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Friday, January 26, 2018

Discovering the Pickpockets

In the near past, regardless of the amount, state and local taxes were deductible for the full amount. With the new tax legislation just passed, the limit is $10,000. For many people, that probably doesn't mean anything, but in too many states, that means a pickpocket will now be exposed.

I don't think many people realized how much the federal government funded the sometimes expensive whims of states, and communities. Taxpayers that could, deducted state and local taxes. Those without the burden, didn't have the deduction. They paid more taxes, and were basically helping those with the excessive taxes from becoming completely pissed-off. With the new tax law, some might find the thousands they once deducted will now be a burden they might not be able to afford, and some states are scrambling for relief from what will soon come. 

I feel sorry for those impacted by this legislation, but like a boss once said: "I can feel for you, but just can't reach you." The problem is not the new legislation; the problem is out of control political entities and their foolish spending habits. The focus should be on the state and local legislators. I have a feeling that focus will lead to some unkind actions by those so severely impacted by excessive taxes.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Time Will Tell

Newly released texts reveal some of former Muellor's team members may have known the outcome of the Hillary email investigation in advance. If so, the collusion Muellor is looking for may be something that he probably didn't anticipate.

The last election is revealing what I consider a treasonous effort to sway a federal election. In my opinion, if those involved are prosecuted, the death penalty should be a contemplated punishment.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Government Shut Your Mouth

Government shutdown, my ass. There is no such thing. The government is like a huge pile of steaming horseshit. Thinking it will cool down with the click of the second hand on a clock is madness.

So, the government is now officially shut down. Older folks, who want to go spend their social security money (which is unaffected like all such things) will not be able to visit their favorite Moose Nuts Wildlife Refuge. I hope they don't miss the annual neutering viewing. 

Oh, the horror. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Aftermath

The final outcome of the last cold spell was sleet, a tiny bit of snow, and a very uncommon low of 16 degrees Wednesday morning. The clear skies allowed temperatures above freezing in the sun. In the shade, the temperatures hovered right at, or slightly above freezing. So, icicles stayed mostly complete.

This morning, it was 19 degrees. As of noon, it wasn't far above freezing in the shade, and a cloud bank is fast approaching from the southwest. Heating will soon be hampered, and tonight's forecast is for a low near, or slightly below freezing.

Wrecks were plentiful for those willing to brave the unsalted/unsanded overpasses and bridges. With unfrozen roads before the structures, incredible speeds were allowed before the point of tapping the brakes due to the lack of control.  A local community reported 100 ice related wrecks for the last two days.

I ventured out Tuesday night, after the freezing was well established. Since I live near an interstate, I drove slowly down the ice covered back roads to the service road.

The service road had some sleet on the surface, and areas where the water froze below the friction surface. Traction was good, and allowed a safe trip to town.

The local town was almost deserted. That, and the interstate was mostly empty, except where an overpass was blocked with a few dozen emergency vehicles.

As far as I could tell, there was a wreck being cleared on the overpass, and the vehicles on the approach were being backed down the interstate to an exit ramp. It was interesting to watch from the warm confines of my truck. Still, it reminded me of the hazards that abounded, since it would only take one bad driver to cause a trip across the ditch onto the service road I was travelling.

It's been interesting. Even though I have insulated pipes, a kitchen faucet, which is on the North side of my house, will freeze. With that on my mind, and the knowledge a frozen well pump is disastrous, the last two nights involved only cat naps, with occasional trips around the house to insure the water would run, and the well wouldn't freeze.

Temperatures are to reach the 70's this weekend. It will be a pleasant change, although rain is forecast. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter Part 2

I can't remember ever having winter with two freezing precipitation events. So, this is an oddity. With freezing rain, sleet, and soon to be snow falling, this second winter event will probably be the only one during my lifetime. I'll observe it from the window.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Expressing My Opinion

Trump supposedly asked a rhetorical question that asked why we were letting so many people into the United States from "shithole countries". I've asked myself the same question many times. All the efforts to help people from these countries too often leads to more expecting money from taxpayers and a refusal to assimilate into our society. We have enough natural born citizens with that attitude and a need to remove what enables them to be parasites on taxpayers.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Just a Theory

With so much of the news being influenced by conjecture, partial reporting and outright lies, what really is happening is mostly not available for scrutiny. With only pieces of information, logic is required, and theories develop.

