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Friday, August 31, 2012


The last 100 years are full of political failures. From the Nationalsozialismus  to the United of Soviet Socialist Republics, millions have died of neglect, intentional genocide and the horrors of starvation due to the lack of resources. Either through warfare, or economic collapse, these forms of government failed and history proves they don't work. 

Currently, many in the United States government have embraced the ideology that led to these forms of progressive governments. The similar promises of change and a better life for every citizen is eerily similar and only forecasts the destructive eventualities. 

So, if you're following this line of thought, and have some bizarre idea this experiment will be any different, your ability to reason is flawed and you should abstain from voting in the next election. The entire world will be become better due to your restraint and honest assessment. I'll thank you before you make this logical choice.  

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Guest Workers

I think anyone that uses that term should have be sent across the border and threatened with bodily harm if they return.

Guest workers my ass.

Isaac Victims

I feel for all that are suffering from dealing with Isaac. The best description is: It sucks. May your recovery be speedy and the officials stay out of your way.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fear Mongering

There are a few respected weathermen predicting doom, which isn't necessary. They get paid to be dramatic, but their effort to get the best ratings is disrespectful of the ignorance of their audience and demeans the reputations of all meteorologists. Scaring the crap out of people is not something to be proud of, unless you run a haunted house, or are Stephen King.

At this time, even the National Hurricane Center isn't forecasting an exact landfall position or strength for Isaac. They have an idea, but aren't willing to bet.

So, stop the crap. Thinking you're saving lives is BS and only endangers people that were never in danger in the first place.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oh The Horror

A snippet from the NHC report:


I highlighted the part that means nobody is really sure what happens in two days, which is the time this critter will find some place to go ashore.

What happens? The local Emergency Management officials start preparing to send everyone down the highway, where they spend lots of money, find they're the prey of thieving hotel owners, criminals, unscrupulous businesses and face the possibility of being hit by a tornado in the small town they end up hundreds of miles from the coast.

You can't win. Everyone is doomed.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Yet Another Day of Hurricane Terror

I was listening to one of the Fox News babes this morning as I was preparing for work and she was talking about how it was frustrating that Isaac was not turning into a hurricane.

"Frustration" is what you feel when you get a knot in a shoe lace; not when tropical storms are not turning into a hurricane - unless you have a strange way of getting your jollies. I'm beginning to think a substantial amount of mental disorders is a requirement for being a television newscaster.

Anti-Doping Agency?

Apparently there is such a thing, and they stripped Lance Armstrong of 4 titles and banning him from future competition. Armstrong will not fight their determination any longer.

What I find fascinating is that this organization is not a government entity and is only "recognized" by Congress, which is like being recognized by that crazy drunk in Walmart at 2:00 am. They're the strong arm for Olympic sports drug testing, which I'm guessing gives them a feeling of unhealthy self-importance.

Personally, I say screw the Olympics and the horse they rode in on. It's all politics and unmitigated horse shit in the first place.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Before and After

Old artwork, even damaged is something that is treasured. That's why you don't let amateurs restore the artwork.

I'm sorry, but that reminds me of this:

More Hurricane Terror

It's day two of hurricane terror. The meteorologists and news folks are ramping up the hype.

Don Henley's song  Dirty Laundry comes to mind:

"...We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who comes on at five She can tell you 'bout the plane crash with a gleam In her eye It's interesting when people die-..."

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

At $35,800 Per Plate... would think these Democrats would pay the overtime to protect them while they listened and ate. Well , that just ain't going to happen.

Hurricane Terror

There's a tropical storm in the Atlantic, which forecasters believe will become a hurricane over the next few days. The weather wizards are cranking up their crystal balls and booting the computers. The newscasters are preparing to focus their undivided attention on the storm in anticipation of destruction and fear mongering.

So, what is my prediction? The storm will struggle to stay as a category one hurricane, which means sustained winds of around 80 mph at the center, which will be around 20 miles across. Outside this area, the winds will be less than hurricane strength, so the damage will be minor, such as missing roof shingles, power outages and broken tree limbs - if it comes ashore, which may not happen.

