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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Warning Labels

In large cranes, there are warning labels all over the machine. They warn of pinch points, places to not step, overhead electrical hazards and the most important: The labels that warn those sitting in the seat to not attempt to operate the crane without training and experience.

We need that label for the desk in the White House. We need other labels all over the podiums of those attempting to convince us they're the best choice for President.

The last few days have convinced me we have a feckless, inexperienced, dangerous man in the White House and his foolishness is more dangerous than the most corrupt of dictators. That's a very uncomfortable thought. The train is racing out of control, and the engineer is thinking how wonderful it is to blow the horn.

Funeral Processions and Madness

I've driven in a few funeral processions. I'm determined I'll avoid that in the future.

It's not that I don't like funeral processions, it's I don't like the inconvenience to everyone else that's not part of the procession, the danger of traffic and the fact there are people with crummy attitudes, bad vision and distracted that are driving without paying attention to traffic lights. Even with a cop, it's still dangerous; especially for the cop.

So, lets have them at 3:00 am. Traffic is light, most of the drunks have gone home and there's not a great need for a special escort. Even if there is, the bright, flashing lights are more noticeable and the possibility of an accident is reduced.

But, what about the ceremony at the cemetery? They make light towers, that can illuminate a few acres with no problem. Just tell the preacher to speak a little louder so the mourners can hear him over the diesel engine of the light tower.

After that, everybody can go have breakfast at Denny's. Be sure to tip the wait staff and order something besides coffee. If you have to have a little snort of alcohol, I doubt anyone would object if you pour a shot in your coffee from your flask.....just be discrete.


John Kerry is using the death of around 1500 people to promote his wish the United States attacks Syria. He's worried about these people, but if you look back in the early days of his journey into becoming a lying politician  career, he didn't have anything to say about the deaths of thousands when the North Vietnamese began purging the citizens of the south to accomplish their goals. He was part of the process that led to these deaths, yet the media is quiet about this hypocrisy. They're also quiet about his congressional testimony that was found to be backed by lies.

Is this irony? No; this is what you get when people are not taken to task early in their careers and exposed as the hypocritical sacks of crap they really are.

A less polite society would throw him off a ship in the middle of the ocean.

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Mothball Fleet

A local town once hosted a mothball fleet of military ships. Eventually they were all moved, or sold for scrap. If you've never seen one, make an effort to visit, they're filled with history, which can leave for the scrappers on any given day.

When I was young, my father gathered my mother, and my brothers, for a trip to see the ship he served on during the Korean War. My memory of the event is hazy, but I always remembered how excited he was about pointing to his ship and was left with a number in the five hundreds imprinted in my mind.

A few months ago, my brother sent me an email, with the name of the destroyer, the number and links to websites with more information. The one site that really stuck in my mind was one with an honor roll of those that have passed. Finding my father's name brought back many memories and thoughts of his service.

My father told me very little about his time aboard the destroyer, but the two stories I remember will never be forgotten.

 One was of steaming up and down the coast of Korea on patrol. With the orders of not firing, unless fired upon, they would watch old artillery canons rolled from caves, the firing crews attempt to direct a shell their way and return fire back at the empty location. The crews were quick to pull their canons back into hiding, so the efforts were futile for both.

The other was sailing through a typhoon. With the danger of losing the ship, all watertight bulkheads were secured, everybody was basically trapped in their compartment and men would hang from bulkheads as they ship would almost stand on end in the giant waves. The entire event must have been horrifying, especially when you add the vomit from all the seasick sailors.

Anyway, while my father was only one sailor, many, many more served on the ship and it was only one of thousands. The stories never told will be forever untold, since most of those that served on the older ships have passed, or will in too short of a time.

Here's a photo.

And the best link:

USS Twining DD540

If you have someone in your family that served, remember, and document, what they're willing to tell. You'll never regret your effort.

Kerry Wants a Limited Attack

John Kerry wants a limited attack on Syria, which translates to: " Yes, I know the President I backed has less of clue than I imagined, but he hired me and I have no idea what to do, either."

Now lets add our new U.N. ambassador, who could probably make a few college kids cringe, with her knowledge of current events, but will have her ass handed to her in a bag, when the Russians are through with her.

