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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Nobody Likes a Cheater

A handful of states cheated on votes during the last election. If it was a professional sport team, the repercussions would have started right after the game. The demand to see who "illegally inflated the ball to the wrong pressure" would be resounding all over the country. Instead, the media, since their cheating team won by cheating, is ignoring the instant replays and demanding the rest of the country sit on their hands and accept their loss. 

The United States isn't full of idiots, regardless of how the media portrays those that make it happen. The media should be punished for this; and the first step is  to turn them off, end subscriptions, boycott their advertisers, and throw rotten vegetables at their news vans.  

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Fine Print

 There is no fine print, when it comes to integrity. Regardless of how many words are in a bill for legislation, or in the regulations that are created to accomplish the goal of the bill, the final result is supposed to be an effort to help, and to insure any money belonging to the public is not wasted. If the goal can't be accomplished by law, the next effort is to determine why an action is needed. This is where our legislators, officials, and members of the judiciary have failed. They know the reasons, participate in the evil their foolishness allows, and are mute, when the demand for honesty is necessary. The fine print only protects those they want to be protected, and the waste they create for their personal gain is an abomination on society. While they think they've escaped the scorn of the nation, they haven't. They've surrounded themselves with those more evil, and they will ultimately be held accountable. Hopefully, it's before the nation is destroyed, and their posthumous legacy isn't as foul as the Nazis. 

Winter...or Not

 It's 65 degrees this morning, cloudy and the wind is out of the South. The synopsis is for increasing rain chances, and the possibility of strong thunderstorms over the next two days. The wind is stout, and knowing how this usually turns out, we'll have a few cold days at the end of the week, temperatures above freezing, and somebody up North is going to get a wingding of a winter storm. 

This is a typical Winter. The worst may be over, since some of our Decembers are the coldest of the season. 

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Bad Dream

 I dreamt I went back to work to help out. Everything was screwed up. There were too many projects for the staff on hand, so they were all behind schedule, mistakes were adding up, expensive equipment was staged in an area soon to be inundated by an approaching weather event, my truck was starting to knock, and the only thing racing through my mind was how to graciously quit on the spot and go home. The last thing before I woke was a truck and trailer picking up material had brake failure. The truck slipped backward into the loading equipment, scraped a building, and the owner of the warehouse was demanding the truck be immediately unloaded because the weight of the material was well beyond the legal limit.

I know. It was all a dream. I think I'll go fix a cup of hot tea and go see how the weather is doing. 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

My Christmas Wish

 It's not good to wish bad things on bad people, but it's hard to not feel that some really bad people need to be severely punished for what they've done over the last year. With this in mind, I only wish they develop a conscience that punishes them until their death for the evil they've done.

Parboiled Refugees

 The news states many are fleeing the Communist states of the North. They want the lower taxes, fewer regulations, and more liberty. Since they weren't boiled completely, and think they escaped the pot, their experience left them with enough ideas we in the South find objectionable. That's why we're wary of anyone that flees from tyranny to our neck of the woods. Parboiled refugees can be a menace to the polite society we created with their lack of objection to some of what they became accustomed. Hopefully so may don't try to come and force us to put up fences with armed guards.  

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

It's All So Convenient

 Congress passed a large pile of pork that smells like crap   stimulus bill. It's huge, according to reports, and falls under the "you have to pass it to see what's in it " category. I guess we're supposed to be impressed, but it only reinforces my opinion that the majority of those we elected are worthless, and should be punished by a severe method. If they really wanted to impress me, they could have foregone their salary, said the same was to be for 50% of federal workers, and that the Covid fiasco was a mistake.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Face Mask Follies

 After years in the construction industry, and too many safety orientations, one thing I always remembered was respirator regulations. Respirator filters are color coded for specific environments, a fit test required, and an medical release from a doctor determining if the person could wear a respirator. Why? because some people are physically unable to wear a respirator. Anything that restricts breathing can be a danger to some people.

These masks people are wearing are not even close to a respirator, or able to block out a particle as small as a virus. Air gaps in multiple places wouldn't even stop particles as large as a grain of sand, and if a sand blaster was caught using one as protection, they'd be reprimanded, or fired. 

So, people continue to be herded like animals to satisfy the bizarre whims of bureaucrats and other warts on the ass of society. The virus is sure to have spread to a level herd immunity was reached, and at this point, the demand for face masks is only a way to control.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

What is Your Opinion?

 If you really think about it, the term "smart phone" is a barometer of how dumb society has become. I have young relatives (with a high school diploma) that can't read cursive, perform simple math easily, compose a basic sentence, yet their phone can do both.

Friday, December 18, 2020

How More Rotten Does It Need to Be?

 The AG has a past that most people don't know about. Considering Waco, and Ruby Ridge, you have to wonder about the scruples of government officials ignoring the rights of citizens; and the deadly results. 

Are People Really That Stupid?

 You don't have to look far to find the Covid statistics are corrupt. Otherwise, any actions related to the statistics are as corrupt as the statistics. Still, businesses are forced to be closed by bureaucrats that are being paid regardless of the virus. 

Where is the cooperative outrage? Why are these bureaucratic monkeys allowed to continue to throw feces and ignore the devastation caused by locking down businesses? Where are the citizens that refuse to bow to the creators of tyranny?

It's hard to believe people are that stupid, but considering the continued bowing to the priests of deception only leads me to believe they are.

Who's Leaning on Who?

 Since the capitol is a hodgepodge of feckless, weak and crooked people, who do you think is leaning on who? Are the Chicoms leaning on their ass-clown bought officials? What about the leaders of the House, and Senate? Who has them by the short-hairs and scares them more than a mob of millions demanding their hides? What about the Supreme Court? The rumor is that Roberts spent some time on the Lolita Express. Did he? If so, who has him losing sleep at night? The Clintons? The Obamas?

These are interesting times, but the interest is becoming more toward revolting against the tyranny of a corrupt government. That, and watching if Trump will lower the boom, take charge, and transform the capitol into a city of laws. 

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Look at What It's Made Of

 At one time, career politicians were not well liked. That's understandable, since it doesn't take much acuity to understand the politician that has their wealth increased exponentially didn't earn it by doing honest work. That person is being bought, and only a fool allows them to stay in a position where they can sell out their country for a few dollars. 

Look at Congress. Look at state and local legislators. What do you see? Too many career politicians, or glad handing shysters looking for an illegal paycheck. They make laws that benefit their benefactors, and slurp up the gravy as it is poured. They don't represent who elected them, and they don't represent the United States. 

At one time, there were laws that applied to everyone, but with the career politicians, and their henchmen, they escape prosecution. Those hired to enforce the laws turn their heads, or take part in destroying those that muddy the water. There in no justice, and the corruption creeps like a rot into all aspects of society. 

Term limits is the start of a cure, but those terms need to apply to bureaucratic positions. Cabinet members are ousted forever from politics. So are department heads. The penalties for corruption need to be threefold for those in government, and the worst of offenders executed for crimes of sedition, or treason. 

McConnell and China

 There's a book by Peter Schweizer that elaborates how Mitch McConnell has become wealthy due to his connections with the Chicoms. If so, that explains many of his actions, including congratulating his other partner in crime Biden on his election. 

This is just more of the same rot that is destroying the foundation of our country. May those involved with selling out the United States be exposed, tried, and hung for their actions.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

At The Election Card Table

 The Democrats say they have four aces, expect everyone at the table to believe they have the four aces, and then quickly try to re-shuffle their cards back into the deck. If it was really a card game, they would find their exit was blocked, and the rest of the players had a club.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Tyranny and Betrayal

 I think it's fair to portray the nation's capitol as a cesspool of treachery. Like a large, corrupt country club, everyone is trying to be "in" and acquire some of the power that is available. Some is achieved from large amounts of money, some is achieved by manipulating laws for profit, and some achieved by becoming a minion for the most loathsome examples of mankind. 

Regardless of how the power is doled out, the consideration for those that will ultimately pay the bills is never considered. To the powerful, they are peons to be kept in their place; and manipulating these peons is the paramount requirement for success. The common citizen is only good for taking care of the services they require. Give them too much autonomy, and they become cocky.

To make matters worse, those in power have the media to hide their activities. With this cooperation of the media, administrative officials commit all types of crimes, and the highest members of the branches of government are used to punish those that question their activities. If they can't destroy the person financially, they use their employees to harass, or to destroy their lives to the point they lose even their families. The media, with their power, guarantee their are no survivors, and convict those they focus on to be convicted as guilty by the court of public opinion. 

The worst thing about all of the corruption is the willingness to comingle for recognition and access. This can make even the most innocent a pawn to destroy others; and if that person is destroyed in the process, it means nothing to all. Too many have joined the "country club", and know they vulnerable. It's easier to stay quiet, or turn your head. Integrity doesn't exist; such things are for fools.

History is full of the folly of governments. Few ever survive for any long period of time, since most all succumb to the evils that power allows. To achieve the most power, the liberty of the individual can't be tolerated, and liberty is what every person desires. When the necessary tyranny becomes intolerable, people revolt, and if they are armed, their retaliation is brutal. In the aftermath, another experiment in government is achieved, and the process starts again.

The only explanation for the cesspool in the capitol is that too many decided they would ignore the simplest of rules demanded by the Constitution. They chose tyranny, and they betrayed their country.

Who Will Be The First?

 With the current pack of numbskulls running around in the Democratic Party, who will be the first to say something so egregious even the media can't ignore what is said? My guess? The media wouldn't report about a video with Nancy Pelosi running naked through the halls of Congress, so there won't be any first. 