If the storm comes ashore in an isolated area, the damage may be limited to very few communities, if any. Usually, only those at the eye of a category 1 storm have any damage worth noting, and then it's not the devastation seen in storms like Andrew or Katrina. It can be bad, but since the path is projected towards Florida, the newer building codes mandate structures at an elevation and strength to have limited damage from a category hurricane.

Rain and surge can be a problem. If you live in a flood area, you know the drill and should leave if flooding is forecast.

Why am I writing this post? It's to tell you that there are many people paid to scare you. Whether it's in an emergency management capacity or only to report, they are compensated financially to keep you in fear. So, don't panic and don't pay attention to the hype.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Is Out Of Touch

According to this article, the mayor of New York City thinks no illegal borders crossing have happened for a long time. I could write a few things about the comment, but it's best to follow the link and read the comments at the bottom.

Cabbage Sloppy Joes?

The First Lady served this "healthy" meal at the "Official Kids State Dinner" in Washington yesterday: Cabbage Sloppy Joes and Zucchini Fries. Where's the meat? Meat is good for you and the supposed healthy meal is lacking in this basic food group.

If you peruse the menu, your realize it was the "winners" of some BS contest, which anyone with sense knows is propaganda. The First Lady is supposedly worried about the health of obese children, yet has no idea of how a meal with nothing but vegetables is perceived by most Americans. What's most surprising is the lack of meat, which is not a contributor to obesity.

My wife's cousin would tease her mother about eating pumpkin soup when she was a child in occupied France. They didn't have a clue and my wife was surprised when I told her many French, while starving during the occupation, had very little to eat and resorted to eating what they had, which was pumpkin soup on many occasions. They had no choice and their health was affected.

So, this "Vegan" crap is, in my opinion, another way for this administration to demand mediocrity and more of the same push to claim our third world status. It's perfectly okay for the children to be limited in choices for food, but the White House chefs serve five star restaurant dishes. It's like "Let them eat cake". The arrogance is repulsive and the ignorance is appalling.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Have You Ever Noticed?

Have you ever noticed that when the conservative base is described, it's a dynamic group of people - sometimes vilified - pushing for responsibility, but the liberal base is described as the disenfranchised, weak, downtrodden and basically helpless who require special transportation to bring them to vote? Damned if that doesn't remind me of school. I won't write any comments about the short bus.

The Healthiest Diet For Everybody

Every day, I'm bombarded with advice on what to eat. It's reached the point it's past irritation; mostly because the arrogance of many nutritionists. Some fall into the category of evangelist with their preaching and  they prey on ignorance.

What's the best diet? Eat any damn thing you want, except in moderation. If you're overweight, don't eat as much. It's that simple and I guarantee you will lose weight; especially if you increase your exercise too.

I know some will think:

 "But, some people have food allergies, or diabetes. They can't eat anything they want."

Of course not. That's why they're under the care of a doctor that uses the advances of modern medicine - not a tabloid - to help them with their nutritional needs.

Others will think: "But, you need to eat the healthy foods with vitamins and fiber."

Why? You can buy vitamin supplements, which you probably need anyway. Most commercial fruits and vegetables are picked early. Without the full time to ripen, the nutritional value is reduced. As far as fiber, you can buy that in a bottle.

Anyway, none of this is magic. If you spend a little time reading, you'll find the science of nutrition bounces between good and bad. Eggs are terrible last week, but good this week...maybe. Meanwhile, my grandfather  lived to 96 and ate eggs every day for breakfast.

You can worry about this, or enjoy life by eating what you like. Who knows, you might meet a long lost friend when you go to pick up that pizza. If not, get extra cheese and enjoy.

Another Day....

...another 24 hours of unending political commentary and campaigning.

I think most people already made up their minds. The country is polarized, but it's way beyond political discussion at this point. It's about survival and the demand that nobody rides for free. One side wants an end to government sponsored thievery; the other has its hand out.

I know who will eventually win. They always do, whether it's by the process of polite elections or otherwise. Nothing is free; never has been; never will be. Expecting anything else is foolish and never ends well.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

That's Great....Or Is It?

Imagine how parents must feel when their kid is accepted in a university with a good ranking? My question:
How would they know it's a good university?

Pointing Fingers

"The Tonight Show" is laying off people and Jay Leno is taking a cut in salary to help keep some jobs. What does this mean?