To complete this, the people at the U.N. are talking about talking, which is what the U.N. is good for. After all, when a foreign government has nothing to offer the dumbass brother-in-law of a big financial donor, you make them an ambassoder. Talking is important, since there is nothing else they can be trusted with.

Meanwhile, in the real world, people are dying, governments are financing these deaths and our President has overloaded his ass with his mouth. He's talking about military action to a military that had all their funds cut.

So, now what happens? I imagine there will be some calls for more money for the military, which will be politically disastrous for some candidates of progressive flavor and the mid-terms will be a bloodbath for incumbents.

Will we go to war? No. We don't have the money, most in the government know it's a bad idea, so they'll sit on their hands and our President will probably go on vacation.

As Life Goes On

I was cooking (yes I do cook. I escape, when I cook) and some thoughts crossed my mind. I'll elaborate:

When I was in high school, my courses were geared toward pre-med. As time went on, and I was a terrible student, things shifted direction. When high school ended, I ventured into the world and sought my destiny.

As my thoughts progressed today, I started wondering about my life, if I pursued medicine. Where would I be? Would I be successful? Would I be a derelict, living on the streets because I was a piss poor doctor? Would I have had the wonderful opportunity to help my mother during her final years? Who knows. That's the path I didn't take.

If I had sought a different path, I'd never been fascinated by watching a comet from the rail of an offshore platform. I'd never met my wife. I'd never learned to operate heavy equipment, or build a road, a bridge or acquired any of the skills I now possess.

So, what am I getting at? We are who we are, only because the path life presented. All decisions - right or wrong - have consequences, yet they also yield rewards.

Take some time to analyze your life, realize it's more than special and develop the determination you're only as successful as you feel. I feel wonderfully successful, don't regret my life and feel the journey is something I should accept, know is the correct path, and gave me memories I'll cherish forever. I'll continue with the determination to make the most of what it brings. It's the least I can do. I've been blessed and should always remember the blessings in life are simple and fulfilling.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Is Winding Down

I know many are suffering a heat wave, but summer is winding down. It's due to physics and there's nothing we can do to change this.

How do I know this? Personal observation. When the mornings are cooler, the afternoons aren't as hot, and the days are obviously shorter, summer is well on the wane.

For me, it's relief. For others, it's preparing for brutally cold weather, which we don't have.

For those soon to endure winter, may it be mild. It's equal to our brutal summer, with dismal, dark days.

Seven More Visits....

...and I break 6000 visits for a month, which is an all time record.

Okay, So What's the Deal?

No matter whether I comment on my own blog, or another, it posts twice. Is this a technical error, or is my touchpad having a bad day?

A Moment of Realization

It suddenly occurred to me I've been blogging since August, 2011. That's two years, plus change.

So, in honor of this epiphany, I'm informing everyone that reads my blog I'm addicted and unwilling to seek rehab to cure my ailment.

So, there you go.Your continuing examination of my thoughts allows me to continue with my habit. It's a win-win for me and you. You get to wonder about my sanity and I get to continue on my path to destruction....or enlightenment....whichever comes first.

I'm happy and know you are too.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fort Hood Terrorist

They've sentenced the terrorist, that the government refused to call a terrorist, to death for his actions. May his death be by throwing him in a pen full of feral hogs.

Speculation and Denial

There's a lot of hoopla over the fifty year anniversary of the "I have a Dream" speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The media is all over it like chickens on a June bug, which is good in one way, but not in another.

I think the biggest issue is that the media is mostly skating around the biggest issue, which is expecting the race baiters of this century to go on to something more productive and stop being irrelevant. Of course, if they really wanted to be productive, they'd need to roll up their sleeves and untangle the mess of entitlements, the loss of family values and the fact Dr. King's real message is now mostly ignored.

They dishonor the man with their dishonesty and it doesn't say much about them either. While they may think they're emulating Dr. King, they're not and thinking they're somehow continuing his effort is arrogant. I doubt Dr. King would be proud of what is happening today or many of the supposed champions of civil rights.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Twenty Four Hours Ago,,,

...I left for work. I arrived home thirty minutes ago.