Sunday, December 13, 2020

How To React?

 The Supreme Court, which was the only arbiter for a state to sue another state, made what I consider a terrible mistake by refusing the law suit under the reason of "standing". I can see the reluctance, but to fail to offer a remedy can only be considered either a willingness to allow an overthrow of the Constitution, or cowardice. Evidence points toward fraud, which in an election of this magnitude, demands a halt to procedures to determine a remedy.

If things continue as they are, there are only two choices: accept the illegal results, or find another avenue of preventing Biden from the office of President. There are tens of millions unwilling for Biden to become President, and they are looking to Trump for a solution. He has two: continue the fight in courts, which won't change Biden's presidency, since the Supreme Court punted. The other is the Insurrection Act. If he chooses the latter, and he'll have the backbone of the nation behind him to prevent Biden from being allowed to continue his sedition with China. 

We'll see how this turns out, but regardless, the Supreme Court has become a useless group of pathetic judges unwilling to fight for the United States. Any one, or group, could have issued an injunction, told Roberts to shove it up his ass, and have the legacy of a patriot. 

Early Morning Quiet

 Without the demand to keep a schedule, my sleeping habits haven't really changed, but awakening is different. What I do after I awake has no pressure to accomplish something, or the demand to not disturb my sleeping schedule with the consequence of being sleep deprived on Monday. 

I awoke about 3:00 am, made some hot tea, and went out on the porch. The night was the type of still that only living in a rural area can provide. The cold night air was only a stirring that changed directions as I sat. The air had the smell of impending rain, and the sudden cooling of the breeze confirmed showers were about to arrive, or were passing closely. 

As I sat, a lone dog barked in the distance; the bark of concern, and surprise. Something disturbed its sleep, and it was voicing its concern. It continued for awhile, and stopped to reveal a quiet I missed while living in a city. There was no rumble of a refinery, the passing of a car, or the noises of an awakening city. It was the quiet that a conversation could have been heard from hundreds of feet, or would reveal the sound of footsteps from far away. 

I've spent all of my adult life with thoughts about what I need to have ready, or worrying if I missed something that would lead to disaster on the job. A vacation would offer some relief, but I knew there would be some overlooked item that need to be caught up on, when I returned. 

A phone call from work was always dreaded, because it was never to announce something good. A phone call from one of my employees rarely was to ask for clarity on where to be on Monday. Their phone usually meant juggling tasks on Monday due to their "forgotten" appointment, or their illness. 

I like this new freedom, and I like the quiet of the night. I'll enjoy them both, and allow my years of stress to drain away. 

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Bump In The Night

 Last night, we had a cold front push through. Like most this time of the year, there was little lightening, and a few brief, heavy showers. As it passed through, I fell asleep. 

At about 2:00 am, a loud thud against the side of the house woke me up. I sat for a few moments, listened for the anticipated low rumble of the remainder of the thunder, and soon realized the thud was from something else. 

I got out of bed, dressed, grabbed the spotlight, and went out to see what there was to see. It was quiet as I stepped onto the porch. There was a light breezed from the North, and the sky was brilliant with stars. 

I scanned the pond behind the house, and it was empty. The ducks and geese weren't to be found, which is unusual. I walked around the side of the house and found a mallard looking somewhat dazed, and not moving away very fast. That made me wonder if it had flown into the house, which led to me trying to analyze what would cause it to do so. 

I scanned the pond again. It was still empty. So were the usual spots where the ducks and geese roosted. This was odd, so I turned to scan the front yard. The geese were standing in the middle of the yard, on alert and nervous. 

This was all strange, and my immediate thought was there was a predator about. I scanned the pond again. There were two close-set golden eyes behind a shape near the water. As I watched, something slipped into the water, and started swimming. The golden eyes were still visible as it made its way to the near bank. I couldn't see if for a few moments, so I waited for it to appear again. 

I was soon rewarded for my patience. An adult otter slipped up the bank, turned toward me for a few seconds, and waddled off of until it was out of sight. 

I've seen otters in isolated areas away from most humans, so this was a first. There are houses all around the area, plenty of dogs, fences to circumnavigate, and the nearest stream is about a half mile away. They usually don't predate ducks, so I'm assuming the rain led to the crawfish to clear their holes and they were easy prey for the otter. 

I'll be watching for a reappearance, which may never happen. Still, it's an interesting thing, and a little surprising. 

Moving On

 I officially retired this afternoon. I turned in my truck, keys, credit cards, and phone. Since there was nobody at the office, I just locked the door on my way out, closed the gate, and forever was finished with a 43 year career in construction. In a way, it was bittersweet. In another, it was like having a doctor tell you "You're in perfect health, and should live many more years.". 

I had some thoughts about what's next, but realized that was way too much to think about right now, since the pressure of having to be twenty steps in front of everything on a project takes a toll over the years. It's time to rest, reflect, and adapt. The race is over, and I managed to stay in front of most of the pack. I'll enjoy finishing, and being a spectator for now. 

Sunday, December 6, 2020

We'll Just Vote Them Out

 For years, the recommended solution for getting rid of pus-gut, lying bags of excrement politicians was to vote them out. That, since elections have been stolen for decades, is a wasted motion. Only a foolish person agrees there is integrity in the process of voting, and the solution for stopping fraud - such as identification, and in-person voting - is always ignored by the politicians that profit from fraud. That, and with electronic voting, the software is only as honest at the dishonest people that have access. 

So, what is the solution? Severe penalties for those caught cheating. Not a light sentence, such as probation, but a punishment that means they spend the majority of their adult life in prison. That, and the willingness to negate any election where any fraud is found to have occurred.

Will this mess ever be cleaned up? I don't know, but it's more than necessary to remove the ability for the criminal elements to sway elections. In my opinion, they should face the death penalty for their crimes. Vote fraud at the federal level exposes the country to the enemies that are trying to destroy the Republic. We've went to war for less. 

Saturday, December 5, 2020

It's Hard to Believe

 It's hard to believe there are millions of morons in the United States, yet observations prove it's a fact.

Simply Explained

 There is only way to describe the last election: Dishonesty. If the count was honest, there would be no argument. If politicians were honest, there would be no discussion. If people were honest, all would demand a investigation to arrive at an honest count. If the media was honest, there would be countless reports on the dishonesty, and how there needs to be accountability. 

Even the least important of poll workers allowed themselves to become minions for the vast dishonesty of those willing to forego all integrity to change an election. That says much about our society, and the rot of deceit by the government. We've become a nation of fools, and the foolishness is destructive.

“Honesty is the first chapter of the book wisdom.”

― Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Irritating Internet

 At one time, much of the information on the internet was text. Videos were avoided, since the bandwidth could have a steep price. Then, "unlimited data" appeared, which let people abuse the data to extremes. This led to bloat, which led to way too much popping up all over a page, and finally: Too much information is in videos, data is again getting pricey, and people like me are forced to wade through the garbage to find the kernel of a price I find too high. 


Sunday, November 29, 2020

Heinous Crime

 I can't think of any better word to describe the effort to sway an election by illegal means. The outcome is never for good, since the odious act of stealing the will of an individual is a crime only perpetrated by the most evil, and the outcome can lead to more terrible crimes. The punishment should be the harshest allowed by law, and the law should isolate society from those involved as long as they live.

Friday, November 27, 2020


 A family of Eastern Bluebirds stays in the yard. The number varies, but it appears after the breeding season, the youngsters are chased away, and only one pair claims the yard. This has changed in the last few days.

Eastern Bluebirds stay year round in my area. In fact, they stay year round as far as the northern Mid-West, with those above that area moving south, or to the southwest. That, from past observations, didn't change the amount in my yard this time of the year, until this year.

I counted 21 Eastern Bluebirds on the power line this morning. That's a huge number, which made me do some research. Since my research only confirmed my past observations, this anomaly must mean some severe weather event forced large numbers to my area. Whether it's an isolated event, or a portent of a severe Winter is to be seen. Regardless, I have a feeling it's a rare occurrence, and a treat for the Winter. They're beautiful, and fun to watch.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

It's Thanksgiving

 It really doesn't matter the origin of Thanksgiving. What matters is it is a time to stop, reflect, and understand even the smallest of God's bounties shouldn't be expected, or ignored. The blessings of life, regardless of size, deserve appreciation.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

A Four Year Summary

 It took four years for the Democrats to overcome their inaccurate voting scheme to corrupt the last election, but they accomplished their task. Of course, they had to double-down, stop voting to accumulate enough fake ballots, and ignore state election laws. If the Supreme Court does the job required, the election will be invalidated, and go to the House for a vote by each state. 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

I Don't Think They Thought About This

 At one time, the Democratic Party was the working folk's party. Unions always backed it, including the rank and file. Over the last three decades, with those working finding the whining college dweebs as annoying twits, they realized their supposed party abandoned them, and the conservative politicians were helping them to keep their jobs. It's made a difference.

If you think about it, those that turn the nuts and bolts are more than necessary. They made sure things are built, maintained, and goods arrive with few problems. They know their purpose, understand liberty is what keeps their wages high, and they're now angry. The Democrats, with their ignorant media, higher education minions, wussy followers, and known as willing to sacrifice the working folks to follow their Marxist agenda, probably never realized they alienated the only faction of society that has them by the short hairs. This will lead to their downfall, and may the downfall be magnificent to witness. 

So, What's The Right Thing To Do?

