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Monday, March 27, 2017

They Won't Admit It

Although they'll never admit it, most government entities - from the smallest, to the largest - are so full of generalized crap, nobody really knows how the system they manage (I use the term loosely), actually works. People complete parallel tasks, and the tasks have no real use, but somebody, with an equally useless task, created the task to justify the money they're paid to complete a purpose without any use.

Added to the lack of purpose, or reason, are the taxes we pay for bad decisions, worthless tasks, empty building, land without commercial use, parks nobody visits, pamphlets nobody reads, commercials that air when few watch, supposed government travel, bonuses (even to incompetents), borrowed money, aid to damn near any foreign country that asks...the list goes on. The taxes, which can only come from the private sector, are not only completely used up, government entities borrow money to compensate for the constant incompetent use of public funds.

To make matters worse, those elected, or hired, are generally as useless as teats on a boar, and any that might have had some use in the private sector, are soon ruined by the madness called government.

There is a solution, but the general masses would never consider just saying no, on a Spring day, after they pay their share of the extortion. So, the madness continues, and the huge machine called government, blips, grumbles, shakes, and lumbers down the road of madness, with pieces falling away, a multitude of leaks, belching noxious fumes, toward the final destination where it's completely dismantled, and those foolish enough to build another, start the task of building a new equally ridiculous machine.

Meanwhile, the media - equally filled with bureaucrats and madness - will report the entire process, with total disregard of facts, and pat their own backs for being so condescending, and obnoxious. Their reports will lead to soliloquies embellished with a somber expression, and updates.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Reconcile Them Until it Hurts

Congress can remove all expenditures mandated by the ACA through reconciliation. I doubt they will, but have the feeling those that are reluctant to complete the task they were sent to Washington to complete will find their constituents are unwilling to send them back for another term.

The detractors will demand a replacement. They can blow their replacement out their rear ends. Government is the problem with healthcare; not the solution.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Simple Solution

I read about a Hawaiian judge that granted a temporary restraining order against the President's current executive order on immigration restrictions. The judge is wrong, is ignoring all protocol, and abusing the power of their court.

What's the solution? Impeachment is the only real simple solution, although Congress can pass laws about judicial misconduct, which I'm sure the judge will ignore.

If somebody in Congress writes up the charges of impeachment, I have the feeling enough will vote for pursuing the charges, and the judge will be removed from the bench until the charges are dropped, or he's tried by the Senate. Although they may be vindicated, their career will change, and many of their decisions might end up being reviewed by higher courts.

Whatever happens, allowing the judge to ignore law, arbitrarily legislate from the bench, and abuse the power of their office only makes things worse for judges in the future. Either judges censure through writings, and condemn the judge for their actions, or find their silence leads to consequences harmful to all citizens. While their censure may not be as important as censure from citizens, their stand will lead to enough citizens demanding relieve from judicial activism.

The Federal Judiciary is failing to police their ranks, and prevent radical judges from continuing their anarchist methods from the bench. It's time they did, and necessary. Allowing the reckless judges to continue their actions will eventually lead to an impeachment, the exposure of their incompetence, and further sully their reputation.

I Wonder

The President has much power, and I doubt anyone could stop him from firing people at will, without any repercussions. People might complain, but what are they going to do? Write their congresscritter? Go on television and complain?

I wonder what would happen if he did. Say, just wake up one morning and tell all his cabinet members he wants them to fire 40% in their department by tomorrow morning. Would the citizens complain? Or, would they commend his actions?

I would be extremely happy if he did. Washington is broke, there are too many bureaucrats, and I can do fine without all the meddling of bureaucracy.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Doctor is In...or Not

My primary care physician retired at the end of 2016. I found out they were retiring during my visit right before Christmas. The staff was surprised I didn't know, and even stated they send out notices to the fact. Whether they did, or not, isn't important, since I didn't receive a notice. 

