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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Enough is Enough

 It's apparent the Democrats are attempting to force a takeover of the United States. Their message is the same as the Marxists that started the long spell of murders at the turn of the last century. It's time for this to stop, and it's Trumps responsibility to curb the violence with armed forces, charges of sedition for those supporting the Marxists, and the assurance our great Republic will stand. 

This next election will only galvanize the Marxists, unless there is a strong offensive against them at this time. It's time, and enough is enough. 

Pro Pawns

 Professional sports took a huge hit with the Coronavirus. My prediction most professional teams will seek bankruptcy, but won't have that avenue until the season is over. With the player, and staff, support of the Marxist terrorists, the final result will be substantial losses of all revenue, and the creditors will take anything in a bankruptcy, which I see advanced by the tremendous loss of fans. That will be pennies on the dollar, the primadonnas will find they can't afford their champagne life on a beer budget, and  it will happen faster than they can say BLM.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Great Disconnect

After watching the months of rioting, failure of mayors to control the crime, and media subterfuge, I can't fathom the great disconnect. With the lack of police protection, state law enforcement is required to step in, and if they can't handle the rioting, federal troops need to be mobilized. 

Another thing: Why are people still participating in the mayhem? They may not think they are, but their news outlets, sports teams, political officials, and businesses they frequent are supplying money to the terrorists. These seditionists are not hiding their efforts, so it's easy to focus on who to boycott, or push for their firing. 

I don't know how this will end, but the Marxist Democrats are cheering for the terrorists, and the honest citizens are cheering for those that shoot the terrorists hiding under the guise of legal political activists. It's civil war, and it's escalating. Choosing sides will be required, and those supporting the riots are far outnumbered. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Hunkering Down

Everything locally started grinding to a halt starting yesterday. The petrochemical industry is shutting down units (higher energy prices), stores are closing, people are leaving, open store shelves are emptying, and the general consensus is we'll catch the brunt of a hurricane. 

A few things could change this: The storm could weaken, which is usually does as it travels into the shallow waters of the Gulf in this area. The path could shift a few dozen miles to the east, which will lessen the winds, or the storm could weaken considerably due to the air being fed to the storm is very dry. We won't know, until tonight. 

The weather dweebs are salivating. It's somewhat embarrassing to watch, as their excess saliva spills onto their rain. They have to keep the show moving, so they have conjectured their reports to the point of fantasy. The field reporters will stand in the wind, as they try to keep their footing, and sheets of building fly by their heads. The locals will shake their heads, and tip their remaining cold beer to salute the insanity  prowess of those willing to brave the hurricane, with the knowledge their makeup is waterproof. 

All in all, it will be another adventure in life. I suppose I should be used to this, but I'm not. The cleanup, lack of supplies, lack of electricity, cold baths, and general fatigue of the event leads to a sorry attitude, which only good scotch will remove. 


It's 12:52 am. The eye is making landfall about 80 miles to the east. The winds at this location are 93 mph with gusts to 114. In my location the wind is about 25 with gust to 35. The winds are supposed to rise a little more. We're on the west side of the storm, so we're receiving only light rain and no thunderstorms. 

Radar shows Lake Charles, Louisiana is about to get pounded. Hopefully those folks are prepared, and the damage will be minimal. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Renting The Future

 Over the years, my job required renting expensive equipment to accomplish the work. The rental rates are set by the anticipated life of the equipment, which is substantially lower than that of owned equipment. Why? The rented equipment is abused, the costs to repair are never considered, and maintenance is expected by the rental company.  

Owned equipment is less expensive, allows lower job costs, and gives contractors and advantage in bidding. Those operating equipment are expected to be cautious, take care of the equipment, and follow maintenance schedules. Owners understand the demand for equipment care, but still have problems with employees that don't understand their jobs depend on the equipment. Increased costs for repairs can lead to lost revenue, reduced profits, and the possibility of the owners becoming bankrupt. Borrowing money may help, but continued losses lead to an unwillingness by banks to loan money.  

Our government has become a nation of uncaring operators (politicians), lackadaisical owners (taxpayers), and uncontrolled spending, when fiscal conservatism was mandated. Simple problems became huge, competitors had the help of greedy employees willing to destroy for gain, and the taxpayers allowed it all to happen. The bill for this madness is huge, and the payments will last beyond the lives of those that caused the debt. 

I've heard this is human behavior, but don't subscribe to that belief. It's arrogance, laziness, greed and outright thievery. Humans are not wasteful by nature, and self-preservation is what controls behavior. This is a failure of our society helped by years of indoctrination, and the erroneous belief the federal government can't fail. Our enemies have been successful to this point, and it's our duty to prevent the complete destruction of our nation. 

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Anticipation Again

 Two tropical storms are expected in the Gulf over the next week. Both - since the final landfall location is a crap shoot at this time - could possibly have an effect on my life. The current anticipation is leaning toward neither coming ashore as a hurricane, which is good for wind damage. The problem to arise may be torrential rain, flooding, and glitches in the power grid. 

I have a bridge job, which I finished yesterday, and I can't remove all the traffic control, until my test cylinders pass on Monday. If they don't pass, I'll have a big problem, when the first storm arrives. Regardless of how they appear, barrels, grabber cones, and signs are light, wind affected, and cause confusion, when they are blown out of their proper places. Since I have a stationary automatic traffic signal controlling traffic, if either end blows over, goes down, or turns, the traffic can become dangerous. 

Time will tell, but the next week looks interesting. Hopefully the rain won't cause flooding, and the locals along the coast won't be inundated by a surge. 