 I'm a little amazed at the lack of character, outright fraud, and too much of the media ignoring the evidence that voting irregularities substantially affected the election. Where were these people raised? Where are their morals, and indignation? Are they that complacent toward criminal acts? It makes me wonder, but if something as sacred as a fair election is ignored by too many, anarchy can only be the description of the country, and the weak will eventually be the prey of the strongest thugs.

If you stop and think of the predator nations, such as China, and Russia, you can see how they ruthlessly destroyed their own citizens to gain power. They had now qualms about their genocide, and to believe their descendants would have qualms about destroying foreign citizens is foolish. I think that's where we are. Foreign meddling, indoctrination through unions, and effective Marxist techniques led us to the point where an obvious fraudulent election is being touted by the Marxist media as correct. 

So what is the right thing to do? If the current administration fails in the courts, there is no other recourse except to fight back. The patriots will, but the Democrats, and their indoctrinated minions will expect law enforcement, the military, and their guerilla forces (Antifa) to squash any rebellion against their takeover of power. How it turns out will be for future historians to either record, or hide from history. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

They Are Not Your Friends

 Regardless of what they say on television, all the supposed champions for conservatism are under contract, know they probably won't do well without their income, and will ultimately fold to the pressure of their masters. It's the nature of people, and the past is littered with the hand-wringers that couldn't grow a pair, and fight for liberty. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Easier Tasks

 With all the tyrannical mandates by government officials, and the unwillingness by people to put up with their shenanigans, it would be easier for a few hundred "concerned" citizens to grab a few of these two-bit dictators, hog-tie them, dip them in roofing tar, and cover them with a dusting of feathers. After that, they can tie them to a rail and deposit them into the nearest ditch full of muck. With what will probably be the lack of effort by police to stop the event, I have a feeling a message would be sent. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The National Concentration Camp

 They don't need to build camps. They isolate everyone, use the media to indoctrinate, limit social site content, and demand we follow the rules. If we don't they use force to throw people in jail for refusing to wear a mask, or opening their business.

Meanwhile, they use illegal methods to corrupt election results, the media tries to hide the evidence, and those hired to enforce the laws of the Constitution sit on their hands, or promote more tyranny. 

Welcome to the United States Gulag. They didn't have to take it by force. They only had to put their wants on television.  

Monday, November 16, 2020

Simple Truths

 I blame ignorance as the cause, but the election can never be considered honest. Lies were told, thieves were busy, the media censored the news, and a huge segment of the United State's population sat on their hands; oblivious of the truth. An honest person would feel upset, a person with integrity would demand accuracy, and wise person would know history is always repeated. 

Saturday, November 14, 2020

A Good Start

 Fox ratings suck. They deserve this, but it's only a good start. All the alphabet networks need to be defunded by honest citizens that don't believe the media should be unaccountable. Next should be the rest, and this can be accomplished by ignoring the urge to see what any of the networks are showing, and only relying on honest outlets for information. They can't survive without participation of the public, and they need to go.  

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Crooked Judges and Crooked Voting

 Considering the amount of crooked voting being exposed, some judges may find all their opinions are negated by the fact a known crooked system placed them in office. To me, that should be an immediate cause for an appeal, and the appellate court should understand the reason. 

Somebody Probably Stole My Vote

 I was thinking about the number of mailed-in ballots, dead voters, created voters, corrupt software.... and realized somebody probably stole my vote. That makes me angry, but what makes me more angry is the "oh well" attitude, and obvious efforts by Democrats to discount how egregious this is. This is the work of traitors, and those found to be guilty should be hung. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2020


 Fox was a respected news source for a long time, but now has managed to shoot itself in the foot. Regardless of the reason, I can't fathom what nonsense would lead them to this point. That, and how they can expect their investors to want to keep their stock with ratings that are shrinking daily. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Check the Code

 Computers require code to operate, and simple commands, such as adding a line that places data after the program determines a certain action was completed, can change an output. Otherwise, simple code could place a set vote for a candidate every 5000 votes, and it would probably never be noticed. Regardless of the vote, the computer counts the vote for the preferred candidate. 

It should be simple to examine the code in the voting computers. That, and questioning the programmers on what they programmed. Considering the simplicity of this task, I wonder if there are some programmers being grilled at this point. 

Saturday, November 7, 2020

It's Really Absurd

My years of construction work revealed many things the polite masses don't know. I can understand their ignorance, since these people spent their lives in comfort, isolated from any real conflict, and refuse to understand the world is a place where there are people that will boil you alive to watch you squirm. It's folly on their part to ignore this, and even more foolish to believe any political party that constantly lies will tell you they will take care of you. 

This voting debacle won't fade away. Those willing to throw all in to cheat don't realize the American workers voted for the man they think is like them, and willing to fight for their ability to prosper. These workers are exposed to harsh climate, brutal hours of labor, and most have a gun tucked away somewhere. They're mad, realize their hard labor compensation is in jeopardy, and really, really don't like cheating, lying, thieves. 

How this works out is yet to be seen, but if you realize the absurdity of messing with a President that controls the armed forces, and and armed majority of citizens willing to fight for this President, you realize how desperate they are. They've already lost, and the rest is just cleaning up the mess. 

Adhering to Enemies

 The Democratic Party lost any loyalty to the United States a long time ago. Members allow criminal activity, promote judges to subvert the Constitution, and legislatures sell influence in disregard for the destructive effects that result from legislation. This not only makes them wealthy, it allows foreign powers to achieve financial leverage against private citizens. With their strong effort to destroy the accuracy of votes by refusing to demand identification, allowing ballot harvesting, and ignoring laws that restrict illegal voting, there is no other way to describe their efforts other than treason. 

Those that turned their backs on this treason, voted for the party that is adhering to enemies of the United States, and avoided their duties to protect the citizens are just as guilty by association. Regardless of their morals, their acceptance without protest is as harmful as the organized effort.

Monday, November 2, 2020

I Think They Want Us To Be Frightened.

 I think there's an effort to frighten Trump voters. With all the corruption, spying, violence, and doom predicting, "frightening" is too often used to describe what's happening. From my perspective, people aren't frightened; they're angry, and the anger is focused on those willing to ignore the sorry state our government is in. Regardless of the election, the anger won't go away, until the likes of Hillary Clinton are thrown under the jail.  

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Change in Life

After 46 years of early days, brutal weather, fatigue without parallel, and debilitating stress, I'm going to hang it up. It's time, since I've reached the point the daily grind has lost importance. Call it "not giving a crap" syndrome. When is the question. It will either be the first of December, the first of January, or when the syndrome takes complete control, and I turn in my keys. That may be Monday.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Scrambling for Relevance

 The polls were mostly wrong in the 2016 election. The polls, up to this week, were paralleling the 2016 polls, which don't reflect the enthusiasm of the Trump voters. This looks bad for pollsters, since they make their money from those that believe their fabrications, lies, inaccurate information, scientific polls reflect reality. 

I think the next few days will show a change in the polls, which is necessary for the pollsters. If they blow it again, they might as well train to flip burgers. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

It's Mostly Just Words

 There are a number of organizations that need to go bankrupt and fade into obscurity. The list of includes alphabet networks, major sports teams, social network sites, and other promoters of Marxism. While a huge number of people despise these organizations, they still watch their favorite shows, root for their favorite teams, and post their current trip to a restaurant. Otherwise, there are mostly just words, and little to no actions. Nothing changes, unless someone is willing to change. 

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Useful Idiots

 Do you think the censors of social media realize what they're doing? I don't. If they did, they'd realize what they do can as easily be turned against them. They could find they're not only disrespected, they're considered criminals, and the public will demand they be punished for their actions. 

Some might think that could never happen, but the past reveals censorship ends with tyranny, and the created ignorance always leads to terrible hardships for citizens. Those that condone, or practice, the censorship always become useful idiots. They either lick the feet of their masters, or accept their "reeducation" in the camps built to house those unwilling to accept their loss of liberty.

Gray Morning

 There won't be a beautiful sunrise this morning. There's a thick deck of stratus, which will only allow a slow transition between dark gray, to light gray. The heavier gusts from the north sound like they gather deeper in the woods,  and announce their arrival with the chime of a distance wind chime. The 57 degree temperature is a welcome relief from the heat that wouldn't let go. 

It's supposed to clear sometime this morning, which will leave a deep azure sky, and a brilliant autumn day. After all the hear, humidity, and hurricanes, it will be a welcome relief. 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

But, They Still Pay Attention

 During the 2016 election, the polls, pundits, media, and believers were steadfast in their belief Clinton was to be the next President. They were all proven wrong, even though the main-stream polls indicated they were right. 

This is happening again. The polls that receive inaccurate information, or use corrupt methods, are all over the lying media attempting to influence the voter. The polls can't be trusted, the media is mostly corrupt, and people still pay attention to the polls.  

Sunday, October 11, 2020

More Yucky Weather

 After Hurricane Delta passed yesterday, the skies became clear, the temperature pleasant, and the breeze allowed a comfortable afternoon in the shade. It was like an Autumn morning, but a little warmer. 

This morning is far different. It's foggy, the temperature is 75 degrees, and far from what I all pleasant. The forecast calls for a high around 90, which will be accented with high humidity. It's more like Summer, but there is a front on the way. Until then, the next two days will be hot, humid, and uncomfortable. 

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Twice Times

 Hurricane Delta closely followed the path of Laura yesterday. Unlike Laura, there was more rain, and the tropical wind force area was larger. Those that didn't have any effect from Laura were in the rain bands and high winds. 