Another doctor, in another office, accepted the patients, so I went over on the same day, received a packet to fill out, did so, and returned it to schedule an appointment. The appointment date was this morning, so, as usual, I fasted and prepared to give some blood, and meet my new doctor. That was my mistake.

I called Monday to verify my appointment, had the office person confirm the date and time, told them I would be there, and everything seemed fine...until this morning. 

After arrival, and filling out the sign-in form, I was told the doctor would be out today. Since my prescriptions are almost out, I asked the person behind the counter about another appointment. They informed me the doctor was booked up for a long time, but I could see a nurse practitioner next Monday at 11:00 am. I told them I would be there, but was informed it would be for an initial consult, and I would probably be scheduled for blood tests at a later date. They are supposed to be able to fill my medications, but my instincts tell me the bullshit is thick with this information. Time will tell. 

The person behind the counter stated they left me a voice mail, which I didn't receive. Even then, if they had the time to send me a notice, why didn't they tell me the day before yesterday, when I called to verify my appointment? 

So, I'm pissed about the major "advances" in medicine, with the advances seeming to be doctors don't really give a rat's ass about their patients, charging full price for having nurse practitioners doing their work, and paying staff to lie to their patients. 


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Did You Notice?

The hullabaloo about the new healthcare law didn't include the proclamation: "Those paying high insurance premiums will receive a substantial reduction in rates" If it did, I missed it, but I doubt it.

So, now it's back to the same old bullshit. Lawmakers demand insurance, hang the lie on it about how it will reduce rates, and the rates continue to be cost prohibitive, except for them. They get it free, we pay for it, and they don't give a rat's ass of how much it pisses us off.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Obamacare Lite?

I haven't examined the bill proposed by the House, but from what I've read, the replacement for Obamacare will - like Obamacare - keep my insurance rates high, lead to higher premiums, and continue the madness in Washington.

I'm pissed, and think it's time to demand the removal of all taxpayer funded health care for all federal employees. If they can't understand the problems they caused, forcing them to deal with the same problems might get the attention of those so willing to punish producers for a continuation of the Federal Country Club.

Monday, March 6, 2017

This is Nothing New

The President stated his offices were wired for spying, during his campaign. While many in the media, and in politics, are claiming Trump is lying, I doubt he'd makes such a bold claim without some evidence.

Supposedly, a FISA judge authorized the surveillance in October for national security purposes. The reason, as reported, was for national security, which, since it wasn't a criminal investigation, gave the Obama Administration access. The question is what information, if any, was gathered, who accessed the information, and who instigated the request for surveillance.

I doubt former Presidents didn't do such things; and we know Nixon was culpable in the attempt to bug the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel. The President has broad powers, and can use many without public scrutiny. Abusing the power frightens citizens, since the power can lead to violence against those that are perceived as threats.

Where this all goes is a crap shoot, but the underground bureaucratic part of our government is obviously out of control. Trump exposing it is a step in the right direction; but I have the feeling the backlash by this shadow government will soon be seen. Operating on the fringes, or outside the bounds of legal standards leads to a secretive, sometimes dangerous, branch that doesn't answer to those that fund their endeavors.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Somewhat Amazing

I observe the news, when I can. One thing I've noticed is the constant attack of the infrastructure repairs Trump wants Congress to finance. The outcry of the expense, and how to pay for it, always ends with only two options: raise taxes, or more deficit spending. The best option, which is cutting federal spending, seem to be ignored by many, which I understand. When so many depend on suckling from the federal teat, too many think it's a normal way of life, and are entitled to their spot.

I'll watch how this all turns out. My hope is huge cuts in wasteful spending, including reciprocation to donors, parallel agency functions, overstaffed agencies, and useless positions to satisfy bureaucracy. These are only a few cuts, and anyone with private sector management skills could find many.

While private citizens are forced to adapt to economic changes, the federal government either inflates the currency, or borrows against the future, without considering how it affects future generations. It's time for this to end, and the Washington D.C business complex to face the same harsh realities those in the private sector face daily.