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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Nobody Likes a Cheater

A handful of states cheated on votes during the last election. If it was a professional sport team, the repercussions would have started right after the game. The demand to see who "illegally inflated the ball to the wrong pressure" would be resounding all over the country. Instead, the media, since their cheating team won by cheating, is ignoring the instant replays and demanding the rest of the country sit on their hands and accept their loss. 

The United States isn't full of idiots, regardless of how the media portrays those that make it happen. The media should be punished for this; and the first step is  to turn them off, end subscriptions, boycott their advertisers, and throw rotten vegetables at their news vans.  

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Fine Print

 There is no fine print, when it comes to integrity. Regardless of how many words are in a bill for legislation, or in the regulations that are created to accomplish the goal of the bill, the final result is supposed to be an effort to help, and to insure any money belonging to the public is not wasted. If the goal can't be accomplished by law, the next effort is to determine why an action is needed. This is where our legislators, officials, and members of the judiciary have failed. They know the reasons, participate in the evil their foolishness allows, and are mute, when the demand for honesty is necessary. The fine print only protects those they want to be protected, and the waste they create for their personal gain is an abomination on society. While they think they've escaped the scorn of the nation, they haven't. They've surrounded themselves with those more evil, and they will ultimately be held accountable. Hopefully, it's before the nation is destroyed, and their posthumous legacy isn't as foul as the Nazis. 

Winter...or Not

 It's 65 degrees this morning, cloudy and the wind is out of the South. The synopsis is for increasing rain chances, and the possibility of strong thunderstorms over the next two days. The wind is stout, and knowing how this usually turns out, we'll have a few cold days at the end of the week, temperatures above freezing, and somebody up North is going to get a wingding of a winter storm. 

This is a typical Winter. The worst may be over, since some of our Decembers are the coldest of the season. 

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Bad Dream

 I dreamt I went back to work to help out. Everything was screwed up. There were too many projects for the staff on hand, so they were all behind schedule, mistakes were adding up, expensive equipment was staged in an area soon to be inundated by an approaching weather event, my truck was starting to knock, and the only thing racing through my mind was how to graciously quit on the spot and go home. The last thing before I woke was a truck and trailer picking up material had brake failure. The truck slipped backward into the loading equipment, scraped a building, and the owner of the warehouse was demanding the truck be immediately unloaded because the weight of the material was well beyond the legal limit.

I know. It was all a dream. I think I'll go fix a cup of hot tea and go see how the weather is doing. 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

My Christmas Wish

 It's not good to wish bad things on bad people, but it's hard to not feel that some really bad people need to be severely punished for what they've done over the last year. With this in mind, I only wish they develop a conscience that punishes them until their death for the evil they've done.

Parboiled Refugees

 The news states many are fleeing the Communist states of the North. They want the lower taxes, fewer regulations, and more liberty. Since they weren't boiled completely, and think they escaped the pot, their experience left them with enough ideas we in the South find objectionable. That's why we're wary of anyone that flees from tyranny to our neck of the woods. Parboiled refugees can be a menace to the polite society we created with their lack of objection to some of what they became accustomed. Hopefully so may don't try to come and force us to put up fences with armed guards.  

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

It's All So Convenient

 Congress passed a large pile of pork that smells like crap   stimulus bill. It's huge, according to reports, and falls under the "you have to pass it to see what's in it " category. I guess we're supposed to be impressed, but it only reinforces my opinion that the majority of those we elected are worthless, and should be punished by a severe method. If they really wanted to impress me, they could have foregone their salary, said the same was to be for 50% of federal workers, and that the Covid fiasco was a mistake.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Face Mask Follies

 After years in the construction industry, and too many safety orientations, one thing I always remembered was respirator regulations. Respirator filters are color coded for specific environments, a fit test required, and an medical release from a doctor determining if the person could wear a respirator. Why? because some people are physically unable to wear a respirator. Anything that restricts breathing can be a danger to some people.

These masks people are wearing are not even close to a respirator, or able to block out a particle as small as a virus. Air gaps in multiple places wouldn't even stop particles as large as a grain of sand, and if a sand blaster was caught using one as protection, they'd be reprimanded, or fired. 