The time it arrived allowed more to see the fury of the storm during the day, which led to personal reports the storm was worse than Laura in my area. In my opinion it wasn't, and like all hurricanes, the damage is unique. The winds are never the same, and trees that survived Laura, might have caught the right gust to lose a large limb, or topple over. Seeing this damage as it happens, instead of just hearing it, leads to a totally different perspective of the storm. 

The folks in Louisiana are in for more visits with adjusters, long phone calls with insurance companies that don't want to pay, and wandering if their lives will ever be the same. They're tough people, and in most areas, not willing to let such things defeat them. They'll recover, and hopefully, this will be a hundred year hurricane event. If so, they can live their lives without ever dealing with another major hurricane. 

Friday, October 9, 2020

Reverse Discrimination

 I've never liked the term "equal opportunity" since it indicates an attempt to punish what are considered privileged people because of their heritage. Regardless of their character, abilities, records or economic background, people with certain skin colors are pushed last in line, which in some situations, removes opportunities they may only have once in their lifetime. With government mandates, this discrimination is an unconscionable effort to punish people for no reason other than their skin color. 

Yale is learning of how their efforts can be expensive. It serves them right, and makes me wonder how an ivy league university can receive so much in federal funds, unless they're milking the equal opportunity windfalls. I also wonder how many opportunities were lost by people that were discriminated against because of the color of their skin. 

Such things remind me of my lost opportunities, when I wasn't allowed a chance due to the color of my skin. I even was told how I was considered a good prospect, only to be disappointed to find out I wouldn't ever have a chance, since I was white. 

Maybe things will eventually change, but I don't have much faith in our government. It's filled with unqualified people that only have a job because they were given special treatment. Their ignorance, and our acquiescence, have led to unacceptable levels of incompetence. 

It's The Dose

 If you look up the composition of safe drinking water, you find there is an acceptable level of cyanide. It won't hurt you, but drink a glass of it, and you won't last but a few minutes. Otherwise, it's the dose of the substance that makes the poison. 

The dose of poison politics has reached the point of severe harm. Democrat politicians - with the help of hired officials - have poisoned our system of government, and are publicly continuing their efforts. The subterfuge is now in the open, and criminal acts are ignored by those we trusted to protect us from criminals. Rights are ignored, businesses are closed by fiat demands, and all citizens are being herded like cattle. 

This will continue, until all rights are removed, or some powerful people are severely punished for their treason. Regardless of were this goes, there are millions that won't sit around and watch. It's the nature of a free citizenry to rebel against tyranny, and if they're armed, they'll reject it with force. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Back in the Cone

 Hurricane Delta, which is hoped to not make it past the 95th parallel, was a miss up to this afternoon. The morning data showed us out of the cone, and the updated data put us in. Now, with the constant uncertainty of how the steering currents will react, I'm watching this storm very closely. It was already a certainty the area hit by Laura would have some impacts from the storm, and with the westward shift, it could pass nearly over the same track. 

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Just Thinking

We have us a Supreme Court justice nominee. There's a promise of a fight, which can be avoided if McConnell thumbs his nose at the Dems, calls for a vote, and laughs his way to a better legacy.

I've been watching some shows about living off the grid. They're interesting, since many have houses made with a lot of mud, stoves made from lightweight steel, no running water, and a tree for a restroom. I'm thinking they should have a show in the future highlighting these efforts of isolation. I don't think they'll find much to film, but I may be wrong. Regardless, the foundations, building materials, and lack of sewage system usually lead to a lifestyle not only uncomfortable, but unsanitary; if not dangerous.

The protesters are still active, although the media isn't showing them nearly as often. Maybe one of the brighter members of the media realized they were not only defeating their purpose, voters were deciding whether they wanted peace, or riots. 

It appears the wearing of a mask is not only unnecessary, the demand is an infringement on civil rights. Of course, the nervous Nellies think otherwise, and many politicians think the same. Time will reveal much about this "pandemic", but never truly relate the terrible consequences of the reaction Hopefully, this all leads to a citizenry that never falls for such foolishness again. 

Those pre-cooked meals they're advertising look delicious, but when you look up the prices, they damn well better be. You can feed a family for the cost of one. Of course someone actually has to cook to save that much. 

Dewayne Johnson is endorsing the Biden Harris debacle. I thought he was smarter than that. I guess I'm wrong, and will be determined to not watch any of his movies. I can't support anyone that supports enemies of the United States.

The NFL is rocking along, although the organization is surely starting to feel the crunch. I know many former NFL watchers than now harass anyone they know watching a game. It's a good thing, since the NFL pays what I call traitors. The amount of revenue can't be anywhere near what it was before. The players may have to renegotiate their contracts when that's the only option other than bankruptcy.

That's all for now. It's Sunday, and tomorrow is another work day.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Kick Them When They're Down

 After all the years of Democrats playing dirty, ignoring rules, refusing to demand integrity, and pushing through legislation harmful to the United States, it's time to kick them while they're down. Push the new Justice through, watch them react, and squash them like bugs, if the decide to push for violence. 

Monday, September 21, 2020

They Can Leave

 There are quite a few people that are doing everything they can to destroy the United States. They think the founders were terrible, the system should be changed, and government allowed to tyrannize at will. My recommendation is they leave. Leave now, or forever shut up.

Btw: Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

What's Good for the Republic?

 It's apparent the Democratic Party isn't a party for the United States. The constant attempt to destroy the Constitution, and promote the destructive systems embraced by Marxists, will continue, until they either succeed in destroying the United States, or they're prevented from their quest by citizens that are not willing to lose their liberty. 

The attempt at unseating the President with a fabricated investigation, a clownish impeachment, a fake virus, and violence failed. They will push for a legal decision by the Supreme Court in the hope they can delegitimize the election to create a constitutional crises. Without a nine justice court, the decision could be split, and the result a disaster. Remedy for such a situation is not detailed in the Constitution, and their hope is appointing someone to be President. 

It's President Trump's immediate duty to appoint a new justice, and the Senate's responsibility to place that justice on the Supreme Court. With this, the Constitution will survive, the Democrats will fail, and the republic will be safe. 

Here We Go Again

 Over the last three years, we've had hurricanes, or tropical storms, that slowly moved up the coast and drenched us with rain. Two of the events led to total rainfall in the dozens. Homes were flooded, business came to a screeching halt, and the flood plain elevations changed. 

We have another one on the way. I'm watching it, and hope most of the rain stays in the Gulf.

They Don't Want This

The Democrats are howling, and the howling is about a replacement for Ginsburg. Regardless of their howling, it's appearing there will be a new justice before the Presidential election, and the vast majority of voters will vote for Trump.  How they react will be seen, but they need to start realizing they're far outnumbered. 


 Thousands are honoring the death of Justice Ginsburg, but never mourn the tragic death of those infants pulled from their mother's womb, and had scissors stuck in the back of their head. 

Saturday, September 12, 2020

I Blame the Education Sytem

 During the last century, millions were starved, tortured, and outright murdered by the supposed champions for the common folk. Those around during the worst of it, were horrified and if they could, rejected the systems of government that performed these atrocities. 

The names of these government systems varied, although they all called for the disarming of all citizens, the stealing of wealth, the seizing of personal property, the abolishing of religion, and the ultimate enslavement of those the governments were supposed to represent. Voting was a farce, the leaders lived the life of luxury, and anyone that stood in their way was destroyed. 

Today the atrocities continue. China is an example. So is Venezuela, but those being educated are not reminded constantly of the history of these forms of government, and the demand for embracing the liberty demanded by the Constitution. Millions died horrible deaths, yet it's as though it was all just part of an inconsequential fiction novel. 

Many are mad at the media, me included, but it's not at what they report, but at what they don't report. Those in the media can't be blamed completely, since they passed through the education system, were indoctrinated, and now are content to be receive glory for the years they continue the narrative. They blissfully accept the money, and prestige, for the years they worked to receive the education that washed away their ability to think critically. Most are blissfully unaware they had their brains washed, and on any day pass the graves of those that died to prevent the system they now embrace. 

I blame this on the education system. Those entrusted to teach failed in their duty, and the result is a large amount of the citizenry thinking they are safe from the murderers that long to control their destiny with evil intentions.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Investment Madness

 High yield bonds are forecast to default at a 40% higher rate. I'm guessing those that invested in these bonds have been sweating for the last few months, and will continue to sweat for the distant future. Even if the issuer of the bond manages to get out of their financial problem, the possibility of this to happen will not be soon. To make things worse, if bankruptcy raises its ugly head, the final return may be pennies on the dollar of the original investment; and such things as pensions may lead to court decisions that leave absolutely nothing for the investor. Regardless of the outcome, long periods of time pass without an answer, and without money to invest in something more profitable. 

Investing is always a gamble, and with the Covid madness,  investing in municipalities with a bad credit rating is betting on an inside straight. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

A Short Trip

 I took a short trip West to the Balcones Escarpment with my wife over the last few days. It's only about a 5 hour drive, so an early start gets you to the area before noon. I know some are wondering what the Balcones Escarpment is, which is not the usual term. Most call it the edge of the Texas Hill Country, although that really doesn't describe some of the area. 

I started to write about the mountains called hills, the crystal clear Frio River, and the beautiful scenery surrounding the area, but my words can't describe what can be found on the internet in photos. Regardless of the scenery, the trip was one of the peaceful, quality time ventures my wife, and I, take every once in a while. We need it, because it allows us to deflate, wonder about things of the past, be awed by God's creations, and allows long moments of just being together. It's a good thing. 