If you read the article, you get an idea of the tremendous amounts of money that networks deal with. They have a huge appetite, so it takes those amounts to keep the lights on.

If you read the comments, you see there's a disagreement on the merits of the host and complaints of the corporation that owns NBC. Fingers are being pointed, but I don't think most of those commenting really understand.

My opinion? NBC has burned its butt with the viewers/ The news is a progressive pile of feces and the reputation of the network is beyond the description of "tarnished". They crossed the line, danced along the cliff and the edge has crumbled.

I don't think NBC is alone and the other networks that followed the same path are in the same condition. While they've championed the progressive administration and actions, they've contributed to a crummy economy, lost the viewers they need to survive and now are faced with the same thing taxpayers faced for the last 4 years. Hope for a quick fix is gone, lowering expenses is imperative and the long haul is uphill.

How's that NBC? Your "Hope and Change" was a song and dance. What you don't realize is that regaining your market share may be impossible. I know I'll probably never watch you network again and I don't feel I'm alone with my opinion.

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Minor Pet Peeve...

...but it still bugs me.

In many places, you can find surveying monuments, which are used for controls on a project site. The best are set in concrete and made of brass. These usually are undisturbed, because they look important, until somebody knocks down a stake, or permanent post and the damn thing is covered up or disturbed.

Some are nothing more than a paint mark in the middle of a manhole cover, or a wood stake driven in the ground with a nail stuck in the top. There may be a lathe adjacent to the point with flagging and writing.  These are temporary, but if I'm using one, and it's damaged or disturbed, it's useless and I have to either try to work off other close points or traverse a large area and recover the point for use.

Still, it bugs the crap out of me that people are inconsiderate and don't realize somebody sweated their butt off to place the point. Somebody did, so watch what you're doing and leave them alone.

It's Been Dry

It's been dry for the last few weeks. We've had some hit and miss showers, but nothing substantial and the ground is starting to crack. I think that's going to change over the weekend.

A cool front is anticipated to travel south and park over our area. To add to this usual rain event, a tropical hoodoo in the Bay of Campeche is anticipated to slowly move northwesterly, which will add a substantial amount of moisture to an unstable air mass.

Radar and satellite graphics show a cluster of showers from a shortwave impulse on the front and a sea breeze front is developing along the coast. Since they're moving towards our location, I'm pretty sure the outcome will be rain.

So, since I was planning to do some yard work this weekend, with some selective applications of insecticides and herbicides, I can now change my plans, or take numerous naps.

What do you think I'll do?

Obama Want's Five Years of Romney's Tax Returns

I think Obama should handle this like a man. He wants the tax returns, he should agree to meet with Romney, in private with his college transcripts. At that point, he can decide if it's a good trade, or not.

But...he'll never do that, so Romney needs to tell him to kiss his ass, continue to pound him on the economy, point out the failures of Solyndra and the White House involvement, and ask why Obama wanted to kill so many old folks by gutting Medicare.


I think it's ironic that the Press Secretary - Jay Carney - has a last name that also means someone that works in a carnival.

If I was a carney, I think I'd be a little insulted.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dinesh Has A Brother

This opinion article will clarify my post title.  It's an interesting read and makes you think about the character of the President.

This is How I See It

I started this post with a lot to write about the attacker at the Family Research Council office in D.C., but I realized it would be a waste of time. We'll never get any more information, they'll sweep it under the rug and hope nobody realizes Washington D.C. is a festering sore waiting to be lanced.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Will They Drop Biden?

 A Report states that Obama has plenty of time to drop Biden. I'm thinking somebody already did.

Solving Some of the Problem

Social Security and Medicare are huge costs to taxpayers. Since much of these costs are associated with older folks, Obama thinks one way to help with these costs is to inflate the cost of meat, which probably will contribute to lowering the nutritional needs of the elderly, who are on a fixed income. Poor nutrition? Higher mortality rate.

No, he didn't really say that, but this article shows he's far from being a clear thinker and has little regard for the people that kept the United States going, while he smoked dope and cheated his way through college.

