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Saturday, September 30, 2023

A Trip on a Fishing Charter Boat

Years ago, a major supplier for the construction company I worked for offered a charter fishing trip to the key players in the company. I really wasn't interested, but it was one of those things you do to keep up with the important hob-knobbing. I went, and it turned out to be an interesting day. 

We caught a bus for Galveston. It was filled, and reinforced my reasons for not liking busses. I wasn't dressed for the cold temperature of the bus, so the trip wasn't pleasant. It took about an hour to reach the dock, we loaded up, and boat full of about 20 people headed out before daybreak. 

The Galveston ship channel at sunrise can only be described as beautiful on a summer morning. In the cabin the beer drinking was starting. That, and they were making sandwiches loaded with everything including raw onion. I watched the people for the signs of seasickness. I knew one heave would pollute the air and make the trip out unpleasant. 

On the way, I watched the nocturnal thunderstorms in the distance come closer, the seas start to rise, and the promise of some rough weather. We soon reached what's called a sea breeze front, and the thunderstorms brought some large swells with the rain. We eventually sailed through the area of bad weather and reached the fishing area at around 11:00 am. I was glad, since some were already becoming seasick from the rough ride.

The Gulf was a beautiful blue, the sea was choppy, and we started fishing. It was a struggle to keep my feet, and over time, some abandoned their rod to go enjoy the fragrant cabin area of what was a converted crew boat. Looking through the window confirmed I didn't want to go back inside. Some already had their heads on the tables and occasionally were throwing up. 

A light rain started, and I kept fishing. Trigger fish were eating our bait before we were deep enough for snapper, but eventually I got a strike. With one strong tug, I hooked a snapper. With one strong tug by the snapper, my rod slipped from my hands and disappeared the in the clear, blue water. 

I looked over at my boss, who smiled and handed me the rod from the man that left to go inside. I continued fishing, spent way too much time rebaiting hooks robbed by trigger fish, and eventually landed two red snappers. 

It was time to go, since the trip back would take hours. I leaned on the rail, enjoyed the warm rain, and stayed there until we reached the dock. It was now getting dark and the hands started filleting fish for those that caught fish. We left after dark, the bus ride was even colder, and they let us out at the hotel where we parked our vehicles.

I eventually cooked the red snapper, which I don't like. It has too strong of a taste, and regardless of people telling me it was cleaned wrong, I won't eat it again. Still the trip was interesting, and another thing to write about. 

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Watching a Mesoscale System Approaching

 The weather folks call a large area of thunderstorms a mesoscale complex of storms. We get them occasionally, and some can be very strong. We have one approaching, which at this time appears to not be real strong in our area. That can change, and the outflows from the storms can create stronger storms as the system moves. 

From what I can see, the system will arrive just about the time when a children's birthday party will start down the road. Hopefully, they don't have to deflate the inflatable water slide, and seek cover. Yesterday would have been a better day, but hindsight always shows such things.

They system died out before it reached us and we only received some high clouds. The children's party was a success and everyone had a good time.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Summer Returns

 After a brief spell of cooler weather, with low humidity, the temperature is back up and the humidity at Summer levels. I think it's supposed to only last about another week, and more rain will sure be welcome. It's been a long, hot season and we need some relief. 

As far as politics, and current events, everything is still screwed up, those needing to be in jail are still walking free, and the cost of living is exceeding what I anticipated. May those causing so many of the problems be punished severely for their transgressions. Punish them many times and punish them again.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Paxton is Acquited

It's all over the news, with different summaries, but with the same result. Paxton's impeachment  trial is over, there wasn't any evidence to convict, and those that ran to the FBI without any evidence have placed holes in their feet. It did expose some traitors, which is good. May they live out their lives as pariahs of stupidity.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Condenser Coils, Fire Ants, and Rain

Yesterday was hot, even though it wasn't as hot as the last few weeks. The drought was still in full force, and after looking at my A/C condenser coils, I decided they needed cleaning. 