Thursday, September 3, 2020

This Might Happen

 The Democratic Party has gone completely insane. It's probably because they know their continued effort to "diversify" the U.S. led to a big tent of terribly incompetent people, and Communists. Regardless of the reason, Nancy Pelosi might have determined a fate she probably won't like.

Nancy went and had her hair done in direct disregard to the narrative of isolation. When you consider her advanced age, the fear mongering that dictates she's a prime candidate for dangerous Covid symptoms, and the desperation of her party, their solution to the faux-pas may be insuring she gets the virus, and the removal of an embarrassment that makes the party look really bad. It's a win-win for the party, and gives them a little traction in their effort to destroy the Trump Administration.

Time will tell what happens, but it will be interesting. 

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Enough is Enough

 It's apparent the Democrats are attempting to force a takeover of the United States. Their message is the same as the Marxists that started the long spell of murders at the turn of the last century. It's time for this to stop, and it's Trumps responsibility to curb the violence with armed forces, charges of sedition for those supporting the Marxists, and the assurance our great Republic will stand. 

This next election will only galvanize the Marxists, unless there is a strong offensive against them at this time. It's time, and enough is enough. 

Pro Pawns

 Professional sports took a huge hit with the Coronavirus. My prediction most professional teams will seek bankruptcy, but won't have that avenue until the season is over. With the player, and staff, support of the Marxist terrorists, the final result will be substantial losses of all revenue, and the creditors will take anything in a bankruptcy, which I see advanced by the tremendous loss of fans. That will be pennies on the dollar, the primadonnas will find they can't afford their champagne life on a beer budget, and  it will happen faster than they can say BLM.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Great Disconnect

After watching the months of rioting, failure of mayors to control the crime, and media subterfuge, I can't fathom the great disconnect. With the lack of police protection, state law enforcement is required to step in, and if they can't handle the rioting, federal troops need to be mobilized. 

Another thing: Why are people still participating in the mayhem? They may not think they are, but their news outlets, sports teams, political officials, and businesses they frequent are supplying money to the terrorists. These seditionists are not hiding their efforts, so it's easy to focus on who to boycott, or push for their firing. 

I don't know how this will end, but the Marxist Democrats are cheering for the terrorists, and the honest citizens are cheering for those that shoot the terrorists hiding under the guise of legal political activists. It's civil war, and it's escalating. Choosing sides will be required, and those supporting the riots are far outnumbered. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Hunkering Down

Everything locally started grinding to a halt starting yesterday. The petrochemical industry is shutting down units (higher energy prices), stores are closing, people are leaving, open store shelves are emptying, and the general consensus is we'll catch the brunt of a hurricane. 

A few things could change this: The storm could weaken, which is usually does as it travels into the shallow waters of the Gulf in this area. The path could shift a few dozen miles to the east, which will lessen the winds, or the storm could weaken considerably due to the air being fed to the storm is very dry. We won't know, until tonight. 

The weather dweebs are salivating. It's somewhat embarrassing to watch, as their excess saliva spills onto their rain. They have to keep the show moving, so they have conjectured their reports to the point of fantasy. The field reporters will stand in the wind, as they try to keep their footing, and sheets of building fly by their heads. The locals will shake their heads, and tip their remaining cold beer to salute the insanity  prowess of those willing to brave the hurricane, with the knowledge their makeup is waterproof. 

All in all, it will be another adventure in life. I suppose I should be used to this, but I'm not. The cleanup, lack of supplies, lack of electricity, cold baths, and general fatigue of the event leads to a sorry attitude, which only good scotch will remove. 


It's 12:52 am. The eye is making landfall about 80 miles to the east. The winds at this location are 93 mph with gusts to 114. In my location the wind is about 25 with gust to 35. The winds are supposed to rise a little more. We're on the west side of the storm, so we're receiving only light rain and no thunderstorms. 

Radar shows Lake Charles, Louisiana is about to get pounded. Hopefully those folks are prepared, and the damage will be minimal. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Renting The Future

 Over the years, my job required renting expensive equipment to accomplish the work. The rental rates are set by the anticipated life of the equipment, which is substantially lower than that of owned equipment. Why? The rented equipment is abused, the costs to repair are never considered, and maintenance is expected by the rental company.  

Owned equipment is less expensive, allows lower job costs, and gives contractors and advantage in bidding. Those operating equipment are expected to be cautious, take care of the equipment, and follow maintenance schedules. Owners understand the demand for equipment care, but still have problems with employees that don't understand their jobs depend on the equipment. Increased costs for repairs can lead to lost revenue, reduced profits, and the possibility of the owners becoming bankrupt. Borrowing money may help, but continued losses lead to an unwillingness by banks to loan money.  

Our government has become a nation of uncaring operators (politicians), lackadaisical owners (taxpayers), and uncontrolled spending, when fiscal conservatism was mandated. Simple problems became huge, competitors had the help of greedy employees willing to destroy for gain, and the taxpayers allowed it all to happen. The bill for this madness is huge, and the payments will last beyond the lives of those that caused the debt. 

I've heard this is human behavior, but don't subscribe to that belief. It's arrogance, laziness, greed and outright thievery. Humans are not wasteful by nature, and self-preservation is what controls behavior. This is a failure of our society helped by years of indoctrination, and the erroneous belief the federal government can't fail. Our enemies have been successful to this point, and it's our duty to prevent the complete destruction of our nation. 

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Anticipation Again

 Two tropical storms are expected in the Gulf over the next week. Both - since the final landfall location is a crap shoot at this time - could possibly have an effect on my life. The current anticipation is leaning toward neither coming ashore as a hurricane, which is good for wind damage. The problem to arise may be torrential rain, flooding, and glitches in the power grid. 

I have a bridge job, which I finished yesterday, and I can't remove all the traffic control, until my test cylinders pass on Monday. If they don't pass, I'll have a big problem, when the first storm arrives. Regardless of how they appear, barrels, grabber cones, and signs are light, wind affected, and cause confusion, when they are blown out of their proper places. Since I have a stationary automatic traffic signal controlling traffic, if either end blows over, goes down, or turns, the traffic can become dangerous. 

Time will tell, but the next week looks interesting. Hopefully the rain won't cause flooding, and the locals along the coast won't be inundated by a surge. 

Apparently, the initial thought of the center of the storm was too far west. The new forecast has tropical storm Marco coming ashore in the middle of Louisiana, turning to the west, and we'll avoid the winds, but will have the rain at the end of next week. We'll see, but such storms can slow, drop a lot of rain, and cause flooding. 

And now, with Marco going into Louisiana, weather wizards are calling for his sister, Laura, to take a job to the west, and bullseye my area. I hope not, but am preparing. 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Early Morning Musings

 I took a one hour nap least it was supposed to last that long. After 4 hours, I awoke with the feeling I could sleep some more. Instead, I decided to get up, ate some supper, farted around for a few hours, and went back to bed. 

At 2:30, I woke, and decided trying to sleep more was a futile effort. So, I brewed a hot cup of tea, sat on the porch for awhile, and decided to write about some thoughts. 

Donald Trump lost a brother. That's a tough loss, since a brother is a best friend. After they're gone, you realize how much you lost. There will be no more visits to share a meal, talk about life, and reminisce the past. Even as time passes, an event, or a moment makes you think of them. A need for a consultation about something leads to a brief moment, when you reach for the phone to call, and you feel foolish for forgetting. 

New York is bleeding citizens, the police union is backing Trump, and the Democrats are scratching their heads for solutions. They can't wrap their heads around the fact their society of promoting ignorance, rewarding incompetence, and breeding idiots lead to failed policy. To make things worse, those that are rewarded for taking part in the madness are starting to realize they're betting on the losing horse. 

The highest law enforcement agency in the country is appearing to be run by thugs, who pay thugs, and the thuggery is used to help their political handlers. While they haven't resorted to using baseball bats, the threats of destruction they use is just as terrible. When you add they're willing to lie, cheat, and steal to achieve their goals, it can be said they've become an example any criminal organization might want to emulate. 

The Chinese Flu is leading to civil contempt, and disobedience. That's what happens, when you try to corral people, force them to do things they don't want to do, and then try to take their weapons. In other failed political systems, it all worked, but they had to get the guns first. That won't happen here, and to think otherwise is foolish. 

Joe Biden chose Kamela Harris to be his running mate. In a perfect society, such a thing would be a source of intense comedic expression, with a media sharing the effort to realistically portray the absurdity. Instead, the media, comics, and pundits are trying to make chicken salad out of chicken shit feathers. I think they're wasting their time. Only a few Democrats are that dumb, and any with sense will realize they should stay home on election day. 

The local terrorist groups are finding push-back, when they venture beyond the empty streets of a downtown area. That's good, and may they find most of their members are cowards, and attrition will lead to their demise. Of course, they might to try using some more violent methods to achieve their goal, but that usually leads to bounties, and cold bodies for members. 

Professional sports are chugging along, but haven't figured out the track they chose has a dead end. Maybe they should apologize to the millions of fans that love their country, despise criminal players, could care less about any of their political views, and are now boycotting the events.  The lack of revenue will be telling in the near future. I have a feeling the salaries offered for players will be substantially reduced. So be it. They deserve the repercussions from their arrogance. 

Age has brought the realization that you pay dearly for your wisdom. That, and the realization too many young folks are willing to make your mistakes to prove you are wrong. This leads to an unwillingness to offer advise, and to pop some popcorn for the show. 