The Younger Folks

One of my perceptions of younger people in this country is that they're smart. Sometimes, you begin to wonder if they are, since too many are ignorant of some things that are important in life. This article gives me hope. After all, whether the younger folks believe it or not, most people my age are depending on them to be inspired, productive and eventually successful. Their life should be better than mine and they should be able to take full advantage of what worked in the past and excel with what they develop over their life. They'll never achieve this without avoiding the traps of a progressive society that only requires ignorance and mediocrity.

Time will tell whether the youth of today carry the day and inspire the world. I have faith in them. Mostly because they're smart and will figure out they are their greatest resource and only liberty gives them the tools they need.


Joe Biden appears to be suffering from memory problems associated with age. Many do, and most function very well, since they are in a situation where their decisions aren't world changing. With Biden being the Vice President, memory problems may not be a good idea; especially when you consider he doesn't even know where he is campaigning, and the implications when applied to possible access to some dangerous buttons.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hamster From Hell

My brothers, friends, and I were explorers. We weren't afraid of venturing anywhere, which including miles of the surrounding area and the undergrounds drains that ran under the streets. If we wanted to see it, we'd spend some time in doing just that; even if we had to say we were up to something else. After all, we didn't want our parents to worry.

Two blocks over from our house was a railroad track. Usually, only switch engines would pull cars up and down the track, but there was a passenger train twice each day and a long freight train at least once. When there was no train, we would explore up and down the tracks, under the bridges and along the right of way; if we weren't waiting for a train to flatten a penny or nail we brought from the house.

One afternoon, while exploring under a railroad bridge, my brother spied a critter in a hole under the abutment. After close examination, he realized it was hamster, which was not only an unusual critter to find, it was at least a half mile from any house.

My brother took a stick and stuck in the hole. The hamster responded by doing everything it could to turn the end of the stick into sawdust. Instantly, my brother decided he wanted the hamster as a pet, so we went home, he rigged a live trap and we returned with a mission.

It took over an hour of patient waiting, but the hamster finally made the mistake of going into the trap. My brother had a new pet and it showed appreciation by trying to gnaw the end off my my brother's finger. He was quicker than the hamster, but not by much

We didn't have one of those cute hamster cages, with all the tunnels and running wheel. All we had was a high sided wood box, which my brother secured with a piece of hardware cloth and a brick. We spent the rest of the afternoon admiring my brother's new pet, which ignored the lettuce we managed to remove from the crisper when my mother went to the restroom. Before the evening was over, my brother stashed his pet, and box, in the garage closet, while he decided how he would announce his pet to my parents.

Early the next morning, my brother and I went outside to check on the hamster, which he hadn't even named. Opening the door, my brother peeked into the box and found a hole gnawed in the side. The hamster was gone, which disappointed my brother, but it prolonged the announcement he'd eventually have to make - if we found the hamster.

We spent most of the day looking for the hamster, but it was all in vain. It was gone and there was no sign of it anywhere. We chalked it up as "one of those things" and went about our business...for a few days.

My mother was speaking to my father a few days later and told of how something was in the garden destroying her plants. Since weeding and upkeep was part of our responsibilities, we went to investigate the garden. We found a fairly large hole, which indicated something burrowed into the ground and was eating the roots of the plants. While my parents were confused, we had a pretty good idea what that "something"was. It was time to solve our problem.

My brother tried placing his live trap by the hole, which was a wasted effort. The hamster had no intentions of making that mistake again. It was living the high life in its comfortable hole, eating three good meals each day and lacking a care in the world.

My brother decided the only thing left to do was to flood the hamster from the hole. Placing the garden hose nozzle into the hole, he turned the water on full and waited. While we were waiting, I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye towards the other end of the garden. Before I could focus on the movement, there was nothing to see, but there was a rustling in the high grass in the neighbor's yard. Within a few minutes, water started bubbling from a hole about ten feet away. The hamster had an exit, and I was thinking he'd made an escape.

We eventually filled the hole completely, which pretty well indicated we'd either drowned the hamster, or at least ruined it's home and it would leave. I'll never know. We never saw another sign of the hamster and we'd avoided having to explain the entire mess to our parents.

A few years ago, I told the story to my mother. She just shook her head and smiled. I felt better after keeping the secret all those years. She probably was thinking she didn't want to know about many of the things we did when we were young.