I'm getting to old for this.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Post About a Post

So, while pissing and moaning, I write to request readers to post a number in sequence to verify they aren't bots. People responded. It's like I walked into a huge, empty bar, offered to buy everyone a drink and find out everyone went to the restroom at the same time.

The reply count is over 100, the visits are over 750 and I found some things I need to write about:

- There are many people that read my blog.
- Many of those people can't count worth a shit.
- I'm overwhelmed by the response.
- I feel like Kevin Costner in the last scene, when the cars are lined up for miles, everyone is coming to the game and the only thought I have is: "Damn, I forgot the port-a-potties. I damn sure won't need to worry about fertilizing around 5 acres of corn."


I am humbled, thank all for visiting and need to be more careful about what I write.

Leave a quarter on the toilet.

Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm Beginning to Wonder

I write a post about getting hit in the head with a fastball, and I get one comment. I guess that's okay, but I'm beginning to wonder if nobody reads my blog but four people, bots and people trying to sell me some herbal crap or an invitation to some blog that interests me as much as a root canal or contracting malaria..

That's prime stuff. Where else can you find something that not only stirs your imagination, it makes your heart go out to the poor little seven year old that was knocked out by a pitch?

Anyway, If you read my blog, just leave a comment with a number. Read, post one number in sequence and let me see that electronic parasites are not the only visitors to my blog.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Little League Fun

I was reading the news, and found this article about a major league player getting hit in the face with a fastball. Usually, such things aren't experienced by most people, but I can relate to the event.

I was little fart, when I played little league. The put me in the outfield because I couldn't run real fast, wasn't a natural player and they had to do something with me.

I remember we were playing the best team of our league. They had this badass pitcher that not only threw a mean fastball, it was out of control enough to keep you on your toes.

I was at bat, and he threw a strike. The next pitch was a ball; so was the next. I was thinking: "I'm either fixing to get really lucky, or he's going to strike me out.

He wound up, threw and the next thing I knew, a crowd was standing over me and I was laying on the ground. His last pitch caught me at the temple, and would have crushed my skull, if I hadn't been wearing a batting helmet.

After enough time passed for everyone to realize I wasn't dead, the stars cleared a little and I confirmed I could make it to first base without assistance, the game proceeded.

I don't remember anything else about that game, except how much it hurts to get hit in the head by a fastball. Such memories are best left where they started, yet there's always something that comes up that brings them around.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Have To Apologize

As far as internet etiquette, I'm as ignorant as a pallet of bricks. I really don't know the proper thing to do, so that's why I'm writing the following:

To anyone that's joined my blog, stopped to read, found me by accident, is only a search engine, doesn't know any more than I do, or is thinking of puking, I appreciate your taking the time to read, shake your head in disgust, laugh at my ignorance, or try to hack my site to tell crude jokes about your next door neighbor.

The world is a big, lonely place and it's nice to know some people take the time to see what's rattling around in my head.

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've been burning the candle at both ends and I think I found out why you don't do such things: You get burnt out.

By my calculations, by midnight last night, I was at around 36 hours into a work week that started Sunday evening at 4:00 pm.

I'm beat.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oklahoma Thugs and Realization

Three young men, two black and one white, decided to have some fun. They rode around in the white boy's car until one of the black men found his victim, which he shot with a 22. The victim died and the reason? For fun.

Now we wait. The uproar is starting and the Australians are calling for the boycott of the U.S. in retaliation for allowing one of their own to be murdered by the thugs that roam through our cities.

If the race bait crowd doesn't realize it, they now are accountable for the out of control situation. They have blood on their hands, since they've ignored the real problems, and pushed for angry retaliation in so-called race issues. They've emboldened a group of people that don't fear the citizens they prey upon.

What happens now? I think the race bait crowd needs to be very quiet. They're out numbered, now considered a threat by their actions, and nothing good will come from any effort to use this tragedy for personal gain.

As far as thugs? The number of gun sales should make them aware of their danger. People have had enough and the smallest of threats will end in self-defense. I have a feeling there will be many, the district attorneys will realize they can't bankrupt cities for political reasons, and many thugs will end up in Potter's field.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Unemployment Is Up

I won't link the figures, but they can be found on the net.