Apparently, the initial thought of the center of the storm was too far west. The new forecast has tropical storm Marco coming ashore in the middle of Louisiana, turning to the west, and we'll avoid the winds, but will have the rain at the end of next week. We'll see, but such storms can slow, drop a lot of rain, and cause flooding. 

And now, with Marco going into Louisiana, weather wizards are calling for his sister, Laura, to take a job to the west, and bullseye my area. I hope not, but am preparing. 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Early Morning Musings

 I took a one hour nap least it was supposed to last that long. After 4 hours, I awoke with the feeling I could sleep some more. Instead, I decided to get up, ate some supper, farted around for a few hours, and went back to bed. 

At 2:30, I woke, and decided trying to sleep more was a futile effort. So, I brewed a hot cup of tea, sat on the porch for awhile, and decided to write about some thoughts. 

Donald Trump lost a brother. That's a tough loss, since a brother is a best friend. After they're gone, you realize how much you lost. There will be no more visits to share a meal, talk about life, and reminisce the past. Even as time passes, an event, or a moment makes you think of them. A need for a consultation about something leads to a brief moment, when you reach for the phone to call, and you feel foolish for forgetting. 

New York is bleeding citizens, the police union is backing Trump, and the Democrats are scratching their heads for solutions. They can't wrap their heads around the fact their society of promoting ignorance, rewarding incompetence, and breeding idiots lead to failed policy. To make things worse, those that are rewarded for taking part in the madness are starting to realize they're betting on the losing horse. 

The highest law enforcement agency in the country is appearing to be run by thugs, who pay thugs, and the thuggery is used to help their political handlers. While they haven't resorted to using baseball bats, the threats of destruction they use is just as terrible. When you add they're willing to lie, cheat, and steal to achieve their goals, it can be said they've become an example any criminal organization might want to emulate. 

The Chinese Flu is leading to civil contempt, and disobedience. That's what happens, when you try to corral people, force them to do things they don't want to do, and then try to take their weapons. In other failed political systems, it all worked, but they had to get the guns first. That won't happen here, and to think otherwise is foolish. 

Joe Biden chose Kamela Harris to be his running mate. In a perfect society, such a thing would be a source of intense comedic expression, with a media sharing the effort to realistically portray the absurdity. Instead, the media, comics, and pundits are trying to make chicken salad out of chicken shit feathers. I think they're wasting their time. Only a few Democrats are that dumb, and any with sense will realize they should stay home on election day. 

The local terrorist groups are finding push-back, when they venture beyond the empty streets of a downtown area. That's good, and may they find most of their members are cowards, and attrition will lead to their demise. Of course, they might to try using some more violent methods to achieve their goal, but that usually leads to bounties, and cold bodies for members. 

Professional sports are chugging along, but haven't figured out the track they chose has a dead end. Maybe they should apologize to the millions of fans that love their country, despise criminal players, could care less about any of their political views, and are now boycotting the events.  The lack of revenue will be telling in the near future. I have a feeling the salaries offered for players will be substantially reduced. So be it. They deserve the repercussions from their arrogance. 

Age has brought the realization that you pay dearly for your wisdom. That, and the realization too many young folks are willing to make your mistakes to prove you are wrong. This leads to an unwillingness to offer advise, and to pop some popcorn for the show. 

The heat continues, with triple digit heat indices in the near future. "You'll get used to it." is what some say, but I can't find them outside so I can tell them I think they're wrong. Nobody "get's used to it" and few can tolerate it. 

I think I'll have another cup of tea, sit on the porch, and enjoy the 80 degree heat with 100 percent humidity. It's better than the afternoon, but not by much. 

Friday, August 7, 2020

Not Enough

 I know many people, and they aren't happy about current affairs. I'll list a few:

- Powerful bureaucrats attempted a coup. Included were members of the highest law enforcement agencies, the IRS, elected officials, and probably Obama. A less polite society would have their heads on pikes surrounding the reflecting pool of the Washington Monument. 

- Supposed health officials not only can't agree on the dangers of Covid 19, they spout their opinions with corrupted data. Those that don't tow the line, continue the subterfuge of isolation, and allow the economy to suffer are chastised, have their character assassinated, or are ignored. 

- Joe Biden his son, and probably other members of his family, are trash. Not only have they become rich from illegal Chinese graft, they continue to be allowed to walk in public. They're criminals, and should be treated as such. 

- Bill Clinton is being given a free pass on his elbow rubbing with a known rapist, and child trafficker.  A good media would be asking some tough questions, and demanding investigations into his culpability. 

- The economy is taking a huge hit, Congress is ignoring its responsibility, the media is ignoring those helping destroy the economy, and it's all part of the effort to destroy Trump. 

- Public sector unions are running roughshod over those that pay their salaries. 

- China is attempting to destroy the United States, professional sports is helping, and people are still watching the crap they call sports. 

There's more, and there's a comment section to add the things pissing you off. 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

I'm Tired of This

The Coronascare is slowly proving to be a ruse. That, and the protesters are slowly being revealed as organized militant terrorists. The media isn't covering it, and the politicians are using this all as leverage or points for posturing. To add this madness, the Democratic Party has a candidate that is obviously unable to even clean the toilets in the White House.

I'm tired of the ridiculous pandering to those that need to be awakened with a swift kick in their butts. Society doesn't function by the ramblings of imbeciles, and reducing the ability of producers to produce endangers the existence of a peaceful society. This all needs to end, and those financing this madness need to be shot.