The heat continues, with triple digit heat indices in the near future. "You'll get used to it." is what some say, but I can't find them outside so I can tell them I think they're wrong. Nobody "get's used to it" and few can tolerate it. 

I think I'll have another cup of tea, sit on the porch, and enjoy the 80 degree heat with 100 percent humidity. It's better than the afternoon, but not by much. 

Friday, August 7, 2020

Not Enough

 I know many people, and they aren't happy about current affairs. I'll list a few:

- Powerful bureaucrats attempted a coup. Included were members of the highest law enforcement agencies, the IRS, elected officials, and probably Obama. A less polite society would have their heads on pikes surrounding the reflecting pool of the Washington Monument. 

- Supposed health officials not only can't agree on the dangers of Covid 19, they spout their opinions with corrupted data. Those that don't tow the line, continue the subterfuge of isolation, and allow the economy to suffer are chastised, have their character assassinated, or are ignored. 

- Joe Biden his son, and probably other members of his family, are trash. Not only have they become rich from illegal Chinese graft, they continue to be allowed to walk in public. They're criminals, and should be treated as such. 

- Bill Clinton is being given a free pass on his elbow rubbing with a known rapist, and child trafficker.  A good media would be asking some tough questions, and demanding investigations into his culpability. 

- The economy is taking a huge hit, Congress is ignoring its responsibility, the media is ignoring those helping destroy the economy, and it's all part of the effort to destroy Trump. 

- Public sector unions are running roughshod over those that pay their salaries. 

- China is attempting to destroy the United States, professional sports is helping, and people are still watching the crap they call sports. 

There's more, and there's a comment section to add the things pissing you off. 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

I'm Tired of This

The Coronascare is slowly proving to be a ruse. That, and the protesters are slowly being revealed as organized militant terrorists. The media isn't covering it, and the politicians are using this all as leverage or points for posturing. To add this madness, the Democratic Party has a candidate that is obviously unable to even clean the toilets in the White House.

I'm tired of the ridiculous pandering to those that need to be awakened with a swift kick in their butts. Society doesn't function by the ramblings of imbeciles, and reducing the ability of producers to produce endangers the existence of a peaceful society. This all needs to end, and those financing this madness need to be shot.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

That's a Lot of Days

According to news reports, the rioting has been going on for over 60 days in some cities. That's a lot of days for people to find something to eat, shelter, and a source of income. More than anything else, that's a sign of people that don't work, or are receiving money from nefarious source.

There is a solution, but I don't think the cities would like my solution, since the mayor would have to be tarred and feathered in the process. That, and a whole bunch of people would find hand grenades aren't your friends.

Monday, July 27, 2020

The Games

I wonder about the citizens in the cities with the protesters. Since the police are standing down, and the protesters are not local, why don't they just sit on their front porches and take out a few? It would be easy, and they could have a contest to see who has the most hits. After that, they could place a bounty on them,  and make sure the posters say "Dead, or Alive".

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Repeating the Past

This Marxist offensive in the U.S. isn't new. It's a repeat of incidents in the past. The same happened in Russia, China, Vietnam, Cuba, and various other countries. The supposed demand to help the working folks, redistribution of wealth, destruction of historical places, subversion of history, turning citizens against each other, and removal of the ability of self-defense were successful. The result was the murder of millions, a ruling class hiding behind supposed elections, and tyranny. Liberty is removed, and the only way to stop the changes is thwarted with not allowing citizens to have firearms.

It's easy to see why this is happening. Public schools have been indoctrinating students for decades. The same can be said of Universities, which are bastions of Marxists. They were successful, but there efforts are exposed. There are too many people unwilling to bow to the demands, refuse to give up their firearms, and are well educated on the corruption of the media. While reports say there is pandemonium, the majority of people are only waiting for the next election. How they react is to be seen, but they are determined to not allow the United States to turn into another Communist hell hole.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Panic of the Imbeciles

There's little known about Covid 19, but politicians, bureaucrats, Karens, and other imbeciles are bound to demand we quarantine and wear a mask. It's all panic, and it's all politics. It's time most people ignored these demands, embarrass the dumbasses, and refuse to do business with dumbasses demanding the same. It will help them deal with their stupidity.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Observing Some Younger Folks

I can't call all younger folks wusses, but there's enough to establish too many are used to mom wiping their tears, when they don't pass level 8 in their video game. The pattern is set, reality is hidden again, and they are woefully unprepared for the harsh moments of life.

Regardless of what is taught by recruiters, teachers, parents and doting grandparents, life is filled with moments of toil, mindless tasks, and long hours of work. It's how our ancestors survived. Survival came with young deaths, and miserable lives in the later years. You produced, or starved.

Today, there is the lure of free money, easy days, and no responsibility. However, it comes with a price. The price? Liberty. If you are basically a ward of the state, you are only as important as the state decides. At this point, the result is an easy life with little possession, the willingness to lie for more of the free stuff, and ignoring the fact the importance of existence hinges on resources. Resources are plenty, but not forever. When they run out, the older folks are first, and then those younger find they are forced to work meaningless lives to slow the final decline of the collective.

I don't think there's anything that will change the decline in the United States except harsh times. They're coming, and those unwilling to demand their liberty will become slaves to the bureaucrat elite. For many, they will deserve it. Nothing is free in life, and expecting so has penalties.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Blue Blazes

Early last week, we had about an inch of rain from a stationary front to the north. Near the front, there was more rain for long periods, but we only received little from the outflow boundary. It was good, but the rest of the week allowed the temperature to rise. This higher temperature, with the rich humidity is now at the dangerous level.

Yesterday, the heat index was around 110. Today, it's forecast to be higher, which to someone unfamiliar with this environment, is hard to comprehend. Sweat doesn't evaporate, a few minutes outdoors leaves you drenched with sweat, and the lack of a breeze allows no relief. Without resting, seeking shade, and drinking plenty of liquids can lead to death kill. Even with water, the loss of electrolytes leads to severe heat cramps in the evening. I take supplements, and drink pickle juice to ward off the agonizing cramps that can double me over.

Unless things change, I see the possibility of a brutal summer like we had in the nineties. Temperatures were in the triple digits for weeks, and we shut down projects at two in the afternoon. Trying to work beyond that point led to heat exhaustion, and the possibility of a heat stroke.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Dancing Around the Obvious

The governor of Texas is demanding masks in counties with a certain number of covid cases. People are following this order. They wear masks made out of bandannas, or knitted, place them below their noses, wear them for days, and the gaps around the nose would allow a small bird to fly up their nostrils. Otherwise, it's a foolish effort by foolish people to entice fools to believe the mask order is something more than a political fart in a political outhouse.

Dumbasses. We're surrounded by them, and they breed.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Still Around

We had two emergency bridge repair projects pop up in the last two months. One is finished, but the other is still in progress. Between long days, and six day weeks, I have little time but to cuss, bitch, and try to finish in the time allotted.

Thursday, June 25, 2020


I'm irritated that too many people are nothing but sheep. Their Constitutional rights are being trampled, petty local politicians are taking part, and nobody is telling them where to shove it.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Knowing Your Enemies

It's best to know your enemies. Their goal is to destroy you; regardless of the method. They're found in the media, the bureaucracy of government, your school systems, you neighbors, your family and foreign powers. While many are ignorant followers, those in power are systematically trying to destroy the United States.

So, with all these enemies, why are we still basically free? The Second Amendment explains why. It's the final bulwark against tyranny, and it's the power of a free people to remain free. Without it, we'd all have been as tyrannized by the same governments that murdered millions for personal power.

Do I think we'll ever have another civil war? No. Those trying to destroy the United States are a small minority, running scared, and their current effort is exposed; unlike during the sixties. The media is suspect, and the rot of the deep state in the government is now exposed. Large cities will have problems, but those that can will flee, those that move will find liberal thinking is unacceptable, and those remaining will eventually demand law enforcement to keep the peace.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Morons, Cowards, and Wusses.

There are too many.

Edit: and this post has nothing to do with anyone that visits my site. It's a knee jerk reaction to the ass clowns that drink at the fountain of ignorance, and glorify those that keep it flowing. 


After watching the seizing of parts of cities, riots, and general anarchy, I'm wondering what the supposed champions of freedom will find in the coming weeks. I don't think they realize they already lost, or that they will find some serious problems ahead.

Looters have their escapades on video. As in the past, they'll eventually be prosecuted. Many will get away with their crimes, but some will find what they thought was shoplifting is a felony. Shop owners, if they reopen, will not be gracious. Honest citizens won't be either. With the loss of the only businesses willing to open in such neighborhoods, those willing to have a normal life will find it's not possible any longer. Their section of the city will deteriorate to the point nobody will live there, and wealthy investors will be eyeing the possibility of turning the area into prime real estate.

The occupiers will be cleaned out. How this is done is a crap shoot, but since they've taken up arms, the first to go will be taken out by snipers. Those that linger will find the citizens not taking part in their shenanigans will point them out, be witnesses for their prosecution, and the college dream of being a revolutionary has the reward of long prisons sentences.  Escape is impossible, except for a few. Those that do will find simple family visits are perilous.

The politicians willing to allow the protesters to take over their cities might as well quit. They face criminal prosecution, any supporters will abandon them, and a trip to the post office might lead to spittle on their shoes. They showed they have not respect to those that pay their salaries, and the loss of federal funds will be the reward for the citizens that elected the reprobates.

The media will coast along as usual, but revenue will continue to fall. The same can be said about the businesses that cowed to the ridiculous concerns of the supposed enlightened. Political opinions can have disastrous outcomes for investors. Layoffs will be in the near future, and jobs may be hard to find in the same vocation. 