Defeating Robots

I get a lot of site visits from "robots", which are obviously automatic programs that constantly look for ways to spam my site. It's a little annoying, since there's really nothing to be done, such as knocking on somebody's door and telling them you'll stomp a mud hole in their ass if they don't stop.

Anyway, yesterday LeeAnn linked my site after I made a comment about her enviable self-control. By last night, the robots were defeated completely by the visits from her site. So, LeeAnn is now the patron saint of robot fighters. I'm sure there's some award, or thingamabob to give, but I wouldn't know where to find such things.

Monday, August 13, 2012

I'll Read Between the Lines For You

Obama, in a campaign event said:

""Do we go forward towards a new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared?" Obama asked. "Or do we go backward to the same policies that got us in the mess in the first place?"

Now, prosperity is an individual endeavor, sometimes shared, but always completely the property of the individual.  It doesn't belong to you, a group of people or the government. If you really think about the statement above, you realize that Obama wants to "share" your prosperity by forcing you to do so at the point of a gun, aka the Internal Revenue Service.

If this doesn't make you a little uneasy, then you're a scumbag, progressive, Marxist wart on the ass of society. I pity you, because you're not smart enough to be on the winning team.

Yeah. I wrote that. Blind followers of this Marxist tripe fill mass graves all over the world.

I'm Sick and Tired of the Alphabet Networks

I have many reasons:

- The men portrayed on most shows might as well put on lingerie, stand in front of the mirror and recreate scenes from "Cabaret".

- The women, although they look fabulous, are not the least bit convincing  while they pretend to dig body parts from a dumpster in heels, makeup and expensive designer clothes.

- The newscasters, obviously educated in some bastion of progressive drivel, haven't a clue on what it takes to make this country work. I have no recommendations for them. I do think they waste the air they breathe.

- The daytime show hosts are pinheads.

- The sitcoms are putrid.

- The late night shows - besides being on at an unreasonable hour - are hosted by former comedians that now only appear as cynical and petty.

Otherwise, these networks offer me nothing. That's why I stopped watching any of them. At one time, I had one show I'd compromise my values to watch, but I've decided the reruns are better than the new shows and they're not on the alphabet networks.

So, here's in your face alphabet networks:

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Television Last Night

I'm a good sleeper. In fact, I can usually sleep just about anywhere, as long as I'm braced well and somewhat comfortable. Tonight, for some reason (I went to bed too early) I woke up at 1:00 am, well rested, with little to do, since running power tools and making noise is usually frowned upon by most people at that time of the morning. I decided to check the internet.

After about twenty minutes of surfing, I realized the net is a lot like people. It rests, little changes and Drudge doesn't update, so I decided to watch television.

If you haven't watched late night television in awhile ( like me) you might want to go to bed early, get up in the middle of the night and have a gander.

After a few minutes of watching news, I realized it was the exact broadcasts from earlier in the evening. Nothing was changed; not even the commercials. For a moment, It felt like "Groundhog Day", which made me uncomfortable, so I started channel surfing.

Frazier was on and I'd never seen the episode. As I watched, I really couldn't pay close attention to the dialogue because I was so fascinated by the clothes, technology and references from decades in the past. So, I continued with my surfing.

I stopped on an infomercial (that word used to give my spell checker a fit) about an exercise program that turns you into Arnold Schwarzenegger - or his female counterpart - in 60 days. What really caught my attention was the testimonial of a young lady, who lost 30 pounds and was now a new person. She looked slim and trim in her "before" photos. She now looks like she should be a professional athlete, which I guess is good, but this means she will be forced to continue for longer than 60 days. You don't stay in that kind of shape without a tremendous amount of daily exercise. I'm not criticizing exercise, but this is a little extreme; especially when you consider her comment about throwing up the first time she tried the exercises in the program.

I switched channels and found a show that was nothing but an 800 number at the bottom, attractive ladies in lingerie and background dialogue about how they were going to keep me interested all night. Oh yeah? I have the internet. I can get that, and more without spending a tremendous amount of money. As I thought more about this, I started wondering who would fall for this gimmick and realized I really didn't want to know.

After some more surfing, with infomercials, Lucy reruns, black and white movies and real ass of a comedian, I decided I'd had enough, so I went back to bed and eventually fell asleep.