I have a theory that most of the criminal collusion investigation was a ruse. Most of the evidence was available for the Trump team, and the opportunity to use the information for good use was available. Many things could be planned, an agenda set in motion, and a golden opportunity to mislead a hostile media appeared.

Many in the media are now operating as though they are insane. They so want to destroy the current administration, known bad sources for information are used, and the efforts led to some situations where the outcome was not only embarrassing, the integrity of huge news agencies was shattered forever. To make it worse for these outlets, they continue to be led by carrots of bogus information, and follow these leads to their possible oblivion.

This is a perfect opportunity to use the media as a diversion, implement huge changes to an out of control bureaucracy, and expose the corrupt parts of the media. A few twitter tweets, and the narrative is set. The media has the opportunity to not investigate what they know will expose the corruption of their chosen players, and run with nonsense without any real value.

If I'm right, their are huge changes in the government that will be basically ignored. Some have happened, such as the lowering of the number of government employees, and the dismantling of regulations most people had no idea were drastically influencing their personal bottom dollar. These are not good for the liberal media, since is proves their agenda was harmful. So, these will be ignored, or spun as something they know they can't defend with logic.

The midterm election is now in motion. The opportunity for conservatives to beat their opponents with their failed policies is now much easier, and all the efforts to condemn conservative ideas will be close to futile, when it's apparent by working folks they have more money in their pocket, and a better life. It's a good time for one political party, and with some juicy tidbits of corruption to add to the effort, those that were so secure during the last administration may find they backed the losing team.

Hopefully, we won't again see the Republicans snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Sessions and Administrative Closures

The Attorney General intervened in a immigration case where an administrative closure was used.  This may be one of his most important actions to date.

According to the article an administrative closure is basically placing a decision on the back burner, by removing the case from the judge's docket, without a future date. I can see where this would be necessary with unique cases, and allow the judge to continue with their other cases, but I can also see where this allows the judge to avoid what may be important decisions. That and allowing people that illegally entered the United States to remain, and slip through the cracks.

The case Sessions intervened in was placed in administrative closure after the defendant failed to appear in court. Not only did they not appear, an attorney didn't appear either.

The defendant came to the United States illegally as a child in 2014. The age wasn't given, but regardless of the age at this point, the defendant is still here illegally, and anyone knowing of their location is helping to continue with their illegal actions, while hiding behind a bureaucratic action.

The judge is avoiding their assigned duty, which they may feel is necessary, but I don't see they can justify helping someone that ignores the demand of a court and fails to appear. Any other criminal action would require an arrest warrant and more criminal charges.

Illegal immigration was a huge concern of voters before the last national election. Those elected promised to alleviate this concern, and it's obvious Sessions is addressing the will of the majority of citizens. While administrative closures may be needed, using it to decrease case loads may lead to a dangerous individual's freedom and those that allowed this freedom immunity from the responsibility of their actions.

Sessions wants to know how judges will handle the thousands of cases with administrative closures, the authority that allows these closures, whether he should revoke the authority, and if there is another method to handle legitimate concerns. Otherwise, he's cracking the whip and it's obvious many will be resentful of his actions.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Lack of Cognizance

Some pundits/supposed political experts/news readers feel their opinion is worthy of publishing. That shows a lack of cognizance and an arrogance only shared by members of royalty. For those that suffer traffic, long hours of unsatisfying work, less spending power of their money, and the knowledge some bureaucrat makes five time what they make, their opinion not only doesn't matter, expounding their views only pisses them off more.

Null and Void

A Seattle federal court basically ignored laws, precedence and jurisprudence, which supposedly will negate an order by the Commander in Chief.   It makes a good news story, but the President should ignore the opinion of the court and see what happens. Since the court is operating so far from the boundaries is should operate within, I doubt even the Ninth Court of Appeals would do more than shake their feathers and postulate.

Time will tell.