So, people continue to be herded like animals to satisfy the bizarre whims of bureaucrats and other warts on the ass of society. The virus is sure to have spread to a level herd immunity was reached, and at this point, the demand for face masks is only a way to control.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

What is Your Opinion?

 If you really think about it, the term "smart phone" is a barometer of how dumb society has become. I have young relatives (with a high school diploma) that can't read cursive, perform simple math easily, compose a basic sentence, yet their phone can do both.

Friday, December 18, 2020

How More Rotten Does It Need to Be?

 The AG has a past that most people don't know about. Considering Waco, and Ruby Ridge, you have to wonder about the scruples of government officials ignoring the rights of citizens; and the deadly results. 

Are People Really That Stupid?

 You don't have to look far to find the Covid statistics are corrupt. Otherwise, any actions related to the statistics are as corrupt as the statistics. Still, businesses are forced to be closed by bureaucrats that are being paid regardless of the virus. 

Where is the cooperative outrage? Why are these bureaucratic monkeys allowed to continue to throw feces and ignore the devastation caused by locking down businesses? Where are the citizens that refuse to bow to the creators of tyranny?

It's hard to believe people are that stupid, but considering the continued bowing to the priests of deception only leads me to believe they are.

Who's Leaning on Who?

 Since the capitol is a hodgepodge of feckless, weak and crooked people, who do you think is leaning on who? Are the Chicoms leaning on their ass-clown bought officials? What about the leaders of the House, and Senate? Who has them by the short-hairs and scares them more than a mob of millions demanding their hides? What about the Supreme Court? The rumor is that Roberts spent some time on the Lolita Express. Did he? If so, who has him losing sleep at night? The Clintons? The Obamas?

These are interesting times, but the interest is becoming more toward revolting against the tyranny of a corrupt government. That, and watching if Trump will lower the boom, take charge, and transform the capitol into a city of laws. 

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Look at What It's Made Of

 At one time, career politicians were not well liked. That's understandable, since it doesn't take much acuity to understand the politician that has their wealth increased exponentially didn't earn it by doing honest work. That person is being bought, and only a fool allows them to stay in a position where they can sell out their country for a few dollars. 

Look at Congress. Look at state and local legislators. What do you see? Too many career politicians, or glad handing shysters looking for an illegal paycheck. They make laws that benefit their benefactors, and slurp up the gravy as it is poured. They don't represent who elected them, and they don't represent the United States. 

At one time, there were laws that applied to everyone, but with the career politicians, and their henchmen, they escape prosecution. Those hired to enforce the laws turn their heads, or take part in destroying those that muddy the water. There in no justice, and the corruption creeps like a rot into all aspects of society. 

Term limits is the start of a cure, but those terms need to apply to bureaucratic positions. Cabinet members are ousted forever from politics. So are department heads. The penalties for corruption need to be threefold for those in government, and the worst of offenders executed for crimes of sedition, or treason. 

McConnell and China

 There's a book by Peter Schweizer that elaborates how Mitch McConnell has become wealthy due to his connections with the Chicoms. If so, that explains many of his actions, including congratulating his other partner in crime Biden on his election. 

This is just more of the same rot that is destroying the foundation of our country. May those involved with selling out the United States be exposed, tried, and hung for their actions.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

At The Election Card Table

 The Democrats say they have four aces, expect everyone at the table to believe they have the four aces, and then quickly try to re-shuffle their cards back into the deck. If it was really a card game, they would find their exit was blocked, and the rest of the players had a club.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Tyranny and Betrayal

 I think it's fair to portray the nation's capitol as a cesspool of treachery. Like a large, corrupt country club, everyone is trying to be "in" and acquire some of the power that is available. Some is achieved from large amounts of money, some is achieved by manipulating laws for profit, and some achieved by becoming a minion for the most loathsome examples of mankind. 

Regardless of how the power is doled out, the consideration for those that will ultimately pay the bills is never considered. To the powerful, they are peons to be kept in their place; and manipulating these peons is the paramount requirement for success. The common citizen is only good for taking care of the services they require. Give them too much autonomy, and they become cocky.