I removed the outside covers, wet the coils with water, and then sprayed professional coil cleaner on the coils. Even diluted as required, the amount of brown foam that appeared showed there was too much dust on the coils. Rinsing led to a stream of brown water from the flush of water. After dousing the coils until the water ran clear, I buttoned everything back up and fired up the A/C. I was a little surprised on how quiet the unit became. The fan must have been working hard to move air through the coils. I'd checked them at the first of the season, and they were still clean from last year's cleaning.

Inspired, I went to my sister-in-law's and did the same. I had one sister-in-law to help with putting the units back together, which really made the tedious task of keeping everything in place during reassembly much easier. There was one problem: fire ants. The last outside unit must have had a nest near the unit, and it was a large nest. When it's dry, they don't make mounds, and large colonies can be hidden. When the flush of water hit the ground, they came out to terrorize those flooding out their nest. The stings were painful, and they were rewarded for their effort with spraying insecticide where they accumulated. 

It was a successful venture, and all the units will be ready for next season. We had around 3 inches of rain today, which eliminated the dust that clogged the units, and what few cutting left this season won't allow the amount of dust we had over the last few month. 

We're a long way from ending the drought, and some places have received little rain. More is expected, and when we accumulate enough, the fire bans may be lifted. Still, with all the dead vegetation, dry winter winds ahead, and the danger of fools deciding to burn their trash, the ban might not be lifted for a long time.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

The Day After

September 12, 2001 was the day it all started to sink in. More information was available, the desolation of the Twin Towers was now apparent, and the anger was beginning to swell. The final effect was a clear understanding of how ignoring what the Israelis did to prevent hijackings led to the disaster and the knee jerk reaction of ridiculous methods began. 

So, here we are today, millions of illegals crossing the border with impunity, bizarre happenings to food processing plants, known terrorists being apprehended at the border, and the question of how many got through. Some think another attack will happen again, if it does, the final result will be retribution against all that seem foreign. This can be stopped by making it illegal for anyone to rent, lease, hire, or house anyone that doesn't have legal documentation to be in the United States. They'll leave on their own. It worked in Carrolton Texas, until the government stepped in and stopped the process. 

Saturday, September 9, 2023

The Problem is Obvious

New Mexico's governor is attempting to end 2nd amendment rights for a month for "public safety". Her problem - which is obvious - is that not only is she as ignorant as a box of rocks, her attempt to void rights not only is a definite reason to have her removed from office, she faces criminal charges for her efforts. If I had to guess, she is today's shining example of EEO insanity. May her final legacy be as the dumbass that shot herself in the foot, while ignoring her oath to uphold the Constitution.

Finally, Some rain

We had a little rain today, when a line of thunderstorms passed through. According to weather forecasters, a weak front, impulses on the front, and outflow boundaries caused the quick thunderstorms that passed through. On the radar, it was impressive. On the ground, it was apparent most of the radar signatures were from the clouds. That, or the rain mostly evaporated before reaching the ground. I can see how that would happen, since it was exceptionally dry and the temperature was around 100 degrees. 

It's now 2:00 am and a second round is here. Lots of lightening, but from watching, it's mostly cloud to cloud with the occasional cloud to ground lightening. It is raining, but far from the deluge you would think by looking at the radar. I'll take it, and be glad whatever is causing my sinuses to act up to be washed into the outfalls. 

Tomorrow we're forecast to have some more rain, but from my experience, the early morning line of thunderstorms will prevent the squall line from forming again. Whatever happens, a little more rain would sure be appreciated. 

Meanwhile, it's glaringly apparent politicians, attorneys, judges and reprobates are hoping their meddling in the survival of people will wait while they posture and pontificate. They need to hurry. People are beyond restless. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

It's Been 12 Years

 Sometime over the weekend, my visitor counter turned over one million. That's monumental to me, although to some that's accomplished in less than a year, or in less time than that. It took 12 years to reach this point, and I have to thank all that visited, even the rascally bots.