.

If This Was Auto Workers....

...there would be panic, constant news feeds and enough conjecture to fill up a stadium. Instead, the fact that over a million construction jobs disappeared under the Obama Administration is quietly swept under the rug. 

By the way: Construction is my vocation and the statistics probably fit. Construction sucks at this time. Companies are barely holding on, with many cash flowing projects (bid at cost with the hope of no mistakes) just to pay the bills. No profit; not chance of expanding; no new workers, or any real indication those that were laid off can be rehired.

While those outside the construction industry may think this has a minor effect on their life - it doesn't. Construction is the indication of a healthy economy. The shrinking of the workforce, loss of revenue to suppliers and lack of expansion is a serious problem.

Meanwhile, the EPA and OSHA, since they've managed to expand their workforce, are implementing more stringent administrative rules, which will further cause problems with the construction industry.

Autumn Makes a Strong Appearance

We had our first substantial cool front over the weekend. Saturday afternoon was hot, humid and the temperature in the low 90's.

Sunday was clear, with a low in the middle 50's and a high in the upper 60's.

This morning it's 57 and cloudy. The weather wizards forecast a high of around 72 and a warming trend.

It's autumn, which is probably like summer in many locations.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Doom and Gloom

There's a huge amount of opinion on the state of the nation. It runs from total fiscal collapse to a life of directed misery by the bureaucrats and their puppets. It's as though there's no hope and we're doomed. I don't think so.

In other countries, the acceptance of involuntary servitude, or a quality of life that is lower than what can be realized may be accepted, but not the in the United States. Our genetics don't allow this. We're the culmination of centuries of genetics that include those that refused to accept less and demanded opportunity.

Things will change, but not for the worse. Things may be tough for awhile, but we'll win. Good will prevail and we won't accept less. We're better than that.

Friday, October 5, 2012

....And I Don't Like What I See

I look in the mirror every morning. I think most everyone does, but in the past, it was the typical vanity thing and I was making sure I was presentable to the world.

Now, I'm finding I'm examining the ravages of time; the numerous lines in my face; the crows feet around my eyes; the sagging skin that's appearing on my neck and the lack of clarity in my aging eyes. I'm seeing more of my grandparents and it's a little frightening, although not for the reason of vanity.

For those that haven't experienced aging, it's a lesson in ingenuity and acceptance. What was physically well within tolerances, is now turned into strenuous efforts that lead to exhaustion. The tough labor tasks mean days of recovery, which include exhaustion and pain. Eventually these are beyond abilities and are delegated or placed on the back burner for future finances.

Aging means the errors of youth return as the realities of fate. Injuries ache on cold winter days. Poor health choices lead to major medical experiences that can bankrupt or lead to early death. Meanwhile, the efforts of daily existence continue; even if sacrifices of things once relished are required. It's a choice, I guess. Live longer, or die younger. On some days, the choices seem apparent. On others, the view of world through bifocals is distorted and unreal.

I don't know why I chose today to elaborate on this topic. Maybe the obvious change of seasons has made me realize that my life has reached late summer. The long lazy days of youth are gone and the changing colors of the foliage only forecasts the eventual empty branches that may last another season.

I've spent a lot of time with my mother for the last few years. She had some medical problems, which removed a lot of her mobility, besides her short term memory. It's an up and down thing, with the downs becoming more prevalent. Her passing is inevitable, which is something that I too will face in an amount of time that will probably be substantially less than the time I've been alive. It brings sobering thoughts, which I felt compelled to record.

There Was No Surprise

I've been reading, and watching, the reactions to the first Presidential debate. I get the feeling many are surprised by the result, which confuses me. How in the world could anyone be surprised? Obama didn't have a record of success when he ran for office; too much of the media never made any effort to examine the man, or his past; and the last four years have been a national debacle of failed policies. Yet, the alphabet networks, and many like them, have plenty of excuses, which make little sense when you examine the reality.

This administration is a litmus test of our society. As in the past, the knee jerk reaction of irresponsibility by our government led to allowing the same government to pursue policies that cause severe harm to the United States. I saw the same after Nixon, when the American people embraced Jimmy Carter, who was woefully inadequate as a President. As a nation, we should be smarter and demand better, but it appears we're going to do these things forever.

Is there somewhere to place the blame? You're damn right there is: We blame ourselves. We're willing to continue to support media outlets that fail to accurately investigate and report on future candidates. Until we do, we'll repeat this unhealthy process until the United States fails as a nation.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

You Really Have to Hunt to Find This Report

George Zimmerman is suing NBC for editing a 911 call to give the appearance he's a racist. Since this was exposed, the network issued an apology and Zimmerman can no longer function in society due to deliberate efforts to prevent an honest assessment of the event. I'd say he's going to be worth million, if not tens of millions.

Personally, I think there's no amount of money that can compensate for this type of action. When you destroy a reputation, you destroy the person as they were. If it was me, I wouldn't be happy until there was a public caning of the culprits and NBC was a sandwich shop.

Let the Whining Begin

A debate is the polite way of two adversaries to use words in the attempt to hack their opponent into smaller pieces. The result of the debate last night is pretty well determined and Romney got first blood, although some might say he dealt some punishment that will ultimately destroy Obama's chance for a second term.

Now, the media is involved, since they have a battle for their reporting. So far, it's not good for Obama and even the liberal media is not happy. Their reaction is to attack Romney and some are even attacking Obama for not winning.

So, let the whining begin. The liberals are good at this and I have ear plugs.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Titanic II

An Australian with more money than sense, or a really good in sales and can fool some investors entrepreneur is planning on building a replica of the Titanic. He's even planning on offering the same basic accommodations - by class - and the original menu for the maiden voyage, which will follow the same route of the original Titanic.  The ship will be built in China.