So, the wizardry with false numbers can't even be adjusted to hide the dismal employment in the United States. When you add this, and the fact the stimulus did absolutely nothing, the best way to look at this administration is that of a complete failure.

Obamacare is on the way. With it will come more unemployment, less money for the economy, a new regime of lying politicians and the typical reaction of the press to blame it on those that actually get up every morning and go to work.

If you didn't vote in the last federal election, or voted for someone that is now an entrenched Washington insider, you better think twice before the mid-term. In case you haven't noticed, they're pushing for you to live in a mud hut; spending your days picking shit with the chickens.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Let's Be Fair

I think every TSA and other security worker needs a full search daily, including a body cavity search to insure they haven't crossed to the dark side and are now an enemy. They can be cautious; we can be sure.

So, who do we assign this task? I think people over sixty, with a prosthesis and an attitude is a good start. They have a better understanding of what's required to insure a logical determination. If there aren't enough, Alzheimer's patient are next. We'll just have to hire a few people to document the work.

Two Party Debacle

We supposedly have a two party system in the United States. When you really look at the leadership of both, you realize they have only one thing in mind: the perpetuation of their power. There's no noble cause, or willingness to represent the best interest of the citizens.

We're better than this. We're the culmination of centuries of societal evolution and we're going to accept two parties that are as corrupt, selfish and ungracious as the worst of single rulers?

So, what do we do? Start by voting with your pocketbook. No matter how much you enjoy one television show, refuse to take part in the media effort that uses their platform to intentionally mislead and promote an agenda you don't think is best. It works and you'll be amazed at the final results.

Every single person in the United States has more sovereign rights than any petty ruler in history. Those rights will never be realized if you accept tyranny for supposed safety. There is only one single party in power in this country and it's run from Washington, D.C. , a bastion of entitlement and arrogance. They can't exist without your permission.

Friday, August 16, 2013

I Wonder How It Feels?

Obama is playing golf, lounging around, yucking it up with his good time buddies, pissing off money to fly his dog to Martha's Vineyard and the unrest in Egypt has led to the deaths of hundreds. The entire shitty mess was stirred by Obama at the first of his term as President and he has a responsibility, which he seems to be ignoring.

I wonder how it feels to be such an incompetent President, the world laughs at you, the majority of the citizens reject your legislation and the only legacy will be of fecklessness, arrogance and corruption? I know how I would feel. I doubt he has a clue.

Rodeo Clown

I wonder what would happen if everyone that attended a rodeo wore an Obama Mask? Would it cause such a reaction that a substantial amount of the President's fan club would have chest pains and require hospitalization? I'd like to find out.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


We're back on the highway, which means a lot of long, strange hours. Long story short: I'm at around 45 hours and have at least 12 more before the weekend, with heat, humidity and the constant problem of dealing with traffic and the general problems of repairing the highway.

I'm tired. To make matters worse, the weariness is accentuated by my anger at the piss-ant, puss-gut, no-ass pieces of puke shit we call the "Government". They don't deserve any respect and their arrogance is not only intolerable, it's an insulting dismissal of what made this country the greatest nation on the face of the Earth.

Needless to say, things will change. I don't feel I'm alone with my feelings.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Roving Capitol

Wouldn't that be nice? No single city that can turn into a morass of corrupt asses? No base for lobbyist? No single city that can abuse the money from the taxpayers? No single location to enjoy the fruits of government money?

I think it's a good idea. Keep them sonsabitches moving; no set place; less ability to choose winners and losers; a demand that every city get a chance to host the legislators; or not,  and a reduction in the amount of money used to house, provide offices and staff the crooked bastards we call Congressional representative.

Even better: House them in tent cities. Make them crap in port-a-can. Have them eat M.R.E.'s and shoot the first bastard that tries to bring in something special, since they have personal wealth. Make them understand that some poor bastard worked sixteen hour days, is barely making ends meet and really doesn't give a rat's ass about diversity and global warming.

Ignorance and Power

The best description of too many people that have power is ignorant. They don't know the basis of law, the mandates of the Constitution and couldn't find their asses with both hands and a map.

So, how did they achieve this power? Those that put them in that position have the intellect of a garden vegetable compared to Einstein. Dumbasses elect dumbasses and they wallow in dumbassary like pigs wallow in fresh mud; crapping all over their wallow; snorting in enjoyment and soon on the way to slaughter.

