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Thursday, June 25, 2020


I'm irritated that too many people are nothing but sheep. Their Constitutional rights are being trampled, petty local politicians are taking part, and nobody is telling them where to shove it.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Knowing Your Enemies

It's best to know your enemies. Their goal is to destroy you; regardless of the method. They're found in the media, the bureaucracy of government, your school systems, you neighbors, your family and foreign powers. While many are ignorant followers, those in power are systematically trying to destroy the United States.

So, with all these enemies, why are we still basically free? The Second Amendment explains why. It's the final bulwark against tyranny, and it's the power of a free people to remain free. Without it, we'd all have been as tyrannized by the same governments that murdered millions for personal power.

Do I think we'll ever have another civil war? No. Those trying to destroy the United States are a small minority, running scared, and their current effort is exposed; unlike during the sixties. The media is suspect, and the rot of the deep state in the government is now exposed. Large cities will have problems, but those that can will flee, those that move will find liberal thinking is unacceptable, and those remaining will eventually demand law enforcement to keep the peace.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Morons, Cowards, and Wusses.

There are too many.

Edit: and this post has nothing to do with anyone that visits my site. It's a knee jerk reaction to the ass clowns that drink at the fountain of ignorance, and glorify those that keep it flowing. 


After watching the seizing of parts of cities, riots, and general anarchy, I'm wondering what the supposed champions of freedom will find in the coming weeks. I don't think they realize they already lost, or that they will find some serious problems ahead.

Looters have their escapades on video. As in the past, they'll eventually be prosecuted. Many will get away with their crimes, but some will find what they thought was shoplifting is a felony. Shop owners, if they reopen, will not be gracious. Honest citizens won't be either. With the loss of the only businesses willing to open in such neighborhoods, those willing to have a normal life will find it's not possible any longer. Their section of the city will deteriorate to the point nobody will live there, and wealthy investors will be eyeing the possibility of turning the area into prime real estate.

The occupiers will be cleaned out. How this is done is a crap shoot, but since they've taken up arms, the first to go will be taken out by snipers. Those that linger will find the citizens not taking part in their shenanigans will point them out, be witnesses for their prosecution, and the college dream of being a revolutionary has the reward of long prisons sentences.  Escape is impossible, except for a few. Those that do will find simple family visits are perilous.

The politicians willing to allow the protesters to take over their cities might as well quit. They face criminal prosecution, any supporters will abandon them, and a trip to the post office might lead to spittle on their shoes. They showed they have not respect to those that pay their salaries, and the loss of federal funds will be the reward for the citizens that elected the reprobates.

The media will coast along as usual, but revenue will continue to fall. The same can be said about the businesses that cowed to the ridiculous concerns of the supposed enlightened. Political opinions can have disastrous outcomes for investors. Layoffs will be in the near future, and jobs may be hard to find in the same vocation. 

Regardless of what is on the television, or social media, the majority of U.S. citizens were finding contentment with the way things were. They pay attention, know who causes the problems, and the next presidential election will be their show of force.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Pushing the Limit

Regardless of personal opinion, the limit is pushed, when violence is used to promote an agenda. That's where we are, and those willing to riot are now at the position they'll have to face the fact they're tremendously outnumbered. Not only that, but those they've frightened will not hesitate to meet their violence with deadly force. They've already lost, and they'll be hunted. I have no sympathy. May they suffer the consequences for their actions.