When I was growing up, there were three alphabet network channels, no remote and only test patterns after midnight. Now, it's not much better, although it's more spectacular. I think I'll go to sleep a little later tonight, so I don't wake up and see it all "Ground Hog Day". Some things are enough to deal with, without repeating them again.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Working Across Party Lines

The term "working across party lines" doesn't mean what it once meant. It doesn't indicate polite, productive discourse to solve mutual problems. In fact, it means nothing.

I have a new term: "placing snipers on party lines". I like it better and I think it will have greater results. The lines between the parties are a dangerous and defined as any battle line, with the same determination of who survives. I don't want anyone to cross the lines or trust anyone that does. This is war and there can be only one winner.

Friday, August 10, 2012

This Is Really Stupid

Obama campaign aides made strong efforts to prevent a reporter  from interviewing attendees at a campaign event. Otherwise, they're trying to censor the press, This has never worked. Generally, it infuriates the media and they become determined to show they refuse to bow to the whims of a politician and his minions.

"...I was speaking to a very enthusiastic Obama supporter named Corinne Dieterle, when I was interrupted by a young man wearing a campaign staff tag telling me I couldn’t be doing this.
This is outside, in front of a public high school.
“You can't be doing this in line,” he said.
Why is that?” I asked.
No answer. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I can't do what in line?”
“You can't be interviewing people in line,” he said...."

Unexpected Things

It's very rare to get a cold front during August in my neck of the woods. Still, it happens and we have one approaching.

The result won't be cooler weather, but it will mean at least one morning with dryer air and the cooler temperatures due to this change. It might be in the low 70's tomorrow morning, which is 10 degrees cooler than this morning.

Napolitano's Poor Judgement?

You can find the story at various sites on the net. This report at Fox, has a link to the complaint filed in court.

Long story short, the plaintiff feels their years of service, experience and position were ignored by Janet Napolitano, so she could place a friend in position they were not qualifiied to hold. The complaint goes into detail, which if true, means the security of the United States was compromised to satisfy a personal whim of Janet Napolitano.

Time will tell how this plays out, but it could be another example of the incompetent people that Obama placed in positions of power.

I Think We'll See More of This

The Coal Miner's Union is feeling the results of promoting a candidate that has their eventual downfall as a goal. The article states they'll sit this Presidential election out, which is good, but if they don't do something to swing the election in favor of a candidate that will stop the President, they may find they've sat out the final battle for survival.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Deserts of Mars Look Remarkably Like The Deserts of Earth

According to NASA, the Martian landscape appears similar to the Mojave desert. Really? You mean the rock and sand on Mars looks like the rock and sand of the Mojave? Who would have thought it would be that way?

I don't want people to think I'm not really behind space exploration, but couldn't we have some excitement? Make something up, such as

"Damn, was that a rat?" was a question from a NASA scientist today as he reviewed the photos from Mars. His colleagues, surprised by the outburst, immediately went to his side to see what caused the surprise.

If they're not going to do that, at least release the raw images so the UFO buffs can have some stories for the Enquirer about alien ruins and artifacts. It makes good sensational stories and it's about time for Gary Sinise to star in another science fiction movie.

Presidential Qualification I Think We Need

I think every President should be required to take a test with physics questions, such as:

"What is the second law of thermodynamics?", or

"What is the speed of light?", or

"What the hell was going through your mind when you suggested spending so much public money for solar power?"

There are only two answers our current President can truthfully provide:

1. I'm as dumb as a box of rocks.
2. I'm willing to launder money from the public to finance my campaign.

Personally, I think both answers apply.

Dear San Francisco:

Do not send this woman back to Washington. Her visit is over and we'd hate to send the Navy to insure this never happens again. 


The United States Citizens

Uncivil Campaign

I keep hearing, and reading, how this will be a particularly nasty campaign when it gets down to the end. Considering how it's been to this point, I'm guessing we'll have candidates kneecapping their opponents before it's over.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Obama Hires a Videographer

So, Obama now has hired a videographer. Now this may seem cool to some, and many may find it fascinating, but it brings Nixon to my mind. His ego eventually revealed what a petty, small person he could be. If you don't believe this, just listen to the recordings he made. 

