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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Melisa Gilbert Now Has Smaller Breasts

That's according to a news story, which explains why she did such a thing.

I know you're wondering why I posted about such a thing. Me too, but after careful thought, the realization of how unimportant this is, and how absurd it is for this makes to make national news, I was compelled to write something about my amazement.

According to the story, she now has an average "B" cup, instead of a "D" cup.

I wonder if she kept the implants for souvenirs? If so, will she display them in the living room, or just keep them around for her dog to play with?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Grisly Adams or Mad?

So, I'm driving down a busy street, in the right lane, and I see a large Grizzly Adams looking walking against traffic in my lane. He's a little far from the curb, so I had only two options: Hit him with my mirror, or put it to the floor and change lanes.

I put it to the floor and changed lanes. I had the feeling stopping would lead to a severe stare down, or an encounter with a demented Grizzly Adams.

Travelling home from work leads to some interesting things. Considering I had to dodge a kid on a bicycle, and a Dodge pickup truck at a stop light, I had this strong feeling I needed to get home and lock the, I did.

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Little Beyond My Comprehension

I was picking up some pipe fittings at a local hardware store today, when I spied a weight challenged woman walking across the parking lot.

By "weight challenged", I mean skinny. I'm using that term because people get so butt-hurt when you point out the obvious these days.

Anyway, she was thin. How thin? So thin she would have to run around in the shower for five minutes just to get wet. So thin, if she turned sideways, and stuck out her tongue, she'd look like a zipper. I'd a bet a soda water she was south of 90 pounds soaking wet; even if she was around 5 feet 10 inches.

I had to fight the urge to stop and offer to buy her two family size mash potatoes and gravy from the chicken restaurant across the parking lot. That, and two dozen biscuits with extra butter; with the advice to repeat daily for a few weeks.

So, where was she going? Judging by her spandex pants, jogging shoes, and running jacket, I'd say she was going to the local fitness club. Since she was heading in that direction, I'm pretty sure I'm right.

If she's determined to lose weight, she's succeeded. In fact, I'd have to warn her to not run in the forest, since a spark from her knees striking together might ignite any dry pine straw.

I really don't see how she could build up any muscle, since she doesn't have anything to work with. You have to have some meat to work with, and she was like hide stretched over sticks.

I don't understand some people. As I age, I realize I don't need to know.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good (HQ Audio)

One more for the road. Drive safely, and keep between the white stripes.

Hold Your Head Up-Argent-1972-(Long Version)

Way back when, when AM radio was king, I'd play pool at a friend's house, we'd solve all the problems of the world, and it was a simple task; if they'd listen to the brilliant suggestions youth demanded.

This song was played, but it was the short version, so the advertisers received all the air time they paid for.

Spooky Tooth: Something to Say - Track 3 - The Last Puff

Way back when, when dirt was almost new, this album came out. I listened to it many times, and it's something to look up on the internet, if you like such music.

I think this song was written by Joe Cocker. It was one of my favorites; not so much for the lyrics (which can become meaningless if I like the music), but I like the background jaw harp in the chorus, which was something more than unique with rock music. That, the melody, the production, and background singers, which add a haunting effect to the end of the song.

I never really cared much for the guitar solo at the end, but found it in my heart to forgive the transgression.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Needing to Write

I haven't felt much like writing. Mostly because I'm busy, but there's a frustration in watching the idiocy we call government continue to trip over the simplest tasks and not have a clue on how feckless they appear.

Still, there's a huge dissatisfaction with most folks with more brain cells than a sand flea. All the hype about how things are better is lost on those that know they aren't, who is at fault, and how the ignoring of their plight is only because they allow such things.

The socialistic B.S. isn't working. People like to be free and Uncle Sugar is removing those liberties. Even those that supposedly like such things are finding the restriction are becoming more than an annoyance.

So, how will this work out? If a leader comes along that doesn't try to sugar coat the problems, makes an effort to expose the horseshit the government serves, and instills the fear of God in the media, things will get much better.

I'll let my feet hang down and watch. I have a feeling most people are tired of being told it's raining, while those that abuse the taxpayers are pissing on them. I might be wrong, but I might be right. Time will tell.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

State of the Mess

The President will give his State of the Union Mess this evening. As usual, it will be full of pompous, ingratiating garbage. I hope someone in Congress, or a member of the Supreme Court, boos him, or even better: moons him.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Glittering Gold in the Sunset

Last evening, as I was standing outside, I heard a flock of geese. I strained to see them, but finally found them almost overhead; high, in a V formation, and calling to each other.