To make matters worse, those in power have the media to hide their activities. With this cooperation of the media, administrative officials commit all types of crimes, and the highest members of the branches of government are used to punish those that question their activities. If they can't destroy the person financially, they use their employees to harass, or to destroy their lives to the point they lose even their families. The media, with their power, guarantee their are no survivors, and convict those they focus on to be convicted as guilty by the court of public opinion. 

The worst thing about all of the corruption is the willingness to comingle for recognition and access. This can make even the most innocent a pawn to destroy others; and if that person is destroyed in the process, it means nothing to all. Too many have joined the "country club", and know they vulnerable. It's easier to stay quiet, or turn your head. Integrity doesn't exist; such things are for fools.

History is full of the folly of governments. Few ever survive for any long period of time, since most all succumb to the evils that power allows. To achieve the most power, the liberty of the individual can't be tolerated, and liberty is what every person desires. When the necessary tyranny becomes intolerable, people revolt, and if they are armed, their retaliation is brutal. In the aftermath, another experiment in government is achieved, and the process starts again.

The only explanation for the cesspool in the capitol is that too many decided they would ignore the simplest of rules demanded by the Constitution. They chose tyranny, and they betrayed their country.

Who Will Be The First?

 With the current pack of numbskulls running around in the Democratic Party, who will be the first to say something so egregious even the media can't ignore what is said? My guess? The media wouldn't report about a video with Nancy Pelosi running naked through the halls of Congress, so there won't be any first. 

Sunday, December 13, 2020

How To React?

 The Supreme Court, which was the only arbiter for a state to sue another state, made what I consider a terrible mistake by refusing the law suit under the reason of "standing". I can see the reluctance, but to fail to offer a remedy can only be considered either a willingness to allow an overthrow of the Constitution, or cowardice. Evidence points toward fraud, which in an election of this magnitude, demands a halt to procedures to determine a remedy.

If things continue as they are, there are only two choices: accept the illegal results, or find another avenue of preventing Biden from the office of President. There are tens of millions unwilling for Biden to become President, and they are looking to Trump for a solution. He has two: continue the fight in courts, which won't change Biden's presidency, since the Supreme Court punted. The other is the Insurrection Act. If he chooses the latter, and he'll have the backbone of the nation behind him to prevent Biden from being allowed to continue his sedition with China. 

We'll see how this turns out, but regardless, the Supreme Court has become a useless group of pathetic judges unwilling to fight for the United States. Any one, or group, could have issued an injunction, told Roberts to shove it up his ass, and have the legacy of a patriot. 

Early Morning Quiet

 Without the demand to keep a schedule, my sleeping habits haven't really changed, but awakening is different. What I do after I awake has no pressure to accomplish something, or the demand to not disturb my sleeping schedule with the consequence of being sleep deprived on Monday. 

I awoke about 3:00 am, made some hot tea, and went out on the porch. The night was the type of still that only living in a rural area can provide. The cold night air was only a stirring that changed directions as I sat. The air had the smell of impending rain, and the sudden cooling of the breeze confirmed showers were about to arrive, or were passing closely. 

As I sat, a lone dog barked in the distance; the bark of concern, and surprise. Something disturbed its sleep, and it was voicing its concern. It continued for awhile, and stopped to reveal a quiet I missed while living in a city. There was no rumble of a refinery, the passing of a car, or the noises of an awakening city. It was the quiet that a conversation could have been heard from hundreds of feet, or would reveal the sound of footsteps from far away. 

I've spent all of my adult life with thoughts about what I need to have ready, or worrying if I missed something that would lead to disaster on the job. A vacation would offer some relief, but I knew there would be some overlooked item that need to be caught up on, when I returned. 

A phone call from work was always dreaded, because it was never to announce something good. A phone call from one of my employees rarely was to ask for clarity on where to be on Monday. Their phone usually meant juggling tasks on Monday due to their "forgotten" appointment, or their illness. 

I like this new freedom, and I like the quiet of the night. I'll enjoy them both, and allow my years of stress to drain away. 

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Bump In The Night

 Last night, we had a cold front push through. Like most this time of the year, there was little lightening, and a few brief, heavy showers. As it passed through, I fell asleep. 

At about 2:00 am, a loud thud against the side of the house woke me up. I sat for a few moments, listened for the anticipated low rumble of the remainder of the thunder, and soon realized the thud was from something else. 