I have a feeling this will backfire. Nobody is always perfect and my opinion is that the Obama we see is completely scripted. A video record will reveal more than they realize. Our only hope is that we don't have to use legal force to retrieve what we paid to produce. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sometimes Writing is Like Sanding Furniture

That's what it's been like for the chapter I just finished. Maybe the next one will be easier.

It's Been Seventy Years...

...since the landing on Guadalcanal in 1942. A tiny island, but necessary for a refueling stop for bombers.

If you don't know anything about the attack, and subsequent long effort to rid the island of defenders, do a search engine, go to the library or find a participant that's willing to talk about it. It's part of our history and a testament of the bravery of our armed forces.

If This is True, Geithner is a Douche Bag

This article states that the pensions of Delphi workers were sacrificed in the GM bailout fiasco for the simple reason they weren't in a union. To add insult to injury, the typical government agency that regulates such things was pushed to the side and the Treasury Department, led by little Timmy, arbitrarily sacrificed the pensions for political gain and lied about their efforts. Not only was this unethical, it was illegal.

I guess they can get Holder to prosecute, right after they pull a miracle from a unicorn's ass and million dollar bills fall from the sky.

While many think this won't change, they're wrong. The changes are coming, since this administration has made enemies more powerful than they imagine.

Monday, August 6, 2012

So. You Want to Go to the Beach?

Not today. Apparently, Obama's helicopter needs the secure beaches so he can raise funds on taxpayers dollars and close down taxpayer funded beaches. 

I hope he only raises a stink and his Hollywood fans are tight with their money. 

Arrogant ass!

Congress and the Media are Wimps

Where's the offense? Harry Reid stubbed his reputation and the logical path is a death grip on the throat.

What do we have this morning? Nothing.


One Whole Year of Blogging as of Today

Yep; one whole year. The counter indicates 26,694 people visited during the year. At least 75% of those visits were the robots, so this reduces the number to 6,674 visits. At least 75% of those visits were by accident, so, this leaves 1,669 visits, which is a lot, but 75% of those visits were by repeats of people that already visited my blog. This leaves 418 visits, which reinforces my original idea I should never try to make money with my blog.

Anyway. To all that visited over the last year - Thank You. It means a lot, even if I did write a snarky post about this day.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

End of Summer

Officially, it's a substantial amount of time until the end of Summer, but it can end long before that date.

I haven't yet determined if it will be an early Fall, but over the next few weeks, an early cool front can change things tremendously. The cooler, drier air, which accentuates the normal cooling at night, seems to knock the heat out of Summer. Instead of temperatures pushing 80 in the early morning, the low 70's are like air conditioning and a welcome relief.

Who knows, but the afternoon thunderstorms bring a comforting feeling as I listen to the low rumble in the distance. They're cooling somewhere and the sun is getting lower every day. Eventually, the oppressive heat will end and the pleasant cool mornings of Autumn will arrive.

Friday, August 3, 2012

What Would You Call It?

What would you call it when a company receives a huge amount of money from the Federal Government, then contributes to a campaign for a member of the government that ignored the warnings about the financial status of the company and pushed for the help? I'd call it money laundering. In the White House, it's an everyday occurrence.

Meanwhile, ABC, CBS, NBC and many other media outlets quietly sit on their hands and do everything they can to prevent the public from knowing of this illegal activity. I recommend you avoid these media outlets and tell your friends the same. Things will never change until these bastions of progressive traitors are changed, or gone.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bankrupt Cities

San Bernardino, California has filed for bankruptcy. While many may not understand the implications, it's best to do a little research and see where this is all heading. It's definitely not good and it's a sign that those that live in cities need to make stronger efforts to insure their safety.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Advice to Rob about Kristen

You have two things to be grateful for:

-Her booty call didn't drink all your beer.
-You didn't marry her and THEN find out she likes some strange every now and then

Now, do the smart thing and move on, unless you like the idea a moment of passion may expose you to something that antibiotics won't cure.


CNN ratings are continuing to fall. Hopefully, the same can soon be said for ABC, NBC, and CBS. They're shills for the progressive movement in this country.

 I do everything I can to avoid watching any of these networks. If they won't be honest and support the people that make this country happen, then they can fade into obscurity.