I'm Tired of the Hype

Judging by the reaction to a government shutdown, there's some that say the Republicans need to come up with something else to change the direction of the country.

My Opinion? Nobody pays attention to power, unless it's used. If that's what it takes for the country to pay attention, realize things won't change without drastic actions, then that's what needs to be done. Be badass and people won't think of taking advantage. You can't be powerful, if you're going to wimp out when somebody tries to push you around.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Canine Airlift

The First Dog received a special airplane ride to Martha's Vineyard for vacation. It wasn't as expensive as flying Air Force One, but he's a dog, after all.

Meanwhile, some poor sucker in Anytown, USA is wondering how he'll keep his business open and worries about his wife's illness.

Dipshits. May the library for this President be a port-a-can on a corner in Chicago.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Heat Returns a Memory

I was sitting this morning, thinking of the heat and a memory returned of my time offshore.

It was early morning. The wind whistled in the cross-members of the platforms and the cold north wind caused me to pull my collar up. Turning my back to the wind, I looked at the approaching crew boat and the spray that coated the windows.

As I watched, I had time to observe the bright orange sky; filled with cirrus clouds; an orange so bright I had to squint my eyes. The Gulf was a deep purple and the chop broke the orange reflections into an impressionist artwork only allowed by those that are blessed with the experience.

Seagulls cried in the cold air, which was filled with the drone of the engines of the approaching crew boat. As I watched, it arrived, turned and the skipper appeared - heavily bundled - to back the boat so we could board.

After boarding, everyone, except me, went inside to seek the warmth of the cabin. I stayed. The moment was too special to release at such short notice. I stood at the rail for a few minutes as the crew boat accelerated. The occasional spray flew over the bow and misted the back deck. The cold air was intoxicating and I knew a special memory was being created; a memory too precious to ignore; a memory to last forever.

A Quick Analysis of Single Payer Healthcare

The volumes of information on single payer healthcare are too large to ever read. So, what can a logical person use to decide whether about such a system?

I'll make it easy: The government decides on your healthcare with a single payer system. The same government that allowed an ambassador to be murdered in Benghazi. The same government that allows the I.R.S. to use their power to remove the rights of citizens. The same government that allows a sitting President to piss off billions on vacations, payoffs to special individuals, useless trips all over Hell's half acre to run his mouth and allowing his own administration to run roughshod over the people that pay his salary. The same government that's trillions of dollars in debt because they're as fiscally responsible as an alcoholic in a liquor store.

There's your answer. If you think the feckless government is good for taking care of your healthcare, single payer is the way to go. If you have more brains that a tree frog, the mention of a single payer healthcare system should make you want to fire your elected politicians and find people that aren't not scum-sucking bottom feeders.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Government Investigations

Government investigations are constantly going on, which sounds good, until you realize they don't do a damned thing, except investigate and piss off money. I have a solution:

Don't investigate anything. If a politician, or bureaucrat needs investigating, just place a few hundred certified taxpayers along the reflecting pond at the Washington monument, give them each a baseball bat and allow them to let their conscience be their guide when the suspected party is forced to walk by everyone with a bat. I have a feeling many problems will end overnight.


Today was one of those days of pondering. I pondered about the job, my life, the weather, my new legal obligations, family, friends, food, scotch and just about anything that crossed my mind. In spite of my thorough examination of various subjects, the point I've reached is where I am right now. Nothing really important to write about and a dull, numb brain that was baked on low, until tender.

Speaking of food, I think I'll go heat up some leftover pork chops and open a can of Trappey's Navy beans. Nothing can go wrong with either and the onions I'll add to the beans will make them even better.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

While We're On the Subject

We weren't, but it will drag you into reading further.

I'd say a tremendous percentage of my adult personal time was spent in a port-a-can. Not that I enjoy such things, but in the construction field, it's what's available and much better than wandering off into the woods. They're hot in the summer, cold in the winter, terrible to use if they're not cleaned regularly and usually have graffiti.

The graffiti is usually crude, but if the port-a-can is around electricians, the graffiti is clever. My favorite probably was written by an electrician:

"Kirk to Spock. No sign of intelligent life. Kirk out."