The sun had just set, so they were still in the gold light of the setting sun. As they flapped their wings, the sun would shine on their wings; a golden glitter; scintillating in the darkening, deep blue sky.

The event created a memory forever.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

George Bernard Shaw Said It Best

George Bernard Shaw once said: "Youth is wasted on the young." I don't agree with all he believed, but he hit the nail on the head with that quote.

Ignoring That Gut Feeling

The weather wizards called for a cloudy day, with a low of around forty, and a high of around fifty. With that in mind, I ordered concrete, since there was only a low chance of rain this evening.

We were finished pouring, the initial finish was completed, and the light rain started. So, what was already a miserable, damp, cold morning became worse. The temperature of 42, with light rain, made being out in the weather even worse.

 The weather wizards were wrong, will still get a paycheck, and I'm wondering how I can get into that field. I can make up crap as good as anyone else, and back it up with gibberish only an expert will detect.

It's covered with plastic sheeting. Tomorrow, I'll uncover it and move on to the next section. The finish doesn't really matter, since the concrete will be covered with asphalt. Still, there's professional pride involved, and a section that looks like hammered crap will just not be a pleasant thought.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Duane Allman "Little Martha"

I was once young; going to the cabin in the woods, with some friends, a summer evening, blue skies, a cold beer in my lap, the hot wind blowing in the open window of my van, and the Allman Brothers on the cassette.

Enjoy. It's short, but brings enough memories to fill a day.

"Amazing Grace"

For a special person in my life. You know who you are.

Gastric Bypass Confusion

I've known a few people that had gastric bypass surgery, but I don't know any that  achieved long term weight loss, or kept the band. Two I know have lost substantial portions of their stomach, with one developing a baseball size abscess after removal surgery and is now in the hospital with kidney failure.

From what I know, the surgery demands multiple meals each day, with the meals only being a few spoons of certain foods, and a stern warning for avoiding certain foods, such as nuts. Otherwise, the success of the surgery is a physical restriction, possible pain, and a substantial lowering of the amount of food allowed in the stomach. A low amount of daily calories equals a reduction in weight.

So, what's my confusion? Why not try the diet, with the portions allowed, and avoid the surgery? Wouldn't it be cheaper to buy a cattle prod and give your family specific instructions to hit you with the prod if you go beyond the six ounces of food allowed? That would be easier, safer, and allow pain free splurges when they aren't around.

I dunno. Some things I find hard to fathom, and gastric bypass surgery is one of those things.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

TSR Memories

Back in the day, when DOS 3.3 was the supreme operating system, Boreland's "Sidekick" was popular. I used it, found it more than helpful, and finally stopped using it, when they dragged my butt into the twentieth century miracles of multitasking operating systems.

What is a TSR? It was a terminate and stay resident program, which used a tiny amount of the precious memory allowed by DOS, and helped tremendously with dealing with batch files, directories, running programs, and just examining what was on your computer. There was even a calculator, and notepad.

Why am I posting about this? I have no idea. Maybe "Sidekick" didn't quite terminate, and stayed resident in my memory.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Left Turn Madness

If you drive, you'll know what I'm about to describe, which is what I like to call "left turn madness"

Many streets have up to three lanes of traffic in each direction, with a continuous left turn lane. At certain times of a work day, trying to turn left is close to impossible, but still some drivers will pull into the continuous left turn lane and hope some good Samaritan will let them in. This is usually near a traffic light. The only problem is everyone is trying to get home, could care less the driver wants to turn, and that any driver that allows them to start their turn could cause a wreck.

Still, someone will allow them in; and they might get enough others to let them across, but there is always the possibility someone will be flying down the far right lane and t-bone the care trying to turn left. I've seen that and traffic becomes even worse.

I have no advice. Common sense dictates travelling to a good crossing point, turning into a parking lot, a quick drive to the next exit, and then pulling back into traffic travelling in the opposite direction. That way, the driver is in the right lane, and they only have to pull into wherever they were going.

A Walmart near an intersection seem to attract these type of drivers, and I don't want to comment any further.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Tired, and More Tired on the Way

Busy is the correct word. That, and not enough hours to squeeze a 14 hour day into daylight hours. When the cold is added, it makes for more tired.