I got out of bed, dressed, grabbed the spotlight, and went out to see what there was to see. It was quiet as I stepped onto the porch. There was a light breezed from the North, and the sky was brilliant with stars. 

I scanned the pond behind the house, and it was empty. The ducks and geese weren't to be found, which is unusual. I walked around the side of the house and found a mallard looking somewhat dazed, and not moving away very fast. That made me wonder if it had flown into the house, which led to me trying to analyze what would cause it to do so. 

I scanned the pond again. It was still empty. So were the usual spots where the ducks and geese roosted. This was odd, so I turned to scan the front yard. The geese were standing in the middle of the yard, on alert and nervous. 

This was all strange, and my immediate thought was there was a predator about. I scanned the pond again. There were two close-set golden eyes behind a shape near the water. As I watched, something slipped into the water, and started swimming. The golden eyes were still visible as it made its way to the near bank. I couldn't see if for a few moments, so I waited for it to appear again. 

I was soon rewarded for my patience. An adult otter slipped up the bank, turned toward me for a few seconds, and waddled off of until it was out of sight. 

I've seen otters in isolated areas away from most humans, so this was a first. There are houses all around the area, plenty of dogs, fences to circumnavigate, and the nearest stream is about a half mile away. They usually don't predate ducks, so I'm assuming the rain led to the crawfish to clear their holes and they were easy prey for the otter. 

I'll be watching for a reappearance, which may never happen. Still, it's an interesting thing, and a little surprising. 

Moving On

 I officially retired this afternoon. I turned in my truck, keys, credit cards, and phone. Since there was nobody at the office, I just locked the door on my way out, closed the gate, and forever was finished with a 43 year career in construction. In a way, it was bittersweet. In another, it was like having a doctor tell you "You're in perfect health, and should live many more years.". 

I had some thoughts about what's next, but realized that was way too much to think about right now, since the pressure of having to be twenty steps in front of everything on a project takes a toll over the years. It's time to rest, reflect, and adapt. The race is over, and I managed to stay in front of most of the pack. I'll enjoy finishing, and being a spectator for now. 

Sunday, December 6, 2020

We'll Just Vote Them Out

 For years, the recommended solution for getting rid of pus-gut, lying bags of excrement politicians was to vote them out. That, since elections have been stolen for decades, is a wasted motion. Only a foolish person agrees there is integrity in the process of voting, and the solution for stopping fraud - such as identification, and in-person voting - is always ignored by the politicians that profit from fraud. That, and with electronic voting, the software is only as honest at the dishonest people that have access. 

So, what is the solution? Severe penalties for those caught cheating. Not a light sentence, such as probation, but a punishment that means they spend the majority of their adult life in prison. That, and the willingness to negate any election where any fraud is found to have occurred.

Will this mess ever be cleaned up? I don't know, but it's more than necessary to remove the ability for the criminal elements to sway elections. In my opinion, they should face the death penalty for their crimes. Vote fraud at the federal level exposes the country to the enemies that are trying to destroy the Republic. We've went to war for less. 

Saturday, December 5, 2020

It's Hard to Believe

 It's hard to believe there are millions of morons in the United States, yet observations prove it's a fact.

Simply Explained

 There is only way to describe the last election: Dishonesty. If the count was honest, there would be no argument. If politicians were honest, there would be no discussion. If people were honest, all would demand a investigation to arrive at an honest count. If the media was honest, there would be countless reports on the dishonesty, and how there needs to be accountability. 

Even the least important of poll workers allowed themselves to become minions for the vast dishonesty of those willing to forego all integrity to change an election. That says much about our society, and the rot of deceit by the government. We've become a nation of fools, and the foolishness is destructive.

“Honesty is the first chapter of the book wisdom.”

― Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Irritating Internet

 At one time, much of the information on the internet was text. Videos were avoided, since the bandwidth could have a steep price. Then, "unlimited data" appeared, which let people abuse the data to extremes. This led to bloat, which led to way too much popping up all over a page, and finally: Too much information is in videos, data is again getting pricey, and people like me are forced to wade through the garbage to find the kernel of a price I find too high.