Regardless of what is on the television, or social media, the majority of U.S. citizens were finding contentment with the way things were. They pay attention, know who causes the problems, and the next presidential election will be their show of force.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Pushing the Limit

Regardless of personal opinion, the limit is pushed, when violence is used to promote an agenda. That's where we are, and those willing to riot are now at the position they'll have to face the fact they're tremendously outnumbered. Not only that, but those they've frightened will not hesitate to meet their violence with deadly force. They've already lost, and they'll be hunted. I have no sympathy. May they suffer the consequences for their actions.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Call It What You Like

Some are calling the police officer in Minneapolis a murderer. The officer is being charged with such, but without proof of the intentional death of the suspect, it's not murder.

Another thing. What happened to all the calls for staying out of the fray, until the evidence is collected, a trial is held, and a defendant is either convicted, or released? Isn't that the way our justice system is supposed to work? Apparently not. Even the President is weighing in, and the public tainting of any jurors completely removed any hope of an impartial jury.

Meanwhile, the agitators, which are being paid to foment riots, are successful with stirring up the bored derelicts to violence. Cities, which are basically semi-organized chaos, are being shut down by a handful of people. Liberal mayors are showing how feckless they are, and the honest citizens are contemplating how they can cut their losses, leave, and find a better place to live.

If I had to guess, I'd guess this is all planned to keep the real tragedy from the news. A rogue set of officials in the last administration attempted a coup. In the past, such criminals wouldn't have seen a second sunrise, which was appropriate.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Executive Tyranny

Regardless of opinion, executive orders are limited to what the Constitution allows. That's why this isolation, social distancing, and shutdowns are illegal. Making people understand this is becoming more difficult because the years of indoctrination, increasing ignorance, and outright tyranny have lulled people into relinquishing their liberty.

Is their a cure for this nonsense? There is, but it's far from polite.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

When You Really Think About It

At one time, a Democrat was a member of the Democratic Party, which supposedly was the party of the working folks. Time has revealed that really was never true. The Socialistic laws created to enslave people to the government have been going on for decades. While many felt they were being represented, they were being lured into traps, and their ignorance is being cultivated for further restrictions of liberty.

I see no difference between the modern Democrats and the Chicoms. They're one of the same, enemies of the United States, and the more they're defeated, the better the country becomes.

Monday, May 25, 2020

What Could You Say?

What could you say to someone that died for freedom, and could return long enough to catch up on current events? Could you have a rational explanation of how their life was traded for the country we have today? How could you explain the dependence on a country that not only killed U.S. citizens, they furnished supplies to enemies to help with their efforts to destroy the United States? Not only that, the same country introduced a pathogen that brought the country to the precipice of tyranny. How could you explain allowing bureaucrats to subjugate the nation to restrictions forbidden by the Constitution? How about the debt? What about the known treasonous acts by government officials?

I couldn't come up with an answer. I'm a small voice in a large crowd, and the crowd is cowering at home with masks, unpaid mortgages, and unemployment checks that will end soon. My voice is only as strong as my vote, and my vote is negated by the corrupt officials that count fake ballots. My voice is echoed by many, but the media continues to only report what their masters allow.

We honor those that fell in the past for our country. Maybe we can further that honor by demanding accountability from those that are trying to destroy our country.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Solving "Problems" and Saving Money

I believe the push to put Covid 19 patients in nursing homes wasn't accidental. When you think about the people pushing for shutdowns with isolation, and the minions following their orders, it's easy to surmise the elderly in nursing homes were considered expendable.

Democrats/Progressive/Communists detest those they can't use. Putting people with a deadly disease among those they don't want is their way of solving a problem. While some may think it's coincidence, thinking so is avoiding the fact of how millions were murdered by those with the same political agenda in the past. They never change, and they're a pestilence. They have millions too ignorant to realize their agenda who blissfully fall into their traps.

May they rot in Hell.


All in all, the last months were absurd. People were told to stay home, yet too many didn't have the resources to do so. They stayed home anyway, the government threw them some money, which increased the debt, and to make it more absurd, further deepened the debt by making unemployment insurance payments higher than what a substantial amount of people normally earned.

Masks were mandated, or so deeply recommended, people wore them, yet never realized they're basically ineffective, unless they're a respirator designed for the purpose, and properly fitted. The particle masks most people wore were designed for particulates, such as dust, or sand. To make things worse, the masks worn had large gaps, or were worn under the nose. That offers no protection.

The stores open only allowed one person from a family. This really was absurd, since that one person, if infected, was the one they didn't want in the store. The other family member that stayed outside, or waited a few minutes to enter, was infected too, so it was all an absurd effort mandated by absurd politicians.

Large cities run by Democrats mandated absurd rules. Everyone was to remain isolated. If anyone ignored the rules, they faced fines, or jail time. To make the absurdity more absurd, violent criminals were released to keep them from being infected. To even try to justify such absurd behavior is absurd.

Meanwhile, those considered "essential" continued to work. Those in law enforcement, the medical field, and other first responders were considered heroes. Lowly construction workers, clerks, and those in the food business were basically ignored, even though their ability to be protected was reduced tremendously.  The managers of political entities, (most probably far from essential) continued to receive paychecks, while promulgating the absurdities.

After watching the entire event, I realized there are way too many people willing to trade supposed safety for liberty. That's the biggest absurdity. Without liberty, there is no safety. When everything you do is controlled by those willing to subjugate fellow humans to their whim, your health is not important, unless they feel it's necessary. If you don't follow their rules, they're willing to destroy you for their continuance of power.

Monday, May 18, 2020

A Pause

Work has taken me to Virginia for a certification school. The trip was interesting, since it took me through the Blue Ridge mountains. Since I've never seen mountains before, the trip was accentuated with "wows" and "you could be hit with a boulder". The cuts through the mountains left a lot of fractured rock, and I'm betting it falls on the highway. That leads to some unpleasant thoughts.

Thursday, May 14, 2020


The following are facts:

The U.S. dollar is devalued daily. Inflation eats at the value, and regardless of raises, or interest, with current spending, neither will keep up with inflation.

Several politicians, and administrative officials, attempted a coup. Their attempt is now exposed, numerous laws were broken, and the only thing happening is posturing. In less polite times, somebody would have been drawn and quartered.

The country is suffering the effects of a political effort to destroy an economy, a President, and a liberty. It's called the "Covid 19 pandemic".

The Supreme Court is full of seditionists. Being polite to such reprobates is a fruitless effort at civility, and stupid. They don't care, and they damn sure aren't scared of the people that pay their salaries.

Congress is a useless pile of feckless human excrement. Many are illiterate, ignorant representatives of sections of the United States best described as crap holes.

Democrats are trying to subvert an election with mail in ballots. Those promoting this are traitors, and should be treated as such.

Add to the list, if you want.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Schiff and Sedition

Adam Schiff continuously stated his committee had evidence of efforts by Trump to collude with Russia to sway the last presidential election. He even took part in an impeachment, with daily briefs on how the evidence would prove Trump needed to be removed. His effort, with no facts to substantiate his claim, led to media reports that stirred discontent, and led many to demand removing Trump from office. The money he spent was unconscionable,  and the only thing to be surmised from the entire debacle was trying to change the country by using lies to overthrow an elected President. According to Title 18, Code 2348, his actions - as well as those that took part - was a seditious conspiracy; a felony that can carry 20 years of imprisonment.

I'm not holding my breath, while waiting for the indictment. Like most of the last administration, Schiff will skate and only lose some credibility, instead of his freedom.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Maybe Getting Too Close

Obama is not pleased with the dismissal of the complaint against Flynn. If he was a man of honor, and was aware of the facts, he'd be congratulating the act of the Department of Justice. Since he's not, his displeasure only shows they're getting to close to the root of the original subterfuge. May he be exposed, and his legacy as a criminal be placed in history. May he, other members of his administration, and media members involved be punished for their contribution to this evil.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Branding the Cattle

Ranchers brand their cattle to prove ownership, and breeding information. Progressives do the same, except they make their cattle wear masks. Good cattle wear the masks regardless of any reason, except they were told they would work....when they were basically useless.

Friday, May 1, 2020

How Will This Play Out?

I wonder if any of those charged with ignoring the arbitrary whims of bureaucrats will appeal all the way to the Supreme Court? They didn't break any law, and if a necessary license is removed, will they have grounds for a hefty civil suit? I don't know, but all government officials need to realize they are completely under the power of the citizen they're pissing off.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Getting Them Back To Work

Getting some back to work will not be easy. There's more free money than ever before, many realize they can survive on less than they thought, and many jobs disappeared. The result will be higher government costs, more national debt, and a larger number of people dependent on government. To add insult to injury, many that were furloughed will have a hard time catching up. Their resources are dwindling, and even food is becoming a problem.

The handling of the Covid 19 was a mistake from the beginning. Those that could profit helped in creating an unwarranted panic. Rational thought was thrown out the window, and in the long run, the cure will be worse than the illness. Democrats are trying to remove constitutional rights, and the simmering discontent is becoming more apparent.

I'm seeing more people about. It appears those that are frightened will stay frightened, and those unwilling to sit back and starve are pushing for a return to normalcy. Time will reveal how this all turns out, but the fight to keep individual sovereignty will be necessary. 

Saturday, April 18, 2020

The Terrible Consequence

The first amendment demands with have the right to peacefully assemble. There are no exclusions, and federal law describe any effort by officials to abridge this right - whether by force, or legislation - as a felony.