I bet you're wondering what brought on these thoughts. I have no idea, but I need to end this post with at least one story:

Years ago, we were working on widening a section of the interstate. We had a temporary field office and a port-a-can. The can was for all the workers, so I bumped the service to twice a week.

One morning, I went into the can right before I opened the field office. Sometime late the evening before, it was serviced and was now spotless. I thought to myself: "That's good. If I get an urge, the can will be clean."

After I shook out the crews, made my rounds and had another cup of coffee, the urge hit. Not just a little urge; an urge that demanded my immediate response.

I pulled up next to the port-a-can, opened the door and was amazed at what I found: Somebody must have exploded. There was crap everywhere. It was on the seat, the floor and up to eye level on the walls. Not only was it a terrible sight to behold, the stench was overwhelming.

I made a mad dash to my truck and managed to make it to a McDonald's before I too exploded.

I called the port-a-can company and asked for it to be cleaned as soon as possible. The young lady that I was speaking to remarked: "We just cleaned it."

I replied: "I think somebody had to have exploded."  and described what I observed.

A long pause followed. She eventually told me she would send out someone immediately.

So, I've finally managed to tell a story about a port-a-can. Is this important? No, but I did get your attention.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Aren't They Special?

Congressional staffers, with the waive of the magic wand of the Office of Personnel Management, will get special healthcare in violation of the law passed by Congress.

Like hell. If so, they don't need to wander away from the bastion of Washington, the District of Corruption. Most taxpayers won't be nice. I'm thinking I'll spit on the first one brave  stupid enough to proclaim they're part of the deliberate effort to piss on those that pay their salary.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Heat Index

The temperature today was 93 and the heat index was 105. Translated to the real world, it was too hot for man, or beast and I had to spend 11 hours in the hot, humid air.

I'm burnt out and wondering if it's time to say "no more". It's a younger man's game and I'm not young any longer.

Maybe I can't get a job as a geriatric gigolos, or a Walmart long as there's air conditioning.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pulling Our Leg

There's a big threat to national security according to new reports. The threat was revealed by chatter received by security agencies, according to the same security agencies, government officials and administrative personnel that ignored Benghazi, the demand for information of the event and are now hiding any survivors of the event.

Do you have the feeling they're not being truthful, will make up anything to avoid telling the truth and really don't give a damn about U.S. citizens, the Constitution and the honor expected of our national leaders? I do. I find it insulting for them to portray concern, act without thought, dishonor those that died due to their incompetence and expect me to believe anything they say, or do. They're thugs, thieves, liars, and unqualified to lead this country.

So, Now It Begins

The death certificates arrived, an attorney is in the process of filing the correct papers and within a couple of weeks, I'll sit in front of a judge and be appointed as executor. I've known this was coming and all the mental preparation didn't prepare me for the actual event.

As time goes on, some of my experiences may be notable and require writing. Hopefully not. The task will be long and involved. In the end, memories will be all that's left and I hope the family will learn to congregate at a new location to perpetuate our legacy of never letting large periods of time pass without gathering and breaking bread.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Goobermint Thuggery

If you don't think some government folks will have no qualms about icing your ass, read this article about a bunch of natural resource thugs that killed a fawn named "Giggles".

Bastards. May they be struck in the crotch by lightning.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Deepness of Thought

I try to write what's on my mind, although my mind is a constant jumble of unending motion I can only reach into and pull out a few memories, or thoughts.

Still, I'm compelled to write. The thoughts arrive, I try to take the best for presentation and reveal these moments with the limited method we call "writing".

My effort can seem incomplete, worthless and leave the feeling it's a thankless endeavor to make the effort. It's like throwing rocks into the darkness and hoping for a sound, when they strike.

For those that don't write, and probably should, there are few things that reveal who your are you are, or leaves a legacy. So much of life is lost forever and - other than photographs or recollections - your entire existence can be only a short memory on a Saturday afternoon.

Do You Ever Get the Feeling...

...somebody has you on camera....waiting for you to take a bite of your you just enough time to gulp your drink, so you can talk? I do. When I find it, I'm going Neanderthal on some poor bastard with a twisted sense of humor.