This one doesn't have the feel of something that will work. I know I wouldn't want to sail on the replica. I would spend the entire cruise wondering how those that were on the original cruise felt when they realized how desperate their situation had become. That's not a happy thought to me. Besides, the technology may be new, but icebergs are still out there and you never know.

School Lunch Model

The Department of Agriculture suggest parents use school lunches to model meals at home.  I don't know about you, but our school lunches weren't the best and we had to pay for them, unless you worked in the cafeteria and washed dishes, which I did.

I'm guessing the Department of Agriculture is looking for things to do, since their bureaucrat to farmer ratio has exceeded one bureaucrat for each farmer.

My suggestion is they cut their budget by 75% and stop wasting money on absurdity.

This You Should Watch

This video is wrong in so many ways. I could write for a long time about how it is, but I'll only list a few:

1. After Katrina, the Federal Government did everything but fly over New Orleans and shovel hundred dollar bills out the doors. Suggesting it was receiving less aid because of race is not only wrong, it's a blatant lie.

2. After saying he didn't pay much attention to the pastor of his church, it's ironic that he made such a strong effort to point out how important he was in his life.

3. While it may seem important to forego expenditures in the suburbs for highways in order to use more funds for inner city infrastructure and business, I wonder how he thinks the supplies and customers for the inner city are supposed to arrive at these locations? Another thing: He was a sitting Senator when this speech was made. Where is the legislation he introduced to address the problems he felt were so important?

4. What's the deal with the accent? Could it be an effort to fool the listeners?

Before Obama ever became President, I didn't find anything in his speeches, or news reports that clarified what he stood for, or his plans for the United States. Apparently, his campaign was releasing transcripts, which were only printouts of speeches and not what was actually said. Otherwise, the media was asleep at the wheel, or outright hiding certain parts of speeches to prevent the U.S. population from making decisions on their own.

If you don't feel betrayed, you're dumber than a box of rocks, or you're a progressive shill.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Can You Say Inane?

The Weather Channel decided to start naming winter storms. I'm guessing this is important to those folks, but to most everyone else, it's pretty easy to remember a few digits, as in dates, for future reference about a storm

If they insist, I say we name them after alcoholic beverages. That way nobody will be offended when their name is used in blaming an avalanche that destroys a bunch of stuff.  

The Quandary of Corruption

Obama would rather kill a few diplomats, or federal agents, than have his legacy tarnished. Now, he's reached a quandary: Should he just be honest and let the laws on the books determine the proper course, or should he offer to pay the legal costs of those that don't follow the laws to do what he want's them to do? 

This brings up another quandary: Should these contractors take part in this illegal activity, or should they think of the repercussions when Obama is out of office and the new administration start investigating corruption?

I guess we'll find out when the foreign media reports on what happened. The alphabet media wouldn't dare do their job and report the news.

I Don't Know About You....

...but I don't have the money.

"...The total debt of the United States now equals approximately $136,690 per household...."

Meanwhile, the current administration wants to give substantial amount of borrowed money to Egypt and other Middle Eastern nations that don't have our best interest at heart. That, and keep on expanding giveaway programs in the United States, which includes billions to those that happen to wander across our borders. 

Can you say "fiscal irresponsibility"?  Good. I knew you could. 


The White House aide involved with "Fast and Furious" was "suddenly" transferred to Iraq. That's pretty convenient, although, if I was the aide, I'd wonder if the sudden need to be overseas would make getting rid of me substantially easier to accomplish.

Issa might want to push his legal challenges and hope he has a witness before it's all over.

Am I cynical? You bet.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Lighter Side of Today

If you really like hamburgers, this site is for you.


And It Only Gets Better

Six million dollars disappeared in the Orlando economy, thanks to the VA, which constantly misuses and abuses the resources needed for our veterans.  Hows that? Not only did they piss off the money, your children and grandchildren get to work their little butts off to pay the interest on the borrowed money.

Something To Look Forward To

In adjusted dollars, my salary, which has been frozen since 2007, lost 8% of actual value. When you add the additional costs of living, it equates to taking a gradual pay cut over the last 5 years. .

Meanwhile, the next thing is higher taxes in 2013 and the guarantee of increased medical costs. Inflation is projected to increase and the entire financial health of the U.S. is on the down slide, which will mean the increase of my earning ability is limited.

Now, Washington, D.C. has motored right along, thanks to what I consider crooked actions by crooks. They've given and taken raises. They've lined their pockets with slush money from the different companies, such as Solyndra, that managed to bilk the taxpayer of billions, yet there's no charges of corruption.

So, I'm really pissed this afternoon for many reasons, but mostly at the mooches and progressives that see nothing wrong with stealing from me to make their lives easier or to promote some political ideal that's always ended in death and destruction. Also, I'm mad that there are so many dumbasses in the U.S. thanks to the teachers unions and bureaucrats.

I think I'm to the point that P.T. Barnum summarizes my opinion of 60% of the people in this country. Now, I just need to figure out how to part them from their money. It should be easy.

We Pay the Salaries of Bumbling Idiots

"...This [White House Communications Agency] guy opened an email he wasn't supposed to open," the source said...".

I don't know about you, but when the Obama Administration is given their walking papers, Washington D.C. needs to be fumigated for dumbass syndrome. 

The Upcoming Debates

The first is on the third and about domestic policy. I'm still not sure if I'll watch, or peruse the channels for reruns of Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Meanwhile, those that really need to watch the debates are probably not smart enough to know the importance. Even if they did watch, they'd have no clue on the subject matter. That's sad; almost as sad as being at this point in the election cycle and not having a clear idea who you'll vote.

This brings me to the "undecided" voter. There is no such thing. Nobody is that ignorant. It's impossible.