This coronvirus knee-jerk reaction led to a national effort to ignore the rights described in the Constitution, and the ignorant group of derelicts that make up a substantial part of the media not only are clueless of the law, they ignore the fact most of the problems caused by the virus were the result of greedy politicians using legislation to line their pockets. Those with a vocation specifically protected by the First Amendment don't realize they will suffer for their ignorance.

These are strange, and dangerous times. Foreign influence has almost destroyed our economy, legislators use the citizens as pawns for corrupt activities, and too much of the media doesn't realize they're pawns in an effort to destroy the United States by foreign powers. The supposed brightest members of our society were indoctrinated to believe they received an education which demanded their critical thinking included understanding the importance of a document that protects liberty.

I've examined the thoughts of those that continue to promote those that are self-described as Progressive. They have a bizarre thought process, and are dangerous with their misunderstanding of basic human rights. They don't realize their attempt to try a government that murdered millions is a futile effort that can only be described as that of someone insane. It's a terrible consequence from our education system, and may ultimately lead to the failure of a society created to end the arbitrary whims of those that wish to use their power to control without consequences.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

A Tale of a Rooster

About a week and a half ago, a rooster appeared in the yard. This isn't a really strange occurrence, since many around have chickens. He wandered about, and disappeared at dusk.

That evening, the rooster flew into my nephew's dog pen, lost a lot feathers, and managed to escape - although he was worst for the wear. My nephew caught the rooster, put it in his chicken pen, and he hid behind their nesting boxes. After a day, my nephew brought the rooster to my sister-in-law's pen. That's where the story gets fuzzy, since one story is he escaped, and the other story is my sister-in-law took it to the neighbor's, and threw it over the fence to live with his chickens. Regardless, the rooster disappeared.

Last weekend, while sitting on the porch, the rooster appeared again. He was obviously moving slow, appeared bedraggled, and was not doing well. I went for a piece of bread, broke it into pieces, and coaxed him closer. He ate as well as he could, but appeared to be having a hard time swallowing. I put him a pan of water, and he disappeared again at dusk.

The next day he appeared in the morning. I had no idea where he'd gone overnight, but he was hungry. I gave him some cracked corn we keep for the ducks, which he ate at the end of my porch steps. He'd appear, disappear, and appear again during the day. Late in the evening, I watched him closely. When he wandered off, his nightly roosting place was soon apparent.

He was roosting on top of a cinder block under my sister-in-laws house. He'd found safety from the world that left him scrambling for his life. His tenacious effort of survival was rewarded.

Over the last week, the little rooster gravitated over to my porch. He stays under it, except to eat, satisfy his curiosity about our activities, and is much better. He lost a lot of feathers, when the dogs attacked, and it will be awhile before the wings on one side grow back. There's no way he could fly, so he is very wary.

The rooster's left eye is usually closed, although he'll open it occasionally. There doesn't appear to be any damage, although there's no telling what injuries he sustained.

We now have a permanent resident. He crows in the morning, and during the day. We bought him some chicken feed, so his diet is good. He warns, when a predator flies over, and ducks back under the porch. We'll never know his entire story, but I have a feeling those that do are not willing to talk about their participation. With nobody claiming him, and the fact chickens don't appear from out of nowhere, I have a feeling he's like most roosters. People only want one, those that are not wanted are expendable, and if they don't make it to the pot, they're on their own.

He's a good rooster, and fun to watch. I think we'll keep him.

I need to add he's a bantam. What kind? I haven't a clue, but he's small. He's some type of hybrid, and there are many hybrids.


Sometimes, I just can't fathom things that happen. Yesterday, on Easter  Sunday, my niece, and nephew, let their dogs loose to run. They found the rooster and finished him off. I'm still fuming, and debating whether it's worth shooting their dogs over. This isn't the first time they've killed neighbor chickens.


My nephew's dogs must have carried the rooster away into the woods by their house, and he escaped. He appeared the day before yesterday with a terrible wound, which is healing. I have him in a cage, his appetite is good, and the next big question is what to do with him. 

Cracking Down on Churches

I've read a few reports of churches, and church goers, being targeted by zealous officials. The officials might be thinking they're doing a good thing, but if you think about it, the judges that will be responsible for collecting the fines will find they have no power to do so. The Constitution, and pissed off parishioners, will not turn their cheeks for the fascist efforts of those that have to live in their community. On the federal scale, such things might take a long time to wander through the courts. At the local level, one trip to a local grocery store will let the wannabe tyrants know nobody has their back. That, and how lonely a road can be, when there's nobody to help you repair your automobile.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Bullfrog Serenade

So, this time of dire emergency monetary manipulation has led to my sleeping habits being adjusted. Otherwise, when a passing front woke me, sleep is not on the agenda.

I made a gallon of tea, fixed a glass, and went out on the porch. I sat, thought about things, and then the bullfrogs caught my attention.

There must be around a dozen in the area. They all have different calls. Some are higher pitched, others lower, and some sound like teenagers; their voice breaking from the effort to sound older.

One was probably the old bull. His loud, low call almost echoed in the night, and when he called, the others were quiet for a few moments. I imagine the females are lining up on the bank for his attention.

I'll soon go back out, sit, sip some tea, and listen to the night. It's more pleasant than anything on television, and there aren't any commercials.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Bunches of Questions

This pandemic raises many questions:

- Was the reaction worth the consequences?

- Will there ever be an accurate count of those affected?

- Will there be a demand for returning to work before the authorities are willing to allow that to happen?

- How much of the economy will remain damaged?

- Was the illness as dangerous as reported?

- Will enough people understand the facts, make logical decisions, and have a willingness to self-educate on such things?

This will probably be the most significant event during my lifetime. With the results maybe lasting for decades, my observation time may be limited. I hope more people will realize how tenuous societies can be, and make the good choices for the continuation of liberty. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020


After a week of no change, I called my doctor yesterday. They prescribed an antiviral med, and today, the paralysis is showing slight changes. Hopefully this will be over in a few weeks. It will be nice to drink without it dribbling out one side of my mouth.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Anniversry of the Diasaster

I wrote this years ago, and I don't think I've posted it since. 



I was a hundred miles out in the Atlantic, when the Liberty went down. It was a strange occurrence; especially since I served on the Liberty years before.

It was clear night, and the seas were near calm. We’d been fishing for over 36 hours and I finally told the crew it was time to take a break. Fishing was good, they were tired and I needed them for the next big push the next morning. I’d caught a cat nap, while they cleaned the deck, so I was freshest. I’d brewed a fresh pot of coffee and was good for hours.

What was really strange was I was thinking about the Liberty as I sipped hot coffee on the front deck and stared off to the west. We were too far to see land, and the stars shone like beacons in the still night air.

I remembered the forward guns, on which I was a gunner. I had three to help and they were the best – as far as I was concerned. We could lay down more fire than any other two crews combined. Most of them stayed, but I did my five years and left the military. I wanted to have my own boat and knew I’d never had the opportunity if I stayed.

Our chief would constantly give us a ration of crap, but we knew he only did it to not show favoritism. He had more than us to lead and morale could be bad enough without adding any other problems.

As I sat, I thought of how the 100 foot fishing boat I owned would be dwarfed by the Liberty. At almost 800 feet long and over 4000 tons, she was a big ship and well known in the fleet. First in her class, she was long in tooth when she went down.

They never completely determined what happened. Some say it was sabotage; others thought the navigation system failed. I even heard some say they laid the blame on the captain. Maybe so but since he went down with the ship, it was fool’s errand if he was up to no good.

Almost all the crew abandoned ship. With the loss of control, and definite threat of disaster, the captain called for abandoning the ship, while he stayed near the helm. The helmsman and XO refused to leave, so they were lost with the captain.

The first hint I had of something wrong was when something caught my attention on the horizon. I can only describe it as what appeared to be a huge firework rocket; climbing and a dull orange in the thick atmosphere.

Soon, the light brightened. The orange turned to yellow, then finally mostly white. The central area was fuzzy and what appeared as sparks showered from the sides. When it was halfway to the zenith, she started coming apart. What started as one light was now a myriad of lights; tumbling, burning different colors and travelling at different speeds. Trails were apparent and the huge, tumbling mess of light traveled damn near overhead as it burned in the atmosphere.

Within moments, the sounds arrived. There were booms, the rushing sound of something travelling fast and all types of other sounds, including whistles and whirring noises that made my hair stand on end.

As all this happened, I could only stare; wide eyed; my mouth hanging open. The long trail that marked the passage was a shimmering, greenish gold. It hung for minutes after the entire mess continued on toward the eastern horizon.

After about a minute, it was all over. The sound of the night and generator seemed deafening, although they were as quiet as usual. I could only wonder about what I’d seen and had an uncomfortable feeling of dread.

I sat on the front deck until the sky started lightening to the east. I didn’t want to check the radio, or wake the hands. We’d know soon enough, and that was probably too soon.

That fishing season ended that morning. Between the search vessels, restricted areas and general bureaucratic BS associated with what happened, it didn’t take any of us long to count our losses and give it up until next season.

After it was all said, and done, all the money spent was just waste. Nothing was ever determined, except the Liberty couldn’t correct a course error and burned in the atmosphere. Some said she might have made it, but the forward, lower turret (my turret) dragged the entire ship down. We’ll never know and it’s really not important any longer.

Still, every season, on the anniversary, I pour myself a stiff drink, salute the captain, and throw a wreath into the Atlantic. It’s the least I can do. He never abandoned his ship.